Prisoner B-3087

Prisoner B Survive At any cost concentration camps different places where you are starved tortured and worked mercilessly It s something no one could imagine surviving But it is what Yanek Gruener has to

  • Title: Prisoner B-3087
  • Author: Alan Gratz
  • ISBN: 9780545459013
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Survive At any cost.10 concentration camps.10 different places where you are starved, tortured, and worked mercilessly.It s something no one could imagine surviving.But it is what Yanek Gruener has to face.As a Jewish boy in 1930s Poland, Yanek is at the mercy of the Nazis who have taken over Everything he has, and everyone he loves, have been snatched brutally from him.Survive At any cost.10 concentration camps.10 different places where you are starved, tortured, and worked mercilessly.It s something no one could imagine surviving.But it is what Yanek Gruener has to face.As a Jewish boy in 1930s Poland, Yanek is at the mercy of the Nazis who have taken over Everything he has, and everyone he loves, have been snatched brutally from him And then Yanek himself is taken prisoner his arm tattooed with the words PRISONER B 3087.He is forced from one nightmarish concentration camp to another, as World War II rages all around him He encounters evil he could have never imagined, but also sees surprising glimpses of hope amid the horror He just barely escapes death, only to confront it again seconds later.Can Yanek make it through the terror without losing his hope, his will and, most of all, his sense of who he really is inside Based on an astonishing true story.

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    1. I am not certain what I expected from this book maybe a little more fiction: some, off the wall connections and actions that were obviously not something that truly happened. I think I walked into it with that bias, as it continuously comments on it being BASED on the true story of Jack (or Yanek) Gruener. Since it wasn't his complete true story, and it was only based on it, I figured the rest of it would have been bolstered with untruths.That was what it wasn't, however. At the end of the text [...]

    2. Actual Rating: 1.75The story of Yanek Gruener is not an outstandingly unique one. His story, or at least something akin to his, has been told numerous times in the past, under different names of course. Nevertheless, I seem to be attracted to reading these sorts of stories even though I know how everyone of them ends. I picked this one up mostly because of the title and the cover. It's sort of beautiful in a very plain and morbid way. It looks similar to a graphic novel's cover I read a while ag [...]

    3. Yanek Gruener is ten years old, Jewish, and living in Poland in the late 1930's. One day, the Nazis take over his town and Yanek's journey through the Jewish ghetto and ten different concentration camps begins. Yanek watches as everything, and everyone, he loves is taken away from him. There's no escape -- only survival. Every time Yanek barely escapes death, every time he watches the Nazi's brutally murder those around them, he pledges to fight by living to carry on the memory of those who were [...]

    4. You know of Elie Wiesel, Anne Frank, and Oskar Schindler, or do you? After attending a crucial seminar in the study of the Holocaust in Delaware, attending the Holocaust Museum, studying the Holocaust at the University of Delaware for a summer, and continuing to return to the very heart of why knowing about the Holocaust is so important, this text does not add any more depression to the theme of the Holocaust, it simply adds to the motivation to educate more and more generations about why this i [...]

    5. Prisoner B-3087 was one of my favorite books that i've read this year. The book is about a boy who survived through the Holocaust. I would recommend this book to people who like history. I really liked the book, and I think anyone who picks it up will end up enjoying it.

    6. When I was younger I started reading this, and unbeknownst to me I ended up never finishing it. Until recently when my interest piqued into the works of WWII and I decided I would re-read/finish the book, and I am happy that I did.I would recommend this book to any WWII fanatic such as myself.

    7. This is a review of the book Prisoner B-3087. The book takes place in Poland and Germany during WWII. Yanek, the main character in the story, and his family are Jewish and have to live in the ghetto that the Nazis have turned their home town into. Life is very hard for them, they have very little food, and they are forced to live with 4 other families in their small apartment.Eventually Yanek is captured and taken to a concentration camp. Yanek stays in the camp for a little while and then is tr [...]

    8. This Book Amazed me it was epic Yanek had survived throughout his lifetime by leaving and going in the concentration camps. The story starts when he's about 10 at the end he escapes being 18 for that 8 years in danger or his family's life. While in the camps Yanek losing most of his family but later on he meets a few of his cousins after he escapes, If Yanek didn't have the stamina or strength he couldn't of have survived the whole camp. But for me in my opinion it's still and amazing book and I [...]

    9. I really liked the book Prisoner B-3087. It is a book about a young Jewish boy named Yanek Gruener and his large family who lived in Krakow, Poland in the 1940's. During the time they lived, the Nazis were taking over the Jews because they didn't like the Jews by their differences and by how they were. I think that is not fair. Yanek and his family had been hiding so the Nazis wouldn't take them and kill them slowly by the inhumane, terrible things they had prepared to end the Jews. I thought th [...]

    10. I honestly really liked this book, because it made me realize about everything that has been done in the past. The book started out really good, up until the point where Poland was attacked. Yanek and his family survived 3 years in the ghetto. Yanek survived 10 concentration camps, where he got beat sometimes for no reason at all. Yanek saw when his parents where deported. Yanek never really lasted long in the concentration camps, for 3 years he moved from camp to camp. Meeting new people and se [...]

    11. Imagine surviving 1 ghetto, 10 concentration camps and 2 death marches. Well, here is the story of a boy who did just that.At 10 years old, Yanek Gruener's life means friends, school and most importantly, being surrounded by loving relatives all living in the center of Krakow, Poland. But his relatives know that soon something is going to happen - after all, they are Jews in a Europe that Hitler wants to make "Jew free." Sure enough, only six days after the German invasion of Poland, Nazi soldie [...]

    12. Recommended for ages 12 and up.This new Holocaust novel by author Alan Gratz is based on the true story of Yanek Gruener, a Jewish boy living in Krakow whose comfortable, middle-class life is turned upside down when the Nazis take over his country in 1939. The title, of course, refers to the number tattooed by the Nazis on his arm at one of the ten concentration camps he managed to survive. In fact, survival at all cost is the theme of this gripping and moving novel, told in the first person by [...]

    13. 10 concentration camps and 2 death Marches Imagine having you life being taken away for you. Your family, your friends, your home, anything and everything that you ever had… Gone. This is what Yanek had to go through. He had his family, friends and life taken away from him. After that he as sent to a concentration camp where he fought for survival. He is fighting for survival becuase it is just a game to the Germans and he want to win. Hard work, little food, harsh condition, will he be able t [...]

    14. Mehhh, ik had eerlijk gezegd beter verwacht. Het verhaal was erg afgeraffeld, en de schrijver had er veel meer mee kunnen doen.2.5 sterren

    15. Prisoner B-3087 is a novel, based on the true story of Jack Gruener’s formative years in concentration camps. Anyone vaguely familiar with the Holocaust will find it remarkably difficult to determine where Mr. Gratz took liberties. At a blush, this may seem like a heavy topic for the intended audience of younger students (Middle and Jr. High); however, in its simplicity, I believe that the story is perfectly presented.The horror unfolds through the eyes of Yanek (later to known as Jack Gruener [...]

    16. I actually really liked this book. It's about a kid named Yanek, he liked school, his family and his friends. At first Yanek and his family got away with hiding in a pigeon coop, but soon after they were dragged to go work at camps. Eventually they got Yanek and at his first camp he found his Uncle Moshe, but soon realizes the rest of his family were dead. Each day Yanek kept on getting weaker and weaker, since they didn't feed them much. Thorough the whole story the Nazis treated them pretty ba [...]

    17. In this book, a young Jewish boy that lives with his family in Krakow, Poland during WWII. When the Nazis invade Poland and get to Krakow, they made a area where they called it the "ghetto". It was where they put all the Jews. His family manages to stay in hiding for a while, but then eventually everyone in his family gets captured to work in concentration camps. When Yanek eventually also gets captured. He gets moved through many more concentration camps until he is free. He sees horrifying thi [...]

    18. Alan Gratz writes this great Golden Sower, “Prisoner B-3087.” The book is about this boy named Yanek who is taken from his house, and is taken to a bunch of different camps that are very harsh on the prisoners. The only thing that matters in these camps is to survive. Yanek had stated, “It was silly, but eerie at the same time,” (Page 7) as German soldiers marched up their street, right to their homes. Will Yanek survive? Will anyone save him before anything bad happens to him? How will [...]

    19. Prisoner B-3087This book is about a boy named Yanek who is alive around the time of hitler who makes all Jews move to the same small village, the soldiers in the village are aloud to just take people off the streets to work in factory's so Yanek's family makes Yanek stay off the streets. (I am skipping to prevent spoiling)Later in the book Yanek does not know what happened to his family and he is alone in his town, then Nick gets taken to a boot camp where the owners kill jews without thought, r [...]

    20. What i think of the book was the book was great because he survives at the end of the story. The Americans saved all the Jews from the Germans. Yankel survived all the camps he has bean though he suffered through a lot and he lost some of his family. It was a sad story because he lost his family but it was just his uncle but he moved to a different camp the he was a lone but he makes friends on the way to new camps but they end up dieing because they get sick.

    21. This historical fiction novel is based on the true story of Yanek Gruener, a Polish Jew during WWII. Gratz chronicles Yanek's nightmarish experiences in ten different Nazi concentration camps while he struggles to survive the cruelty of the Nazis and the depravity of the camps' conditions. It's an astonishing tale of hope and survival in the very darkest of times.

    22. What an amazing story of survival and humanity. This is definitely a must read for those wanting an overview of the holocaust and the atrocities that happened.

    23. Ryan ShawMrs. MarlowEnglishOctober 5, 2017This thrilling story was based on a true set of events. This first-person story is told by Yanek Gruenner. Yanek is a 10 year old Jewish Pole who lives with his family in Krakow, Poland when WW2 starts. The Nazis, being lead by Hitler, set out on a mission to control the world and rid them of Jews. Being a Jew in land taken over by the Nazis means he has an unbearable amount of work and fear ahead of him. Yanek shows readers to never give up no matter wh [...]

    24. What an amazing story. Definitely made me want to go do a ton more research on Jack and Ruth. I can see why my middle school students love this book. It also makes me happy there are books like this, that not only grab MS students attention, but open up a world to them they have not experienced.

    25. I LOVE this book. I thought this was going to be a generic story about the holocaust, but boy was I wrong. This book is amazing, and it just keeps sucking you in until you can't put it down. I would recommend this book to anyone.

    26. In this "based on a true story" novel, Yanek is a young Jewish boy who must hide with his family to avoid being killed. Once taken, he is sent to ten different concentration camps over a span of six years. He is starved, beaten, and mentally abused but has a willpower to live. Although this is not a genre I would normally read, this book was very good and I read it in one sitting!

    27. “If I had known what the next six years of my life were going to be like, I would have eaten more. I wouldn’t have complained about brushing my teeth, or taking a bath, or going to bed at eight o’clock every night. I would have played more. Laughed more. I would have hugged my parents and told them I loved them. But I was ten years old, and I had no idea of the nightmare that was to come.” (p. 2) Yanek Gruener is a Jewish boy living in Poland in 1939, and his world is about to come crash [...]

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