My Inappropriate Life: Some Material Not Suitable for Small Children, Nuns, or Mature Adults

My Inappropriate Life Some Material Not Suitable for Small Children Nuns or Mature Adults In her hilarious New York Times bestseller You ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again Heather McDonald recounted her adventures as an unwilling virgin in Hollywood Now happily married with three child

  • Title: My Inappropriate Life: Some Material Not Suitable for Small Children, Nuns, or Mature Adults
  • Author: HeatherMcDonald
  • ISBN: 9781451672220
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In her hilarious New York Times bestseller You ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again, Heather McDonald recounted her adventures as an unwilling virgin in Hollywood Now happily married with three children, Heather writes for and can be seen weekly on E Channel s hugely successful show, Chelsea Lately, and also stars in the show s spin off, After Lately.But life as a grownIn her hilarious New York Times bestseller You ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again, Heather McDonald recounted her adventures as an unwilling virgin in Hollywood Now happily married with three children, Heather writes for and can be seen weekly on E Channel s hugely successful show, Chelsea Lately, and also stars in the show s spin off, After Lately.But life as a grown up even a pretend grown up has its challenges Heather s a working mom with parents who live next door a stay at home husband who doesn t give an inch a sister who keeps asking for one of her eggs and a group of neighborhood moms who stopped talking to her when she took her kids to a stripper pool party in Vegas Plus, she still remains friends with the Kardashians and collects Bravo Housewives like they are bottles of wine.Just as laugh out loud funny and irreverent in her storytelling as she is on camera as Chelsea Handler s partner in crime, Heather recounts her misadventures with a disarming candor all her own.

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    1. I was in serious need of some reading that was light, fun, and interesting. With that in mind, I was more than happy that the publishing company Simon & Schuster provided an ARC copy of Heather McDonald's My Inappropriate Life. In the interest of full disclosure, I was not a fan of hers, per se. At least not until now after having read this book. I was simply a person who had seen her on Chelsea Lately, After Lately, and in a few pictures with my favorite Bravo TV housewives.Because I had a [...]

    2. Let me first say that it is a fun, light, entertaining, and easy read. On top of that, it's a super quick read.I started it and then got sidetracked but Friday night when we were having our weekly "slumber party" night with the boys, I got back to it.This was my first mistake. I'm lying in bed trying to read and be quiet so the boys can sleep. When I got to the part about her Hershey's Kiss moment on Chelsea's private plane, I died. THEN. Came the torpedo moment and I lost it.The bed was literal [...]

    3. Heather McDonald's first book, "You'll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again," was an enjoyable memoir of her humorous tales of virginity, but it lacked any laugh-out-loud moments. With this, her second book, she truly has found her niche. In "My Appropriate Life," each chapter is its own humorous retelling of a story from Heather's life. You can read one chapter, set it down, and then come back to read the next whenever and not feel lost. Most are post-marriage and kids, although there are some fr [...]

    4. Fact: I love, love, LOVE to laugh-more than anything in the world, but it's tough for a book to make me actually "Laugh Out Loud"-but McDonald's adventures into the quasi-celebrity world and being an "inappropriate mother" in Hollywood did just that--LOL, several times. I've read lots of books by comedians, but this one really made me laugh. There were so many funny parts in this book that I flew through in quick fashion. Her story about planning her husband's funeral in between horrendous bouts [...]

    5. This book definitely had some funny parts, but I could not get comfortable with the writer's point of view. It all seemed very People magazine to me. Ultimately not worth the time.

    6. 2.5 STARSI have read all but the latest of E's late night comedy/talk show host Chelsea Handler's books. I found them pretty hilarious, filled with the blunt attitude of Chelsea herself, though they were also filled with some tales I simply did not believe ever occurred. As I am familiar with all the regulars on Chelsea's show, Chelsea Lately, I was looking forward to delving into Heather McDonald's second set of amusing tales. Unfortunately, what I found is that Mrs. McDonald's anecdotes are li [...]

    7. The fact that McDonald writes for Chelsea Handler should warn readers enough--like Handler, McDonald is snarky, constantly complains, and pushes her extremely liberal viewpoint on others. The problem here is that: 1. It's hard to tell which, if any, of the stories in this book are real or even close to the truth; and 2. Every story has no real point to it.McDonald appears to be a person who wants to flaunt her Catholic faith and upbringing when it's convenient for her. She brags about her Cathol [...]

    8. Heather is hilarious and her stories are a lot different than many female comedians. Heather is a proud working mother and wife who supports her family, she's also a devout Catholic. This gives her a different perspective than your typical Amy Schumer's and Sarah Silverman's. But it doesn't stop her from going to swanky celebrity parties, drinking too much Chardonnay, and forcing her friend to take a morning after pill. There's also a lot of hilarious stories about the behind the scenes goings o [...]

    9. This is the kind of book I wouldn't buy, but I got this copy for free. I've never seen Chelsea Lately and I was not familiar with the author but I still enjoyed reading this book. It's quite funny in parts and if you have kids, you will appreciate a lot of the zany moments and parental dilemmas presented throughout. The shallowness that permeates the Hollywood life will make you more appreciate your own. Keep in mind that the author admittedly embellishes some scenarios for added effect. If I ha [...]

    10. I have watched a few episodes of Chelsea Lately and read 2 of Chelsea Handler's novels. I had never heard of Heather McDonald before seeing her book at the local book store, and thinking it looked funny. Heather is funny. The book has no real insight besides a few good laughs, and stories involving other celebrities, as well as some funny "mom" stories on Heather parenting her young kids. It was a light, entertaining, quick novel, but that's all. I still don't 100% know what Heather does for a l [...]

    11. The book had some very funny parts, some kind of funny parts and some meh parts. I listened to it on audio, narrated by the author, and unfortunately, I have to say, the reading detracted from the book overall. Some words were mangled, breath control was not good, and the overall narration was poor. (Hopefully Heather never sees this because she will surely say something very mean about me. haha)The funniest chapter was about Nala the ex porn star who liked to call old guys daddy and get them to [...]

    12. She's one hell of a Real Housewife of Woodland Hills :)) have to say this has been brightening up my lunch breaks for last two weeks, my way of forgetting my reality and escape to her Woodland Hills version of the Hollywood/LA world. There are lots of laugh out loud and WTH moments in the book. I found her family stories are way more entertaining and funnier than the blueball tales in her first book. If you're a Chelsea Lately fan then this book is defo a must-read. Please keep on writing, Heat [...]

    13. Another comic memoir from the Chelsea crew. It amazes me that I like Heather McDonald because she is just so ridiculous. But I guess she's ridiculous in a good way because I like her. This book is just what you'd expect if you know her comedy. If you've watched After Lately you will have some chapters spoiled for you already. Will this book change lives or win awards? Nah. Will it make you smile and even laugh out lout a few times? Sure.

    14. I'm not familiar with Heather, as I never watched Chelsea Lately or After Lately. I have read most of Chelsea's books though and loved them, so I thought I'd check this book out.Overall I found the book fairly entertaining. Some parts were just kind of silly, but there were some chapters I really loved. I was a little annoyed though how often she mentioned Chelseake she though she needed to name drop or something.

    15. Funny. She is definitely a good story teller. Of all the funny girl books I have read (Chelsey, Tina and Jane most recently) I enjoyed this the most. I love the inappropriate amounts of wine she drinks, probably because I see a little of myself in her, and her honesty about how she cries over stupid stuff, again I can relate. I would recommend this book for anyone looking to be entertained by dumb but funny anecdotes for a few days.

    16. I had seen that this book had received many high reviews and so was excited to read it and have to say I was disappointed. I feel like the only thing that I remember is that I am sure she is an alcoholic and that she mostly wanted to hang out with Chelsea Handler so she could become friends with her celebrity friends. Wouldn't recommend to anyone

    17. I think it was not the best idea for this author to read her own book. She stumbles over words so much that it's distracting, and her Valley Girl accent is pretty distracting as well. As for the content, I feel like she started really strong, but seemed to run out of steam with her stories as the book went on. The beginning stories were WAY funnier than the ones towards the end.

    18. I managed to get through half this book before I had to cry "uncle" and put it down. I was expecting comedy, but by the time I gave up reading it, I had not come upon anything that was even remotely funny.Some find it funny to read about the antics of an alcoholic ex-Playboy bunny, or an insecure mother who competes with other mothers on every level she can, I just don't see the humor in it.

    19. I love Heather, and I get the Real Housewife jokes. Basically if you like "Chelsea Lately" and the crew, you will like this, too. I liked Heather's first book enough, but I like this one even more. Fun, light read. Now I need to read the books by Loni Love and Ross Mathews!

    20. It wasn't Tina Fey - but then who could be!I listened to it, and it was really unprofessional. It really took away from the experience.I also really liked Chelsea Handler until I listened to this book - now she seems shallow and mean.

    21. Certifiably snortable in several places. I listened to this book and have to say it was probably a mistake for the author to have read it herself. There were many times when what was being read would have gotten a bigger laugh from me if the words had been read appropriately.

    22. I don't know that this really can compete with many books I rate as a 4, but I think Heather is super real and fun, and I found her stories legitimately entertaining, compared to so many that I read where the author is trying too hard. I want Heather to be my friend!

    23. I had fun reading through her stories but I didn't find it laugh out loud funny and the name dropping made it less so. I get they give their friends credit by naming them but I felt like it was a little too much. I hear her first book was really good. Maybe I should try that one?

    24. Uneven book -- had some funny moments but also some that just fell flat. Heather comes across as a pretty nice and normal person and very family oriented. If you like her on Chelsea, you probably will like this. Good book to pick up and read a chapter of here and there.

    25. While this book did have a few redeeming qualities, due to a lack of editorial contribution I would not recommend.My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

    26. I guess I just really like books by snarky, modern women. I'm not familiar with Ms McDonald's work, nor am I a regular watcher of Chelsea Handler. But I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The author may be inappropriate, but she is perceptive, and not without a moral compass.

    27. This book isn't going to win any literary awards, but it was a fun read. I tend to enjoy somewhat autobiographical books from funny ladies (Bossypants, Are You There Vodka, etc.) and this fits squarely in that genre. If you like that kind of thing too, then you won't be disappointed.

    28. I love Heather she is a really cool person. I thought her book was really good and i highly recommend this book to people she wrote this really well. Go out and get your copy of this book. You won't be sorry.

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