The Crucible

The Crucible The world is hungry for energy Nuclear power wind turbines and fossil fuels are struggling to deliver and costing the earth Greg Marshall has developed a revolutionary new way to generate electricity

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  • Title: The Crucible
  • Author: Ruby Barnes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 183
  • Format: ebook
  • The world is hungry for energy Nuclear power, wind turbines and fossil fuels are struggling to deliver and costing the earth Greg Marshall has developed a revolutionary new way to generate electricity and the hopes of a global corporation rest upon his shoulders Figures move in the shadows, ready to seize opportunities When the enigmatic Thomas steals his identity, GreThe world is hungry for energy Nuclear power, wind turbines and fossil fuels are struggling to deliver and costing the earth Greg Marshall has developed a revolutionary new way to generate electricity and the hopes of a global corporation rest upon his shoulders Figures move in the shadows, ready to seize opportunities When the enigmatic Thomas steals his identity, Greg is lured into a web of global corruption, conspiracy and murder.Thomas is a shadow, dispensing justice and righting wrongs on a grand scale His task is to return the billions stolen from Africa by corrupt regimes Thomas s organisation want Greg s invention to power the continent Africa will unite and move from famine and relief agency support to superpower status under the leadership of a charismatic and evangelical statesman But why are millions of Africans still being allowed to die from AIDS A collusion of terrifying proportions, this book will change forever your view of European and American intervention in Africa, the cradle of human life.

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    1. At first when I read other reviews comparing the author's style to Tom Clancy I was skeptical. Its like those American Idols hopefuls claiming they sound like Beyonce, when they come out truly sounding like a dying cat. But, this is a really good book! It had me hooked from the first page to the last. I'm not a political buff, usually when someone starts in on politics my eyes cross and glaze over, but this was so much more. From seeing the heart-wrenching "solutions" of third world countries, t [...]

    2. 3 stars…One for Thomas’s character. I just loved him.Two for the idea of peace between all religions…Third for the plot.Fav scenes, The fifth was the one that tilted his face into hers as he gave a twisted smile andsaid, 'your knight in shining armour.'She met those blue eyes with her own and felt the life in them. Then the lightfaded, went out.They all slept on the flight back to Dublin. Greg dreamed of ThomasThistlethwaite. He saw the Bedfordshire house then found himself floating from r [...]

    3. In 1936, a mutated virus passed from monkey to human, and a deadly epidemic was born. Set in a near but undated future, the world is in what would be its last turmoil. While the United States is poised to begin an Armageddon-like battle in the Middle East, Europeans are emigrating en masse to Africa, believing they are returning to the birthplace of mankind. Both groups are fueled by a fundamentalist religious fervor, one believing they are bringing about the prophesied end of the world, and the [...]

    4. Review of The Crucible by Ruby BarnesReviewed for Making Connections Group, of an ebook copy received from the author on July 26 2012, in exchange for my provision of a fair and impartial review. From the first novel I read by Ruby Barnes, which was “The Baptist,” I have been a convert. No matter the subject matter, if Mr. Barnes wrote it, I’ll read it. “The Crucible” is no exception. Jam-packed with historical, cultural, geographical, societal, and technological information, filled t [...]

    5. What a brilliantly written novel this is. In real life I am heartily indifferent to politics but this action filled thriller incorporates so much more. It is set in the near future and features Greg, a man who has invented a device for producing cheap power when dropped into a water course. He has his identity stolen by the mysterious but very powerful Thomas who is involved with restoring fortunes which have been acquired by self-serving African dictators. Meantime, the AIDS pandemic is increas [...]

    6. There's a station identification short film on Channel 4 UK which shows random and unconnected pieces of pylons from a moving vehicle. As the vehicle moves onward the number 4 is made from the new viewpoint. That's what this book felt like to me. This is the third of Ruby's books that I've read and I've learned that they're not books you can read without your brain engaged. The plot-lines gradually come together and a Tom Clancy-like conclusion ensues. Not all of the characters we are introduced [...]

    7. The book starts out in Cameroon, Africa. I found the prologue to be a bit confusing. While reading this book I was often mixing up the characters as they are numerous and sometimes were only introduced briefly for one chapter. In someways the chapters we almost as individual stories that appeared to have nothing to do with the plot, only to be weaved together later.The main problem I had with this book was there was simply too many characters and the settings jumped randomly around the world, fr [...]

    8. Ruby Barnes' latest novel is as revealing and surprising as his last. Expecting a military/covert thriller a la Tom Clancy, from my initial skim-over; I was struck by just how insidiously the author has led me into a deep, very moving and highly skeptical look at the effects of post-colonial "colonialism" in the name of aid in Africa. Mr. Barnes has suggested a collusion of terrifying proportion, acting completely outside the realm of governmental intervention. This is a book to make you think, [...]

    9. The Crucible is a thrilling political story, that involves adventure, global corruption and conspiracy. It is fast paced, interesting, full of information and very believable. Greg's identity is stolen by Thomas, a mercenary on a specific mission. They are working in Africa among AIDS victims, whilst the Americans are fighting a religious war in Iran. This story is a page-turner and exciting. Great character development in Greg and Thomas with their histories and family lines. Great writing by R [...]

    10. A thought-provoking novel jammed packed with action, espionage and conspiracy. It took me awhile to get into the book, but once I did, I had trouble putting it down! It paints a very disturbing picture of the potential "solutions" to third world problems. I was extremely surprised (and impressed) by the ending of “part one”. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for part two of the novel!

    11. Very much enjoyed this book. It was well paced with a vividly imagined storyline that held my interest to the very end. I did find the US side of the story came in a bit abruptly but it soon gelled with the main AIDS/Africa theme.

    12. I really don’t know how to say this, because I hate giving bad reviews to books but this had conspiracy layered on top of conspiracy and they didn’t line up for me in any type of cohesive pattern or really reveal much of the background. I’ve read hundreds of political and medical suspense thrillers with great conspiracies and twists, but this one had me wanting to put it down after 180 pages. Since I had signed up to review this book for the author, I couldn’t in good conscience do that, [...]

    13. *Was given a free copy in exchange for a review*This was a fairly good book, but the ending was confusing to me. Maybe reading the next one would help, but I was lost on a few things. I liked many of the characters and the build, but the end was a bit abrupt. I get what happened, but not the how or why or how that all worked out. Hum

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