Attack on Titan, Vol. 4

Attack on Titan Vol HUMANITY PUSHES BACK The Survey Corps develop a risky gambit have Eren in Titan form attempt to repair Wall Rose reclaiming human territory from the monsters for the first time in a century But Titan

  • Title: Attack on Titan, Vol. 4
  • Author: Hajime Isayama
  • ISBN: 9781612622538
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • HUMANITY PUSHES BACK The Survey Corps develop a risky gambit have Eren in Titan form attempt to repair Wall Rose, reclaiming human territory from the monsters for the first time in a century But Titan Eren s self control is far from perfect, and when he goes on a rampage, not even Armin can stop him With the survival of humanity on his massive shoulders, will Eren bHUMANITY PUSHES BACK The Survey Corps develop a risky gambit have Eren in Titan form attempt to repair Wall Rose, reclaiming human territory from the monsters for the first time in a century But Titan Eren s self control is far from perfect, and when he goes on a rampage, not even Armin can stop him With the survival of humanity on his massive shoulders, will Eren be able to return to his senses, or will he lose himself forever Chapters list 14 Primitive Desire15 One by One16 Necessity17 Delusions of Strength18 What Should I Do Now

    One thought on “Attack on Titan, Vol. 4”

    1. We shouldn't have this flashback now. It should've been introduced before. We already know the results, it's not fun. After all this action we are back to the training. Nope. It doesn't work this way.

    2. Guess who showed up.Technically Levi was only in it for a handful of pages. But still, HE'S HERE.Ummmmmm, so yeah. This was a good volume for developing many supporting characters, and I like that a lot of the focus is on Jean. He's a great foil for Eren, and his inner struggle between safety and heroism is interesting. The sudden switch from the present storyline to the past was very abrupt, and I like that the anime handled it more smoothly by keeping the timeline linear. You see the cadets tr [...]

    3. “When we're born. . . All of us. . . Are free. People who reject that, no matter how strong they are. . . Don't matter.” Astounding! P.s: Sasha is my spirit animal.

    4. I think this might be my favorite vol. so far. I really enjoyed the flashbacks of them training, and I laughed out loud several times reading this.Moving on to vol. 5.

    5. Most of this volume is told with flashbacks and I don't mind that at all. I like learning more about the characters instead of just battle after battle.But omg, titan puke?! 😧🤢~Original review:I don't even like this series that much but I had to buy this mash-up:OMG, another one! These are too funny XD

    6. This volume has a lot more character building in the form of training flashbacks, and emotional import for some of the horrific deaths of these poor clueless fighters and I loved it. I don't usually care for flashbacks, but anything that draws me into a story is gonna be good.The best part of the manga is just trying to figure out what the hell is going on in the broader sense, and we are inching forward, slowly and surely. I love these guys.Onward to the Scouts!

    7. Levi made an appearance at last.Flashbacks were a bit boring here. And I think military type of stories are not my thing.

    8. This volume focuses on Eren and Mikasa as trainees in the military unit, so be prepared for lots of flashbacks. This volume is actually pretty neat because we get a better look at what it takes to become a soldier in this world. The struggles Eren had to face as he went through his training and his interactions with the other characters you meet in book 2. Basically, his scooby-gang, if you will. Each character from book 2 is either talked about a little bit or at least shown as a teenager. You [...]

    9. این جلدش بی نظیر بود!و همانا که مانگا خواندن بر همگان واجب است

    10. StoryThis volume is a giant flashback, that was presented chronologically in the anime series.We see Eren & Co. as they spend their time in training to fight the titans. We also get a lot more back story on the other members of their trainee class.I think I prefer the anime's approach of having it chronologically rather than as a flashback. However Mr. Isayama does it early enough in the series that it may not matter too much because most of the story so far has focused on Eren, Mikasa and A [...]

    11. Wow. I'm getting super attached to this story. It's sooooooo good. I can't believe I didn't like it that much at the beginning!I love how they call Sasha the potato girl. :D

    12. Gore in abundance. Lives being lost like flies. Friends trying to hold it together as they try to figure out how the f*ck Eren does what he does. All of these make for yet another brutally awesome volume of Attack.I really enjoyed the process of Eren shifting into Titan mode and then the readers getting a glimpse of how he is affected mentally in such a situation. It makes for a fascinating piece. It was also quite wonderful to watch a military superior not being a colossal jackass for once, but [...]

    13. Okay so here's how I rated it. I only liked two chapters out of five (the first and the last), so two stars. I'm basic af, but it's late and I'm tired to think of this more thoroughly. Worst one in the series. Pretty boring. Bye.

    14. Full of details about the training of Survey Cops. it was a nice read. I'm already thinking of reading the next one in the serie.

    15. I watched the first few episodes on nextflix but it’s not in English so I opted to go with the manga to check it out because the complete series exists instead of just season one. This is my first manga so I don’t really have any prior experience to base it off when it comes to the art or story. I like the art it’s not over complex when it comes to telling the story it seems to work for the gritty horror story. So far the story while is well developed it’s easy to get lost turning the pa [...]

    16. Molto bello questo volume!Mostra la fase di reclutamento e di allenamento dei ragazzi, e in pratica di come siano diventati amici. Anche qui ci sono stati momenti molto toccanti ( mi riferisco alla scena tra Jean e Marcoe tristezza), ma anche qualche scena comica (la ragazza patata, WTF xD)che almeno stempera un po' l'atmisfera di costante terrore e ansia.E alla fine vediamo LeviLevi che con sole due battute mi ha già conquistata! *.* Quinto volume, vieni a me!

    17. Hay una escena en que la transición lo es todo y fue desarrollada a la perfección. Con tono aún apremiante, el sentimiento de la derrota a pesar de obtener una suerte de victoria, y esa magistral manera de enlazar un flashback a la actual situación, sin caer en clichés, hicieron de este tomo algo más valioso que el pasado.

    18. 3. ciltte çok az, minnacık bir Levi geçmişi gördük ki doğru biliyorsam animede böyle bir şey yoktu. Bu cilt ile birlikte de Levi'yın olaya daha çok dahil olduğu kısımlara giriyoruz. Süper! #levifangirlcunkunedenolmasin

    19. My heart hurts for them. They're so small. *Whimpering*Even though this background story felt oddly placed, it was still good and showed us how the group began to shape.I just want to give all of them hugs :(Recommended 13+ for lots of violence and language.

    20. Ce tome nous montre les origines de la rencontre d'Eren et de son groupe de camarades.Des personnalités ressortent franchement !

    21. Probably my favourite volume so far.1) This covers the years between when the 104th trainees squad began, to the current time when they're clearing up the bodies from the mission at the end of the third volume. CHEERFUL. I was worried this wasn't going to be included, because it's vital character development, but it was, which I'm really happy about. It introduces all of the people Eren got to know- Jean, Marco, Reiner, Bert, Annie, Sasha (AKA Potato Girl) and Connie (HE HAS MY NAME!!!!) It's in [...]

    22. I thought the flashbacks were awkwardly placed, but interesting nonetheless. And of course the author would put in those flashbacks to make you care about the characters more right before he kills some of them.

    23. [CONTAINS POSSIBLE SPOILERS]Well I really like the secondary plots, the stories behind the characters that gives us a perspective that, even being the last of humankind, they are still humans. With their flaws and fears, even with their strict military training at all. They still remain weak at times. I've liked the flashbacks too because they show a certain normality in the situation. The kids (as they are kids, teenagers, we can't forget that) having their training as normal kids would go to s [...]

    24. It's finally getting interesting. However, there is a huge flashback sequence that comes out of nowhere and takes up a good half of the book. It's so sudden that it left me checking back to make sure I hadn't missed anything, and it just feels very out of place. All we really learn from it are a few names and that Eren isn't that talented. Characters continue to annoy--Eren is constantly riled up and angry, and Jean and Eren are always fighting for no real explained reason--and when the flashbac [...]

    25. 3.75 stars!This volume gave some back story to the cast of familiar faces that seem to appear regularly. So because of the explanations & depth, it was a little slow, but still interesting. And Levi is in it now, so yay! I've heard good things about him so I'm definitely excited to read more of this manga, even though it's inevitably going to rip my heart out!

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