I Wish There Was Something That I Could

I Wish There Was Something That I Could Laura is in the middle of a torrid affair with the trains that pass on the tracks at the end of her block She is obsessed She can t sleep She sits on the porch all night lying in wait Then she throws

  • Title: I Wish There Was Something That I Could
  • Author: Aaron Cometbus
  • ISBN: 9780867196504
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • Laura is in the middle of a torrid affair with the trains that pass on the tracks at the end of her block She is obsessed She can t sleep She sits on the porch all night lying in wait Then she throws bricks, bowling balls, cans of paint She loves the sound as they connect, meeting metal and glass.

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    1. I’ve only met Aaron Cometbus maybe three or four times, but he always impressed me as a surprisingly nice person for someone so famous, so ostensibly angry at the world, and so smart. I doubt if he’d remember me now, but he always did then, and he always managed to pick up our conversations right where we’d left off, even if it had been two or three years since we’d seen one another. Honestly, he was better at recognizing me than I was at recognizing him. Funny enough, I’ve never been [...]

    2. I like how they protest the war by throwing rocks and paint at passing trains with weapons on them. I also like how the author doesn't drink so all the barflys hate him.

    3. I liked how this book was heavily fictionalized yet the story seems based on things that very well could have happened in Aaron's life. He remains an incredible writer, even though this book felt depressing and a little self-indulgent, it was a good read. In a way it didn't really go anywhere and the story was not that remarkable, but Cometbus' ability to describe the subtlety and details of the often trying lives we live persists. I liked how the political issues of the book remained in the bac [...]

    4. I liked this book because I have more in common with Mr. Cometbus these days than Mr. Cometbus of yore. Which is to say that I was never nostalgic, but I am over-the-hill.There are books and movies that match one's exact color and shape of depression. When you read these books, or watch these movies at the right time in your life you think, "Oh my god, someone who understands," or "Yes, that's true, that's what life is like." Later when you cheer up, you watch them again and think, "God, what a [...]

    5. 'it wasn't that our lives were desolate, only that they were typical, not so different from those in a thousand other small towns and cities across the country. we didn't have the kind of distractions that kept you from seeing how thin and fragile life really is. everything was stripped down to the bones, without flourishes or pretension. we were all getting a little older, and when you get a little older, you like that. you need less. less bullshit, especially.'aaron cometbusi wish there was

    6. cometbus quotes are classic, the stories are short and whatever, but aaron has a style of saying something as if it's the law, and making you want to live like it's your mantra

    7. i guess this counts as a book? it's kind of just glorified "cometbus" though. i like "cometbus" all right--it's not amazing, but it's competent & sometimes kind of funny or even occasionally poignant. this was a bit of a snore though. it covered a lot of the same or similar ground as old issues of "cometbus" that came out ten years ago. i know it's tough to scrounge together new material when you're staying up for 36 hours at a stretch, hidden away in an attic somewhere, hand-lettering your [...]

    8. Somewhat scattershot in terms of story/writing quality. Aaron's at his best writing non-fiction: personal essays, elaborate interviews, the history of his neighborhood, etc. His fiction staggers and stalls out, featuring characters who seem to represent one part of his personality each and, as such, never seem able to stand on their own. They're underdeveloped not because their thought processes or actions are one-dimensional, but because they lack context. Little is mentioned about the personal [...]

    9. This one didn't quite hold my attention, and the title is just the epitome of awkwardness. I used to like Aaron Cometbus more than I do now. He seems to have gotten crankier and more alienated from his fans. Some of his writing seems stuttered, overly caffeinated, rushed, missing crucial parts he needs to slow down and fill in. I like his punk rock spirit, which is still intact, but I find him a bit hit & miss. And his first person storytelling is more compelling than when he writes about ot [...]

    10. I love Aaron Cometbus. I think his writing is typically stellar and I even like his lyrics a lot when he writes for his bands. So, I was pretty let down when I read this. Not to say it's a bad read. It's fine. But it doesn't come close to hitting me like the vast majority of other Cometbus material. It almost seems like Aaron doing a Cometbus impression instead of the real thing. It's a pretty surface level character study of four different people with an slight emphasis on addictions of all kin [...]

    11. Cosmetically the pages are thick and it's a pleasure to read while stretching the binding. The book feels a lot shorter then it is because its broken up into a lot of chapters chronologically directed towards an ending that leaves you hanging. You never really get to know the characters so a lot of the details need to be filled in while you read. But that is what I find enduring about this book. The whole time I felt Aaron really talked to and lived with these people in a small town which made i [...]

    12. this was actually kind of disappointing. i look forward to new cometbus books, like a kid to comic books, but this was rather bland. instead of diving into isolationist romanticism like he has mastered, this only hints at it, making the work not feel as genuine as chicago stories, and mixed reviews (not to mention the plethora of cometbus back issues). i think aaron is going in a more mature direction with his writing, which i think could be brilliant, it just seems like their is some stumbling [...]

    13. I sort of understand the nay-sayers who grouse that this one is lacking or incomplete. So it isn't Double Duce, but it's still plenty good. Cometbus doing what he does. I don't understand why he holds himself to less than three page chapters, but that's his call. Thirty-Eight chapters in 100 pages is a bit absurd. In general I'm not sure why he won't let himself expand characters, stories, themes - but that's not how he writes. This does sort of feel like filling a contractual obligation, but I' [...]

    14. i'm a fan of aaron cometbus. i'd just like that to be mention so that when i say "this isn't really very good", you'll know it wasn't some whim but truth. i tried to like it buth. for so many characters and so much angst and friendship, you'd think something might actually happen. nothing does. not really. even one character being hauled off to jail seemed anti-climatic and, frankly, boring. i'll read it again someday and maybe find something i missed the first time around. let's hope so.

    15. holy sh*t, i remember reading this book ten years ago ago. and now i got this flashback how much it sucked. does the term "cut & paste writing" exist already? this is cut and paste sh*tty poetry, with some shady character wandering around in some sh*tty Sartre wanna-be setting. nice cover though. the cover isn't sh*tty.

    16. I enjoyed this novella, a quick-read about four characters in some smallish town. Nothing earth-moving, but Cometbus captures and does a slow-reveal of so many little details about the two women and two men involved in each others lives. Reminded me a little of a movie trailer -- learned enough about the characters to know if you care, but not enough to feel fully satisfied.

    17. disappointingswitched between multiple protagonists which made this book confusing. assumed you knew things about the characters and left much unexplained. i love aaron cometbus, and expected better!

    18. So far it's beautiful. About ideals, real life, and where these two intersect. About being a little bit crazy and dealing and having close friends that understand because they're a little bit crazy too. It's a quick read.

    19. It was a quick read, but a good one. Really, if you haven't read much Cometbus, I wouldn't recommend starting here. Read more of his zine work and give then give this a go to better understand his writing style.

    20. i'm a huge cometbus fan, but this is terrible fiction in which nothing happens. maybe i should reread (that'll take an hour or two) but i just didn't catch any flavor from this. kevin a. smith is WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    21. I learned that I'm glad that my life doesn't involve living like a dirtbag, however I occasionally enjoy reading and experiencing through others to reinforce the notion that no matter how bad my life sucks, it isn't this bad.

    22. A very strong showing. Impressive that his writing can improve to this level even after doing it for so long!

    23. a fair attempt at a novel. interesting, just lacking substance. it has an open ending which i like but i can't say that i took a lot away from this book.

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