Ontwaken Chloe Saunders is een wandelend wetenschappelijk experiment ze kan niet alleen geesten zien maar ze is genetisch veranderd door de sinistere Edison groep Ze is een tiener maar ook een dodenbezweerde

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  • Title: Ontwaken
  • Author: Kelley Armstrong Sandra van de Ven
  • ISBN: 9789048815234
  • Page: 147
  • Format: ebook
  • Chloe Saunders is een wandelend wetenschappelijk experiment, ze kan niet alleen geesten zien, maar ze is genetisch veranderd door de sinistere Edison groep Ze is een tiener maar ook een dodenbezweerder die haar gaven niet beheerst, wat betekent dat ze onwillekeurig doden opwekt Nu vlucht Chloe voor haar leven met drie van haar bovennatuurlijke vrienden een charmante toveChloe Saunders is een wandelend wetenschappelijk experiment, ze kan niet alleen geesten zien, maar ze is genetisch veranderd door de sinistere Edison groep Ze is een tiener maar ook een dodenbezweerder die haar gaven niet beheerst, wat betekent dat ze onwillekeurig doden opwekt Nu vlucht Chloe voor haar leven met drie van haar bovennatuurlijke vrienden een charmante tovenaar, een cynische weerwolf en een ontevreden heks en moeten ze iemand vinden om hen te helpen voordat de Edison groep hen vangt.

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    1. ^^I AM IN LOVE WITH A TEENAGE WOLF!^^The second book in the Darkest Powers series is just as engaging as the first, more creepy action and a more Derek. I am in love with this boy, I wanna go in the book and drop kick Chloe, so she can see what she is missing. I will say they have a lot of scenes alone together and they make me very happy.For all y’all who don’t know Chloe is a new discovered necromancer ( able to awaken the dead), first she thought she was schizo but it was discovered that [...]

    2. I don't know how I feel about this one. I mean the kids are out there trying to get way from the evil people that are trying to hurt them. And we find out some reasons as to why they are the kind of supernaturals that they are but I was just sort of meh. I will say that I loved to get more time with Chloe and Derek. I really love Derek's character! And we learn more about the families of the kids. There is also more action with the supernatural abilities of some of the adults and kids but I stil [...]

    3. As seen on The ReadventurerThe second book in "Darkest Powers" trilogy starts where the first one left off - Chloe is at the research institute and contemplating escape. What follows is pretty much Chloe's and her friends' journey to get to the person who might be able to help them find Derek's and Simon's father (which is I suppose is what this trilogy is about, but I am not sure at this point).The first book in the trilogy was undoubtedly drawn out and artificially extended, but this second bo [...]

    4. The Awakening is even more enticing and action packed than its prequel. While the setting shifts, it is no less menacing as Chloe and the gang face a grim and tretcherous life on the streets. Tension is heightened by the added appeal of a perfectly sinister and powerful enemy and the suspense of unknown supernatural powers. Armstrong's teen characters are smart and resourceful, and each obstacle thrown their way requires them to use every bit of caution, wits, and intelligence they possess. Arms [...]

    5. Alas, this is where Chloe Saunders and I must part ways. As with the first book, I just couldn't stop myself from wanting to call it quits after about half of the book. There's just something about the storyline and this little necromancer that doesn't seem to captivate me despite how much I love a great paranorm. Now, I'm actually apologizing upfront for my rant that is about to unfold, but it's only because my fellow group of trusted readers loved this book and I couldn't… I just couldn't… [...]

    6. I remember finishing the The Summoning, the prequel to The Awakening, last summer and thinking, " I doubt Kelley will be able to top this." Though, apparently she can, as she has proven it with The Awakening. In The Awakening more action and intense drama occurs. As well as major character development. Since, Tori, Chloe, Derek, and Simon's powers began to involve steadily in the book. Also, there was more information told and found out about the Edison Group and werewolves which was fascinating [...]

    7. Chloe Saunders is back in the second book of the Darkest Powers series. If you haven't read The Summoning yet read it before reading this review. SPOILERS.At the end of the first book Chloe and Rae go to Chloe's Aunt Lauren for help, not knowing that she is working for the very group that they are trying to escape from. As a result, Chloe and Rae end up locked in a high security warehouse that houses the Edison Groups many experiments. Luckily, Derek and Simon are still on the run and on the loo [...]

    8. Probably not quite 4 stars but is is just one of those series where I want to read all three novels before I really give a solid opinion, but so far I like where it seems to be headed. The pacing could be better (meaning I wouldn't complain if things moved along somewhat) and the relationships could be clearer but overall it's a pleasant experience and I'm eager to read the final book.

    9. Delivered in her trademark style, Kelley creates a world within our own where supernatural teens are nothing but science projects to be shown and used then tossed away--sometimes even killed.Chloe's character becomes even clearer in this novel then the one preceding it, and boy is being in her head interesting. She is struggling to understand how strong she is, and is no where near the point where she can control her powers. Despite her interest in her powers, Chloe would much rather be normal a [...]

    10. This is so good and now I am waiting again!The second part in the "Darkest Powers Trilogy" is basically a road movie. A diverse bunch of naturally supernatural - and genetically altered - kids are running for their lives, because the adults whose guinea-pigs they are, decided to end the experiment and terminate the subjects. The book starts in the middle of the attempted flight and ends with the - temporary - end of it. But, wow what a roller coaster! Although there is danger after danger, ghos [...]

    11. 27/4/2017Trigger warning: kidnapping and murder (Chloe sees a death echo of a teenage girl)Is this trilogy now slightly dated as far as YA is concerned? Yes. Does this book end on a monumentally annoying cliffhanger? Yuh huh. Do I still really enjoy the characters and the world and getting to see Chloe struggle through using her powers? Definitely. I like the changing dynamic between Chloe and Derek (although I do wish he'd stop grabbing her arm EVERY SECOND DAMN PAGE), I like how they help each [...]

    12. Reviewed by: Rabid Reads.Book 1 focused more on world-building while as this one was all about the action; the kids are still on the run from the Edison Group, Souza had his first encounter with werewolves and it did NOT go well, and living on the streets comes with its own set of challenges as well. I’ve enjoyed watching Chloe and Derek’s relationship progress throughout this trilogy, they get lots of alone time in this installment, and their dialogue is definitely one of the highlights of [...]

    13. Better, even, than the Summoning. Kelley Armstrong has successfully escaped the curse of the sequel. Characters, powers, relationships all deepened. I can't wait for the story to go on!

    14. 4 starsAfter reading The Awakening, I'm reminded of how much I loved this series when I read it a few years ago!This is such a nostalgic trip for me. You never forget the books that made you love reading. This may not have been my first series I had started, but it's one of the most enjoyable ones! :)I won't go much into detail about the plot, but I will share my thoughts and opinions on it. Spoiler free.Thoughts: I really liked this one! I know the second book in a trilogy may be a hit or miss [...]

    15. I haven't reviewed this yet? It's definitely time, now that the series is over!I loved this book even more than the first. It's such a delicious read! The teens you've come to know and really like are on the run from the Edison Group, and they have to get to know each other and trust each other over the course of their escape. I think my favorite bit of the book was the whole part with Derek and Chloe alone. I don't know if I want them to end up together or not, but I really enjoyed the adventur [...]

    16. After reading the first book in this series, The Summoning, and now the second installment, I can confidently say I much prefer Armstrong's young adult series. I've read the first three books of her Women of the Otherworld series and thought they were quite enjoyable. Yet they lacked something for me, and towards the end of each books I found myself getting bored. I wasn't sure if I would like the main character, Chloe. At time’s it felt like Claire had just rolled off the assembly line of dam [...]

    17. "Here we were, expecting to find you minutes from death. Look at you, not even gasping.""All right, then. Emergency medical situation, take two." He leaped to his feet, staggered, keeled over, then lifted his head weakly. "Chloe? Is that you?" He coughed. "Do you have my insulin?" I placed it in his outstretched hand. "You saved my life," he said. "How can I ever repay you?""Undying servitude sounds good. I like my eggs scrambled." The junior in this book just keep ms getting better and better. [...]

    18. Liam and Ramon add a new twist to this story. I loved reading about Chloe's powers and the adventures she has with Derek.

    19. Ano! Ano! Takhle má vypadat správná paranormální série! Akce, akce, akce! Tuhle sérii vážně miluju. A miluju Dereka. Víc Dereka. Víc mrtvol, prosím!

    20. Also see the review on my blog.I liked the sequel just as much as I liked the first. The action, humor, and horror were consistent. The characters were really complete, with the exception of Simon, who seems most of the time to be simply the nice guy who likes Chloe. Tori’s sarcastic remarks were a much needed comic relief, and I found myself getting attached to her character. Derek seemed to really evolve, too. He went from being the large hulking angry guy to the one who uses his anger to co [...]

    21. I was so excited to get my copy of The Awakening from the library. My mom gave me The Summoning for Christmas and I was addicted. This only fed my addiction.I could not put this down. I was in classes trying to scrape together a few minutes to read a page or two. Especially when I got to the part where Derek turns into a werewolf and she's rubbing his back. I was like, "This is so cool! I have to keep reading!" But, as fate would have it, I could not. So I was totally excited to finish it.I thin [...]

    22. Fast-paced and quite entertaining sequel to The Darkest Powers trilogy about Chloe and her friends - Derek, Simon and Tori on the run from the Edison Group. The beginning was little bit slow, but then it kicked off and started to be even more enjoyable than the first book. It was also interesting to watch the friendship development between Chloe and Derek.I'm glad that I have the last book already purchased, because I can't wait to know how it all ends.

    23. THERE IS NOTHING I WANT TO CHANGE ABOUTDerek and Chloe’s relationshipI found many kinds of romance in books, but the one kind of romance which I really like and want to often find in books is ‘ believable romance ’Romance which I can touch and feel that it is real.‘ I need you’. I didn’t say that, of course. How could I, without it sounding weird? But I felt it, heart hammering against my ribs, and it wasn’t some romantic I can’t bear to be without you nonsense. It was something [...]

    24. It's a nothing really happens in this underwhelming, anti-climactic book 3 stars.The writing is still solid and I enjoy the first half of the book, I also take small comfort that no one has been engaging in silly romance while running for their lives. But Ms. Armstrong seems to forget her story and all of the suspense and build-ups need to reach an actual climax before the book comes to an end in order to satisfy her readers.When reading this second book of The Darkest Power trilogy, I felt like [...]

    25. 3.5 stars. Book 2 was an improvement over book 1. It was still a bit slow starting like the first one, but once the kids were back on the road, I blazed through the book. Something about this story just works better when they're only interacting with each other and trying to run from their enemies vs. when they're hanging out in confinement.Derek has been tugging at my heart strings since the first book. How can you not feel for this kid who has nothing or no one to turn to except for his foster [...]

    26. I was really disappointed with this book. I also was disappointed with the first book, because I thought it was short on plot and heavy on exposition, and I thought the second book would have more plot, but alas, it was not to beThe pacing in this series is just piss poor, sorry to say. And the main character is unappealing to me. She has all these great necromancer powers, but she never uses them. And when she does use them, she gets all freaked out about it. One of the other characters, Tori, [...]

    27. I absolutely adored this book. More fast-paced than the first and with just a touch more romance: Chloe's characterisation is superb, the sweet blond necromancer is immediately endearing, and I am a shameless fan of the Derek and Chloe romance. Can't wait for the Reckoning!

    28. Reviewed by Breia "The Brain" Brickey for TeensReadTooNot too long ago, Chloe Saunders was an ordinary teenage girl with dreams of making movies when she got older.Today she is a necromancer who has no idea how to control her powers or even what all of her powers are.In book one of the DARKEST POWERS series, THE SUMMONING, Chloe and several of her friends escaped from the group home they had been living in. Now, Chloe and Rae are recaptured by the Edison Group, a shady organization that has gene [...]

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