Chocolate Chocolate Moons

Chocolate Chocolate Moons Chocolate Chocolate Moons a comic mystery set in the future tells the story of plus sized Molly Marbles who wins a scholarship to Armstrong University on the Moon where her weight drops from E

  • Title: Chocolate Chocolate Moons
  • Author: Jackie Kingon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Chocolate Chocolate Moons, a comic mystery set in the future, tells the story of plus sized Molly Marbles, who wins a scholarship to Armstrong University on the Moon, where her weight drops from 287 Earth pounds to 47.6 without passing up a piece of pie.But when her boyfriend Drew Barron dumps her and jumps at a job at Congress Drugs, a company that makes low calorie foo Chocolate Chocolate Moons, a comic mystery set in the future, tells the story of plus sized Molly Marbles, who wins a scholarship to Armstrong University on the Moon, where her weight drops from 287 Earth pounds to 47.6 without passing up a piece of pie.But when her boyfriend Drew Barron dumps her and jumps at a job at Congress Drugs, a company that makes low calorie food supplements, Molly s weight is the least of her woes And, when her favorite chocolate treat, Chocolate Moons are poisoned and others fall prey, the plot thickens and hijinks ensue.With a good natured poke at ups and downs of dieting, Chocolate Chocolate Moons is a verbal cartoon for sophisticated readers tired of counting calories and hungry for a good laugh.

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    1. This was silly, goofy, quirky, not to be taken seriously at all - and I loved it! I can't decide if the author is twisted and demented or simply brilliant. This book was so far out of my genre range it really shocked me that I starting liking it immediately. This was part Mystery, part Sci-Fi futuristic, with a touch of Chick-Lit that takes place on the moon and Mars. It was kind of The Jetsons meets Shopaholic, LOL.The characters in this book were very likable. Molly is just adorable, sweet cut [...]

    2. Chocolate Chocolate Moons by Jackie Kingon is a comedic science fiction tale about weight, space travel, and the love of chocolate.Comedic fiction is a genre entirely of its own. To judge it you really have to ask yourself: Did this make you laugh. The short answer for me was YES! A lot of chuckles escaped me while I was reading this book. Let me give you some basic background without spoiling anything. Our main character is Molly Marbles, a college student at the start of the book, who wins the [...]

    3. OCOLATE CHOCOLATE MOONS by Jackie Kingon is an interesting Humor/Love,Sex & Marriage. A quick whimsical story written in first person which I have trouble connecting with first person characters. This story is pertaining to food,weight loss,and murder. A bit of Sci-Fi,a bit of mystery and lots of laughs with characters such as Craig Cashew, and Rocket,among a few. Reads more like a child's story but with adult content. Altogether, it is a good romp to the Moon with a cast of odd characters w [...]

    4. Some Reviews on including CLARION REVIEW 5.0 out of 5 stars A savory "treat" to read, September 20, 2012 By ML - See all my reviewsThis review is from: Chocolate Chocolate Moons (Paperback) A book that reads like candy. It was my delightful escape on a noisy flight across the Atlantic. Fun, descriptions cleverly expressed, and a marvelous play on words often - it is all this, plus a few tasty plot twists and turns. It is a true original - a treat. MLW5.0 out of 5 stars Comically absurd, Septemb [...]

    5. This space opera cosy mystery featuring food tells of how Molly recovers from her initial lost love and rebuilds her life – and about a crime that causes a number of chocolate lovers to fall into a coma. I love the details of the future depicted by Kingon’s breezy writing style – some of it is plainly a bit nonsensical, driven more by the word-play and humour, rather than any real possibility. So it is far more space opera than hard-core science fiction.There is a large cast in this busy s [...]

    6. This book was absolutely delightful! It was fantasy. It was nonsense. And it was silly. But it kept me chuckling with almost every page. The play on words that Jackie Kingon created was witty and nothing short of outstanding! Yes there was a story. a mystery. But the humor you find in everything from the names of the people to the names of the cities just keeps you laughing. This is a futuristic story where people travel to the Moon where they weigh less, or to Mars where they find the Culinary [...]

    7. This story is so fun. It's a comedy that starts on the moon, where heavy people weigh less thanks to our pal, gravity. Ultimately, it has elements of a sitcom, a relationship drama, and a mystery. It also takes place in a sci-fi setting that is constructed so well that space travel and living on the moon seems like an everyday, ordinary thing. I laughed frequently. The story is silly, clever, and, out of nowhere, emotionally gripping and catharti about weight-loss and self-confidence."Chocolate [...]

    8. Readers. As you all know, I am The Fan of Nonsense…If there ever was one. Personally, I feel the world wouldn't be much without it. It is, in my opinion, already mundane and practically eventless. I suspect it's the reason the joke was invented to begin with. Who knows, but I can say that my tastes tend to lean toward sci-fi/fantasy/action books rather than light comedic/light sci-fi. So, it may come as a surprise when I announce that recently I read through the pages of a comedic gem written [...]

    9. I havent't had this much fun in space since Douglas Adams graced us with his Hitchhiker novels. Jackie Kingon knocks it out of the Milky Way with her debut novel. The lyrical, hysterical play on words, names and places is dizzying and the rush to solve a culinary mystery is hysterical. There are too many zingers to count. I especially loved this line from Scheherazade, a shady art dealer : "I majored in art at college. I wrote a thesis on 'The Moan of Lisa' and why she wore a mustache. But only [...]

    10. The jumping back and forth between past and present tense is frustrating because of the rambling narrative. We leapt wildly about twenty years in two pages, which since I'm on page 11 is rough as I still don't know why I should care about the character.The cutesy names are off putting 'Craig Cashew', 'Barbara Bottled Water', not cheeky & clever as I assume it was meant. Like Dolce and Banana Latte. Lame.I'm actually floored, I rarely put books down but this is so uncreative (sadly, because t [...]

    11. You had me at chocolate. When I won this from the First Reads Program I was hopeful, loved the title, it says chocolate twice, if it had been three times I might have eaten the book itself. Loved the general plot and it was capricious, bizarre, and absorbing for such a weighty issue, but I wasn’t always sure I felt it fleshed out enough. It was a tad deficient in a constancy I like in sci-fi, granted I have no issue with suspending reality and this book was newly baked enough to persuade me k [...]

    12. An entertaining look into the eating habits of the 24th century. All the character names seem to be tongue-in-cheek jokes, which after a while seems a bit forced. The story moved quickly, but at times I was convinced I was reading two different story lines - sometimes I was confused as to why characters acted the way they did or what the heck was going on. And the switch from first-person to third-person narrative within a chapter didn't make sense. But it was a cute story and I did enjoy it for [...]

    13. Well what can I say about this story, I'm glad it was a freebie Kindle read as I'm not sure that I'd have spent good money on it personally.I'm not one to give up on a book and I read it all the way through whilst there is a story there, I got bogged down with the large cast of characters who to me all had similar names and I struggled to remember who was who.If you like a good fantasy set in the future then this might be right up your street, I'm just not sure that it was right up mine if I'm h [...]

    14. I didn't enjoy every minute of this book, but I still couldn't seem to fit it down. There were some interesting scifi concepts in there, as well as numerous references to modern literature/culture. I would say that it's a quick read (less than a day) with some unlikable fat characters, some unlikable thin characters, some cliche scifi and some unique plot twists. All in all, a fun read.

    15. This was honestly one of the worst books I've read. I was looking forward to reading it and then had to force myself to finish it. I kept thinking it's got to get better. It just kept getting worse. It wasn't even trying to be decient. Sad is a good word for it

    16. This book is a lark. The story & the dialogue are funny in a very different way. While it is an easy read you need to pay attention so you don't miss any of the hilarious references to what happened in the solar system eons ago. I would certainly recommend this book

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