Double Trouble

Double Trouble Two sisters One disaster First things first I m the bad twin While my sister Marcia has the perfect family in the perfect suburb I ve been making my living as an Internet advice columnist and desig

  • Title: Double Trouble
  • Author: Claire Cross Deborah Cooke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Two sisters One disaster First things first I m the bad twin While my sister, Marcia, has the perfect family in the perfect suburb, I ve been making my living as an Internet advice columnist and designing Web sites in my downtown loft I always thought I had the right answer and hair color for any occasion That is, until Marcia ran up loads of debt and ran out onTwo sisters One disaster First things first I m the bad twin While my sister, Marcia, has the perfect family in the perfect suburb, I ve been making my living as an Internet advice columnist and designing Web sites in my downtown loft I always thought I had the right answer and hair color for any occasion That is, until Marcia ran up loads of debt and ran out on her husband and kids, and I was left helping to pick up the pieces Her husband, James, is a lawyer who I hate on principle alone But for a guy who s just lost his job, his marriage, and his expensive toys, he s keeping it together and making me rethink my feelings toward him It s not that he s traded in his conservative suits for sexy jeans It s that he s not giving up what s important to him, and oh baby, I m a sucker for a guy who hangs tough That doesn t mean I m ready to step into Marcia s designer shoes now that she s gone AWOL And it doesn t mean I m going to fall for James s easy charmt again, anyhow Besides, I ve had a lifelong policy of not being mistaken for my twin and I m not backing down on that one now no matter how convenient it might be for a certain sexy and persuasive man This edition includes excerpts from ONE MORE TIME and LOVE POTION 9.

    One thought on “Double Trouble”

    1. I enjoyed enough of it to make me glad I read it, but I have many complaints.It’s first person. I prefer third person to give me more points of view and more about other characters. I wanted more story about Marcia and James’ mother Beverly. I was disappointed that one story was never finished - about James vs Matt in the courtroom. I did not care for the Dear Mary (advice column) questions and answers. They interrupted the story and were not interesting. I also felt the friends group was no [...]

    2. I debated the rating on this novel for awhile. I was tempted to give it four stars.The pros: Wonderful characters. Maralys is a sharp-witted, smart-mouthed punk with a heart of gold. James is, the wonder of all wonders, a man who actually takes advice. Both are strong, independent, and determined to make something good of their lives (which were financially wrecked by others.) Obviously, they're made for each other. The story is, for the most part, fast moving with plot twists that you could sor [...]

    3. This Book drove me NUTS I didn't finish it, probably wont either but I can't promise; I did buy it (thank GOODNESS for amazons .01$ books) This book deals with twins. Being a twin I feel I can contect with the sisters. However, unless your a twin you will NEVER know what it feels like to be one, (its weird ::shivers::) and Miss Cross proves my point perfectly.I don't care WHAT my sister does, says or acts like I will NEVER want her husband (Joey your a stud but sorry) want to make her children m [...]

    4. This was a freebie, so I didn't expect that much from it but I ended up enjoying it. The characters all felt fully fleshed out and logically motivated, and though I was prepared to hate the heroine's twin, when she finally showed up, the author was able to get me to empathize with her. Pretty tough given the build up she had, so kudos for that.

    5. To begin with, let me tell you that Double Trouble is categorized as a romance. What it is though, is 276 pages of people simply rattling on with no apparent destination for their thoughts, words, or life in general. The romance is left to a few pages which, for all its build up, is highly disappointing to say the least. I personally found the book lacking any real element of romance, with the focus being more on narcissistic and prolonged drama.And that's, unfortunately, not the only problem. T [...]

    6. Double Narcissist Times TwoIt is hard to realize this is actually a romance novel because there was so much time spent on selfish "me" stuff that there was very little time left for romantic parts. Four of the main characters in this book are super narcissists. And the main character, Maralys is the biggest one I have ever known, in fact its only because this book was written by 2 women that I don't know which one to blame for her characteristics, but I'm at a loss to know why they created her a [...]

    7. Double Trouble (The Coxwells 2) is number two in The Coxwells Series, which I didn’t know when I read it. I don’t if it hurt or help me when I was reading. The reason I noticed it was the title, then the blurb. One of my friends is a twin and I always find twin stories fascinating. Marica and Mary Elizabeth, better known as Maryals, are the O’Reilly twins. For the majority of the read you are made to believe that Maryals is the bad twin. Maybe because my dad did the same thing as Marcia, M [...]

    8. Ok so my title was a little lame, que sera sera! Have you ever read a book that had all the elements well this is one of them and Im the oldest of four sisters, so this was up my alley. When I first started reading it I wasnt really sure the author was sooo detailed abour everything but truthfully it worked! Maralys' dad was hilarious can I tell you when he came onto the scene I pictured conversations with my dad, he was such a character. I could sympathize with her and her sister made me soooo [...]

    9. I probably shouldn't be reviewing this as this was a DNF for me (did not finish). This came recommended to me because I like Kristan Higgins. But While I love Kristan Higgins' voice, i found that I did not like this authors' voice. I am not a fan of 'Sex and the City' or slick chick lit and this book, and expesiall the first person voice of the heroine, was off putting to me. So I closed the book after several chapters.

    10. Maralys is a fun likeable character. I loved her crazy inner dialogue. Anyone that likes contemporary romance will enjoy. OTOH (ha), I totally could have done without the "Ariadne's" (sic). I did not think any of that storyline was necessary or interesting.

    11. I loved this story! It was frustrating and sweet and loving and sad and amazing and I didn't want it to end.

    12. Identical twins, complete opposites.4 starsOne twin leaves, the other funds her true self. Well I guess that both find themselves. One just isn't all that great of a person, in my opinion. There is a lot of reforming by several characters. A plot twist that was kinda unexpected. You know something is up, yet it's not something you can guess, it more like bam! take this curve ball. I did enjoy these characters. They all had their own personalities.I say if you like happy ever afters, family drama [...]

    13. I really enjoyed the story of James and Mary Elizabeth. This was a lively, lighthearted read with plenty of humor. I loved the sarcastic reality view Mary Elizabeth has on life. I identified with Mary Elizabeth struggle taking care of a fractious parent. While it is hard for me to imaging the 'other twin' leaving her family and children I have seen it happen where lest expected. Cooke certainly knows how to move a story, weaving various story lines through out. This was a 'hard to put it down' r [...]

    14. I really liked this book. I liked how the character talked to the reader to tell the story. Love how edgy and real she was. He’s very romantic in a way that suits her. It was great. I also really enjoyed the humor in this book. Great story, fabulous ending.

    15. Book two of the Coxwell series. I have not read one or four but I would like to. What does it say that I think that I read number three but am not sure?? Great characters.

    16. I gave this book 3 stars for some reasons that I will name in a while, but first I want to warn you there maybe SPOILERS please, now that I have issued a warning, don't hang me with an angry mob at your side. NOW onward to my explanation. While the book was entertaining it did not have that romance factor; it had a comedy factor, and a self growth (of the character) factor, but for me there was not that much romance. At least not enough for it to be considered a romance book. The whole book was [...]

    17. Live, Laugh, Love!Double Trouble was lots of fun. I love Maralys, her quirkiness, constant hair color changes, and especially her mouth. I wasn't sure I would like her getting together with her brother-in-law, James. Especially since he had been married to her twin. I loved the way the author slowly exposed the past, as she let us get to know the characters. Loved the Dear Aunt Mary advice column at the beginning of every chapter and the Ariadnes. I like realistic HEA endings and this had one. S [...]

    18. "Double Trouble" by Deborah Cooke. Book 2 in The Coxwells series.Well I'm going to say I'm straight down the middle with this book giving it 2.5 of 5 stars. I liked it and it was just ok for me. The two main characters are James Coxwell and Maralys O'Reilly. Honestly, this book was like watching a train wreck happen's horrible but you just can't stop watching. That's how I found this book.In the beginning, all the characters (ie: James, Maralys, Maralys's father, James's father) are so horrible [...]

    19. Good twin, bad twin. The protagonist, Maralys automatically assumes she is the bad twin. She is divorced, in debt, fights constantly with her aging father and follows the beat of her own drum, including ever-changing hair color. Her sister, Marcia, the good twin, has a husband and beautiful children and never gave her parents any trouble. Maralys gets a phone call one evening from her nephew because no one has picked him up. She arrives at the house with him and reads a note from her sister (to [...]

    20. i got this book when it was free off amazon. now, don't get me wrong. i loved the fact that this was a romance, and more of a chick litis book is about a set of twins. One of which has a great husband, two kids, and the whole package. she was a stay at home mom got everything that she wanted. that was except she wasn't happy. Marcia let her kids one morning. yup that is right. there were at swimming practice and she let a note for her husband to pick up the kids because she left the family. now, [...]

    21. So this started off with a huge bang. I started reading this on my commute to work and I did not want to stop when I got there. I had it on my desk and kept trying to sneak peaks of the rest of the chapter. The heat between Maralys and James was palatable. Unfortunately, for me, right after we leave James' house it goes downhill.I just felt like Maralys kept running off on tangents. She takes us to places with her thoughts that just drag on and on. I'm trying to remember details but to be honest [...]

    22. This was my first book by the author and I really enjoyed it. This is one of my favorite kids of romancesa simple plot with complex character development. This is a romance with intuitive characters (if you've taken the Myers Brigg Personality test - the hero is an INFJ and the heroine is an ENTP). Readers who are Concrete thinkers ie (SP or SJ) will probably end up sharing the viewpoints of the one star reviewers (approximately 80% of people are concrete most stories, books, movies etc are writ [...]

    23. Great book, poor copy editingThis is the first book in one of my favorite romantic chick lit series ever, so when I saw a free Kindle edition, I snapped it up. I suspect it was free because it's rife with copy editing mistakes, most frequently at least one sentence per page with the wrong verb tense or the wrong pronoun. It's still worth reading, the protagonist, Maralys is a wonderfully mouthy computer programmer and irreverent internet advice personality, who helps her brother in law James out [...]

    24. Not a writing style I'm used to I think. Wasn't bad, but where other characters will talk to you thought the book and give you an occasional in site or funnies etc (think Malcolm in the Middle) - most of this book was talking directly to the reader. As I say, not bad but makes for mostly one big monolog. There were quite a few giggles and laughs, though I think the story just doesn't pull it off.Apart from a really big and really good plot twist in the middle of the book, it was all mostly so so [...]

    25. Mary Elizabeth O'Reilly, who goes by Maralys, is a software programmer and online advice columnist. At 38, she's a cynic whose "little boy" husband ran up a ton of debt and then took off. Maralys has worked for 6 years to get out of debt and has built walls around her heart via sarcasm and a tendency to speak her mind. The last thing she wants is to be involved with someone, let alone someone with a family.James Coxwell is a successful criminal attorney, married to Maralys' sister Marcia. They h [...]

    26. Claire Cross does a magnificent job of showing us the humanness in people. For example, the whole book we are made to really dislike if not hate Maralys' sister, because we are seeing her from Maralys' POV. But when she actually shows up and has a chance to talk with Maralys we understand her much better. We get to see what brought her to this point. I think it's a really tricky thing as an author to be able to do that. Often it comes across as flat and that we are now supposed to like a charact [...]

    27. Quirky, lives to the beat of her own drum Maralys is one of those females who present a certain persona to the world but who is in reality someone who is trying her best to make it in the shadow of her twin sister. The sister everyone seems to believe is so perfect when Maralys is so not.I thought the slow reveal of her true character was excellently portrayed as it really let Maralys finally see that she had the capability to break free of the self-imposed restrictions that kept her from reachi [...]

    28. Meh. I liked parts of it a lotke the actual interactions between Maralys and James and the kids. There were great lessons to be learned and I liked the way they went about it.Some reviews I have read had trouble with the whole twin thing.I think that the story explained it away well, and I didn't have an issue with it. The things I did have an issue with: (1) The advice column dispersed throughout. It was really not necessary to the story, could have been left out. (2) The over-explaining of her [...]

    29. What to tell you about this book? Well, I gave it a 5 star didn't I? So, I tell you that I truly loved the story, the writing style was fun and the author was comical too! The heroine (Maralys) was smart, witty, extremely independent but vulnerable and kind, although she came across as cold and selfish at times. James (the hero) was also a great character not only mature, handsome, intelligent but imperfect but not in a bad way but in a "real" life way! Where you make decisions and live with the [...]

    30. Adults who actually act like adults.This is book two of the Coxwell family series, you don't have to read book one, but it will clarify how messed up this family is, and why. James is the oldest son, Maralys is an identical twin to his wife who has abandoned James and her children. The story is told through Maralys viewpoint. We watch as Maralys finally grows past hurt and misconceptions from her childhood and as a young adult, not trusting anyone but herself, to a forgiving trusting adult. I li [...]

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