The Secret Teachings for All Ages

The Secret Teachings for All Ages Within the pages of Manly Palmer Hall s celebrated th century tome readers delight in discussions about ancient symbolism rituals and mythology Often hailed as an encyclopedia for all things hidd

  • Title: The Secret Teachings for All Ages
  • Author: Manly P. Hall
  • ISBN: 9781619491076
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • Within the pages of Manly Palmer Hall s celebrated 20th century tome, readers delight in discussions about ancient symbolism, rituals, and mythology Often hailed as an encyclopedia for all things hidden, ancient, and arcane, The Secret Teachings of All Ages explores a vast array of topics, from secret societies and the Zodiac to Mystic Christianity and William ShakespeareWithin the pages of Manly Palmer Hall s celebrated 20th century tome, readers delight in discussions about ancient symbolism, rituals, and mythology Often hailed as an encyclopedia for all things hidden, ancient, and arcane, The Secret Teachings of All Ages explores a vast array of topics, from secret societies and the Zodiac to Mystic Christianity and William Shakespeare s identity Despite some of the outdated and controversial ideas it poses now in the 21st century, The Secret Teachings of All Ages continues to fascinate students of the cryptic and mysterious.

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    1. Extremely fun, extremely interesting, but fundamentally unreliable. Manly wrote this book in his early twenties. He's obviously well read and very intelligent but this book is written with a pretty significant bias toward his own obvious Masonic leanings, and most of the lore he has absorbed due to this association is accepted by him and presented as unsubstantiated fact. I will admit it lends a certain kind of mystique to the yarns he spins. For instance, I would personally love to believe that [...]

    2. The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manley P. Hall is fascinating. It is a masterful compendium of esoteric teachings of all time. It is a summation of hidden wisdom from the arcane and mystical teachings of Druidic, Mithraic, Christian, Gnostic, Odinic, Gothic, Eleusinian, Orphic, Bacchic, Dionysian, Platonic, Atlantean, Cabric, Hermetic, Zodiacal, Astrological, Chaldean, Delphic, Orphic, Dodonean, Pythagorean, Numerological, Hiramic, Paracelsian, Mosaic, Qabbalistic, Sephirothic, Rosicrucian, [...]

    3. The full title on most editions of this book is - "The Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy". Which just goes to prove that real books don't have short titles.This is the great work of Manly Palmer Hall and illustrator J. Augustus Knapp. These two artisans created one of the most important compendiums of its kind in this book. Perhaps the only book to tackle the wide array of cultures, mythologies, and antiq [...]

    4. I've actually read and re-read this book- in sum and in sections- many, many times. Totally comprehensive, interesting, with an insanely useful bibliography. Good for anyone interested in the supernatural, occult, or secret societies.

    5. Ok this would be one of those rare occasions where I actually type a review on one of my books. My friends have asked me this one question.Out of all my books on the occult, magick and things that are suppose to elevate the human conscience. What book would I recomend to explain it ALL. I would have to say this book. No question about it. Mr. Hall can put into everyday language the facts. There is no judgement calls in any of his writings. This book was his first and finest. he wrote it in 1927 [...]

    6. I'm writing a review on a book at the moment regarding freemasonry amongst other things, and this book of mine came to mind. I'm pleased to see that it is on .If you're an individual who is interested in secret societies of all ages, well then this is an ideal reference book. It is "an encylopedic outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy" and is fascinating reading, especially the latter, with its symbolism throughout.

    7. This Book proves an interesting read it is an interpretation of secret messages the author sees as being hidden within rituals, allegories and ancient mysteries through out the ages. Manly P Hall provides indepth accounts and explanations of masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian symbolic philosophy. Starting with ancient systems of education, Druidic,and Mithraic mysteries and teachings, you are guided through the ancient mysteries of secret societies, and of manmy countries and culture [...]

    8. This book was a phenomenal adventure into the realm of humanity's symbols and myths. Written with elegance and poise, the words played a dance in the black box of my mind. And, I became present in the scenes and with the human personalities and divine possibilities he so endearingly paints in each cogently crafted chapter. I highly recommend this book for curious and seasoned philosophers, seekers and mystics alike. It is a resource of knowledge without equal; it is, in fact, the most brilliant [...]

    9. I was given this book by Genesis P-Orridge in 1990, and it's a treasured possession. It introduced my young mind to exactly what it says in the title. A classic book from the 1920's that really introduced many, many paradigms to people at the time.

    10. I marked up this book probably more than any other in my life. This book was my gateway to the "mystery" religions. I don't consider it to be the authoritative "last word" but it contained so many new ideas (to me) that it became my new study agenda for quite a while. From here I studied the use of symbols in religion from the Eleusinians to the Free Masons. I give this book five stars for the sheer volume of great ideas under one cover and for the introduction of the very inspiring and charisma [...]

    11. If a reader is dedicated to reach the end of more than 600 pages of encyclopedic writing, in more than one sense of the word, about esoteric matters, the last words of this book will haunt one's sleep: "The criers of the Mysteries speak again, bidding all men welcome to the House of Light. The great institution of materiality has failed. The false civilization built by man has turned, and like the monster of Frankenstein, is destroying its creator. Religion wanders aimlessly in the maze of theol [...]

    12. This is one of the books that got me into researching and studying Esoterism/Hermetics/Mystery School Traditions/Etc I have two copies stationed at different parts of my house because at any time I can pick it up, flip to any page and start reading and gain some new knowledge that I haven't acquired yet.

    13. This is a book that I could probably read and re-read for the rest of my life. It is very informative with a different perspective then the norm. It looks at history with a different light but it is not for everyone. It is full of variety of ancient knowledge

    14. This review is for the 'Diamond Jubilee Edition' of "Secret Teachings of All Ages" paperback issued by the Philosophical Research Society in 1989 (1st pb edition - all b&w) and reprinted in 2000 (54 illustrations are in color - the rest in b&w). This is the best trade edition available of this incredible book. This edition has all of the illustrations from the original text reproduced in good quality (all in b&w in the 1989 edition - 54 illustrations in color and the rest in b&w [...]

    15. The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall languished in my to-be-read pile for several years. I didn't really expect to find any secrets revealed. I bought it because I find belief systems and their origins fascinating. The Secret Teachings of All Ages doesn't so much reveal "secret teachings" as draw connections between current belief systems and ancient belief systems. While there is some supposition that what is being presented obscures the secret teachings, it feels like the books tr [...]

    16. Wow! Manly Hall's ability to gather, explain and present these complex and ancient traditions in one comprehensive book is amazing. He has helped me to understand how important the mystery schools and their proponents were in establishing the foundation for our current cultural imprint. Though most of their rituals, messages and doctrines have been visually hidden from the "everyman," they are nonetheless imbedded in our psyche and are being activated into consciousness by the current thrust of [...]

    17. I've only read bits here and there, as it's more of a reference book than something to be read from start to finish. Having said that, the book is very impressive in its detailed analysis of esoteric and mystical traditions found throughout history, and around the world. The subjects are very varied - you can read about ancient Greek oracles, religion in ancient Egypt, black magic, the Kabbalah, the philosophy of alchemy, the pagan origins of Christianity, archetypes found in the world religions [...]

    18. Someone brought us this book some time ago and it is a real treasure that we have kept even in our migration to the farthest Western shores!The Silver Elvesauthors of books on magic and enchantment

    19. I didn't read this cover to cover but it's an amazingly neutral treatment of the subject matter, for any time. And especially for when it was published. Wide range of ancient symbolism and a number of interpretations, lots of history. Wild stuff to think about on the origins of all religions.

    20. I took 2 years and a half reading this, and it was worth every year. It's an encyclopedia of ancient spiritual knowledge. It is a blessed antidote for the materialist dystopia we moderns call "civilization."

    21. One of the best comprehensive studies of world beliefs. The depth and span of this book is strikingly impressive. To imagine that he finished this work before the age of 30 only adds to the achievement. For anyone interested in the topic, this book is a must read.

    22. One of the best collection of esoteric material. You can also find this book online, so check out sections and see if it interests you.

    23. Eye opening book. Really enjoyed it. Reads a lot like an encyclopedia so I'm sure I'll be referencing it as I read and research topics it covers.

    24. Not a book for readers who are looking for short explanations, but certainly for who is interested in an overview of history and content of esoteric traditions. An asset to anyone's library.

    25. I wish i would have found and read this book from an early age. A must read! Then again I have never been let down by anything from Manly P Hall

    26. This is a well-crafted book about the history of knowledge. Hands down, the best I've ever seen from a non-academic philosopher. However, this book is mostly just the history of Western philosophy with a bit of esoteric wisdom thrown in. I enjoyed the explication of many esoteric philosophical schools like the Druids, but wished there was more about practice rather than theory. For myself, it was not what I expected from someone so deeply entrenched in the esoteric arts, nor do I believe it to b [...]

    27. One of the greatest books of compiled knowledge ever written. A perpetual read and return cycle is almost mandated by the work of Hall here. Reading the book will open your mind to an array of insights and spur you in the direction of new research. Each return will see you finding that as you think you learn more about a subject, you realise Hall had already said exactly that which has just come to light in the modern world. If any book were to represent a peek outside of Plato's cave or into th [...]

    28. I have the Golden Anniversary Edition of this book and had formerly considered reading it as a whole. Since then I have changed my opinion - realizing that the book serves better as an encyclopaedia of sorts rather than a front-to-back read. I inherited my copy from my grandfather and I hold it quite dear. The edition is quite huge and I imagine that in the future it will occupy an honorary station in my study for all who enter to envy. Since I haven't completed it, and doubt that I ever will, I [...]

    29. There's no doubt this book is filled with so much valuable information and wisdom. This is more of an introduction than an in depth discussion of numerous topics but, unlike most books,the parallels between these different topics are acknowledged and emphasized. The perennial philosophy is evident once you finish a book of this enormous scholarship. I'd recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about esoteric philosophy and the sacred sciences.

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