Just Jenifer

Just Jenifer At the outbreak of WWII with her father an army general overseas adolescent Jenifer musters her wits to housekeep for her large and lively family in the first of this famous series

  • Title: Just Jenifer
  • Author: Janet Lambert
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Hardcover
  • At the outbreak of WWII, with her father, an army general overseas, adolescent Jenifer musters her wits to housekeep for her large and lively family in the first of this famous series.

    One thought on “Just Jenifer”

    1. This is the first book in the Jordan family series and in multiple places it's suggested that this book should be read before continuing with the Parrish books since the families become entwined at some point. Although both Penny Parrish and Jenifer are warm vibrant girls (young women) and the author describes great personalities, they are very different. Or I should say that their circumstances are very different. Penny lives on an Army base with two loving parents and her life is mostly rounds [...]

    2. Janet Lambert apparently wrote 20-30 girls' books between 1941 and 1967. Just Jenifer is an early example from 1945. I found it as a reprint.I was drawn to the book as I always am drawn to period books. Plus the blurb on the back noted that Jenifer "meets a young and attractive English nobleman." While this is true, it wasn't nearly as exciting as it sounds. Jenifer, the protagonist, is 16 years old, but acts like a 45 year old housewife the entire book, taking care of her 8 siblings and the you [...]

    3. Sixteen-year-old Jenifer is keeping the home fires burning with her eight brothers and sisters while her father, a general, is off fighting in WWII. This is a good "before I go to sleep" book so I'll probably read more of them.

    4. This is the first of the Jordon family series, introducing each of the Jordon children (Jenifer and Peter from General Jordon's first marriage and his second wife's children Gwenn and Alice, along with additional progeny from the second marriage Neil, Susan, Vance, and Bitsy) and their cousin Donny. The Parrish and Jordon families end up very much intermingled so I decided to read the books in publication order instead of series order.General Jordon, a two-time widower, has been assigned to the [...]

    5. I have a copy of this book that I got from a rummage sale when I was in my early teens. It's inscribed "Dec. 25, 1945" which makes this story about the oldest daughter of an army officer so poignant, since it was a gift for a girl who had likely been in a similar situation. It's a sweet wholesome story about family and duty with a touch if young love thrown in that I can wholeheartedly recommend for tweens and teens. And I just discovered that it's the first in a series!

    6. This was both better and worse than the Penny Parish Books. My biggest dislike is that it seemed to jump time frames with no segues.

    7. I guess I'm just not a Lambert person! I've given this book multiple attempts and I'm not able to get through it. Is there another Lambert I should try instead?

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