Sparkle Box

Sparkle Box The moving story of an uncommon gift and how giving to others shows a little boy the true meaning of Christmas Sam is so excited about Christmas He s thinking about his Christmas list anticipating ho

  • Title: Sparkle Box
  • Author: Jill Hardie
  • ISBN: 9780824956479
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The moving story of an uncommon gift and how giving to others shows a little boy the true meaning of Christmas Sam is so excited about Christmas He s thinking about his Christmas list, anticipating holiday parties, and puzzling over one very mysterious gift a sparkly box sitting on the mantel above the fireplace In the midst of the festivities, Sam and his family particThe moving story of an uncommon gift and how giving to others shows a little boy the true meaning of Christmas Sam is so excited about Christmas He s thinking about his Christmas list, anticipating holiday parties, and puzzling over one very mysterious gift a sparkly box sitting on the mantel above the fireplace In the midst of the festivities, Sam and his family participate in various acts of kindness to others On Christmas morning, when Sam finally opens the Sparkle Box, he finds only slips of paper that record the family s good deeds Sam s parents explain that the things that they ve been doing for others are, in fact, a gift for Jesus for Jesus said that whatever we do for the least of these, we do for Him This heartfelt story will inspire readers to adopt this faith centered tradition in their own homes Includes a glitter coated fold out Sparkle Box

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    1. This is such a wonderful story about doing for others. The pictures are so beautiful and the whole idea of the Sparkle Box such a lovely one that I want to do it with kids of my own someday. It's also a good reminder for older children, young people and adults that doing things, even seemingly small things, for the least of these, is doing them for Christ. And what better time to do them than when we celebrate Christ's birth!

    2. Jill Hardie in her new book, “The Sparkle Box” published by Ideals Children’s Books gives us a gift with the power to change Christmas. Illustrations by Christine Kornacki.From the back cover: The moving story of an uncommon gift and how giving to others shows a little boy the true meaning of Christmas.Sam can’t wait for Christmas! He’s excited about the parties, the food and, of course, the presents. One gift has him especially curious–a sparkling silver box on the mantel. Sam’s p [...]

    3. Ever wonder if there was a way to inspire your children and family to do more this Christmas for those less fortunate? I've got the perfect way to do just that! The Sparkle Box by Jill Hardie is a children's book that showcases a unique sparkle box that Sam's parents place on the mantle just at the start of the Christmas season. Sam is more than curious to know what it is, and his mom tells him that he can open it on Christmas morning but that they haven't finished filling it yet. As the days go [...]

    4. ***…a warm & engaging Christmas story that focuseson Jesus instead of materialism and commercialism…***The Sparkle Box by Jill Hardie is an inspirational Christmas story that includes a young boy, a mysterious shiny box with "the power to change Christmas" and a new found family tradition. The tale, inspired by Matthew 25:40 "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these," has since become a long-standing Christmas practice for the Hardie family.The Sparkle Box begins [...]

    5. SummaryA child is excited for Christmas and all the toys he will receive. Weeks before Christmas, the boy notices a special sparkly box. His parents do not tell him what is in it. As Christmas approaches, the family performs various acts of kindness. Finally, on Christmas day, the boy is allowed to open the sparkle box. In it are slips of paper detailing those kind acts, and the mother explains, “these are our gifts to Jesus.”The central message: God delights in our gifts to others, and coun [...]

    6. Make It Sparkle!A nursing home can be a pretty grim place on a holiday, but a one-year-old with smiley eyes who is practicing his walking in the hallways is certainly a game changer. The hard journey of my mother’s transition to a care facility has never been harder than this first big holiday without her in our home, but when eight Morins landed in the cafeteria on Thanksgiving Day, the room changed for just a minute. Smiles were given and received. Next time — I’m bringing cookies for ev [...]

    7. For the past couple of years we’ve made an effort to teach our boys about community service and giving to others. This began with “Blessing Bags”, giving out gallon Zip-loc bags full of supplies that would be useful or enjoyable for those in need. When we moved to Greensboro, NC about a year ago, we got involved with Families in Action, a local service group. Through FIA, we have prepared meals for the needy, baked cookies for local servicemen and women, worked on a landscape crew for an i [...]

    8. I cannot even begin to express how wonderful I think this book is, in every way! It is absolutely gorgeous and is destined to become a children’s Christmas classic!The illustrations are vibrant in color and skillfully done. I liked how realistic they were and some almost appear dimensional. A good story is important (and this is one!) but illustrations can make or break a book where children are concerned.A young boy named Sam is excited about Christmas, like any other child during the holiday [...]

    9. If you want to teach your children about Christmas - the real Christmas, The Sparkle Box: A Gift with the Power to Change Christmas by Jill Hardie is the book to get! It's for ages 4 to 8 and it's a perfect story for any child. Author Jill Hardie tells the story of Sam, who is so excited about Christmas! Sam is preparing his Christmas "want" list and he's excited about the upcoming holiday parties. At the same time, he is so curious about one very mysterious gift -- a sparkly box sitting on the [...]

    10. About the Book:During the Christmas season, Sam and his parents participate in various acts of kindness to others and record their good deeds on slips of paper to be placed in a sparkly box, as a gift to Jesus.About the Author:Jill Hardie is a writer and marketing professional with a great deal of enthusiasm for the Sparkle Box concept. Jill's family started their tradition of giving a gift to Jesus about six years ago; now, the Sparkle Box is the gift they most anticipate opening each year. Jil [...]

    11. I’ve been noticing some things in my kids lately that I don’t like so much such as a sense of entitlement and general ungratefulness for what they have. As a parent, it’s my job to make sure these things don’t become commonplace in our home so the arrival of The Sparkle Box was impeccable!It’s hard to know how or when to talk to your kids about things like homelessness and starvation. At four and five, I still want to protect them from the ugly things in the world but when I see things [...]

    12. Children are just naturally very "me centered;" and a season when there is gifting especially centered around the younger ones tends to motivate children to be very centered on what "I" will receive, "I want this," "Can I have that," etc. A wise parent seeks to direct the child's thoughts toward more of a "what I can do" and "what I can give" in order to raise them to be selfless and motivated toward those who need their help and not toward what can be done for "me." In the story of the Sparkle [...]

    13. The Sparkle Box, written by Jill Hardie, is a unique way to help your children take the focus off the presents they get for Christmas, and place it on the gifts that we should be giving everyday to those around us.Sam, the little boy in the story, is no different than most children at Christmas time. He cannot keep his mind off the presents under the tree, especially the mysterious sparkle box his mom put there. His curiosity is further piqued when she tells him, while it’s empty now, they wil [...]

    14. Are you looking for a Christmas book that is family-oriented and teachings traditional giving values? This illustrated storybook may be the choice for you. This book follows Sam a few weeks before Christmas up to the big day, as he sees others in need and provides practical solutions to their need (ie: mittens for the cold, etc.). The end goal for Sam is to get to the "sparkle box," a silver-glittered box sitting under the Christmas tree. And here's the spoiler, but a need-to-know for parents lo [...]

    15. I received a free review copy of this book. When the book arrived, I was very pleased with it! My first impression of the book was that it's a nicely-printed, well-made, hardcover book. My second impression was that the illustrations are lovely, warm, vibrant, and colorful.When my kids first saw me looking at it, they all came over to see the enclosed sparkle box, which folds into a simple box shape. We did note that it's different than the one in the book since it doesn't have a removable lid o [...]

    16. When Worthy Publishing contacted me with an opportunity to review a new children's Christmas book, I jumped on the opportunity. Loving all things Christmas . . . especially when they're faith-based, I was looking forward to reading the story and seeing if it was a 'grandchildren' worthy tale. I was not just not disappointed, I was thrilled! The Sparkle Box, written by Jill Hardie and beautifully illustrated by Christine Kornacki, grabbed my heart with the first read. I sat in my car in the post [...]

    17. Written by: Jill HardieIllustrated by: Christine KornackiIt is my pleasure to review and commend to you a children's book for the holidays. "The Sparkle Box" is a short bedtime/nap time book for the child in all of us. Nicely illustrated, the book's intent is to take our modern celebration of Christ's birth to a new level that not only rewards us (the readers) and our children and grandchildren.Christmas has become such a commercial event, that it becomes more difficult each year to remember 'th [...]

    18. Monday, November 18, 2013The Sparkle Box: A Gift with the Power to Change Christmas by Jill Hardie ~*~ illlustrated by Christine Kornacki, ©2012more than a story ~*~ giving to othersA story to share and beginning your own tradition of The Sparkle Box ~ you may already be filling it. With bright illustrations and the zest of a child, Sam finds Christmas extra special this year as he looks forward to finding out what is inside. Filling others' lives with hope, giving from our hearts, fills this g [...]

    19. I love this book!! It's such a beautiful story and emphasizes the true meaning of Christmas and being Christians in the world.The story is about Sam and his family. They are getting ready for the Christmas season and Sam notices a very shiny silver box on their mantle. He asks his mom what it is? She tells him it's a special gift but they will have to fill it.The story revolves around this box and what it really means is revealed at the end of the story. I really don't want to share anything els [...]

    20. A sweet and heartwarming tale of a little boy who learns that it is better to give than to receive at Christmastime.A lovely book, with a great message of celebrating Jesus' birth by giving the glory to Him, rather than focusing on what we can get out of Christmas.I loved how Sam's family wanted to teach him to care for others and to glorify God. The illustrations are lovely, and I loved that it came with its own sparkle box so that you can start the tradition in your own home. A lovely story to [...]

    21. Beautifully illustrated, this Christmas story tells of Sam and how he tries to figure out what is in the sparkly box sitting on the family's fireplace mantel. As Sam gets ready for Christmas with his family, he sees a homeless man, helps his mother with some donations, attends his father's Christmas party, and gets ready for his school party. But through it all, he wonders what is in the sparkle box and why it isn't yet ready to be opened.I loved this book. The illustrations are beautiful, almos [...]

    22. I pause when I call this a children's book because I believe that every person needs to remember the importance of Christmas.In this book, while Sam is preparing for Christmas, he sees a train that he would really love to have, so he places it on his Christmas list. When he is at home he is sitting with his mom when he asks what is in the sparkly box on the mantle. She let him know that they will be placing items in it over the season. Through the Advent season, the family helps others in variou [...]

    23. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Sam is a boy who can't wait for Christmas, a very familiar situation for any of us with children, or anyone who remembers the excitement of Christmas as a child. For Sam, and for most children, young and old, it is all about the gifts we receive, the ones we are hoping to get.But when Sam sees a sparkly box on top the mantle, he asks him mom about it. She answers rather vaguely and the holidays continue. He helps his mother donate t [...]

    24. One day while listening to his mom read a Christmas story, Sam notices a sparkly box on the mantle. His parents kept telling to wait whenever he asked what was in the box. As the days go by he and his family find ways to bless others during the season. And Sam waits impatiently to find out what is in the box. Each time he asks, his mother tells him that she still has a few more things to put in it. When he opens the box he finds out who the gift is for and how he contributed.This is a book to ke [...]

    25. Christmas is always full of hustle and bustle and children thinking of what to put on their Christmas lists with lots of "me" things they want.This book shows us what the true meaning of Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus birthday by giving to others.Sams hearts desire is to have a new train for Christmas. He also sees a shiny sparkle box in his home that his mom tells him she has added things to but he cannot open yet.Sam encounters a homeless man and also learns valuable lessons about giving [...]

    26. This is a different kind of Christmas book, as it encourages participation and comes with a box to use. The box is to write down things to give Jesus for His birthday by giving to those in need. i.e kids could put in a slip of paper saying "buy gloves for homeless people", etc. The book is done in story form, and is done very well with great illustrations. Through the fictional Sam, kids can learn the true meaning of Christmas, which is giving to Jesus. The story is interesting, has a great less [...]

    27. I LOVED this book. I got teary eyed and hope this book can help me teach my young boys about giving more Jesus Gifts. Gifts that make Jesus happy. A gift that helps someone in need is the perfect gift to give Jesus on His birthday Some ideas from the book:Giving mittens to the needyWarm blankets for the homelessA well in Africa to provide clean drinking waterFood for the hungrySponsor a child's educationGive funds for life-saving medical care. Some ideas from the website, thesparklebox:Commit to [...]

    28. A Story for Your Children : A Christmas Tradition for the FamilySam is excited about Christmas. He likes the toy train, but he is most excited about the sparkle box his mother has placed on the mantle. The Sparkle Box is a marvelous story for children. The illustrations are excellent. The bonus is that the whole family can become involved in filling the sparkle box, which is contained at the back of the book, with notes about what they did for those in need as a gift for Jesus. I think this is a [...]

    29. LOVED this book. The sparkle box is about Sam and his parents and what they do through the Christmas season to help people. There is a sparkling box throughout the story that gets filled up a little bit at a time and is opened on Christmas day. I must say that I got a little teary at a couple places in the book but my kids loved it. I think it is great for any age group and has a message we could all stand to hear at least once more.It is a 5/5. Great for the Christmas season but the lesson is g [...]

    30. 4.5 What a super - fantastic idea -- keep a special box (in this case, sparkly, glittery silver) on the mantle and jot down things you've done for others during the Christmas season. Open it and share on Christmas morning. This book explains that Sam's family does it as a birthday gift to Jesus (this is the first "religious" mention in the book, and the only mention, on the last page, other than two quotes from the book of Matthew in the "Notes from the author.") This book will definitely take a [...]

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