Non sposate quella donna!

Non sposate quella donna Melanie e Fran stentano a crederci La loro ex compagna di scuola Amanda sfrontata PR e diabolica arrampicatrice sociale ha messo a segno il colpo che cambier per sempre la sua vita ha accalappiato F

  • Title: Non sposate quella donna!
  • Author: Jenny Colgan Valentina Daniele
  • ISBN: 9788877829047
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • Melanie e Fran stentano a crederci La loro ex compagna di scuola Amanda, sfrontata PR e diabolica arrampicatrice sociale, ha messo a segno il colpo che cambier per sempre la sua vita ha accalappiato Fraser McDonald, un lord scozzese carino e per bene Pazienza se porta lo stesso paio di AllStar da tre anni e se il suo castello una montagna di macerie riscaldata da un Melanie e Fran stentano a crederci La loro ex compagna di scuola Amanda, sfrontata PR e diabolica arrampicatrice sociale, ha messo a segno il colpo che cambier per sempre la sua vita ha accalappiato Fraser McDonald, un lord scozzese carino e per bene Pazienza se porta lo stesso paio di AllStar da tre anni e se il suo castello una montagna di macerie riscaldata da un unica stufetta catalitica Per Amanda quello che conta il titolo Il fratello di Fraser, Angus, intuisce il pericolo e decide di sabotare le nozze, reclutando Mel e Fran, le vecchie amiche di Amanda che hanno ancora qualche conto in sospeso con lei.

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    1. I bought this book at the dollar store, and I think I paid too much.[return][return]Terrible story, full of unoriginal stereotypes and unlikeable characters. The main character, Melanie, is shuffled through one pathetic situation after another with no redeeming qualities. At least Bridget Jones had charm. We are somehow supposed to like a woman who: treats her roommate like crap just because she's odd, skips work all the time for selfish reasons (and only gets transfered to another department in [...]

    2. I couldn't finish this one. It got on my nerves, and it was too slow to begin with so I just stopped reading it. The main character is moody and kind of self-loathing. And she had a potty mouth from what I can remember. I was thinking it would be good, if I could just skip to a later part. I just couldn't get through it.

    3. Amanda’s old school friends can’t believe it when the social-climbing queen pulls off the ultimate publicity stunt in getting herself engaged to a Scottish laird. Something Must Be Done. Gentle, decent Fraser is clearly ignorant of her wiles, and Mel and Fran, still smarting from the memory of all the mean things Amanda put them through, set out to sabotage this mismatch of the century. So between fighting off the attentions of a love-crazed accountant, keeping Fran’s deadly manoeuvres wit [...]

    4. I surprisingly really enjoyed this book! I found it pretty humorous the whole way through and thought the main character Melanie was really funny. I did feel a little bit sorry for Amanda but she was a pretty nasty person. I do wish that Melanie had ended up with Angus but oh well.

    5. Absolutely hilarious - I loved the Fran character who didn't mince her words. To be fair all the characters were good - a great story which I highly recommend reading

    6. What a let down!! 200-some odd pages of how the characters want to take down Amanda's wedding and then when it gets to the wedding there's maybe 2 pages about it? Seriously? And the ending? I already can't remember what happenedat can't be good. The main character Melanie was so self absorbed she couldn't see what was going on around her. The jokes fell flat and even more disturbing was that sound effects that were written inaw chaw chaw? Ergh? Blaugh? What is that??? And PS - "?" and "!" ARE NO [...]

    7. well this one has it all blonde, 'posh' stick thin girls, boozy nights out and hangovers, useless jobs, sex, class division, a crumbling castle, a scottish laird, the social climbers, boys who will be boys, eating disorders, childhood miseries, revenge, elusive boyfriends i could go on but i think u get the picture! the story is told by mel, helped by her sex obsessed half flat mate who is her best friend until one fatal mistake very witty dialogue - u will fall in love with mel! sheer indulge [...]

    8. Originally posted at My Book Musings.Amanda’s Wedding took me by surprise. As I stated in my previous review of another work by Jenny Colgan (Meet Me at the Cupcake Café), I really enjoyed that book and looked forward to reading another one of her books.Well, Amanda’s Wedding took me by surprise… and not in a good way. I was expecting the book to be funny as it is, after all, a book about friends trying to sabotage their ‘friend’s’ wedding. But it was just a whole mess that I was so [...]

    9. It's no secret that I'm a massive Jenny Colgan fan, and her debut novel ' Amanda's Wedding', published back in 2000, is a real classic.90s girl-about-town Mel is adjusting to life without posh-boy Alex, whose attempts to make it big in the music biz have propelled him to the land of the free and Bruce Springsteen. Having omitted to mention his grand tour to Mel however, he has left our heroine a tad disturbed--grounds indeed for taking comfort in the arms of smelly, over-sized accountants with j [...]

    10. I don't know what people think they're getting into upon picking up this book, but it's crap.To be honest. However, delicious-nummy-nummy crap, it is. It's stupid, it's stereotypical with it's plot arc and character choices blahblahblahblahWhat's that? It's fun and you don't have to think? I'm pretty down with that. Sometimes, it's nice to sit down with a book that requires no brain power. Sometimes, you just want to laugh. I've read this book many-o-times (admittedly, it was ten years ago. I wa [...]

    11. This was a really fun and a bit ridiculous book. I thought that it was hilarious at times and I really liked most of the characters. I hated Alex though and he is such an ass. Melanie really don't need someone like him in her life, because she can do so much better. This book was good and I flew trough it once I sat down and read it.

    12. Melanie and fran have spent their whole lives envying their more attractive and more successful friend Amanda. WHen they learn that. Amanda is getting married to Fraser, a Scottish laird, they decide to sabotage the wedding on the grounds that amanda is a horrible person and doesn't deserve a nice man like Fraser and will make him unhappy. unfortunately, although i imagine we are meant to sympathise with Melanie and Fran, neither seem any more likeable than Amanda. they are selfish and shallow, [...]

    13. I generally love Jenny Colgan's books - but this felt like a step too far down the route of cliche for me. Our main character was self-absorbed, and the humorous situations weren't actually that funny. I couldn't abide Alex and anyone with an ounce of sense would run a mile form the kind of toxic friendships that are celebrated here. This was published some time ago, and I think it's a case of seeing a writer finding their voice/style. Sadly, this is not going to become a favourite.

    14. Planted firmly in Bridget Jones territory, Colgan's first novel takes off with the kind of manic energy and sharply vulgar humor that only a Brit-sitcom can, before settling down into the typical fare that comprises contemporary girl-fic. Londoners Mel and Fran, both 20-something, are horrified to learn that the third member of their childhood trio, Amanda--an uppity, shallow brat who's burned them one too many times--has landed Fraser McConald, a Scottish lord, as her fianc . Compounding their [...]

    15. Marian Keyes would beat meup with one of her hardcover bestsellers for daring to suggest that chicklit is of substandard quality, but this book was of substandard quality. It didn't have to be, but I'm basically certain that Colgan fell into the lazy trap of knowing a pastel cover and the word 'wedding' would sell her book better than the perfection of her prose. I picked this up in the radiology department, where abandoned patients' books go to die, mainly because I'd read Talking to Addison a [...]

    16. British Chic Lit-This was a nice break from some of the stuff I have been reading lately. Amanda is actually a friend of the main character Melanie. Actually, I wouldn’t call Amanda a friend since she doesn’t treat Melanie or Fran (Melanie’s best friend) like anything but mere acquaintances. If even that. Amanda is marrying a longtime friend of Mels, Frasier. But every one thinks Amanda is marrying him for his family status and money. Mel lives with a flatmate, Linda who is very strange. M [...]

    17. A British chick lit along the lines of Bridget Jones. The story centres around Melanie, who, along with best friend Fran, sets out to sabotage the wedding of old 'friend' Amanda. She is due to marry Fraser, a Laird with a castle, and previous crush of Mels. The friends conclude she is only in it for the title, and along with Fraser's younger brother Angus, they attempt to open Fraser's eyes to Amanda's intentions. This was an easy read, a simple story done well. It was a fairly funny story and I [...]

    18. I'm a fan of Jenny Colgan and found lots of things to like in this book, but as it was her first it's far from perfect. The lead character is a little too annoying at times and lacked self-awareness, and I wasn't really interested in the posh people. However, I thought it was still worth a read.

    19. First book where I really had not understood a thing! Up until the end I though our MC liked (view spoiler)[ the brother (hide spoiler)] so when the end unfolded I was like WHAT? Needless to say I didn't much feel the romance. I also don't like books with mean, slutty female back stabbing!

    20. Ugh. Should have read the reviews on this one or at least followed my instincts when I hated the main characters from the start. Don't bother- not cute or funny, fluffy or anything worth spending time on.

    21. This was a fun and dramatic soap opera-esk read that I received in a surprise book swap. Told from the perspective of Mel who's dating life is a complete shamble Between boring accountant nick who can't take a hint and Alex who disappeared to america and then comes crashing back in and then some unexpected chemistry with the Scottish She then has to contend with her evil friend/enemies amazing soon to be wedding Fun times, laugh out loud moments, crazy schemes and little bit of heartbreak and lo [...]

    22. This is the debut novel for this author, but was the 2nd one of hers that I read. The 1st one I read occurred later in her career and I enjoyed it so much I decided to go back and read more.I did not enjoy this book nearly as much. I found Melanie to be extremely unlikable for the first 2/3rds of the book. Also, maybe because I am American and not British, but I didn't find it nearly as "hilarious" as the book jacket said.I am going to toss this off as newbie nuances since I know I enjoyed her l [...]

    23. Oh dear! I am hoping this might be one of Jenny Colgan's early novels. It is certainly not one of her best. If you took the swearing out it would be a novella rather than a novel! Some well drawn characters, but if you have not read any of Jenny Colgan's books yet, please start with a different one as the others I have read have been far far better.

    24. Just what I needed, a lighthearted read, no brain required. This silly, selfish, stupid, sweet, moody girl Melanie made me laugh out loud at times. As this is Jenny Colgan's first book, which probably shows, it certainly made me curius about her later work.

    25. This is Ms. Colgan's first novel and I'm glad I read the later ones first. If I had read this one first, I probably would not have picked up the others. I recommend the Beach Street Bakery and the Cupcake Cafe books, but you can skip this one.

    26. I'd rate the beginning and the end as solid 5s, but the middle kind of wavered between 2-4, so I'll settle on a 3. Fun read, regardless!

    27. If you just want to read a light novel that requires no thinking, you can just chill out with this book and relax.

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