Men of Iron

Men of Iron The price of honor Myles Falworth was only eight years old the day a knight in black rode into the courtyard of his father s castle with murderous intent triggering a chain of events that brought dis

  • Title: Men of Iron
  • Author: Howard Pyle
  • ISBN: 9780765353481
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • The price of honor Myles Falworth was only eight years old the day a knight in black rode into the courtyard of his father s castle with murderous intent, triggering a chain of events that brought disgrace to the house of Falworth In spite of his family s disgrace, young Myles quickly wins a reputation for courage and independence while in training as a knight at the castThe price of honor Myles Falworth was only eight years old the day a knight in black rode into the courtyard of his father s castle with murderous intent, triggering a chain of events that brought disgrace to the house of Falworth In spite of his family s disgrace, young Myles quickly wins a reputation for courage and independence while in training as a knight at the castle of the great Earl of Mackworth Then one day, when Myles is sixteen, he discover that his blind father has been condemned for treason, and is being hunted by a powerful enemy who is close to the King To challenge the King s champion means certain death Myles must fight to restore his family s rights, but does he dare to risk battle to win back his family s honor

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    1. Ehh. I liked it, but didn't love it - too much thee-ing and thou-ing for my taste, plus it was written in the early 1900s style of Old English. (Did theyreallytalk like that, or is that just what early twentieth century authors thought they talked like?) I used to love Robin Hood by the same author, though. xP I was kind of obsessed with Robin Hood for a while.3 stars.

    2. This is the the coming of age story of Myles Falworth, the son of a nobleman who supported the wrong king, making the new King Henry IV royally annoyed and sending the family into hiding until Myles grew up enough to become a squire and then a knight, and then a seasoned warrior who could challenge the family's chief enemy, the Earl of Alban. Myles supporters includes Henry IV's son, Prince Hal, with a brief digression into the disagreements of father and son from an interesting perspective. Alo [...]

    3. This novel was the basis of the Hollywood movie, "The Black Shield of Falworth," starring Tony Curtis, and Janet Leigh. It depicts the struggle of young Myles Falworth to learn the truth about his family's disgrace in mediaeval England during the reign of Henry IV, and his training as first a squire and later as a knight to prepare him to avenge his father's honor and restore the family name of Falworth on the roster of English chivalry.The movie version heightens the story's drama by adding a s [...]

    4. Own as Audio CD read by Jim Weiss. I hope to change to the correct edition soon We listened to Men of Iron on a long trip. We enjoyed the story; the exploits and doings of Myles Falworth were exciting. His maturation throughout the book was well done - from foolish boy to brave, wise knight. His foolish misunderstandings were brought on, at least partially, from the lack of information the adults in his life gave him. Yet, the revelations of friendship, enemy, and history all moved the plot alon [...]

    5. This classic novel of knights in shining armour, British Kings, and jousting is really great literature. I'd give it 4 1/2 stars if I could. Don't get me wrong, this is isn't a thrill a minute. It is actually quite slow and methodical. But, I learned a lot about how people became knights and what they were required to do, and I enjoyed a coming-of-age adventure story at the same time.Myles Falworth is a boy of 16 when he is sent to a nearby castle learn how to become a knight. I didn't like him [...]

    6. This is a wonderful "Boys' Book."I read it decades ago, and it still appeals to this 50-year-old boy, perhaps because it makes me first like that young lad I was in the early 1970s. That is it's greatest strength, I feel; it captures and romanticizes knighthood in the time of King Henry IV for impressionable boys of all ages. There are clear cut villains and characters of nobel heart. Certainly meant for young adults, it is a coming-of-age story, and did, not doubt, help to shape the man I event [...]

    7. You have to like reading books in King James English to like this. If you do, it's a lot of fun. Available on librivox but with many different readers. That can be good as you hear different people struggle with the Elizabethan prose.This book definitely picks up on how young people were shaped in the code of chivalry and honor that existed at the time. But God created Myles As someone who had this intense sense of honor right in his bones. Honor on steroids (pardon the humorous analogy). As a C [...]

    8. Knights and squires, tournaments and jousting - Pyle handles his subject with ease, adding authenticity with his use of Old English words and phrases. I especially appreciate the skill with which he paces the story, unhurried, taking time to build the tale, and never overdoing the description. He makes it look easy.

    9. It is always nice to read/listen to an young reader's book once in a while. I love stories of pages and knights. Fiction or nonfiction. A nice book which to return to earlier years.

    10. Enjoyable YA adventure, set at the height of the age of chivalry, but written with the stong moral force (and occasional moralizing) of the Victorian era.

    11. Written in formal language meant I was able to stay in the story and not jump between modern cultural norms and historical setting. I have never heard of this book other than it was recommended by a trusted source as a book to inspire valuable character in young readers. Myles Falworth is not without faults but the good in him is definitely more. His loyalty to true friends, honor to his parents, work ethic, sense of honor, and a desire to see plainly the fault and baseness in the debauchery he [...]

    12. When life gets too stressful and you can't stomach one more day of bad news or viral video of horror among the members of the human race, download this audio book, put in your ear buds and sit back for a relaxing ride. Immerse yourself in that simpler time complete with Olde English jargon. These are days of chivalry when hard work mixes seamlessly with a bit of mischief and it's all good. Don't worry. Your Facebook feed will still be there when you return to the 21st Century. But you'll be the [...]

    13. It took me some time to get into this book, but once I did, I found it to be rather enjoyable. The narration is written in an Olde English style, and that takes a bit to become accustomed to, but once one puts forth the effort, it possess that magic to transport one to another time and place.Many a time I thought to myself while reading, "Don Quixote would be most proud of me to know that I am engaging in the further perusal of Knights Errantry".And of course "So Miles was…, for how else shall [...]

    14. I loved itI loved the story. I found out about this story from reading an excerpt from daughter's school reading book. When I found out there was more to the story I had to read the rest. I fell in love with Myles and his friend Gascoyne.

    15. A great classic story about rising above your "station". Knights, princesses, and love. You can't go wrong with that!

    16. I was forced to read this book in school, and let me tell you. I FREAKING HATE THIS STUPID BOOK. The writing was mediocre, the main character was annoying, and it overall had a really lame plot.

    17. Definitely enjoyed this more than the pirate collection. An interesting story with a lot of details about the period. I would be curious to know the research to know how accurate those details were.

    18. Men of Iron is a historical fiction novel set in the middle period of the Hundred Years War (during the reign of Henry IV) and follows the early life of Myles Falworth. Myles has the misfortune to be the son of a close confidant of King Richard II and as such, when Henry IV came to power, his father's enemy, the future Earl of Alban didn't have to work hard to get him branded an outlaw and traitor and have his lands seized. With this setback, Myles is forced onto the hard track to knighthood in [...]

    19. Myles Falworth and his family have been exiled since he was a child, so he was raised in a small town rather than the castle of his birth. At sixteen, he is sent to the household of the Earl of Mackworth to serve as a squire. There he is taught the knightly arts and gets into more than his fair share of boyish scrapes and battles. It is only when he is grown to full manhood that he is told the truth of his father's banishment and outlawry. He learns that his family has a powerful enemy and that [...]

    20. After his family is forced to leave their home, Myles Falworth is sent to live with Earl Mackworth. He proves himself to be a leader as he continually leads the other squires in revolts against the bachelors who demand service from them. Mackworth takes a special interest in young Myles, providing him with all the training needed to become a knight. Through his adventures and follies, Myles grows into a courageous young man who is not afraid to stand up to even the best knight. When he learns he [...]

    21. I had high hopes for this one Pyle wrote a version of Robin Hood that was a stunning read for me as a kid, it changed Robin Hood from friendly Disney fox to dashing forest pirate who in the end, is human after all. When I stumbled on "Men of Iron" I was lured by my memories of "The Adventures of Robin Hood" and hoped for an epic coming of age tale that would pull at the heartstrings a bit and offer some escapism to ye olde England.Instead, I gritted my teeth watching a bratty kid maneuver his wa [...]

    22. Men of Iron is a swash-buckling tale of 13th Century knights. The title refers to their armor, but also to the molding of the character of our hero, Myles. Richard II has been deposed and King Henry IV is enthroned. Conspirators against Henry have been killed. Myles' father had been a faithful counselor to King Richard, but had no part in the conspiracies against the new king. Nevertheless he is branded a traitor and loses his position and his lands. Myles spends his life seeking to regain his f [...]

    23. It has been a few years since I first read Men of Iron. It is long overdue for a review. Reading it the second time around was just as pleasant as the first experience. Author Howard Pyle writes in a descriptive, authentic way that makes the readers feel and live the time of Myles Falworth, a young and ambitious knight of the Middle Ages. The story is full of adventure, friendship, growing up, romance (the kind that makes you sigh and wish knights still existed!) and honor. It is a great read fo [...]

    24. I read this book as a boy and loved it. In reading it again, I realized just how much this book must have informed my sense of chivalry and desire to do right in the face of opposition. The moral lessons woven through the story are in plain sight to me now; that they are so readily apparent is charming to me, not at all annoying.The story is engaging despite being rather straightforward, the language is fun, and I particularly enjoyed the contrast of the young hero's wholesome simplicity with th [...]

    25. This is a really old book that was published in 1891. It was published by Harper and Brothers Publishers before it became Harper Collins Publishers. It is in Elizabethan English and takes place in the 1400s. It has been pretty good so far, a little hard to follow at some parts. This is about a boy called Myles Falworth. He becomes a squire at a place called Devlen. He finds out that his father's friend, the Earl at the castle, is trying to kill him. But Myles is restrained, by the night who's su [...]

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