Age of Voodoo

Age of Voodoo Lex Dove thought he was done with the killing game A retired British wetwork specialist he s living the quiet life in the Caribbean minding his own business Then a call comes One last mission to lea

  • Title: Age of Voodoo
  • Author: James Lovegrove
  • ISBN: 9781781080863
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Lex Dove thought he was done with the killing game A retired British wetwork specialist, he s living the quiet life in the Caribbean, minding his own business.Then a call comes One last mission to lead an American black ops team into a disused Cold War bunker on a remote island The money s good, which means the risks are high.How high, Dove doesn t discover until he anLex Dove thought he was done with the killing game A retired British wetwork specialist, he s living the quiet life in the Caribbean, minding his own business.Then a call comes One last mission to lead an American black ops team into a disused Cold War bunker on a remote island The money s good, which means the risks are high.How high, Dove doesn t discover until he and his team are a hundred feet below ground, facing the fruits of an experiment in science and voodoo witchcraft gone wrong As if barely human monsters weren t bad enough, a clock is ticking Deep in the bowels of the earth, a god is waiting And his anger, if roused, will be fearsome indeed.

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    1. This was a different book than the others in the series. There was no worldbuilding like in previous books, it was our world, just an urban fantasy version with a hidden underworld that has vampires, trolls, demons and every other kind of scary threatening kind of supernatural creature. It was also different from the other novels in the series because it allowed multiple religions in the world, it wasn't a world dominated by one Pantheon of gods. It had to because voodoo, hoodoo and Vodou are sy [...]

    2. rantingdragon/review-oAge of Voodoo is the fifth book in the Pantheon series by James Lovegrove. While remaining true to the overarching themes of the burgeoning Godpunk genre, it also marks a bit of a departure from the usual style we've come to see from these immersive worldbuilding action novels.Scaling back the scopeThe hallmark of the Pantheon series thus far has been the element of overarching difference in the world of each book from ours. In each one, the featured religion is present in [...]

    3. Just like the other books in this series, it is a stand alone story and world. For this story it's Jason Borne meets Neil Gaiman. I'm not up on my knowledge of voodoo and it's practices but Lovegrove weaves a wonderful tale.

    4. Age of Voodoo was the story about an ex British secret service agent named Lex Dove who was known to be one of the best. When a disaster happens on an island south of Jamaica, he is called out of retirement to help lead a team of Navy Seals on a mission. Hesitant at first, Lex reluctantly agrees when the safety of his friends is called into question. When he finally lands on the island, Lex and the team get more than they bargain for when they soon realize that the enemy they are fighting don’ [...]

    5. This is an adapted review. The full version can be read in my blog:bookunderthesun/20>>-----------------------------------------------------<<Being in love with Lovegrove’s novel, especially his Pantheon series, could be addictive. Even so, I was rather surprised to find that this latest story following the same pattern to be so disappointing. Although his style of military action never cease to run out of steam throughout the course of the novel, the novelty behind the idea seemed [...]

    6. The Age of Voodoo, the fifth book in the Pantheon series by British author James Lovegrove, proves that not every book in a series can be a hit. Up till now, James Lovegrove has featured the figures of various mythologies featured prominently in his stories, creating fantastic alternate versions of Earth. This one, however, falls short. And its disappointing, especially a book with its roots in the tradition of Voodoo, a mystical movement with roots in African tribal lore. It is sad to say that [...]

    7. Sometimes I get sucked into a book series and can't escape it because no matter how repetitive they are I want to get to the end. Kevin J Anderson's Saga of Seven Suns had that effect on me. It was the same story going back and forth between worlds and cultures. The Pantheon series by James Lovegrove is completely different and has been very enjoyable. Each book is more of a stand alone series and not a sequel to the other books but it is really cool to see the author's writing style develop boo [...]

    8. Another good book in the Pantheon series. This one is contending with Age of Zeus as my favorite, and I would have to give the edge to this one. Such a page turner, with good characters and detailed descriptions throughout. Some times even a little too descriptive, where my stomach would start to turn at the carnage being wrought. But, what book with zombies can lack carnage? Only the bad ones and this is not one of them. And the best thing about this book, is it's not all about the zombies. We [...]

    9. I have only read one other Lovegrove that was Redlaw and enjoyed it immensely as I did this one.(I know it's one of a series but from a look at the plot of the others it works as a stand alone too)A retired governmental hitman is pulled into one last job along with a friend and the friends cousin. Introduced into the melange is team Thirteen and zuvumbies voodoo zombies that obey their creator and american scientist trying to create a super soldier and you get a thrilling story.I liked the voodo [...]

    10. Brilliantly written, very original take on the sort of subjects that have been taken on before, there is a back history to this series (which I have sadly only read one other of) but in truth none of it seems necessary to know. Very entertaining, at points amusing and with excellently played out action, characterisation and interesting spins on mythology and culture all the way through. Sort of a bond meets horror with a perfect result. Like sci fi, fantasy, horror, action or just an all round g [...]

    11. Lovegrove has created an entire genre unto himselfWith his Pantheon seriesLovegrove has brought the ancient Gods into the modern world A retired British Secret AgentDove tried to live the quiet life in the Caribbean Islandsuntil he is drawn into a deadly plot Caught between a secret weapons laband The Loa Dove has to fight his way freefrom the horror movie his life has become

    12. Another great read from one of today's best authors. Lovegroves' ability to fuse alternative history with fantasy and a touch of sci-fi makes him one if the most interesting authors in recent years. As with the whole Age of series, this book contains a captivating plot with convincing and well built characters that will keep you enthralled all the way to the end. This entire series is highly recommended and enjoyment is guaranteed.

    13. The word for this book, in my opinion, is crazy. As an avid fan of the Pantheon series, this book was an odd one for me, if only because it felt different than the rest. Voodoo? Interesting premise, certainly. Much of the book had a wild sense to it, completely unpredictable story-wise. Still a fantastic book to read, all things considered.

    14. James Lovegrove is back and again has man fighting against the Gods. This time it's Lex Dove against voodoo gods and their all-too-human henchmen.The Pantheon series has been a little slower already, but not this time: Lovegrove gets into a groove and makes us yearn for more.weberseite/buecher/age-

    15. Book 5 in the "Age of " series is a little bit different to the others. This book comes across as more of a standard military thriller with the good guys going up against a zealous religious nutcase than the usual battle of the gods that I experienced in earlier stories. It is still an enjoyable read just not quite what I was expecting

    16. This story is a combination of action, violence, and suspense, all in one package. James Lovegrove's newest book once again includes a new underdog military protagonist, who is at first naive and obnoxious about Gods roaming the earth, but later on finds out that they do exist.

    17. Kind of petered out towards the end, marred a really interesting plot. More interested in getting to the island than what happens when they do get there. The voodoo was far more interesting leading up to the island.

    18. Set closer to our world it doesn't have quite the same world building as the other books. That said, a good action novel that keeps the pace well. A nice introduction to Thirteen. Look forward to seeing more of them in the future.

    19. A little bit different take than the others in the series. In the others, the pantheon involved is ruling the world. In this one, it just works and is real (as is lots of other supernatural stuff, like vampires and werewolves.) Still a fun read.

    20. Pulp fiction and good for a long airplane ride. Leave it in the seat when you're done. One of the better ones in this mythological series.

    21. Great book, pure action, blood, guys, the whole nine yards. It's a book that if you need a quick break in the middle of a long series to help get through, this your answer!

    22. Not as good as the original pantheon series he's done, but still a fun read. 2-stars since it didn't seem as well crafted. Also, a good quick when sick in bed

    23. A great, fast-paced action adventure. Normally I don't care for zombies, but Haitian zombies make a refreshing change. I'll definitely be looking out for more in the series.

    24. A fun, quick read. Easily predictable, but also pays good homage to voodoo and its realistic aspects. Not a lot of that booga booga zombie stuff.

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