Zombie Kid

Zombie Kid You hold in your hands a very dangerous record I have collected every side of the story and every piece of evidence on case number Now in this file you will find all you need to follow the dark a

  • Title: Zombie Kid
  • Author: J. Scott Savage
  • ISBN: 9780062133250
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Hardcover
  • You hold in your hands a very dangerous record.I have collected every side of the story and every piece of evidence on case number 13 Now, in this file, you will find all you need to follow the dark adventures of Nick, Carter, and Angelo, three boys who possess an unhealthy obsession with monsters, in a town so grisly, so horrific Whoa, whoa, whoa You re telling it all wYou hold in your hands a very dangerous record.I have collected every side of the story and every piece of evidence on case number 13 Now, in this file, you will find all you need to follow the dark adventures of Nick, Carter, and Angelo, three boys who possess an unhealthy obsession with monsters, in a town so grisly, so horrific Whoa, whoa, whoa You re telling it all wrong, dude You make it sound like it s a scary story.Ahem Well, Nick, it is a scary story In this volume alone, there are voodoo queens, graveyards even the dreaded Zombie King himself.Yeah, but there s also the part where Angie gets mashed potatoes all in her face, and the part where I use my cool zombie powers to All right, point taken Now, if you don t mind .You hold in your hands a very dangerous, very funny record, detailing the hilarious adventures of three boys who have an awesome obsession with monsters This is the first volume Read on if you dare

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    1. In the book Nick, Carter, and Angelo were getting ready for Halloween. But Nick’s Aunt Lenore died. Nick never knew his Aunt but he still had to go to her funeral. Since he have to go to her funeral he will miss his Halloween When he arrived at his Aunt Lenore house Nick thought the house was a little strange looking and the furniture was little old. While Nick in the house he goes downstairs and see some voodoo ingredients. Then he figures out his Aunt was a voodoo queen. During the funeral [...]

    2. I loved this book! Absolutely loved it! My 11 year old, who reads well but would rather do something else, gobbled this book up in 2 days. The characters remind me of great boy character movies like Super 8 and Goonies and it had the perfect mix of creepy grossness that makes for a pleasant afternoon. Easily a 5 star book.

    3. I read this book with my seven and four-year-old after convincing them they'd like it. But the truth is, I wanted to read it. We TRIED to read one chapter a night, but it ended up being between three to five chapters. My seven-year-old would have preferred to stay up all night to have me keep reading. This book was not only funny, spooky, and exciting, it was also really clever. I've just got to share my favorite part: "As Angelo continued to talk, Nick thought that he'd never realized how intel [...]

    4. Full review at littleredreads/20I will be the first to admit that zombie stories are usually not my cup of tea but I love J. Scott Savage as a person and an author. So when his ARC came on tour in the mail, I picked it up curiousd began to readd readd read. Could not put the book down! The thing caught me completely off guard with its hilarious laugh out loud moments and brilliantly crafted characters-- the "three monsterteers."It's close to Halloween and the three of them have the best costumes [...]

    5. Case File 13: Zombie Kid is middle grade, in the same vein as Marion Jensen's Almost Super. In fact, I thought a lot about Marion's book as I read this one. The story centers around three friends who love monsters and how one slowly becomes one. We get a description of a zombie transformation from the perspective of the zombified person, and it's amusing to consider what that would actually entail.It was a fast read/listen. It flowed smoothly and held just enough tension and fright to pique the [...]

    6. To be frank, I hate zombies and think they're the worst idea ever invented. Despite my inherent dislike of zombies, this book was still really good. The plot wasn't exactly about zombies, it just involved them, and I still really enjoyed it ^.^

    7. Even though I did not finish the book it was a great book. The Three main charectars are teenage kids and they love holloween.But there trick or treating dreams are crushed when one of them has to go down to luisianna for 2 days.

    8. My 9 year old and I read this together and it was a riot. Each night she looked forward to reading more and it was a great bribe for getting her room cleaned. ZOMBIE KID is funny, clever and suspenseful--perfect reading for the middle grade audience and their parents alike.

    9. Amazing! A wonderful job done by Jeff Savage. Funny, gross, cute, and extremely enjoyable. Full review Wednesday October 17. minreadsandreviews, ldswbr

    10. October;Case Files 13;Scott Savage Zombie Kid take place in a small town in Colorado where three best friends Nick,Carter and Angelo are completely fascinated with monsters. Just before Halloween of their 6th year the three boys are preparing to go Trick or Treating. They call themselves the ''Three Monsterteers'' Their mission was to fill and ENTIRE shopping cart full of candy. Little did the boys know Nick was going to have to leave because his Aunt Lenore recently died. At the funeral Nick fo [...]

    11. This book by J. Scott Savage is about three young friends, Nick, Carter and Angelo, find themselves fighting off zombies and other scary creatures in this eerily funny story. As the boys plan there Halloween (Zombie costumes of course) Nick instead finds himself attending the funeral of his Great Aunt Lenore. While in his Aunt's rundown old house, Nick discovers what he thinks are his Aunt's voodoo supplies! Could she be a voodoo queen? One thing leads to another (Nick actually becomes a zombie) [...]

    12. Zombie kid ( Case File 13 # 1) is about three preteens boys, Nick, Angelo, and Carter. When Nick aunt dies he is forced to go to her funeral. He searches around and finds a strange amulet. Then something strange happens. This book is a very adventurous, with strange twists. It has a very creative theme to it. It has some silly things that made me laugh out loud. I thought that some of background characters had more potential to make a more interesting story. Personally, I thought it was a good b [...]

    13. With lots of zombies and creepiness, this book is wonderful for people who like horror books, but I didn't like it. The characters weren't very interesting and didn't act very natural, the creepiness didn't make any sense and the "plot twists" weren't surprising at all. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone except those who voodoo and zombie books.

    14. Case File 13: Zombie Kid, by J. Scott Savage. Nick and his two best friends are enthralled by monsters. Every Halloween they show off their awesome knowledge of monsters, and spend many hours designing their creative, gory costumes. They always trick-or-treat around the city but this year is different, Nick's aunt in Florida suddenly dies near Halloween. So Nick and his family go to stay at his aunt's house during the funeral. Nick finds a secret room that makes him believe his aunt is a voodoo [...]

    15. Nick’s great-aunt has an ill-timed heart attack that forces him to accompany his parents to her funeral in New Orleans rather than trick-or-treat with his friends in the amazing zombie costumes he’d planned. He and his friends, Carter and Angelo, are monster enthusiasts, and Halloween is their favorite holiday, so Nick is beyond disappointed. This disappointment is assuaged when he discovers some mysterious bottles and books in his aunt’s house, and a forbidden trip outside leads him to a [...]

    16. The days might be getting warmer, but for anyone who wants to savor the winter chill, here is the perfect book to keep you tucked up tight under the covers (with all the lights on, of course). J. Scott Savage’s Case File 13: Zombie Kid.Our story begins with the worst kind of news: Nick is going to miss Halloween this year. That means the other two Monsterteers—Carter and Angelo, Nick’s monster-loving best friends—will have to carry on without him. Hopefully they’ll save him some candy [...]

    17. Case File 13: Zombie KidSavage, J. Scott. Case File 13: Zombie Kid26 December 2012, HarperCollinsNick is devastated when he and friends Carter and Angelo can't go trick or treating in their awesome zombie costumes because a great aunt that Nick has never heard of has died. Nick has to travel to his aunt's creepy old house near New Orleans instead, because his parents claim that his aunt had some "connection" to him. Nick suspects that his aunt might have been involved in some voodoo because of i [...]

    18. I started reading this book with the intention of finding a fun little book that wasn't as adult as the ones I am currently reading. I adore children books, they bring back the reason as to why things are written: to have fun. Well, when I came across this book in the library, I assumed that it would give me just that. And, well, let's just say it wasn't what I thought it would be. Here's why:I am a writer, I'm pretty sure most people know this, and am working on my own books. One of my favorite [...]

    19. You hold in your hands a very dangerous record.I have collected every side of the story and every piece of evidence on case number 13. Now, in this file, you will find all you need to follow the dark adventures of Nick, Carter, and Angelo, three boys who possess an unhealthy obsession with monsters, in a town so grisly, so horrific—Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're telling it all wrong, dude. You make it sound like it's a scary story.Ahem. Well, Nick, it is a scary story. In this volume alone, there ar [...]

    20. - This was a really fun and humorous book! I thoroughly enjoyed it!- Why are the hands only on the Ms and Ws in the chapter descriptions? I know this is really random, but I just happened to notice, and I was curious.- I liked the chapter titles. They were funny. In response to a couple of them: After reading Chapter 8, I'm still a dog person. I read Chapter 9 right before bed (around 10:30 PM), and I was ok.- Old man Dashner huh? Is that a coincidence or a bit a of a cameo? No wonder James Dash [...]

    21. Case File #13: Zombie Kid by J.Scott Savage is a fast-paced, action-packed adventure story of a boy called Nick and his two friends. They like to call themselves the Three Monsterteers because of their love of monsters and the amazing monster costumes they create for Halloween. The story will delight kids who enjoy a lighthearted approach to “ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night.” Nick’s visit to his aunt’s funeral in Louisiana has the outl [...]

    22. Harper, 2013Fantasy276 pagesRecommended for grades 4-7Nick, Carter and Angelo call themselves the Three Monsterteers. The trio love Halloween and all things spooky and supernatural. When Nick's aunt Lenore dies his family flies across country to attend her funeral. While staying in Lenore's house Nick finds all sorts of things that lead him ti believe his aunt was involved in voodoo. Dare he hopea Voodoo Queen? The night before leaving for home Nick finds himself in a cemetery where he stumbles/ [...]

    23. This series starter from the author of the Farworld fantasies should appeal to monster fans with strong stomachs. Sixth-grader Nick and his two best friends are preparing for Halloween, their favorite night of the year, only to find out that Nick has to miss trick-or-treating in order to attend his mysterious great-aunt’s funeral in Louisiana. While exploring the bayou at night, he blacks out and somehow gets turned into a zombie—in this telling, a gradual process. As Nick undergoes strange [...]

    24. This book is awesome but I might be bias because I like all books with monsters and this book has one of the creepiest monsters known to man ZOMBIES.This entire review is basically a summary with a lot of spoilers. (view spoiler)[ In my opinion this book is perfectly paced with funny yet somewhat creepy moments. The zombie kid is a book where this kid named nick is turned into a zombie by an amulet created by the zombie king. Nick thought it was cool at first and so did his friends carter and An [...]

    25. Now I'll admit right off the bat that I am not a huge fan of zombie/werewolf/vampire stories. It's the one genre I usually stay far away from. But with Scott coming to my school for an author visit, I felt like I should read Zombie Kid, since that would be the focus of his presentation. Surprisingly, I quite liked it. Now the book does have a strong gross factor (we are talking zombies here, not to mention 6th grade boys), especially once Nick turns into a zombie. But it wasn't too bad and none [...]

    26. This book is stuffed with boy humor, girl sass, and ZOMBIES! Yes, you read that correctly. Zombies.As in flaking skin, blank stares, body parts falling off Okay, that last one only consisted of a finger and an ear, but still. There was a weird cat and some other stuff that I can't share or I'll spoil your surprise. Hee-heeI think the cover is way cool, especially for an MG. If you're concerned that the story is too scary for your middle grade reader, let me put your mind at ease. It's not. Ther [...]

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