One thought on “Welcome Home, Mrs. Jordon”

  1. Tippy marries Peter Jordon and they head off to Panama, where Peter is stationed. As usual, Tippy is trying to find her place in this new world of hers. She enjoys being married, setting up her first house, and meeting some new people, but she's dreadfully homesick. It's her first time being so far away from her family and she doesn't want to worry Peter with her childish feelings. It takes her a while to realize that a marriage is a partnership and sharing her feelings with her husband will hel [...]

  2. Tippy marries Peter Jordon (Surprised?) and goes with him to Panama where he is stationed in the Army. She is homesick, but doesn't want to burden Peter with it, and he fears she is grieving for Ken (her late fiance, who died in Vietnam)as well as her family. Finally they are able to communicate their differences and create their first home together. This book is pretty effective at depicting some of the problems that face newlyweds as they feel their way painfully through some of the obstacles [...]

  3. This is another Tippy Parrish book. Tippy gets married in this book and goes to Panama where the Army has stationed her new husband. I especially liked the description of Panama in the early 1950s and army life there. Lambert paints her characters so vividly that the reader becomes fond of them. She also makes Tippy's emotions real, which adds to the realness of the person. I think that this might be the last Tippy book, although she is bound to have a classic special appearance in some other La [...]

  4. I'm so happy! Tippy Parish and Peter Jordan are married! Honestly I get so angry with Tippy, especially when (in previous books) she dragged Peter's feelings through the dirt. Sorry, rant over :)! Great book on Tippy and Peter getting used to married life, especially for Tippy who misses her family back in the U.S. Good read and one of my favorite out of the series (though Tippy gets my dander up again).

  5. I think this might be my favorite of the Tippy series, if only because Tippy really has a chance to grow up and become her own person. She and Peter marry in the first few chapters, then move to his duty station in Panama. Tippy is terribly homesick but tries to look brave, hiding her loneliness and falling into self-pity. Peter, knowing her as he does, is not fooled and has worries of his own.Family members help Tippy escape her pity-party--one of them involuntarily being helpful!--and Peter de [...]

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