Infinity Chronicles - Part One

Infinity Chronicles Part One One wolf shifter One Valkyrie Will they risk it all for love Infinity is a superstar singer who has always had everything at her fingertips until her world unravels Her foretelling dreams have haunte

  • Title: Infinity Chronicles - Part One
  • Author: Sedona Venez
  • ISBN: 9780984499359
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • One wolf shifter One Valkyrie Will they risk it all for love Infinity is a superstar singer, who has always had everything at her fingertips until her world unravels Her foretelling dreams have haunted her, and a part of her believes them to be true Although a preternatural world filled with vampires, wolves, tiger shifters, and Valkyries surrounds her, Infinity doesn One wolf shifter One Valkyrie Will they risk it all for love Infinity is a superstar singer, who has always had everything at her fingertips until her world unravels Her foretelling dreams have haunted her, and a part of her believes them to be true Although a preternatural world filled with vampires, wolves, tiger shifters, and Valkyries surrounds her, Infinity doesn t know that others are after her or that any of them even exist They want her for the ultimate power that she can give them, yet she doesn t realize the extent of the force she holds within herself When the truth of her dreams comes to light, Infinity risks losing not only her own life, but also the lives of those she s always loved In a war between the supernatural beings, there is no telling who will survive.

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    1. I just finished reading this book and I'm still not quite sure exactly what was going on the entire read. Everything was very centered around things that I found to be unimportant to the plot of the book. I swear there was one chapter completely dedicated to a conversation taking place in a car, where all that was talked about was sex, drugs and how hot everyone was. I didn't get anything from this except the understanding that Infinity likes to think a lot about herself, and has some crazy emot [...]

    2. *ACR copy for an honest review ! *"Infinity,i want you much."He rasped,his voice sexy and sedutive. ♣ 3.5 Raven black stars.♣ This book was basically a great read.uv'e got a kickass plotckass heroine.n FOUR HOT kickass guys claiming to be her 'ONE TRUE MATE', while taking turns to go all Neanderthal on her assLOLCome on.Boulderi know for a FACT you were thinking about going at it with Torch and her *snikers* LOL lets just sawur thoughts were on 'kindle-display :PRECOMMENDATION: Over allt a b [...]

    3. I can't do the full review right now too upset. Can't even bring myself to rate it yet.I will say there are things I like in this book. Infinity- Rock Star, recovering addict, and living in a bizarre, futuristic world controlled by supernatural races. Boulder, hot wolf-shifter with panty melting powers. The unkindness of ravens that follows her is unusual and a nice touch. Overall, I enjoyed the variety of characters and 'loved' to hate many of them, while being sympathetic to a select few.There [...]

    4. My Rating 5 out of 5 StarsThis is a really great story and book. We get vampires, shape shifters, magic, witches and more! Infinity has been living the wild life of a rock star. She had decided it is time to take control of her life. Gone are the drugs and partying. Infinity is becoming aware that things around her are not adding up. One of her nearest and dearest is trying to control her and take over her life. Her family is dysfunctional but they love her fiercely. Her mother who took her in w [...]

    5. I received an ARC of Infinity in return for an honest review.I have to open this review with negatives and I'm afraid it pretty much finishes on negatives too. I struggled to connect with the characters in this book and not just one but actually most of them. I think this is due to me getting whiplash a few times by the writing style. Sedona seems to write with a very punchy vernacular and oh boy does this author like writing conversations or what! At least half of the 'chat' could be stripped f [...]

    6. Immortal beings controlling the lives and fates of humans. Add in the idea of true mates and an assortment of crazy and awesome different types of paranormal beings. This book conceptually is one that I could really see my self getting into. However there was something lacking in the execution.For the first quarter of the novel no action occurs. There’s two different conversations which tell the reader a lot about what’s happening in the world where the Collective (an organization made up of [...]

    7. I liked the idea of this book. The paranormal or superstar elements alone are tried and test formula, but their combination here adds something new and intriguing to both genres. However, I’m not so sold on the execution. The book started slow, launching straight into a lengthy conversation between two characters that acted a background-dumping device alongside a token effort towards action. The first chapter secured my disinterest rather than my interest.That’s not to say that it was bad. T [...]

    8. This review can be found at The Blogger Girls review site soon.Let me first say that I decided to read Infinity because the sequel, Infinity Unleashed, looked interesting and I really had no idea that it was the second book in the series. So, I requested the book but when I started it, I realized I was missing a LOT of information. I ended up buying this one so that I could get up to speed on everything that happened. I had high hopes for it even though I really had no idea what it would be abou [...]

    9. Have you ever walked up to two people who are in the middle of a conversation? It might be a casual conversation or one that's got them both heated up, and chances are it's something that's important to the two of them. But, the thing is, you don't have a clue as to what the heck they're talking about. After awhile of trying to figure it out just by listening to them, you really don't care. You're on the outside looking in. That's kind of what I felt like reading the first half of Infinity. Ther [...]

    10. I was looking forward to Infinity, because I believed this book was about modern Valkyries, and Norse mythology has always intrigued me. I soon learnt, this book had none of what I  was expecting and a whole host of things that didn’t intrigue me in the slightest!I can’t quite believe I just read a book that spent 3/4 ‘s of it’ s pages describing clothes and asses. I’m still in quite a bit of shock at my own fortitude! I actually feel slightly bad for reviewing this novel, because I h [...]

    11. INFINITY is the perfect name for this heroine – plagued by the unknown her entire life and will likely be plagued by what might have been and by the haunting dreams that are destined to become reality for the rest of her life.Author Sedona Venez has concocted a mysterious and unique world in this first book of the VALKYRIES: SOARING RAVEN series.Infinity is a young megastar singer fighting the stigma, thanks in large part to the media, as being a wild child, drug-addicted, party animal, but is [...]

    12. **Firstly I would like to thank the author for allowing me to read this for free in exchange for a review. Secondly I would like them to know that I thoroughly enjoyed it and that I have bought part 2 off amazon.** What I loved most about this book was that there is no shortage of new boy crushes for a reader like me to get attached to and in this book they come in all shapes and sizes; bad boy vampires, warrior wolves and many more.This is an alternating Point of view book but the other points [...]

    13. ***I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a review***Infinity (Valkyries: Soaring Raven #1) is an adult paranormal romance/thriller that take place in the year 2101. Where the main character “Infinity” is an “impatient self-absorbed”, superficial, partying drug addled brat on the road to self discovery. She has no idea what she is or the world that she truly lives in.While Infinity is supposed to be a strong woman at the age of 22, self reliant as a famous singer, [...]

    14. A good start to a new series that left me wanting MUCH more! And not just more of the story, but more details. I was left…wanting and there were quite a few questions lingering in my mind. All-in-all it’s a fun, exciting and funny paranormal packed read that fans of the genre should take the time to look into.Infinity is a beautiful, talented young woman that has a bad reputation and does not fight to prove it wrong. It’s not that she does not care, but why fight it? She’s highly stresse [...]

    15. Reviewer: BexRating: 3.5 out of 5 Fairies'Infinity' proved to be a fast-paced, gripping paranormal read. I was immediately hooked in by the opening few chapters with the mystery surrounding Infinity's heritage and what this meant for her future. Her character starts off strong and full of diva attitude. Teamed with her entertaining sidekicks, I was immediately amused and entertained.Approximately a fifth of the way through, Infinity's mysterious heritage begins to unravel. Cue hotties from all w [...]

    16. I would have loved this book if it weren't for the pacing and the main character. I felt like some scenes were dragged on for an unnecessarily long time (like the limo scene where we meet Infinity's best friends) and I especially didn't like where the story ended because if you recount all the events that have happened throughout the entire novel, not much has happened (at least not much compared to your typical paranormal novels). As for the main character, I don't hate Infinity, but I'm not a [...]

    17. My Fav’sKara Momma Bear!! She is so amazing, and has risked so much for Trinity. She is a loyal as they come. Trinity is her heart, and it shines. Trinity Has yet to come into her own, but she’s a fighter, and I can’t wait for her to discover her full potential. Boulder Fierce and strong. He knows what he wants and needs. Nothing will stop him. I’m looking forward to reading what he does next. My Rating 3.0 Fun, Paparazzi, Bathroom, Raven, Wolf, Immortal dream filled stars.Full Review @ [...]

    18. I was expecting more, I was confused throughout most of it and did not understand until much later on what was going on. It was just eh. Although the scenes with Boulder and Torch were very clear and made me want to continue reading in hopes that the rest wasn't complete malarky. I may or may not read the sequel/ending.

    19. *I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.The premise for Infinity sounded great. You wouldn't even know it was a fantastical paranormal story unless you checked the book out on and read reviews. It isn't until the prologue with one of the main characters, Kara, that you realize it isn't just a contemporary romance. There are shape-shifters, vampires, Immortals, Valkyries. A whole world of paranormal creatures. And a whole world of trouble.Like I said, the premise sounded grea [...]

    20. I'm "raven" about this book.What a wonderful book. I love the characters and how well they get along, it's almost like I'm there laughing and joking with Infinity and her two besties. The lore that is in this book is absolutely beautiful, the songs connected with the ravens is brilliant. I already downloaded book two. Thanks, loved it.

    21. Infinity is a singer, a super star, rich and influential – and burned out. After getting hooked badly on the cure-all-pills Rejuvenators and a very public break down, she’s pulling herself back into the limelight with grand concert – a concert that is aimed at bringing down the predatory Collective Corporation that exploits people with its pillsA collective run by vampires, who are not happy. But that is the tip of the iceberg. Unknown to Infinity, she is the keystone in the master plans o [...]

    22. REVIEWEver wonder why stories with supernatural being seem to be all the rage nowadays? Ever wonder why vampires and werewolves just can't seem to get along, no matter what universe they are in? Ever wonder if the explosion of supernatural beings battling it out under humans' unaware noses is a social commentary on something larger? This story won't answer any of these questions, but it will help you wonderLONG STORY SHORTVampires + werewolves + lies + immortal beings + tiger shifters + fae + ra [...]

    23. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Infinity thinks she is just like every other diva rock star, and after taking a 6 month long break, she is planning her next big concert. During her time off, her dreams have become more vivid. She’s dreaming of valkyries, vampires, wolf-shifters, and other immortal beings. She knows these kinds of monsters exist, but is not sure why she would be dreaming about them? She is after all a human, not a monster. Infinity soon finds out [...]

    24. Infinity thinks she is just like every other diva rock star. After taking a 6 month long break, she is planning her next big concert. During her time off her dreams have become more vivid. Dreaming of valkyries, vampires, wolf-shifter and other immortal begins. She knows these kinds of monsters exists but not sure why she would be dreaming about them, she is after all human not a monster. Infinity soon finds out that everything she believed about herself is not true. The night of her big concert [...]

    25. "It's true what they say . . . Thou shall not fuck with the Immortals . . . Ever"~~~"So you have a darkside. I have one too. That doesn't make us bad people or unlovable It just means we need balance, stability, and acceptance. The scales must be even for us to function."~~~My Thoughts:Its odd when I've read previous views about this book either people really dislike the book or absolutely love it. The amount of dislikes almost swayed my wanting to read this but since I had received a ARC for an [...]

    26. *Thank you to Xpresso Book Tours for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*I really wanted to enjoy this book but there were a couple of things that let me down. The blurb of this book left me desperate to read this novel and although I did enjoy this book some things ruined it for me. Despite the little things I did enjoy this book as a whole. I really wanted to enjoy this novel but it seemed to be lacking in certain places. The underlying tension and the secre [...]

    27. “Three that will change your life forever. One that will awaken the darkness within you. One that will feed your lust for vengeance. One that will struggle with the darkness within you. All will fight their need to claim and love you.”Infinity is a superstar singer, who is trying to take back control; of her mind, her life and her career. As fate has it, taking back control isn’t as easy as Infinity would like to believe it is. She had a very public meltdown and was addicted to drugs, but [...]

    28. Infinity is NOTHING at all what I expected. I expected a romantic paranormal story with little elements of mythology mixed in. But instead I have a completely smexy book that was undeinably intricate and well well written. I was confused at times, but that didn't stop me from liking this book.Instead of my usual rundown, I'm just going to list things I liked and things I didn't like. Why? Because that's what I feel like doing with this review. No reason other than that. Sometimes I like to chang [...]

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