A Deal with the Devil

A Deal with the Devil In this lighthearted romantic comedy a practical responsible Chicago career woman agrees to pose as the fiance of her ex in exchange for money A woman in trouble Amanda Wilson is in trouble and as u

  • Title: A Deal with the Devil
  • Author: Abby Matisse
  • ISBN: 9780985961213
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this lighthearted romantic comedy, a practical, responsible Chicago career woman agrees to pose as the fiance of her ex in exchange for money.A woman in trouble Amanda Wilson is in trouble and as usual, it has everything to do with her irresponsible brother So, she heads to her best friend s cabin in Lake Geneva for a weekend of solitude and soul searching But she diIn this lighthearted romantic comedy, a practical, responsible Chicago career woman agrees to pose as the fiance of her ex in exchange for money.A woman in trouble Amanda Wilson is in trouble and as usual, it has everything to do with her irresponsible brother So, she heads to her best friend s cabin in Lake Geneva for a weekend of solitude and soul searching But she didn t count on the blizzard or the unexpected arrival of the man who broke her heart The man she s come to think of as the devil.A man from her past Fresh out of the Navy SEALs, Jake Lowell is ready to start his own business using his trust fund as seed money But his grandfather has other ideas and changed the terms, requiring Jake to marry before he gets access Now he needs a plan But first, he must head to Lake Geneva where his ex is vacationing, ignoring all the weather bulletins and her best friend s calls, pleading with her to come home.A deal that changes everything Getting stranded in Lake Geneva wasn t part of Jake s plan Neither was his proposal And he definitely hadn t expected her to agree, but she did Now they are forced to deal with unresolved feelings and the issues that tore them apart a year ago Jake s proposal seemed like the perfect solution for both of them but it soon becomes clear that their harmless little engagement deal is far complicated than either could have imagined.

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    1. I'm really sorry to give this book such a low rating, but i must say that i really did not enjoy it. If this is what is termed "chick-lit" then suffice to say i will be staying away from that genre. Firstly, i did not think it was funny DESPITE all the reviews on saying that it was and secondly, what romance??! I did not feel ANY connection between Amanda and Jake AT ALL! I am WILLING to accept that there was NO steam whatsoever in this story BUT when i can't see any emotion between the H and h [...]

    2. I won this on giveaway! Thank you!I got "A Deal with the Devil" yesterday. It came wrapped up with a pretty bow and the author sent a personalized note thanking me for entering the Giveaway contest. That was very special."A woman in troubleA man from her pastA deal that changes everything"This book was well written and a fast, fun read. The characters- Amanda, her best friend Kate and ex-boyfriend Jake- were believable and had good chemistry. I especially enjoyed the interaction between Amanda [...]

    3. I just won this book in the giveaway. I'll let you know what I think as soon as I'm finish reading itUpdated:I got "A Deal with the Devil" yesterday morning straight from Author Abby Matisse wrapped with a personalized card thanking me for entering the Giveaway contest.First, I would like to say I enjoyed the book and I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys reading books that have a Nora Roberts feel.Amanda and her best friend Kate have a real and honest relationship and they are featured a [...]

    4. I won this ARC book from the author through , first-reads giveaway. Thank you.This is a story about unresolved issues from the past that affect the present. Unwilling to really get things out in the open between Amanda and Jake, Jake and his grandfather, Amanda and her brother. It is a very entertaining story that we can all relate to one way or another. Mistaken concept, not being truthful, lying, preconceived truths, holding back or not on how they really feel, and some very funny, lighthearte [...]

    5. I LOVE this book! Amanda & Jake are intense, funny, sexy, and their best friends, I just adore!! Their story has so many layers but you "get it" and understand each of them. Jakes relationship with his grandfather Max defines him. Amanda's brother Rob you just want to choke, Lol. I recommended this book to all - you won't be disappointed by Abby!To Abby Matisse **Thank you for the personal note with the book, that was very sweet of you.**

    6. Shawana sent me this book, and it was a fun little read. Nothing earth shattering, just a pleasant little romance. I frankly thought the book could have benefited from about 50 more pages to flesh out a couple of the story lines, that all so neatly wrapped up in the last 30 pages. You won't be hearing about this as a Pulitzer prize nominee, but it was a fun, easy read.

    7. I found this book well written and a fun read. The characters were believable and had good chemistry. There were a lot of plot twists, witty dialogue, and some outright hilarious situations. This is not a genre I normally read, but I found it quite entertaining.

    8. I got this book for free through first reads. The opinions are all my own.A Deal with the Devil really is a lighthearted romantic comedy. A book about a Chicago career woman who amidst her troubles agrees to pose as a fiance to her ex boyfriend who she envisioned marrying (before he broke up with her) in exchange for some money. Jake just returned from Iraq only to learn that his estranged uncle is refusing to release the trust fund money until Jake is married. With Jakes business on the line, [...]

    9. This is a lighthearted, fun beach read. While the story is not too deep, it has, at the same time, nicely developed characters that were just plain likable. I found myself chuckling at the antics, miscommunication, and inevitable romantic tension between Amanda and Jake.The premise of the story is simple-Amanda is in some serious debt as a result of lending her brother altogether too much money and Jake needs a wife to access his trust fund. The basic problem in the story is not an unfamiliar on [...]

    10. I received this book for free from First Reads to review.First off, I'd rate this book really 3.5 stars and the only reason it didn't get 4 was because the novel was very short and some things seemed to be rushed toward the end. Later I realized that this novel is part of a series so Jake and Amanda's adventures continue but it would have still been nice to have more resolution. We all have that ex we love to hate. Unfortunately Amanda's waltzes back into her life first saving her from a snow s [...]

    11. Jake broke Amanda's heart when he dumped her the night before her surprise birthday party, which he helped plan. He then shipped off to Iraq and didn't contact her until a year later when he came to tell her she couldn't stay the weekend in her friend's cabin because it was going to snow. He then proposed that she should get engaged to him so he can get his hands on his trust fun and of course he would financially compensate her. And she desperately needs this compensation as she has gone into s [...]

    12. I am cynical enough to believe that an ex is an ex for a reason, and yet, romantic enough to believe that SOMETIMES an old love is the TRUE love of your life. Amanda and Jake are the hapless couple in this romantic comedy by Abby Matisse. Although the book is billed as "Book 1" of a series, the reader knows that there have been previous books with these characters as the story line develops. This was an irritant to me, personally, because I like to read serial books in order. Besides that, it wa [...]

    13. I am on an Abby Matisse bandwagon right now. Everything from the pretty wrapping and the hand written note included with my Giveaway, but how her unique name rolls off the tongue. I really think she got it right.Amanda Wilson needed something Jake Lowell could give her; and he needed something in return. As they proceed with their “deal”, things change. Circumstances were amended and the deal modified to meet both of their demands. Complications get more complex and Jake and Amanda need to [...]

    14. i won this and it just came in the mail, thanks so much Abby! im in the middle of another book, soon as im done i'll get to start A Deal with the Devil, cant wait!this book was so cute! i would love to read more by this author. it was a girl taking care of her brother after her parents died. her boyfriend broke up with her before he went to Iraq. when he came back he offered her money in exchange to pretend to marry him so he could get his trust fund. she needed the money as her brother got her [...]

    15. I usually don't read romance novels as I hate the inevitable ending in the story. Plus, they are always about people who are wealthy beyond my imagination and someone I can't relate to. But, I wanted some light reading and this book captured my interest and kept it. Sorry, there were typos which irritate me and I am finding more and more in e-reader books. Basically the story was a good one in spite of the fact that the man was filthy rich and the brother at 23 didn't seem to have a brain in his [...]

    16. Positively the most adorable and fun read that I've had in my hands all summer. Clean romantic novel with one very stubborn woman (Amanda) and one former Navy Seal (Jake)who's a commitment phob but, really, it was him who went on to commit. They have a classic fake engagement to the almost fake marriage. Jake needs to get married to obtain his trust and start a business to help Veterans coming home from Iraq. And that is where the comedy of errors and misunderstandings begin. Very good read. Rea [...]

    17. I received this book for free through First Reads. The book arrived very fast with a beautiful card from the author.A Deal with the Devil is a love story between Amanda & Jake (the devil). Jake is the devil because he unexpectedly broke up with Amanda on the verge of her birthday when she thought he was going to propose, it broke her heart. A year later Jake re-enters & "proposes" a deal to Amanda.The book also shares the friendship between Amanda & Kate. Kate brings some of the hum [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this one. I read alot of different things and while I know sometimes Chick Lit gets panned, I do admit to enjoying the genre. Though at times, it can be a little superficial. I liked this book because of the characters, the pacing and the wit. It was humorous and made me chuckle several times. But I really liked the fact that there was dimension to Amanda's character and that her journey was marked - not only by her progression in the relationship with the hero, Jake - but also [...]

    19. Wow I think I feel a little sick after reading that ending. Surprise, surprise. Everything managed to work itself out miraculously in the last five pages. Even more amazing is not only how gullible Amanda was about her brother but how she still was at the end with Jake. Congratulations. And Jake. I'm sorry but I don't see him as a knight in shining armour, mostly I just see him as a stubborn man who meddled in everything pretending it was for the best just like he complained his grandfather did. [...]

    20. With February just around the corner, what better time to indulge in a fluffy romance novel. A Deal with the Devil delivered just that. Amanda Wilson decides to escape to Lake Geneva to sort out the massive financial crisis she has found herself floundering in. An unexpected snow storm blows in bringing in her ex boyfriend Jake Lowell to save the day. Given their tumultuous history, Amanda is less than pleased to see him. After a few mishaps the skid their way back to Chicago where Jake makes a [...]

    21. Receiving as a Good Reads giveaway. Can't wait for it to arrive so I can edit my review and rating. I'll keep you posted.Book arrived today (11/17), gift wrapped with lovely thank you note. Like getting a birthday gift!11/19/2012 -- first impressions from chapter one; too much repetition. I got it that she is in finanical trouble the first time I read it; by the sixth time, I didn't care. And, the cabin is in the back of beyond, got that also. I hope the story moves forward a little better.Final [...]

    22. I won this book in a First Reads giveaway.First, let me say that the book came signed in a lovely wrapping with a personalized note from the author, which was much appreciated! I liked this book, but it felt very short, very rushed, and a bit unlikely. I didn't buy the romance between the two main characters, but perhaps I could have if more of their previous relationship had been written about, instead of just the break-up. I was hoping for more "local flavor," being familiar with the Lake Gene [...]

    23. I won this book as a "First Reads". It took a while for the book to come, but it was worth the wait. First, the book came in wrapped and with a note card written from the author. That was pretty cool.As for the book itself, I really enjoyed it. I couldn't put the book down. I started it on a Friday night and finished it late on a Saturday night (after mid night). I thought the book was very well written - very engaging. For me personally, it kept me interested until the very last page and I was [...]

    24. Loved this book. What a cute story that I'm happy to see will continue as a series. Those that gave this book a low rating are demented, I tell you!I loved the back and forth of Amanda and Jakes relationship - at least it's realistic! The book WAS comical AND a love story despite what other reviewers say. If this isn't your genre of liking how can you possibly give a fair review? It's like me critiquing a football game. I know *bleep* about it so I'll save my unnecessary opinions.I'm definitely [...]

    25. I really liked this book. All the characters, main and secondary, were funny in their own way. Both Jake and Amanda carry a lot of family baggage. Jake broke up with Amanda almost a year prior. When he comes back, he is told that he can't have his I trust fund until he is engaged, but actually he made a mistake their, and he has to be married. He comes to rescue Amanda from a storm and ends up trying to get her to be his fake fiancé. After that, many different things happen throughout the story [...]

    26. I am pretty sure that recommended this as a book that I might enjoy reading. Which confirms for me that doesn't know me all that well. The premise of the book sounded fun and amusing and I was in the mood for some light reading on the treadmill. Sadly, it was very formulaic and I probably could have told you what was going to happen about 1/3 of the way through the book. I also found many of the characters to be very cliched and I am VERY tired of reading the same tired stereotypes of Southern [...]

    27. I received this book from . I loved this happy love story. It starts out when Amanda just tries to get away from the demands of her life and her brother that is forever asking her for too much and then she gets snowed in a blizzard in a cabin alone! But, never fear, her ex just back from the Navy Seals comes to rescue her, but of course, she wants nothing to do with him (and everything!) It is a fun book that you want to just sayok give up already and go with himhe is the one you want and need i [...]

    28. I won this book on . So far it's almost been 2 months and no book. Kinda a bummer.If i ever get the book I will change my review. At this point I don't think I am going to get my copy.UPDATE: I got my copy and a very long apology from Miss Abby. The book came wrapped in this beautiful paper with a pretty pink bow. and this stunning card. Thank you for the book Miss Abby. I will get my review of the book up shortly. I am really backed up with reviews at the current time.

    29. 3-1/2 stars. They really need a "half star" on here! Pretty good. Had some humor, some angst and good moments. Needed a bit more show (rather than tell) - as in quit thinking so much & do something. Overall a nice read with a branding specialist and a former Navy SEAL rich boy that both have some issues to overcome.

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