Kill Decision

Kill Decision The shocking techno thriller that cements Daniel Suarez s status as the heir to Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy a terrifying breathtaking and all too plausible vision of the world s near future Unma

  • Title: Kill Decision
  • Author: Daniel Suarez
  • ISBN: 9780451417701
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The shocking techno thriller that cements Daniel Suarez s status as the heir to Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy a terrifying, breathtaking, and all too plausible vision of the world s near future Unmanned weaponized drones already exist they re widely used by America in our war efforts in the Middle East In Kill Decision, bestselling author Daniel Suarez takes that factThe shocking techno thriller that cements Daniel Suarez s status as the heir to Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy a terrifying, breathtaking, and all too plausible vision of the world s near future Unmanned weaponized drones already exist they re widely used by America in our war efforts in the Middle East In Kill Decision, bestselling author Daniel Suarez takes that fact and the real science behind it one step further, with frightening results Linda McKinney is a myrmecologist, a scientist who studies the social structure of ants Her academic career has left her entirely unprepared for the day her sophisticated research is conscripted by unknown forces to help run an unmanned and thanks to her research, automated drone army Odin is the secretive Special Ops soldier with a unique insight into the faceless enemy who has begun to attack the American homeland with drones programmed to seek, identify, and execute targets without human intervention Together, McKinney and Odin must slow this advance long enough for the world to recognize its destructive power, because for thousands of years the kill decision during battle has remained in the hands of humans and off loading that responsibility to machines will bring unintended, possibly irreversible, consequences But as forces even McKinney and Odin don t understand begin to gather, and death rains down from above, it may already be too late to save humankind from destruction at the hands of our own technology.

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    1. I never realized this before but when the machines finally become self-aware and Skynet launches its attack on humanity, I’ve got the perfect place to hole up nearby. So while you all are being enslaved by robots, I’ll be safe in SubTropolis with a lifetime supply of liquor and books. Don’t bother knocking. I won’t let you in, and I’ll just turn up the music to drown out your screams.I knew from Daniel Suarez’s previous books, Daemon and Freedom (TM), that he gives good techno-thrill [...]

    2. This is my fourth by Daniel Suarez and I'm constantly surprised at how versatile he is.This one is a straight Techno-Thriller, right down to the tight and crafty combat cell, nifty science-types, and even a great little section of programmers. But most of all, it's all about the explosions, the close calls, the gunfire, and the smells.The smells? Oh yes. I won't give away anything plot related because learning and discovery is the name of the game for this novel but suffice to say: swarming is a [...]

    3. Solid read, great ending and premise. Loved hugin and munin!! This is one of those books that can easily be turned into a great film. One for any Crichton fans out there and I'll definitely be checking out more of Suarez.

    4. This is the 4th book I've reviewed by this author. The other 3 I gave 5 stars and rave reviews. I suppose you've already noticed the rating I have given this one.So, what happened?Here we have a great talented writer and a premise that should make a great book. If I had been asked (before I read this) what science fiction writers would i choose to deal with the idea of robots or AIs being given the ability to make autonomous kill decisions Mr. Suarez would have been on that list. This is an idea [...]

    5. It's the first audiobook that I finish !!!I must admit that listening to the first chapter made me very enthusiastic about the book, Jeff Gurner made it sounds like it's a scene taken from a great thriller movie. The second and maybe the third chapters were great, but from that until the ~30% mark most of the chapters were a bit boring and not much happened. Only about 30% through the events started to pick up again. The second half of the book felt like a very good thriller.Characterization:The [...]

    6. I really wanted to like this - but it just didn't grab me. At 175 pages in I feel I've given it as much of a chance as I'm prepared to. It's disappointing because I liked both Daemon (my review /review/show/) as well as its sequel Freedom TM (/review/show/).So what went wrong here? Unfulfilled expectations. The whole autonomous killing drone thing just didn't do it for me. For a start, I'm pretty sure we had an AI driven drone or two between his two other books. But in those books we also had a [...]

    7. I would have given it 2.5 stars.If you're like me, you were probably really excited to hear that Suarez was coming out with a new book. His first two novels, "Daemon" and "Freedom" were top notch tech thrillers that I read really quickly; I just couldn't put them down. When I heard that he had a new book coming, I was really excited.Well, I finally got around to reading it, and I must say that I'm disappointed. Was it a bad book? No. Was it a smartly written book? You could say that. Was it comp [...]

    8. I started recommending Kill Decision to my friends before I was halfway through it. Now that I've finished it, I have a longer list of people to recommend it to. Suarez writes a knockout thriller, and yes, it really should be opening in theaters everywhere before long. It's more military, and less cyberpunk, than his previous books, so it's going to appeal to a somewhat different set of folks as a novel. HoweverI'm recommending Kill Decision to people because it raises serious issues that deserv [...]

    9. Oh, dear. This is a mess. In my opinion. I loved Daemon/Freedom. I eagerly opened this one and, well, yuch. It was awfully choppy, with too short and quick action scenes, no character development, or meaningful emotion. There were conversations that made no sense or were dropped with no explanation early in the first ten or so chapters. Then, about a third into the book, at first I thought I was losing interest because I've never been in the military and the toys were not clear to me. But when I [...]

    10. 4.5 StarsThe drones are coming! The drones are coming! OK, confession: I love techno thrillers. I absolutely love them. They can be uber-corny, with the worst, most unrealistic plot lines ever, and I would still consume the novel as if it’s the most interesting thing I’ve ever read. I think as readers, we all have that one genre that just rarely does no wrong. For me, it’s books like Kill Decision. Luckily for me, every Suarez novel I’ve read has been freaking enjoyable, and this one is [...]

    11. Just finished this and my first impressions are this is a super fun read. I was curious how Daniel Suarez was going to deal with this topic and he came up with some great material that was presented in a unique way. I also think that he is evolving as a writer as he had some better characters and in particularly I thought the character interactions where much better then his first two books, which I also liked a lot. I don't want to give to many plot details out but it is a fast paced techno thr [...]

    12. BOTTOM LINE/moved to the top: If this book has a sequel, I won't read it. But if Suarez writes another book that's not a sequel I'd buy it before it hits the shelves and read it as soon as I could. This book was a let down. Deamon was great! I mean, I don't read books more than once usually but I read Freedom TM and Deamon more than once. They provide a fun window into a possible, even if not plausible, world of technology that was fun to explore.This book has some uncovered plot holes the size [...]

    13. After reading this, all I can say is:This book was incredible. It was so engaging on all fronts. Everything was described in detail and some times I mind that, but when it's something that helps me learn new things, I gobble it up like a chocolate cake. I don't think I can come up with a good review for this book right after I've finished it. Maybe later, if I can wrap my head around all that I read. It wasn't a one-sitting read for me because it covered so much in a single chapter. There were s [...]

    14. The elements are all here for a great thriller -- an interesting, tension-filled plot extrapolated from fundamentally sound scientific and technological ideas, plenty of action, and characters with believable motivations. I especially liked the interplay between the two leads, myrmecologist Linda McKinney and a Master Sergeant code-named Odin, who come together from opposing ends of the spectrum in an attempt to stop the autonomous drone threat. The only aspect that was somewhat lacking was the [...]

    15. Like his first two books, 'Kill Decision' is a non-stop edge-of-your-seat thrill jam. Suarez's grasp of bleeding-edge technology and modern warfare coupled with his ability to develop likable (and despicable) characters gives the reader a great read. His story development and his ability to shock and surprise the reader often comes into play. Our story begins with a series of mysterious airborne drone attacks that appear to be the work of the US military - except the US military has no knowledge [...]

    16. Absolutely riveting and terrifyingly plausible, Kill Decision has ruined me several nights of sleep. There's more action and I would say an improved style from Suarez, it gripped me from several perspectives as he manage to somehow weave in fascinating topics. The lack of a top rating is due to compared to Daemon/FreedomTM, the autonomous drone topic carries more narrow implications, and I would have appreciated a slightly less Hollywood style drama. Having corresponded some with Daniel, I glanc [...]

    17. Fans of "Daemon" and "Freedom [TM]" will embrace this latest book from Daniel Suarez for its technical underpinnings, its blistering pace and his trademark concerns about the intersection of technology, society and humanity. Far from mere topicality (have you been reading the headlines?), he has identified what it means to afford our machines the responsibilities we have held incumbent until now. The story is more narrowly scoped than his previous books but maintains cinematic qualities that wil [...]

    18. Kill Decision is 100% action. It is a tale of power, geopolitics, crowd manipulation, and secret warfare. The novel provides several insights into near-future military drones. If you are a fan of the military thriller sub-genre and you have a good understanding of technology concepts, you will enjoy this book.

    19. During January this year, I was witness to a most interesting event. It was a cool weekday morning, and I had just stepped out of the elevator onto the floor where the offices for my department are located when, lo and behold, I looked out the windows lining the hallway and watched as none other than Jeremy Renner dashed over the roofs of the residential area just behind my university, pursued by cameras. The sight, of course, would have been startling on any other day, but I already knew what w [...]

    20. This is an entertaining and thought-provoking thriller that wears the formidable research behind it lightly. I would have given it the highest possible rating if I hadn't struggled with suspension of disbelief in a few instances. I think drone technology is headed the way Mr. Suarez conjectures, but I also think that Odin and his special forces team seemed to have both astonishing resources and (with one unfortunate exception) preternatural luck, because normal people would have died several tim [...]

    21. We already live in a world where autonomous drone aircraft can surveil the combat theater. Currently those drones require remote direction from a human in order to deploy weapons. What would be the consequences if we gave that kill decision to the drone, to be made completely autonomously? Further, what if drones were so simple we could make thousands of them from spare parts for next to no cost? Finally, what if we tweaked the AI of these drones to simulate one of the most aggressive insect col [...]

    22. Daniel Suarez's first two books, Daemon and Freedom TM, were about the dangers of making efficiency the highest virtue in society. This new book Kill Decision is about the danger of making efficiency the highest virtue in warfare, specifically through the use of automated combat drones. Is there such a thing as being too good at making war; so good that it places a species in existential peril? Suarez makes the cases that there is, that autonomy in warfare is imminent and that it is just as dang [...]

    23. This is another amazing book by Daniel Suarez. I first heard he had a new one when I was sitting in the audience at TWit in Petaluma, CA. This story combines great action, high tech, intrigue and all the fun of a Jason Bourne or James Bond movie.The story focuses on Professor Linda McKinney and how she becomes involved in a plot to use autonomous drones to wreak havoc in the US and internationally. The story is very current and could and might be happening today. There is a lot of cloak and dagg [...]

    24. Unmanned weaponised drones already exist—they are widely used by America in our war efforts in the Middle East. But what would happen if these drones became so advanced that they are programmed to seek, identify, and execute targets without human intervention? Daniel Suarez is back to take a look at the real science and then take it one step further to show the frightening results.Daniel Suarez is really becoming the go-to-guy for techno-thrillers that look at current technology and then show [...]

    25. This is a solid and exciting kick-ass techno-thriller. Prepare to be bewildered, but pleasantly so, for the first 4-5 chapterse pieces will all come together. And it's a jagged, scary ride Daniel Suarez takes us on.At this very moment (real-time now, not the book) drones are all over the damn place. America has fallen in love with drone warfare. This from a December 25 NYT editorial (when no one would read it, but that's how the NYT covers it's bases), "The drone go-ahead, signed in February by [...]

    26. Automated killer drones, government conspiracies, special ops, this thriller has it all. Author of the Daemon series and three stand-alone books, Daniel Suarez adds another bestseller to his repertoire.High profile scientists and computer programming experts are dropping like flies as each are in the crosshairs of someone in high places for the expertise they provide. Soldiers with a highly secretive special ops team are actively working to both protect those who’ve been targeted and find the [...]

    27. This is an explosive novel. Like his two previous novels, Suarez takes onto the cutting edge of technology and gives you a what-if scenario. Starting with drone attacks, planned and unplanned, and then on to a myrmecologist, studying weaver ant social structure in Africa, and posting her algorithm structures of their activities on-line. Weaver ants are unique in that they are the most aggressive species and of the few species besides man that seeks out and destroys rivals. They don't just wait u [...]

    28. As with Daemon and Freedom(TM) before it, Kill Decision allows Suarez to take technology we already have and extrapolate it into the near future to thrilling, and terrifying, effect. In this case, the tech in question is unmanned drone tech, enhanced with tiny chemical sensors and run like a very aggressive ant colony. As far fetched as drones with ant brains may sound, the systems described here are definitely the sort of thing that either could be build now, or would require very little work ( [...]

    29. This was an interesting read; although the core of the novel was about the usage of autonomous drones(and why that is not a good thing), there was an underlying premise that everything is controlled to a macro level in our current society. With the every rising usage and dependency of social media and "instant" news, it is evident that whom controls these avenues also controls public opinion, social and economic conditions, socio and economic agendas, government "state" and what is "perceived" a [...]

    30. If you've read and worshipped Daniel's Daemon and Freedom - (don't get me wrong ) this one is a great novel on its own - but falls short of your expectations. There is great - i repeat stupendously great research on weaver ants, their swarming patters and correlating them to modern day autonomous drones - a very believable story of who's behind it - again clearly wedded to reality of modern day power games and circles. Where this one lets you down is the edge of the seat ringside seats which Dan [...]

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