Management of Organizational Behavior

Management of Organizational Behavior For undergraduate and graduate level courses in Organizational Behavior Leadership and Organizational Development Forty years in the making Management of Organizational Behavior is a readable text

  • Title: Management of Organizational Behavior
  • Author: Paul Hersey
  • ISBN: 9780133080476
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
  • For undergraduate and graduate level courses in Organizational Behavior, Leadership, and Organizational Development Forty years in the making, Management of Organizational Behavior is a readable text that makes behavioral sciences come alive through real life examples and progressive ideology.

    One thought on “Management of Organizational Behavior”

    1. I generally don't like to spoil someone's read in my reviews, but let me save you some time with a BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): Different people in different situations at different times require different leadership approaches. There. Summarized in one sentence what Blanchard's 140 pages of white space (times how many different versions?) could have said in an at most a three page background description, and what the trio of credited authors of this book started with 625 pages. Every now and t [...]

    2. This is an in depth look at how to use human resources in organizations with case stories complete with theoretical and analytical comments. Both practitioners and management students will find this book a valuable resource. A smooth-flowing readable style aids the reader in examining case stories from many different behavioral science theories and frameworks. It is an outstanding volume to have in one's management collection. It was fun to reread this book this month (1/20110.

    3. read it for the purpose of textbook. Got the theory . good book, but its merely a reference book. okay stuff compared to many other books.

    4. Management of Organizational Behavior is a classic example of reconciliation and synthesis. It makes a valiant attempt at combining and aligning many different types of behavioral, social, psychological and leadership theories. One cannot help wondering how much the data was massaged to make it fit the sythesized model. However, most of the theories mentioned are well established and respected, so they should not be ignored. Discovering your own leadership style strengths, or how to negotiate le [...]

    5. This book provided some great insights into organizational change and handling people. My people skills improved dramatically after reading it. It provides a very useful theoretical model to hang ones practical manager's hat on. Really good!

    6. While this book was written in 1982, it is still relevant to leadership and organizational development today. I would encourage all those involved in leadership, management and organizational development to consider reading this book.

    7. It's a text and reads like such. Good information that will help going forward.If it wasn't an assigned textbook, I would probably not have read it.Also, it was over $100, ouch.

    8. This is the single best Management book I have ever read. Its 4-sector approach is a great framework for managing almost anyone at almost any stage of their career. It even works for kids :)

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