Mr. Darcy's Refuge: A Pride & Prejudice Variation

Mr Darcy s Refuge A Pride Prejudice Variation Trapped for three days by a flood and trapped forever by society because of it The river isn t the only thing overflowing in Hunsford when a natural disaster forces Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy to w

  • Title: Mr. Darcy's Refuge: A Pride & Prejudice Variation
  • Author: Abigail Reynolds
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Trapped for three days by a flood, and trapped forever by society because of it.The river isn t the only thing overflowing in Hunsford when a natural disaster forces Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy to work together The residents of flood stricken Hunsford, seeking refuge in the parsonage atop the hill, are unaware they are interrupting Darcy s disastrous proposal Even woTrapped for three days by a flood, and trapped forever by society because of it.The river isn t the only thing overflowing in Hunsford when a natural disaster forces Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy to work together The residents of flood stricken Hunsford, seeking refuge in the parsonage atop the hill, are unaware they are interrupting Darcy s disastrous proposal Even worse, the flood has washed out the only bride to Rosings Park, stranding Darcy with the woman who has just refused his offer of marriage But it may already be too late to redeem Elizabeth s reputation.

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    1. I enjoyed this book and the plot kept me interested. Darcy was so sweet and the twists were pretty interesting. I loved the relationship with the Gardiners, as Mr. Bennet really was not his typical self. There was a different story here for Jane, which I found sweet and satisfying. A nice, quick read, with some intense intimate scenes with ODC.

    2. 1.5MAD ABOUT IT.I knocked two full stars off of this because the author BROKE UP BINGLEY AND JANE.Nope. REJECTED. Not necessarily because I can't bear the thought of Jane and Bingley not ending up together, but because the way that she went about it was directly opposite to Jane's character, leaned heavily on creating a way over-idealized version of Colonel Fitzwilliam, and seemed to derive from some sort of resentment the author herself bore towards Mr. Bingley.1) Jane Bennet would never hold a [...]

    3. It's been a while since I've read a Pride & Prejudice spin-off, and I had this one laying around, so I decided to give it a try.This is a "what if" story, it follows the original book until the point where Mr. Darcy makes his disastrous and embarrassing first proposal. Elizabeth is interrupted while she's rejecting him, she thinks he got the message, but nope, he did not. He was so sure that she would agree, that he's absolutely certain she was accepting his proposal. I mean, how could she n [...]

    4. There are so many things I love about this novel that I don't know where to beginIt's my favourite Pride and Prejudice Variation by Abigail Raynolds together with "Mr. Darcy's Obsession".When I started reading it, two days ago, I had three or four other books to finish. So I saied "I'll read it slowly, savouring the story. There's no need to rush to the end, I know that Darcy and Elizabeth will be together".Once I began, I simply couldn't put it down. I had to go on reading, because the story ta [...]

    5. Darcy and Elizabeth forced to sleep under the same roof during a flood, forced to ride together in the rain (Darcy tightly holding his beloved Lizzy close to him, but not taking advantage of the situation), Darcy being subjected to disdain at the prospect of his marrying Lizzy, she determinedly accepting his proposal when witnessing how he stands up to his relatives and their fierce opposition ( great scene) , a walk to the river, a horrible separation at the hands of Mr Bennet, their (beautiful [...]

    6. Absolute drivel. I've read her other Pemverley variations and enjoyed most of them, this, however, is a different beast. While in fan fiction, there is always room for willing suspension of disbelief regarding character behavior, it seems in some cases there is almost no resemblance to the original characters at all in this book. Rational behavior seems to fly out the window in characters that were defined by it in the original novel. I love P&P fan fiction and I can say that this was a wast [...]

    7. TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice VariationTIME FRAME: Begins with the night of Darcy’s proposal at Hunsford ParsonageMAIN CHARACTERS: Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Mr. Bennet, Jane Bennet, Little Jenny, Lord Matlock, Mr. and Mrs. GardinerSCENARIO: What if, on the night Darcy went to propose to Elizabeth at Hunsford Parsonage, there were terrible rain storms and the water levels rising at an alarming rate through the village? What if in the midst of giving her [...]

    8. This is another of Abigail Reynolds what if scenarios on Pride and Prejudice. The book begins as Darcy is about to go to the parsonage at Hunsford to make his ill-fated proposal, but the difference is that it's been raining very heavily and the river bursts its banks while Darcy is there, before Elizabeth properly has a chance to reply. The village is flooded and Elizabeth and Darcy are stuck for days together in the parsonage with stranded villagers to look out for. Thus they are forced to spen [...]

    9. DISCLAIMER: THERE ARE NO OUTRIGHT SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW BUT THERE ARE SOME HINTS AT THE OVERARCHING PLOT DIRECTIONS OF THE NOVEL.I think this must be one of the better books by the author, although the length of it left me desiring more. The story twists here are a bit more complex and intriguing. Those who enjoy the extended conflict between Darcy and Lizzy as they reassess their own views and opinions will be a bit disappointed, for this period is compressed into the relatively narrow confin [...]

    10. This variation begins at Rosings, when Darcy is on his way to Hunsford Parsonage to offer marriage to Elizabeth. During this proposal the storm that has been raging gets worse and there are interrupted by villagers looking for a safe haven from the storm. Can any actions of Darcy persuade Elizabeth to accept him, of course the situations is made worse by the interference of all their families.An enjoyable story and an easy writing style, with the usual characters plus more of the Matlock family. [...]

    11. Pride and prejudice fan fiction, jāsaka, ne tā labākā. Daži interesanti pavērsieni neatsver visumā garlaicīgo sižetu. Protams, varam atrast arī kādas pikantākas ainas - Lizzija un Dārsija kungs vārtās pa zālienu utt. Kopumā, MEH!

    12. Mr. Darcy's Refuge: A Pride and Prejudice VariationAnother great story from Abigail. Rain and more rain fell on Kent's countryside. The Hunsford Church and home was on high ground so many of the villagers came there for shelter. Darcy had just finished his not so elegant proposal. While waiting for Elizabeth to answer, calling adults and crying children banged on the parish front door. Darcy could not get back to Rosings because the bridge was destroyed, but after the first meal had been served, [...]

    13. Review ComingAfter reading a good number of Pride and Prejudice variations, I've seen everything from a zombie infested Pemberley to Lizzie and Darcy existing as modern rock stars. So, although interesting, it was no surprise when I read the summary of Mr. Darcy's Refuge by Abigail Reynolds. This time, it's a natural disaster that impedes on their lives, and knowing Reynolds' work like I do, I knew I was in for a great read!We begin with Darcy traveling to Rosings Park, his initial disastrous pr [...]

    14. In a book, such as this, where so much is borrowed from another text, it is often hard to be surprise, however, Mr. Darcy's Refuge has several changes that were surprisingly well conceived and extremely refreshing. This version had less of Kitty, Lydia, Mrs. Bennett, Mr. Collin, and Lady Katherine De Bourgh, and I am truly grateful. Of course they were not missing entirely, however they were not as obtrusive and so the story had far less whining and far less verbal baggage. For those who like th [...]

    15. I can not begin to tell you how much I mentally pace when I know A.R. has another P&P variation coming out. An agony it is, as you say to yourself " It will arrive on such and such a day, but all the while hoping for ten days sooner";D The book was splendid as they always are and I look forward to rereading it all though the fall season. A.R. is, in my estimation, far and away the best of the variation writersnopsis from coverTrapped for three days by a flood, and trapped forever by society [...]

    16. After having read this as soon as it came out and now finally deciding to do reviews on all the JAFF I own, I read through all other 89 reviews and gave direct comments to some. I will not repeat what is already written in so many reviews other than to say that Abigail Reynolds in my favorite JAFF author and I appreciate that she has the ability to come up with so many imaginative alternate endings and situations and sides to characters, i.e Mr. Bennet's past history with a bully, Colonel Fitzwi [...]

    17. In this Pride & Prejudice variation, Elizabeth is compromised by being trapped at Hunsford with Darcy after his disastrous proposal. A tremendous rain has flooded the river and destroyed the bridges separating Rosings from the parsonage. As they must work together to help the villagers, Elizabeth's opinion of Darcy slowly changes. He is forced to publish a marriage announcement in the papers in order to protect her reputation. The announcement sets off a chain reaction which forces Elizabeth [...]

    18. When I started this novel, especially with it being both an Abigail Reynolds work and after reading the synopsis, I was excepting something completely different. I figured the story would almost consist entirely about them being trapped by the flood, what they did to pass the time, and then the brief fallout from that situation. I was not expecting the level of drama this story brought! I found it very refreshing and entertaining! I couldn't believe Mr. Bennet's actions, but found them explained [...]

    19. The Lizzy/Darcy plot was good, but some characters (Mr. Bennet!) were just completely different from the original books and it was uncomfortable to read. The plot became more wild and deviated throughout the story until it turned into what you always expect of spin-offs: the book equivalent of a tele-novella. I really did like the Darcy and Lizzy interaction, but wouldn't read again. Characters that I once liked - Mr. Bennet, Jane, Col. Fitzwilliam - all made me dislike them with this book and t [...]

    20. Clean low angst HEA storyThis is the second time I’ve read this story and thought I’d add a review this time. The story starts with Darcy’s proposal to Elizabeth being interrupted by a flood that displaces many of the Hunsford village residents. And just to make things interesting, the flooded river runs between the parsonage and Rosings. Circumstances jeopardize Elizabeth’s reputation that leads Darcy to do something that will result in some heartache for our couple before a HEA. The Ev [...]

    21. Hmmm, not Bad. Not my favourite of this authors novels. I liked the premise, I liked that Darcy was going to huntsford again to try and make things right, before getting himself caught up in a situation that no one expects. This situation is in no way not wanted by Darcy; he's quite happy with how things have turned out. I do find him a little high handed with his assumptions (like his announcement) but I also know he is right in his own way. But he needed to be a little more honest with Elizabe [...]

    22. I actually have changed my opinion on Abigail Reynolds since I first read her JAFF several years ago. She's one of the few JAFF authors who avoid the pitfalls that I really hate: infusing religion into the story (Austen usually poked at it), getting the characters wrong in terms of personality, actions or motivations, or using really sappy romantic stuff that doesn't feel like real life and infantilizes the heroine making the hero creepy in the process. Plus she uses vocabulary appropriate to th [...]

    23. This book had a rocky start but it grew on me - stilted dialogue in the beginning seemed to smooth out later. Some of the characters were not very true to P&P, particularly Mr. Bennett. The sex scenes were graphic in a way that was out of proportion to the rest of the book - not that I hated them it was just the book suddenly went from prim to racy without much preparation. The plot was novel and interesting.

    24. Niente stelline, mi dispiace. La storia di Abigail Reynolds mi sembra meno incisiva del solito, e varrebbe tre stelline per me, ma la traduzione è imbarazzante. Non basta conoscere l'inglese, anche bene, per essere un traduttore. Bisogna essere un lettore e, soprattutto, conoscere l'italiano, saperlo scrivere. Passino le d eufoniche, ma Riconoscimenti? Ma per piacere. Chi ha letto anche un solo libro non sa che alla fine del libro ci sono i Ringraziamenti?

    25. My favorite book in this seriesI loved that Abigail Reynolds switched the story around completely but still keeps core story line. This is my favorite version so far in this series

    26. Loved it!This is the second book I have read by this author, and I absolutely loved it. It took me back to the time period that I love, the characters were believable, and overallI loved the ending.

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