Scelta del Cuore

Scelta del Cuore Come giovane uomo gay e pantera mannara tutto ci che Jin Rayne desidera un esistenza normale Dopo essere fuggito dal suo passato vuole solo ricominciare da capo ma la vecchia vita di Jin non vuole l

  • Title: Scelta del Cuore
  • Author: Mary Calmes Cornelia Grey
  • ISBN: 9781613728048
  • Page: 331
  • Format: ebook
  • Come giovane uomo gay e pantera mannara tutto ci che Jin Rayne desidera un esistenza normale Dopo essere fuggito dal suo passato, vuole solo ricominciare da capo, ma la vecchia vita di Jin non vuole lasciarlo andare Quando i suoi viaggi lo portano in una nuova citt , incrocia la strada del capo della trib di pantere locale Logan Church uno shock ed un enigma eCome giovane uomo gay e pantera mannara tutto ci che Jin Rayne desidera un esistenza normale Dopo essere fuggito dal suo passato, vuole solo ricominciare da capo, ma la vecchia vita di Jin non vuole lasciarlo andare Quando i suoi viaggi lo portano in una nuova citt , incrocia la strada del capo della trib di pantere locale Logan Church uno shock ed un enigma e Jin ha paura che Logan sia il compagno che teme ed anche l a della sua vita Jin non vuole tornare al suo vecchio stile di vita ed accoppiarsi lo legherebbe irrevocabilmente ad esso.Ma Jin il compagno che Logan deve avere al suo fianco perch lo aiuti a guidare la trib e non rinuncer a Jin cos facilmente Ci vorranno tempo e fiducia perch Jin scopra la gioia dell appartenere a Logan e come amare senza freni.

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    1. Listen.Once you get past a wobbly first few pages, forgive minor plotting issues, and just sorta sit back and let this book happen to your face?AMAZEBALLS CRAZY-GO-NUTS BAJARPANTI AND ASSPLODINGLY HAAAAAAWWWWWWWT.[gag reflex on the "aaaawww" in "hawt"]One passage in particular gave me a raging boner for an hour, ehrmergherd you gaiz, srrrssly, I cannot even.Some people dislike the tropes so deftly deployed in this one, but not me. No ma'am.Well whatever. But not this time!I went through half a b [...]

    2. Perfect comfort re-read Feb 2017 gonna do all 5 books again!Yeah! And it only took me 3 years to read! Loved it! On to the sequelLoved it!!

    3. Hi, my name is Jenni Lea and I'm a Calmes Crack Whore. It's been 5 minutes since my last Calmes. I tried to stop once but I almost died from lack of oxygen as my panic attack from thinking I would never get to read those addicting words took over.Now I don't fight it. I just wallow in the goodness that is The Mary Freaking Calmes; flipping the bird to all those "friends" who want to "help" me kick the habit. Fuck them and their interventions!Me and my fellow crack hos will be in the van, partaki [...]

    4. Jin is a panther shifter who has been on the run for over eight years. At age 16 he was beaten by his own tribe and left for dead because he was an abomination. See: Jin is a reah, a destined mate to a tribe leader, but they're not supposed to be male or gay I read this book because of the raving reviews. People loved the story and they were particularly praising about the world building. And now I wonder: did we even read the same book? Because, yes: the author tried to set up a new world in wh [...]

    5. “My mate is a man, and therefore I can be no other than gay.Jin"Don't judge a book by its cover" has never been so true until I read this book after looking over it more than ten times. Shame on me because Change of Heart is amazing. The chemistry between Jin and Logan is palpable and exploding. Mary Calmes started this one off very well, she introduced me to this fascinating world with panthers and hierarchy. I love them. I love these big cats like my chocolate xDLogan“I love you" I sighed, [...]

    6. One of my first books in the m/m genre.This review will be Tarzan talking.Jin is an unmated reah. That means, he is destined to be the mate of one single semel. That means, he is looked for by all tribes to be paired with its leader. That means, he is respected and adored. Yet everybody wants him dead. Why?Ah, I forgot, because he’s the reah.Yet he hides himself because he thinks they won’t accept him. Why?Ah, I forgot, because he’s the reah.Yet he is not respected.Why?Ah, I forgot, becaus [...]

    7. ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*I like the beginning*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱Second re-read: 08.12.2017Don't ask. I don't know. I seriously HATE the insta-love that is soooo damn INSTA (like 2 days), BUT I adore the animalistic side of things. And man, I really do love the first 12% (?) or 20% of the book. But why I decided to re-read yet again? I have no clue. I guess I'm just tired of trying to find any new interesting books to read, but all I end up is disappointedRe-read: 23.05.2017Why the hell did I re-read t [...]

    8. This is my very first book of Mary Calmes and I’ve been dying to read this series for forever. But you all know as usual, too little time to read all the books. Anyhow, started this book and I was very happy with it. 😊😊😊Jin is a male Reah and he’s first in his kind in the history. Reahs are the true mates of Semel which is the tribe leader of panther-shifters. He had been branded an abomination and thrown out of his own tribe for him being a male Reah and he’s been running away a [...]

    9. so . . . sometimes you shouldn't ever try to go back. Re-read four years later; what a load of drek *face palm*Shockingly terrible.(I'm not re-rating, though. I liked it in 2011.)

    10. This book has been on and off my TR shelf since I don't remember. I'm glad I finally decided to read it romance and shifters was an amazing combination. This book had action and everything a paranormal one should have. It was very well written, although some times it felt strange. It was cute and Jin and Logan were sweethearts. I like once in a while reading about possessive males and dominance showings. I ended up liking other characters, too, and I saw some very potential couples in themThe bo [...]

    11. 2nd reading 7/30/16 Still loving it!I just want to say about this book…G OMG OMG OMG!!!This was fun, exciting, hot hot hot like i have not read in a book in a while and MM and panther shifters, and trauma, past abuse and wonderful world building. I enjoyed myself so much reading this, I can’t even wipe the smile off my face!!Did I mention the sex was hot? Well it’s red hot, it’s panties on fire hot! It’s my hands are absolutely glued to my kindle hawwwt!!!! There, i got it out, now I f [...]

    12. 4.25 starsI first read this book in 2014 before I was such a die-hard Mary fan. It’s safe to say I didn’t like this book very much. But…. it’s 2018 now, my favorite author is Mary, and I’ve read 1000 MM books since then. And now…. I absolutely LOVED this!This book is so very Mary, and this time around the crazy shifter law didn’t bother me that much at all.Jin is the martyr hero in this story. A rare reah werepanther. It’s not the werepanther part that is rare, but the reah part. [...]

    13. I'll have to read more shifter books, I guess, because I am really, really not getting the ones I've read so far. And I'm not getting why this one is so popular, in particular.I recently complained there weren't enough rules in some book I read (/review/show/). This book has taught me that there is such a thing as too many rules too. A quick and dirty word search shows that there are roughly 50 discussions of laws and rules in here. The reason there is so much talk about the rules of pantherhood [...]

    14. Well, that's surprising! I loved the hell out of this book and honestly? I didn't expect that. I thought I would like it but to enjoy it so much that I was able to completely ignore the tiny flaws in the writing and the narration, and the obvious similarity to other MCs written by Mary Calmes? I didn't see that coming. Seems like I can deal with overly possessive alpha-males and instant-love better when shifters are involved.

    15. I'm not going to be bringing anything new with this review. I will say however that despite this story embodying classic, standard Calmes plotlines and characters (but with different names and settings) it really works well in the paranormal world.The absurdity and plot holes can easily be explained away with the destined mates trope. Claiming and possessiveness and Logan going alpha on Jin's ass are all acceptable. Spontaneous sex whenever and wherever is absolutely guaranteed, and just lends t [...]

    16. 12-17-17 Review:I don't have much to say that's new. The story gets shorter and shorter with each re-read because I skip all the weird, still, or stupid parts I don't care for. At its base, the story is a good one. :)3-28-17 Review:I've read this book (and series) so many times I can't tell you. And because I've read it so often I skip the parts I don't care about. Those who read Mary Calmes know she has a very specific style of writing, and it works for this series. Shifters are unique and have [...]

    17. I just cant helpt it.Mary Calmes' books are like crack to me. Once I start reading I just can't stop. I know they are ott at times and I know that one of the characters is usually so fucking perfect and loved which makes it all really unbelievable, but I just love this stuff !!! Worms for me every single time. Hopefully it will stay that way.nce I have a lot more of her books to read.This one was about Jin and Logan. They are big cat shifters (yummy). Now the whole storyline is too much for me t [...]

    18. Followed by:With all of the awesome Mary bits in between. I hadn't a clue what was happening most of the time and I don't know who was who and what was what but it has a Jory (Jin) and a Sam (Logan) and Jory (Jin) being stupid and thinking he is not good enough or good at all for Sam (Logan) and Sam (Logan) being straight and falling head over heels in love with Jory (Jin) at first sight. Classic MC. Full of awesome. The whole tribe thing is confusing and all the Russian names makes it even more [...]

    19. Written July 29, 20133 Stars - started well, kind of sweet, but I wasn't really hooked A fairly entertaining novel, but also a complicated shifter world. Both good and bad, but I wasn't commited to these characters. Too rushed perhaps? ~ Although overall quite okay.***********************************************Jin Rayne is a shifter (wewpanther) who prefer to avoid all were-tribe's. He wants to live free from the traditions and now he works at a restaurant in Reno to where he and his good frien [...]

    20. This is not your standard fluffy Mates romance - this shifter story has bite.See, here's the thing. Usually, most shapeshifter stories drive me nuts and I get super hyper critical. There are only a few that I really like. (view spoiler)[Laurell K. Hamilton's "Anita Blake" series and Patricia Briggs "Mercy Thompson" series to name two. (hide spoiler)]That being said, I loved the werepanther world Calmes has built. I really liked the story, even though I felt like the lore wasn't super fleshed out [...]

    21. **** 4 growly MINE stars ****Were-panthers? Sure, why the heck not? This one surprised me, it was actually very good! The story was kinda ridiculous and stereotypical for shifter stories, but then I'm not looking for reality when I'm reading a shifter book. There was a pretty big glossary to learn as well, like "Semel - leader" and "Reah - true mate of a Semel", and they are so frequently used that I could use the book as a drinking game and be smashed by the end of chapter three or something. [...]

    22. One of my favorite genres is shape-shifters. Especially rare ones (or considered rare in the story). This book caught my attention because that is exactly what Jin is. A rare black panther instead of a golden panther. You get captured in the story. You don’t want to put the book down right from the start, it just sucks you in. The writing can get quite descriptive about just ordinary things (which I love because it makes you feel as if you are living the story) and the sex scenes seem to fit t [...]

    23. I know that it's almost mandatory to start your review with a "wtf did I just read?!" in the romance/taboo genre, but "wtf did I read here?!". After 2 beers it did get better, in the sense that I couldn't stop laughing at the telenovela madness, but I think I need to snort some to really get into it.Okay, that's it for me. But hey, my curiosity's been satisfied.

    24. After reading some review about this one, I was expecting a whole caveman behavior from part of the guy… but actually it wasn’t quite like that.So I’m not quite sure if I mess a book before this one, ‘cause the book goes straight to the point while teaching a lot of things about a culture, well… shifters, panther shifters that I’m still trying to get my fingers into… they are related to some greek and Egyptian miths, oh! And I’m also pretty much sure that the author has a thing f [...]

    25. 3 StarsFor some strange reason, I’m finding it really difficult to decide how I feel about this book. On one hand, this novel was basically an amalgamation of all of my favourite book tropes. This was a paranormal story; an m/m romance; a shifter tale, incorporating shifter lore which was wildly unique (if somewhat confusing at times); a story of destined mates (with a MAJOR Mine!Mine!Mine! feel) – all of this just screams “Meags!!”Weirdly though, something didn’t quite work for me in [...]

    26. I'm so bummed I put off reading this for so long! It was so different than what I expected. I had this idea that Jin was sort of a weak more feminine shifter whose mate would be this big tall alpha male who was bossy and demanding. It was not like that at all! Jin was a great character - though I think he should have had more care for Logan at points I could understand what he was fighting against. Logan was pretty amazing - and, though alpha, he was clearly in love. I thought the sex scenes wer [...]

    27. After being highly entertained by "A Matter of Time", this book left me cold. The love story is cliché and forgettable. I think what irks me the most is the concept of "you're my mate" thing. If written right, the journey of finding and claiming a mate can be wonderful (for example Psy-Changeling series, which I totally love). But here, it feels like it is forced, there is no budding romance. It's like, you're my mate, accept it, I mark you, you belong to me, blah blah It's completely boring. A [...]

    28. I'm always wary of new-to-me authors, particularly lately, when I seem to be growing much more particular about my reading material. So (due in part to the low scores here on ) I put off reading this book. It has sat on my TBR list for quite a while, waiting to be cracked open and devoured. That was my mistake. I truly enjoyed this story from start to finish and look forward to reading more work by Mary Calmes. I absolutely loved the main characters - Jin and Logan - and hope there are many more [...]

    29. This is the first book I've read by Mary Calmes and I really enjoyed it. I thought the tension created between Logan and Jin was amazing and really hot. I loved the fact that Logan wasn't going to take no for an answer and didn't back off for one moment. Jin was his mate and that's all there was to it. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series and would definitely recommend this book.

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