Andrew Jenks: My Adventures As a Young Filmmaker

Andrew Jenks My Adventures As a Young Filmmaker Meet the filmmaker who is the voice of his generation Behind the camera Andrew Jenks has captured the attention of young adults everywhere with his innovative MTV documentary series World of Jenks W

  • Title: Andrew Jenks: My Adventures As a Young Filmmaker
  • Author: Andrew Jenks
  • ISBN: 9780545417273
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meet the filmmaker who is the voice of his generation Behind the camera, Andrew Jenks has captured the attention of young adults everywhere with his innovative MTV documentary series, World of Jenks When asked about his inspiration for the show, Jenks said, I want to tell the stories of my generation I want to be a filmmaker that is able to capture what my generation thMeet the filmmaker who is the voice of his generation Behind the camera, Andrew Jenks has captured the attention of young adults everywhere with his innovative MTV documentary series, World of Jenks When asked about his inspiration for the show, Jenks said, I want to tell the stories of my generation I want to be a filmmaker that is able to capture what my generation thinks, how they act, and what they ultimately stand for Now fans of all ages will be able to discover everything they ve ever wanted to know about Jenks, from growing up to becoming a renowned documentary filmmaker in this comprehensive photo biography How did he do it By following his own rules for success always be flexible, fake it till you make it, and never accept no.

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    1. Richie's Picks: ANDREW JENKS: MY ADVENTURES AS A YOUNG FILMMAKER, , March 2013, 224p ISBN: 978-0-545-41727-3 "Everybody's a dreamer and everybody's a starAnd everybody's in movies, it doesn't matter who you are."-- Ray Davies, "Celluloid Heroes""We lived in a house where money was never talked about. There were no big-screen TVs or cable. That's not what mattered. Devoting your lives to others did. My mom did that one patient at a time, while my dad did it on a global scale. Anything else feels [...]

    2. Michael Fratantoni Ms.Peyman English 1 Period B7 December 2014Non-Fiction Book Review I read the book "Andrew Jenks: My Adventures as a Young Filmmaker" for my English Non-Fiction book review. It is a biography by Andrew Jenks and it is all about his life from childhood to present and how he became a famous filmmaker. It talks about how ever since he was a kid and how he always had a camera with him because he thought it made the world seem more interesting to him. He even said that he filmed gr [...]

    3. Steven SchwartzEnglish I/Period BMs. Melnychenko 5/12/14SRP Book Review My book: "Andrew Jenks: My Adventures as a Young Filmmaker" is an autobiography about a man named Andrew who makes films and TV shows from lots of different people. In this book, Andrew makes a film about an assisted living facility, a film about Bobby Valentine playing baseball in Japan, and a MTV series about him filming the lives of twelve young people. He claims that everybody has their own unique story and he wants the [...]

    4. Summary:In this autobiography, Andrew Jenks traces his path to becoming a successful filmmaker from his early days filming just about anything with his family’s camcorder to his recent success with the MTV show World of Jenks, in which he documents the lives of a wide variety of people by living with them for a period of time. Though he had the benefit of loving and supportive family and friends, he went through some struggles along the way. Suffering from severe homesickness, attending film s [...]

    5. Andrew Jenks is a reality star and documentary filmmaker, but the word that he repeatedly uses in My Adventures as a Young Filmmaker is "story." Jenks sees himself as a storyteller -- film is his medium of choice, but one gets the sense that he's more interested in the message than the medium. Perhaps that's one reason why his autobiographical book comes off better than those of many celebrities: even if print isn't Jenks's usual format, he's still telling a story.Indeed, Jenks's distinctive voi [...]

    6. I thought this book was really interesting even though it was quite short. The book is about Andrew Jenks a young adult with a strong passion for film making. Ever since he was little he has filmed things and made small videos. He went to NYU for filmmaking and was not happy there at all. He was depressed and felt he was just taking these classes because he was forced to. He came up with the idea to make movie about old people living in a nursing home. All his professors told the idea was silly [...]

    7. I can remember when I was a kid watching MTV, back when they had good programing. There was one show that I thought was interesting and whenever I watched it was also something different and interesting. I remember him spending a weekend with a homeless woman,and that was cool to me because its not something you would associate with MTV. I learned a lot from this show and from the people that Andrew Jenk's had on the show. When I saw this book I didn't hesitate to pick it up because I never hear [...]

    8. I came into Jenks' book pretty biased, because I adore any of his work I've been exposed to thus far, and I assumed his book would be no different. That being said, I think he does a wonderful job of combining both his story of how he became a filmmaker along with the stories of his family/friends, as well as the people he's been documenting for years. His two page spread on his maternal grandfather, coupled with the chapters on his first film where he lived in an elderly assisted living home br [...]

    9. sent me this book out of the blue, and while it's not a book I might otherwise have picked up, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Obviously, I need to read more non-fiction! Andrew Jenks isn't nearly as fascinating as the subjects of his movies, and his voice alternates between winningly humble and egotistical, but overall his passion to pursue film making and the way he let nothing get in his way is pretty damn inspiring. The book tends to be a bit all over the place (although this was a [...]

    10. An interesting autobiography of a young man who became a filmmaker in college. He grew up the son of a diplomat so they traveled all over the world in his childhood; to avoid boredom in Belgium he picked up his family's videocamera when he was around 10 or so, and he's never stopped making movies. his big break came when he was floundering in NYU film school, as he isn't the academic type, and he finagled his way into a nursing home in Florida where he filmed himself living with the residents fo [...]

    11. As most of you know, I am not a big fan of memoirs or biography. Non-Fiction is usually not my cup of tea. On a rare occasion, I will read one if it is about someone that I have heard of or want to know more about. So when sent me this book, I was really hesitant on dedicating my time to it. I have never heard of Andrew Jenks. Now that I have read this book, I am still on the fence about it. The author came across as stuck-on-himself and it didn't really interest me much. Maybe it is because I [...]

    12. I was given the opportunity to read and review this book courtesy of TheReadingRoom and to say I loved it would be an understatement. I have been a fan of Andrew Jenks since the first season of “World of Jenks” on MTV and was incredibly excited that the show is finally back on. While the show does an amazing job of sharing the lives of other individuals and their struggles and victories, it is not often you hear too much about Jenks himself. I really enjoyed how well written this book was an [...]

    13. Andrew Jenks is teaming with Dylan Ratigan and Chip Rosenbloom to make a legal documentary about my cousin, Ryan Ferguson, who was wrongly convicted of murder in 2005. Andrew, who is just 27 years-old is directing it. Needless to say, I wanted to know more about this young filmmaker. After reading his autobiography, I am impressed at what he was already able to accomplish at such a young age. Not only is that impressive, so is his family legacy. His father, Bruce Jenks, worked for the United Nat [...]

    14. This engaging photo- autobiography follows Andrew Jenks as he started his film career as a young boy to the present. Andrew tells his story through text, dialogue, pictures, and still-frames from his films. The visuals are all appropriate and complement the text- it's hard to imagine a biography about a film maker without so many accompanying photographs. Jenks doesn't sugarcoat his journey, and many readers will respond positively to his descriptions of self-doubt and his search for identity. T [...]

    15. When I picked up this book to read it the only thing I knew about Andrew Jenks was from a five or ten minute interview on The Crossover on NBCSports. There is a good chance that as a documentary film fan I've seen Room 335 and as sports fan there is a good chance I've seen "The Zen of Bobby V". Sadly MTV has not been on my radar since they stopped playing music videos and started making celebrities out of characters from the Jersey shore and pregnant teenagers.I enjoyed reading this book. Jenks [...]

    16. Andrew Jenks is known for his MTV television show and his documentaries. He made his first film at 19 and this is his story of that film and his rise to fame. But this is not simply a story of a young, ambitious man who found success. Jenks is strong in his committment to his art, his friends, and telling the stories of ordinary people who are often overlooked by society. His goal is to do something great, not just be famous.Filled with photos of Jenks and his friends and fellow filmakers, this [...]

    17. So I have never seen Andrew Jenks show, but when I received Andrew Jenks: My Adventures as a Young Filmmaker in the mail I was intrigued. The cover drew me in and the quote on the back was interesting. Andrew Jenks's book was innovative and refreshing. I loved the unique way the book was put together. There was a variation of text size and color, along with a lot of pictures. It was fun to read since it was constantly being mixed up. I think Andrew Jenks had a really neat story to tell. I love t [...]

    18. In the first few pages I hated this guy, because he's so successful at such an early age (a total jealousy thing), but he's so honest about his processes and his feelings of anxiety that he's becomes inspiration. Jenks freely admits his has been an privileged life, but don't hold that against him.Recommended to all, but maybe especially to gifted kids who need s good role-model, that shows them with some drive you can almost literally achieve your dreams.

    19. Andrew is a humanitarian. He is awesome. Everything awesome, he is. He is creative as well as talented, and it shows in his work. He's been at it since he was a teenager! Dropped out of college and dedicated his life to helping the masses and documentation. Anyway, everyone should read his book (and look at the photography). It doesn't hurt that he's very easy on the eyes. Seriously, check out that smile.

    20. Andrew Jenks recalls his adventures as a documentary film maker at the age of 19 and as the producer of the award-winning MTV series "World of Jenks" at 23. Told with honesty, humor and lots of pictures, this is an inspirational book for anyone who dreams big.Reviewer 18

    21. Interesting book, although not really my cup of tea. But I did like reading about the relationship Jenks developed with the residents of the nursing home, and the insights he gained as he learned about the people he came in contact with.

    22. Andy Jenks you are so interesting! What incredible humanity you display in this book and in life. This book is a great story and a powerful visual experience all wrapped in what very digestable package. Thanks for sharing your story.

    23. Great pictures, interesting story. I think a lot of young people would enjoy seeing an alternative path to success.

    24. Loved this behind the scenes life of film maker Andrew Jenks. Shows how he used rejections to fuel him to continue to chase after his dream of being a film maker.

    25. I thought this book would be a high interest bio for the students at the high school, but it really hasn't been too popular.

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