Shadowkiller Allison Taylor MacKenna feels as though she sawakened at last from a ten year long nightmare But her darkest hour has yet to come Nestled in the warm domestic cocoon of loving husbandand family All

  • Title: Shadowkiller
  • Author: Wendy Corsi Staub
  • ISBN: 9780062070326
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Allison Taylor MacKenna feels as though she sawakened at last from a ten year long nightmare.But her darkest hour has yet to come .Nestled in the warm, domestic cocoon of loving husbandand family, Allison finally feels safe unaware that astranger s brutal murder on a Caribbean island is the first step in an intricate plan to destroy everything in her life.For seasonedAllison Taylor MacKenna feels as though she sawakened at last from a ten year long nightmare.But her darkest hour has yet to come .Nestled in the warm, domestic cocoon of loving husbandand family, Allison finally feels safe unaware that astranger s brutal murder on a Caribbean island is the first step in an intricate plan to destroy everything in her life.For seasoned NYPD Detective Rocky Manzillo, the signs are clear that something terrible has emerged from the shadows a murder victim left without a face and a faded photograph that yields a startling connection.Now, as Allison s murky memoriesof a troubled childhood creep back to light, a cunning predator who shares her history prepares toenact a horrifying retribution and won t stop killing untilAllison faces a shocking truth d pays the ultimate price.

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    1. Recieved this book through a giveaway***I entered for this book in the giveway because I was interested in trying Staubs books. I did not realize that this was the 3rd book in a series about 1 couple. If I had, I most likely wouldn't have entered, as I like to start those kinds of series at the beginning. That being said, I did not have any problems with following and understanding what had happenend previously in the series. I liked the main characters. I struggled with the style of the writin [...]

    2. By this point in the series you are thinking, really how much life altering events can happen to this family!!! Series work better following the police officers, FBI agents etc. that see crime regularly. This was a good story and I really love the characters, although Allison and Mack's kids appear to be getting whinier, but it felt too far fetched. glad it is the last one sine there is just nothing else this family can endure!

    3. I just knew from the time I read the first book in the series that Carrie was alive and I was right! I have liked most of the characters in the series but never really 'got into' Mack. However, in this book you finally get to know him and I ended up really liking him.

    4. Horribleimmed 2/3 of book. It was nothing but unnecessary ramblings by this author. I would give it ZERO stars if possible.

    5. The first book and it is definitely not the last, personally I liked the suspense and the progression of the storyline which makes one as a reader not wanting to stop, definitely addictive. Just one slight discomfort I had with this book is that with the introduction of many characters but it was too brief to leave a certain impression of them in consideration that they are a supporting cast. All in all, I liked the twist of the story which is indeed disturbing and yet pitiful on why the killer [...]

    6. Ugh this whole series was awful mack is so selfabsorbed in spite of what happened to his family in the first 2 books of the series and Allison was sooooo whiney never talked about her feelings with her husband and just honestly they were not sympathetic chatacters at all. as for carrie-winona she wasn't sympathetic either but at least she was less annoying than mack and Allison

    7. Something about this final installment fell flat for me. I didn't connect to the person who is the killer in this one. At times I really had to suspend belief in order to believe what was being presented. Many things were just too convenient in my opinion. Then the ending felt rushed. Overall I am glad I finished the series, but this one was my least favorite.

    8. My synopsis:Ten years ago she disappeared. Her coworkers had been killed when the hijackers crashed their plane into the twin towers. The floor she had worked on was one of the first to be hit. She'd had a gut feeling that day that something bad was going to happen, and so she'd skipped work. She'd used the tragedy to mask her escape into obscurity. She'd left behind her old life and the husband who had told her just that morning he was leaving her. She'd never looked back until she'd seen the n [...]

    9. I can't believe I read this in about 12 hours, reading off and on. This is the third and final book in the Nightwatcher series. In the first book, Allison Taylor meets future husband Mack McKenna when he and his wife Carrie move into her Manhattan apartment building. Carrie is a cold fish and he told her he was going to leave her the very morning of 9-11 then feels guilt for the next decade since she apparently died in one of the Twin Towers during the terrorist attacks. Her ring is found and sh [...]

    10. I found this book via .I read it a while back but never wrote a review, so I decided to read it again. Having heard the words, ‘I want a divorce,’ Carrie makes way to a new life, going into her job at Cantor Fitzgerald, clears out her desk and leaves the World Trade Center building minutes prior to the September 11, 2001 attacks. Since no one from her office made it out that day, Carrie works her way south to Miami where she catches a private boat to a laid back tropical island, where she ta [...]

    11. Title: Shadowkiller Author: Wendy Corsi StaubLength: 419 pagesPublisher: New York; HarperPublished: January 9, 2013Genres: Fiction; Suspense FictionVisit my review/blog HERE!My Rating: ✮✮✮✮Synopsis:The terror of Sleepwalker and Nightwatcher continues as this New York Times bestselling author presents a new novel of suspense so terrifying it may make you afraid of the dark Allison Taylor MacKenna's peaceful life is threatened by murky childhood memories and the murder of a stranger in the [...]

    12. Story Description:HarperCollins Publisher|January 14, 20132|Mass Market Paperbound|ISBN: 978-0-06-207032-6From the New York Times bestselling author comes a novel of suspense so terrifying it may make you afraid of the dark…Allison Taylor MacKenna feels as though she’s awakened at last from a ten-year-long nightmare. But her darkest hour has yet to come.Nestled in the warm, domestic cocoon of loving husband and family, Allison finally feels safe – unaware that a stranger’s brutal murder [...]

    13. Shadowkiller ends the trilogy involving the family of Allison Taylor, now Allison MacKenna. Allison met her husband Mack when she lived in Manhattan and her apartment was across the hall from Mack and his wife. Mack's wife was killed in the 9-11 tragedy and Allison's friend was murdered in their apartment building. Allison and Mack eventually married and moved to the suburbs but they found that life was not to be smooth for the couple and their family. Someone is stalking the family and at times [...]

    14. This is the third book in a trilogy. By far, this was my favorite out of the series. This story centers around Carrie, the first wife of Mack, who reportedly died 9/11 in the Twin Towers. Just when you think Allison, Mack and their children can get on with their lives, along comes Carrie. This story explains how she met Mack, and the many secrets that Carrie hides. The first book gives a vague description of Carrie, although, it is abundantly clear that she is not a likeable person. Much of her [...]

    15. I gave this book 5 stars because in one sense it was the best of the three books finally some unanswered questions are answered but the twist is that some of them weren't even questions you had considered unanswered in the first place! Throughout the first two books it appeared that there was no doubt that Carrie was dead yet here she is again plotting revenge I enjoyed the twist that she was Allisons half sister and how she was tied into the leprechaun killer an unsolved and barely mentioned mu [...]

    16. This book started out good, but for me it fell flat when it went into the past. I got really bored with the story and kept getting confused about the characters. The present tense story was good and what I was really looking forward to reading. Unfortunately, I waited the entire course of the book for the big scene when the killer finally has Allison in her clutches, but that never happens. I mean, the killer does nab Allison but the scene is a let down. It happens in the final chapter, I like s [...]

    17. The past/present/present-with-flashbacks scenes were confusing. It was hard to keep track of what was when, but it's possible that the ebook version (which I read) was missing some visual clues that a good book designer would have added in the print version to avoid exactly that confusion. The story itself was a nice ending to the arc that began in the first book of this trilogy, tying up loose ends and finally answering questions that were initially asked two books ago. Definitely read these bo [...]

    18. The first story was great. I loved it, full of suspense and action. I think the second story didn't need to be part of the series, it pushed my believability past its limit. I know it's fiction but by the end of the book I was like come on! As if! I think it would have been better as a two part series. However I found the 3rd book lacking a bit too. I would cut the killer out of the second one and insert Carrie as the killer instead. I think it would have been much better.

    19. Good ending to the trilogy. I thought there was maybe a touch too much time spent on the history of the characters, but the book really got going in the last 100 pages or so. Even from the first book, I thought Carrie's character never really died in the September 11th attacks, so it was interesting to see what actually happened.

    20. A brilliant end to the Nightwatcher trilogy. It was good to have all the loose ends tied up and ave everything from all the books come together and to an end. No, none of us liked Carrie, but as this book was mainly "her" story, we got to know her more and like her even less. But I'm going to miss Allison and Mack, and Rocky, that's for sure. A great read. Easy and unputdownable.

    21. * first reads giveaway winner*I found Shadowkiller to be quite well written. It was a quick read. The author created a highly plausible scenario, yet I wonder how unlucky one family can be since this is the third serial killer that they face and no one in the family is in law enforcement. I would recommend this book for fans of thrillers or books that are easy to read on a vacation.

    22. At first I was confused about what this book was going to be about. That is only because I have not read the first two books in the series yet. From the first chapter the book had me pulled into what was going to happening in the book. Not going to say much in this review because it will spoil it for people who want to read the book. And I am not one for spoiling a book for people.

    23. This was the third book in the series that began with Nightwatcher. All were well-written and suspenseful. I liked that this book gave a little insight into the background of Allison and Carrie, two of the main characters, even though you can figure out what happened with their father. A good book!

    24. I enjoyed all three of these books. They kept my attention, always having a new twist just when I thought I knew what was happening. A good book for the beach or a long train ride. Very entertaining throughout all of the books.

    25. I liked this book alot. It's got a lot of suspense in it, and it has a lot of characters. my favorite character was Allison, because she's almost a victim of Carrie. I hope you enjoy this book as much as i did.

    26. I really enjoy Wendy Corsi Staub's books. She is a great mystery writer and I have such a hard time putting her books down! For lovers of suspense you will enjoy!I won this as a First Read!

    27. This was the third in a series, and had some exciting parts. It was a good 'pass the time' book. There is enough back story that you don't have to have read the first two books to know what is going on.

    28. Full of twists and turns and the unexpected. However, the writing was a bit haphazard and has difficulty following at times perhaps due to the switch from past to present? Loved that one of the main characters was Allison (although spelled wrong) and her daughter was Madison.

    29. Great finale to the trilogy. This book not only answers the questions to Allison's childhood, that the first two books leave you wondering about, but answers questions that the other books put into my head. Great read and all together a wonderful trilogy.

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