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  1. This is an odd book which I thoroughly enjoyed. Set in mid 1950's Berlin it is the story of a young Englishman assigned to a joint British-American surveillance team. The mistrust and dislike of allies and comrades in arms is quietly stated but undeniable and there were tongue in cheek descriptions by McEwan of the wonderfully contorted levels of security which purportedly existed so as to preserve the safety and secrecy of the work and yet seemed just to encourage people to seek desperately to [...]

  2. 'To innocence. And to Anglo-German co-operation.'This is what Leonard, a stuffy English engineer who has been sent to post-war, pre-wall Berlin to assist in an attempt to tap Soviet landlines, and Maria, a mysterious German divorcee who initiates him in the art of love, say to each other at their engagement party. Just a few pages later, they lose their innocence in the most gruesome fashion imaginable, after which Anglo-German co-operation takes a back seat and confusion and paranoia take over. [...]

  3. I wish I knew what this 1990 novel was trying to be, because as well written as the prose is, The Innocent feels all over the place. It’s a post-WWII Berlin spy novel, but it’s mostly about politics – not so much between the Russians and the west, but between Germany, the Americans, and the British. It’s also a coming-of-age story, in a way; though the protagonist is 30, he’s still a bit naïve. Finally, there are small turns in the plot that seem unlikely and then seriously improbable [...]

  4. When you're in love, you do strange things, but they don't seem strange at the time. Last night we watched Deep End, a 1970 movie starring Jane Asher which explored this theme well. The main character is a shy 15 year old boy, who becomes obsessed with the lovely Ms Asher. His actions all seem more or less logical in the context of the story; but somehow they lead to a brilliant and disquieting final scene where they're standing in a disused swimming pool, boiling snow in an electric kettle that [...]

  5. e invece non lo è proprio per niente. Ian McEwan è uno degli scrittori della lista di coloro che vorrei conoscere meglio, ma che allo stesso tempo faccio fatica ad inquadrare. Ho già letto Espiazione che mi è piaciuto molto ma a livello intellettuale, soprattutto per i temi proposti, senza appassionarmi davvero. Spulciando nella sua bibliografia trovo spy stories, storie d'amore e di formazione, raccolte di raccontiho scelto questo soprattutto per l'ambientazione.La caduta della Germania naz [...]

  6. With Ian McEwan. Atonement remains one of my favorite books, but when I tried Saturday I just couldn't connect with the book. When I saw his book the Innocent, set in one of my favorite periods, the mid-Cold War, I just had to try it. The setting turns out to be relatively unimportant. This isn't really a Cold War thriller, but is a classic McEwan exploration of the inner life of a few people.In this case, we have the inexperienced British civil servant, Leonard , who is sent to work on a joint [...]

  7. Read: May 2017I am really beginning to love Ian McEwan's work. The Innocent is the fifth novel I have read by McEwan in recent years and while it is not quite up at the heady heights of Atonement and The Cement Garden in my opinion, it is a wonderful novel in its own right; incredibly well written, dark, atmospheric, funny in places and tragic in others. The Innocent is based around the real events of Operation Gold; a joint task force of American and British intelligence in Berlin who dug tunne [...]

  8. il self control inglese è peggio della Guerra FreddaBerlino metà anni 50la città è divisa in zone di occupazione, poco prima della costruzione del Muro che la dividerà nei lunghi anni di Guerra Fredda, alcuni tecnici inglesi e americani collaborano alla costruzione di un tunnel da cui intendono spiare le comunicazioni radar provenienti dalla Russiaun povero fesso inglese, giovane e inesperto, viene mandato a far la spia senza nemmeno capire cosa dovrebbe spiare e, intanto che si guarda into [...]

  9. I think someone else said it first, but this book is not for the faint of heart. Several chapters are almost disgustingly grisly. Make that totally. And I want to warn you right up front because I was too far in to get out at that point. But ultimately, this is another solid read from Ian McEwan with its plot twists and turns as well as incisive characterizations tossed out in a character's observations, revealing depths of human frailty in a single remark. The protagonist's sexual awakening is [...]

  10. Hmmm Looks like either I had too much expectation from the book or the book indeed was not upto McEwan's standards. The story seemed to drag a little although it could have been an absolute racer with its setting of spying, espionage and clandestine decryptions. The story reeked of some inconsequential details, which can advance a story if used in moderation, but the over-usage here only tamed the rhythm. I also found the central character, Leonard, way too confused, not as much owing to his inn [...]

  11. I love-love-love Ian McEwan, and I'm going to remember this holiday season as the time I "rediscovered" Ian McEwan. I read a lot of books by him a few years ago, but not ALL of his books. And I read everything new he publishes. But I ended up reading this book rather inadvertently. It just came out on the Kindle in December, and I stumbled across it and "preordered" it thinking that it was a new publication -- only to later discover that he had written it in '89 and it was only the Kindle versio [...]

  12. McEwan does the Cold War thriller. An excellent read by one of the best living English language authors. And for the record, I had sufficient testosterone to get through, in one go, the gut-wrenching scene located amidships. It was graphic, but don't let the namby-pamby reviewers telling you they had to set down the book, overcome by revulsion and fear as they were, steer you in the wrong direction. To them I say, there's always Maeve Binchy.

  13. 3.5, muy bueno. No había leído yo nada de este autor, sabía quién era porque he visto la peli de "Expiación" pero estoy más que seguro, SEGURISIMO, que voy a leer mucho libros de Ian McEwan.

  14. interesanta. acum caut si filmul (am citit ca ecranizarea e chiar reusita) cu Anthony Hopkins, Isabella Rossellini si Campbell Scott.

  15. Books like this one are hard to describe. Having been familiar with Ian McEwan’s work already, I picked The Innocent out of a list of options for my seminar with the topic of Berlin. As the story is set in the 1950s, I’m not sure if McEwan ever experienced the destruction of the city himself, although it has been brought to my attention, that he seems to have spent some part of his childhood in Germany, but I haven’t yet managed to find any clear sources on that. However, it appears that h [...]

  16. Jméno Ian McEwan jsem již párkrát zaslechl, ale protože dávám přednost irským autorům před těmi ostrovními, nechával jsem jej bez povšimnutí. Až náhoda způsobila, že chtěv si pořídit nějaké mapy, zakoupil jsem i čerstvě vydaný překlad románu Nevinný (The Innocent, orig. 1989).Asi nejvíc mě na knize lákal popis poválečného Berlína ještě před postavením proslavené zdi. To ostatní, tedy vyhloubení tunelu do sovětské okupační zóny kvůli odposlouchá [...]

  17. (4,5) I thoroughly enjoyed this strange romance/spy novel/period piece/twisted and grisly tale, second only to Atonement of McEwan’s novels, in my opinion (from the six novels I’ve read by him so far). I found the novel in Berlin a few days ago and bought it without hesitation: It’s by one of my favourite authors, and the cover featured The Brandenburger Gate, which I saw every day when we stepped out of our hotel or returned to it. As the main character in the novel visits Berlin in two d [...]

  18. This is not a thriller or a spy novel, although those are elements of the story. It is, like McEwan's other books, a tightly woven portrait - this time of a young naive Englishman in Berlin in 1955. Sometimes McEwan is just too perfectly contrived - like "Saturday" was - but here I had no idea how everything would turn out. There is tension and menace right from the start, but it is nothing like you would expect, and the ending is entirely appropriate. I couldn't put it down - read it in two nig [...]

  19. Far less than my expectations, Schade ! nevertheless it's acceptable as a love story that has nothing to do deeply with the beginning of the cold war or the kind of life in Berlin just after the war. therefrom I classify it as a love story , even though the central theme is on spy. This is because I've been and will be obsessed with knowing more about the nature of the life Berliners were living during that period of time, and thought this novel would introduce something new but, unfortunately, [...]

  20. depalma should direct the film version. that terrific fucking final set piece all slowed down and stretched out over 60 pages, all gory and demented shit yeah! i'd also like to dig up hitchcock's grave and have depalma cockslap him a few times across his pale jowly cheek. the fat bastard deserves it.

  21. Сексуално-любовна драма на фона на Студената война, като историята сама по себе си не беше лоша, но от този автор очаквам много, много повече.

  22. Общото във всички книги на Иън Макюън е въпросът за непоносимата тежест на отговорността за собствените решения, стоварилите се като съдба обстоятелства – резултат от тези избори и човешката слабост да погледнеш истината в очите когато е толкова уютно да се сгушиш във въ [...]

  23. The Innocent by Ian McEwan is a psychological thriller set in West Berlin, 1954, during the cold war. Leonard Marnham, a 25-year-old British post office technician, was employed by the Americans on a joint British-American surveillance project to install signals in the tunnel they were building to tap the phone lines of the Soviet High Command. Leonard was well brought up and shy but quickly lost both his physical and political innocence. His love interest was a blond German divorcee, Maria Eckd [...]

  24. A história de "O Inocente" passa-se em Berlim dos anos 50, sobretudo em torno de Leonard, um jovem inglês inexperiente, e Maria, uma alemã divorciada, metendo pelo meio muito suspense e alguma (pouca) espionagem, alguma História decorrente da ocupação da Alemanha e de Berlim pelos ingleses, franceses, americanos e russos. Se gostei? Gostei, mas ainda continuo a gostar mais de "Expiação". "O Inocente" só me conseguiu prender mais às suas páginas a partir do momento em que a personagem [...]

  25. Come una vecchia pubblicità di una grappa, un romanzo dal cuore molto bello, ma con una testa ed una coda non del tutto convincenti. All’inizio, la puntigliosa descrizione del progetto di spionaggio antisovietico risulta in molti tratti macchinosa: poi Leonard incontra Maria ed iniziano duecento pagine travolgenti come la storia d’amore tra i due personaggi. Il loro rapporto cresce pagina per pagina, contrappuntato dal lavoro di lui per il progetto suddetto, senza che ci sia alcuno scadimen [...]

  26. The book you think you're starting is utterly different from the book you finish. That is a compliment. First half is a Cold War thriller written by a more reserved John le Carre, second half is a black comedy of the most high-macabre, queasily tense variety. The Innocent doesn't quite reach the (ridiculously high) bar set by Amsterdam, and part of me misses the sustained sensitivity of books like Saturday (what? I liked it.), but there is plenty of the fine-grained observation we know and love [...]

  27. Caro S McEwan, devo ammettere che dopo un inizio difficoltoso, ho adorato il suo libro in cui ha dimostrato anche questa volta il suo grande talento.Ho amato tutto di questo libro. Ho amato l'ambientazione Berlinese, una Berlino distrutta a 10 anni dalla Seconda Guerra Mondiale,una Berlino che cerca di ricostruirsi dopo le macerie e ritrovare la sua anima di città moderna e cosmopolita. Ho amato il personaggio di Leonard, così ingenuo e innocente (non è un caso che il titolo originale sia "Th [...]

  28. All’inizio sembra di entrare dentro a un romanzo di genere (spie, servizi segreti) con parallela storia d’amore.La vicenda è a suo modo semplice con pochi elementi cruciali cuciti assieme dalla prosa sempre chirurgica (letteralmente) e facile da seguire (per quanto qui un po’ sotto le righe) di McEwan.Però molto poco coinvolgente, personaggi piatti e ingenui, qualche punto inverosimile.E non aggiunge troppo di nuovo all’idea che abbiamo della Berlino anni ’50.Fosse l’opera di uno s [...]

  29. For the first 130 pages I was not sure whether this was a spy novel or a romance or even both. Then the story developed into a thriller full of dread and suspense! Ian McEwan once more convinced me of his genius!

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