Iron Guard

Iron Guard The pride of Mordian arrive at the mining world of Belmos VII unaware of the terrible affliction plaguing the local populace What manner of daemon or xenos could cause such horror ABOUT THE BOOKAn eP

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  • Title: Iron Guard
  • Author: Mark Clapham
  • ISBN: 9780857877543
  • Page: 436
  • Format: ebook
  • The pride of Mordian arrive at the mining world of Belmos VII, unaware of the terrible affliction plaguing the local populace What manner of daemon or xenos could cause such horror ABOUT THE BOOKAn ePremiere of the Warhammer 40,000 novel by Mark Clapham.

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    1. My cousin, who is very into military type fiction, recommended this to me. He rarely reads and doesn't really like doing it, but he seemed to really enjoy this book. Otherwise, I would not have picked this up in a million years.I am glad I read this book for two reasons: 1. because I'll have something literary to talk about with my cousin (and, all things considered, he could have chosen a much worse book to enjoy) and2. because I found out that this is not my genre. I prefer fantasy to scifi; I [...]

    2. Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard novels are one of my guilty pleasures and Iron Guard by Mark Clapham didn’t disappoint. The novel is structured around the Unbreakable Mordian 114th, and in particular, newly initiated guardsman Fernand Hool along with those closest around him.For the 114th battle on Elisenda was simple enough: eliminate the rebel never ending and production cannot be stopped. However, simple and routine evolves rapidly when Major Geiss is appointed a strike force and tasked with i [...]

    3. Iron Guard is definitely one of the better 40k novels featuring the Imperial Guard. In terms of plot, it is your standard, run of the mill story about a group of soldiers finding themselves in an unknown environment facing and unknown enemy. All the typical cliches are present: the rough and mysterious lieutenant, the taciturn commissar, the fight against a superior enemy, even a deux ex machina appearance of an inquisitor. BUT the thing is, M. Clapham delivers it all superbly. Somehow he manage [...]

    4. First of all, my copy of this book was missing about 30 pages. It skipped from page 192 to 225. I'm not sure if this is common, or if I just got unlucky.That out of the way, this was one of the better Imperial Guard books that I've read. The start was rather slow with the Imperial Guard facing off against some rather generic zombie-like enemies. I admit I was rather disappointed at first, there are so many great villains in the Warhammer universe and these were not interesting at all.The last 10 [...]

    5. While the overall tale was well done, and entertaining enough that the handful of errors were insufficient to make me stop reading. That said, everytime a lasgun recoiled, I did too. It is a pet peeve mistake to have a laser-based weapon generate enough kickback to be felt by the user. This was less of an issue than the desu ex inquisitor who showed up just to allow the author to deliver a pat anti-war diatribe in a book whose universe's tagline ends with "There is only war". This was an out of [...]

    6. It's a decent book overall. I found the quality of the prose to be somewhat less than impressive, with poor word choice abounding, but at least the plot was riveting and the characters were likeable, if not particularly well-developed. Certainly, it was interesting to see the exploits of the Mordian Iron Guard (my favorite Imperial Guard regiment) as they investigated a mysterious outbreak on a remote mining world. The middle of the book felt fairly slow. However, the ending was actually very we [...]

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