Planting a Rainbow

Planting a Rainbow This educational and enjoyable book helps children understand how to plant bulbs seeds and seedlings and nurture their growth Lois Ehlert s bold collage illustrations include six pages of staggered

  • Title: Planting a Rainbow
  • Author: Lois Ehlert
  • ISBN: 9780152626105
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • This educational and enjoyable book helps children understand how to plant bulbs, seeds, and seedlings, and nurture their growth Lois Ehlert s bold collage illustrations include six pages of staggered width, presenting all the flowers of each color of the rainbow.

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    1. This is a story about a little girl and her mother who plant seeds in their garden. The girl sees these different coloured flowers come out but thinks they are rainbows.This is a great book for EYFS, KS1 and KS2. Nursery can use this to be introduced to colours. Reception children will develop their KUW of how plants grow. We could bring in some real plants and flowers for the children. KS1 /2 will be able to use this to learn about the life cycle as part of science and perhaps base a lesson aro [...]

    2. I use this every year for spring-flower-gardening story time. It is always a big hit with preschool. We end by making a flower picture on a flannel board. 1992A girl picked this (I had her select, so she would listen to a story instead of going to the Early Learning computer.) tonight and had Ms. Piggy (her stuffed animal?) name all the colors (a boy and his dragon got in on the act too). 5/22/12Used this for a preschool garden program, since we had it in a big book format and I had 2 day cares [...]

    3. Every year Mom and I plant a rainbow.Each letter in the word 'rainbow' is a different color.In the fall we buy some bulbs and plant them in the ground.This book is a good book if you want to teach a child about plant names. Although the text is extremely simple, We have some red flowers, and orange flowers, the names of all the flowers are listed (on the flower, or on the Popsicle stick that marks each plot) in every single picture. So you have terms like zinnia, tiger lily, and delphinium litte [...]

    4. Lois Ehlert uses all the colors of the rainbow to teach children about how to plant a garden. The book starts with planting seeds then adding plants to their garden. Through the book you watch the garden grow as it gets warmer. She goes through all the colors of the rainbow and the different flowers that were grown. Lots of bright colors used and great illustrations!

    5. Text-Teaching-Connection:"Planting a Rainbow" is a great kindergarten book to help reinforce colors!!!! The imagery in the picture book is awesome and engaging. Vibrant colors are definitely a good tool in this book, all of the flowers share colors and some are just single colors, as showcased by the child explanting how he creates a garden every year. While reading the book, have the students decipher and talk about the colors they see. Students need to make connections and this is a good way t [...]

    6. Louis Ehlert books are wonderful for the colorful illustrations and introduction of new words. Many of the plants will be new to the kids and will present new vocabulary. I would use this book for a kindergarten or first grade, possibly second grade classroom, since there are less words throughout the book. This book could be used on a unit in teaching living v. nonliving. As a class we would plant our own plants to ingrain the steps in the book and other books we would have read. Since many of [...]

    7. This book so much fun! I love how they used the colors of the rainbow to help children understand how to plant seeds and tend to them. This book is quiet colorful and easy to read. Children will love it! L.E: After reading this book allowed the children can plant their own seed in the classroom have each plant up by the window and the children can check its progress everyday and water it when they think it is needed. Content:1. Plants grow in the spring time.2. Seeds need to be in warm soil to g [...]

    8. We really enjoyed this book, the whole family. Bright colorful pictures, all about planting colorful flowers so you have a rainbow garden, this book is a solid level 1 reading book, as long as you don't count the names of the flowers. A great book to expand your vocabulary for flowers, although, even I had a difficult time remembering how to pronounce some of the names of the flowers.

    9. Planting a garden full of different colours. Great for learning colours and seasons but I don't know about the whole complex flower names in a board book.V @ 7 months old.

    10. I loved the intentionality in this booke of words that would stretch a child's vocabulary and plants that are labeled with the colors that the plant will grow to become.

    11. My daughter LOVES this book. As a nature-lover, I am happy to find child-friendly books that encourage planting flowers.

    12. This picture book is intended for ages 4 and up. Painting a Rainbow is a colorful way to teach a child how to plant flowers. It has small descriptions of the flowers and shows the more simple process of planting a garden. Ehlert's picture book is educational and full of color that is eye-catching and inviting. The narrator is a child who explains the detailed process in a manner that is appropriate and easy to understand for the reader. Ehlert give the reader a detailed yet simplistic explanatio [...]

    13. I love the illustrations! Big, bold, and colorful, the simple shapes really pop against the white background, making this great for storytimes. The six "cutaway" pages are especially effective at showing how the different colored plants and flowers make a rainbow. It reminded me a little bit of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." I think preschool-aged kids would enjoy naming the colors they recognize. It might be fun too to try pronouncing some of the more obscure flower names. I plan to use this on [...]

    14. That punk Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today which means six more weeks of winter. Liar. I believe (hope?!) it will come sooner. This book will help get us through. It talks of making plans of a flower garden, from ordering the seeds in the winter to cutting for bouquets in the summer. So if you need a little color to get you through the rest of winter pick up this book and maybe some flowers from the market. 💐 #kidsbooksworthreading #kidslit #plantingarainbow #loisehlert #childrenslitera [...]

    15. I think that this book is great for a science lesson in an elementary classroom. I do not think it would be something that a child would pick up to read. If they did, it would only be for the beautiful pictures. I would give this book to a child that is a hands-on learner to take a reading and transfer it to real life.

    16. Excellent book with many flower names, seed shapes and types (bulbs, rhizome, seed packets), and beautiful foliage and bloom illustrations. A great book to introduce kids to flowers or to review plant names in gardens they know.

    17. Another book that can "grow" with your child. Addison is two and we mostly focused on learning the colors but you could easily have older kids learn about the different plants growing and do an entire nature study of it and how plants grow.

    18. Enjoyable book. If you have a little one with a green thumb, this book is fun to read. Very colorful illustrations and the pictures are cover to cover.

    19. Good books for preschoolers. I took my time with it and really asked the kids a lot of questions about the colors and had them pronounce the names of the flowers. A good book all-around.

    20. Plating a Rainbow is about a mother and daughter who liked to plant colorful flowers together and create a rainbow. They must wait til Spring time before they start to see the plants.Genre: Realistic fiction

    21. Love this book. Simple concepts and words. Beautiful illustrations. Perfect for learning colors or discussing plants. Great for a range of ages. Any age can pick something up from this book. Even I (mama) learned something.

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