Surfing in Stilettos

Surfing in Stilettos Amanda Wilson is all geared up for an exciting gap year travelling across Europe She soon finds her plans thwarted when she is abandoned in France with only a cellarful of Chateau Plonk a large ora

  • Title: Surfing in Stilettos
  • Author: Carol E. Wyer
  • ISBN: 9781907205347
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amanda Wilson is all geared up for an exciting gap year, travelling across Europe She soon finds her plans thwarted when she is abandoned in France with only a cellarful of Chateau Plonk, a large, orange Space Hopper, and Old Ted, the dog, for company Fate has intervened to turn Amanda s life on its head First the campervan breaks down Then her dopey son, Tom, who is sAmanda Wilson is all geared up for an exciting gap year, travelling across Europe She soon finds her plans thwarted when she is abandoned in France with only a cellarful of Chateau Plonk, a large, orange Space Hopper, and Old Ted, the dog, for company Fate has intervened to turn Amanda s life on its head First the campervan breaks down Then her dopey son, Tom, who is staying in their house in the UK, begins wrecking it, one piece at a time The jaw dropping video Skype calls that her irrepressible mother insists on making are, by contrast, making Amanda s humdrum trip even less palatable Finally, she discovers that her new found, French friend, Bibi Chevalier, had engineered a plan to ensure that her philandering husband would never stray again unfortunately, Amanda is unwittingly drawn into the scheme, becoming a target Meanwhile, on a beach in Sydney, a lonely Todd Bradshaw realises that his first true love, Amanda Wilson, is definitely the only woman for him Can he get back into her good books and hopefully back into her arms with his latest plan Or will fate intervene yet again and turn everyone s lives upside down

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    1. We begin our journey with a blog post. Amanda has blogged on Fortifying Your Fifties about the impending gap year. Some of the comments make me chuckle.Chapter One sees Todd Bradshaw experiencing a night of passion with Amanda. Waking exhausted he finds it was only a dream! Todd is a man who has missed the opportunities in the past but Amanda is still haunting him.On the road, we learn from Phil about the night before. Amanda and her mother Grace (having recently got in touch) were up all night [...]

    2. Carol E. Wyer has this amazing ability to write humor that works. Her books are real, funny and heartwarming all in one. She weaves everything masterfully together, drawing the reader into the story. I am a HUGE fan and will gladly read anything she writes!

    3. Surfing in Stilettos is the spectacular sequel to Carol E Wyer’s first novel Mini Skirts and Laughter lines, continuing the story of the determined and captivating Amanda Wilson. With much anticipation and expectation preceding her former work as standards were raised high, I was hence delighted as once again Carol has produced something of outstanding caliber that is as brilliant as book one. As a consequence of my enthusiasm for book one that I acquired through DizzyC’s book blog as a give [...]

    4. When I first started this book I admit that I was worried about not being able to relate to the main character who was in her fifties, because I hadn’t got there myself yet. Well I’m pleased to say that it wasn’t an issue at all – I grew very fond of Amanda and thanks to the clear writing style I was easily able to understand where she was coming from.It did take me a little while to fully engage with the storyline but once I did I was hooked, from then on I found it easy to sail through [...]

    5. Surfing in Stilettos is the follow up to Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines. However, saying that, Surfing in Stilettos can be read as a stand alone book. Having not previously read Mini Skirts and Laughter I did not have any difficulties at all getting into the story of Surfing in Stilettos.Amanda and her super grumpy husband Phil are off on an adventure 'Gap Year' with Bertie the very unreliable camper van. The first leg of their journey starts off in France but Bertie has other ideas and breaks d [...]

    6. It is just over a year since I published my review of Carol Wyer's début novel Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines, the last paragraph of which I shall repeat here. 'A very funny book and I feel an excellent début from an author whose writing we can expect to see get even better as she grows in confidence. She has a tremendous sense of humour and has the ability to see the funny side of life in every day events. Keep writing Carol as I think there are many of us women of a certain age that will kee [...]

    7. Next time you’re feeling a little bit down in the dumps, don’t go to the doctor or reach for a happy pill, read this book. It’s a tonic, it’s feel-good, it’s fun. I guarantee it will lift your spirits and that you will ‘click’ the last page and say, “Oh, how I enjoyed that!”The story centres around Amanda Wilson, who is in her fifties and has a newly retired husband. Husband Phil hasn’t quite encompassed the wonders of retirement too enthusiastically, and with an adult son wh [...]

    8. I am very upset with this author! Surfing in Stilettos had me laughing, crying, wondering in suspense, guessing what would happen to the heroine every step of the way, and finally using heaps of tissues as I wound my way around a story line that was written from multiple points of view, which is no mean feat, I tell you!How does Carol E. Wyer evoke such emotions in me: a rather cynical and slightly used up 50-year-old author who is still smarting from a horrid marriage breakup and obsessing abou [...]

    9. This is the sequel to the fabulous Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines. The story follows on from the first book. Amanda Wilson and her husband Phil and not forgetting a bright orange space hopper. Are about to embark on a gap year of travelling. They have arrived in France in a camper van. The trip is to bring them closer together, but they are in for a bumpy ride.Todd Bragshaw is back on the scene, now seemingly a changed man, after a cycle accident leaves him seriously injured. Todd has set his mi [...]

    10. I like the concept of writing a 'blog post' with comments after some of the chapters making it very real for the popular blogging community out there. I think many women of this age will identify with Amanda to some extent, when you are able to indulge in freedom from young children or have those old enough to have left home or be away at University. My other half would love to spend a year or more touring Europe in a motorhome, instead we have a tiny caravan and still a teen at home. I must adm [...]

    11. The title of Carol E. Wyer’s book "Surfing In Stilettos" brought strange visions into my head. Once I started reading, I realized that it was internet surfing. I admit it was a letdown at first because I was looking forward to seeing how she could pull off some of those strange visions I’d had! It was only a short-term depression, however, because Wyer’s writing style and her stimulating characters took me on a thoroughly enjoyable ride!Amanda Wilson, Wyer’s down-to-earth main character, [...]

    12. I am going to admit, Surfing in Stilettos isn’t a genre that I would normally read but, it looked fun from the reviews I had already read, so thought I would give it a go and signed up with her book tour to read and review.Well I loved it, I loved Amanda and her blog, I was giggling throughout the book, the worse time to actually laugh out loud is in a crowded Drs Surgery blush yep that was me. I took my daughter to the Drs last week, she was snuggled up with me, and I got my tablet out with [...]

    13. This is the story of Amanda. She has decided to take a 'gap' year off and travel around Europe with her husband Phil in their camper van, that she has affectionately named Bernie. Along the way Bernie breaks down and they find themselves taking an extended stay in France. There Amanda befriends a chic frenchwoman Bibi, takes on a stepdog and works on her blog. When a family disaster forces Phil to return to the UK, she puts all her energy into her new lifestyle and her blog. Will she stay in Fra [...]

    14. I discovered Carol E Wyer thanks to a friend who recommended her book. I read her first book, Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines and enjoyed it so much, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this, the sequel.Was I disappointed? No way! Was it as good as the first book? No, it was even better and that is saying something. In Surfing in Stilettos Ms Wyer shows gives us even more rounded characters, a plot that has an abundance of twists and turns, and a huge amount of hilarity.Do not make the mistake of [...]

    15. I took Surfing in Stilettos away with me on holiday. I like to try different genres and as everyone seemed to love it, thought it would make a good holiday read. I was not disappointed and quickly became embroiled in the ups and downs of Amanda's life. She had a lot to contend with - a somewhat reluctant husband accompanying her across Europe in a not-fit-for purpose mobile home plus a disaster-prone son left back in the UK to house sit. Poor Amanda lurched from one situation to another and once [...]

    16. I became aware of Carol Weyer’s work through her blog and found her writing so entertaining that I decided to read Surfing in Stilettos. I wasn’t disappointed. I needed a break and turns out this book gave me one. I had quite a romp through the French countryside, many laugh-out loud moments, and became thoroughly engaged with Amanda and particularly her mother.But underneath are real-life issues that women are facing or will have to in the future and Carol has woven these deeper matters int [...]

    17. I absolutely loved this book. It was a "can't put it down" and so fun. I cannot wait for the next one to be released. Carol's such an awesome writer!! Great job Carol! Keep 'em coming.

    18. In this book, Amanda and Phil leave behind their mundane lifestyle and embark on their exciting gap year adventure. It isn't long before Bernie, their trusty camper van lets them down and they find themselves stuck in France. Then, just when it looks like things couldn't get any worse, Tom, their son, rings with news of trouble back home. Phil returns to England leaving Amanda in France alone.This book is a sequel to Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines (which I absolutely loved), and I didn't expect [...]

    19. Surfing In Stilettos by Carol E. Wyer is a lovely escape into something delightfully funny. The author shares her zest for life and does so in living color. To call her upbeat is an understatement and she writes with this positive outlook that makes reading an empowering activity, as this book is filled with joy.There is some major comic relief lurking through the pages. Clever, silly, poignant and smooth. I love that there are different points of view. Great getting more than one perspective. M [...]

    20. Fifty is not the end of life—or the end of fun—or so Amanda Wilson thinks when she and her grumpy husband, Phil, leave home and head for a vacation in France in their camper van. What should be an idyllic sojourn turns sour when their left-at-home son, Tom, starts destroying their house, a piece at a time; the camper van breaks down, stranding them in a small French town babysitting with a geriatric dog; and, Amanda’s newfound friend, Bibi, in an effort to punish her philandering husband, [...]

    21. Some great laugh out loud moments in this novel. Loved it but I believe I've read this one before I should have. Amanda Wilson is first introduced to the world in Miniskirts and Laughter Lines. Carol's quick wit and zany sense of humour come through and are intermingled with more serious plot lines. And, I'll never look at a potted chrysanthemum the same way again

    22. I was lucky to win this book in the Giveaway. Not normally my type of book, but must admit to having enjoyed. Loved the humour and could relate to the main character quite easily. I hope to read more by Carol E Wyer.

    23. Great bookGreat book kept me reading till I was thru the whole bookI would recommend it to all of the older generation, knees who have experienced life's highs and lows

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