Pandora Hearts, Vol. 16

Pandora Hearts Vol HAY SUCESOS P RDIDAS QUE SUPONEN UN ANTES Y UN DESPU S PARA LOS QUE LAS SUFRENEl intento de recreaci n de la tragedia de Sabrie no solo ha sido un fracaso sino que ha hecho aflorar secretos que lle

  • Title: Pandora Hearts, Vol. 16
  • Author: Jun Mochizuki
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 144
  • Format: None
  • HAY SUCESOS, P RDIDAS, QUE SUPONEN UN ANTES Y UN DESPU S PARA LOS QUE LAS SUFRENEl intento de recreaci n de la tragedia de Sabrie no solo ha sido un fracaso, sino que ha hecho aflorar secretos que llevaban d cadas ocultos Y ahora queda lo m s duro que los supervivientes intenten superar como puedan la p rdida de sus seres queridos.

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    1. Oh my God. Jun Mochizuki, what have you done? Why has my heart been broken and splintered into a million pieces before being set on fire and turned into cinders? I will now illustrate how I reacted by the end of the sixteenth volume of Pandora Hearts, through the usage of those animated fs y'all love so much.(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)](view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)](view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]So um, yeah. I couldn't possibly want volume seventeen more if I tried. Give it to me! Now!["br"] [...]

    2. Wow. This series hit a 'just average' spot for a few volumes, but it's definitely out of there now. So much character development and beautiful thoughts. Can we have more on Alice, please? And Glen and Jack?

    3. Oh.My.Freaking. Gosh. In my review on the last volume, I made the arrogant statement that I didn't think anything surprises me anymore, although I did hope to be proven wrong WELL GUESS WHAT!! Boy, did Mochizuki deliver!!! I never in a billion years saw what happened at the end of this volume coming!! And I'm still not entirely sure what's even going on!!! :D Now, as I can't quite think straight, I'll just include some quotes from this volume. "I like books. I did not have to interact with anyon [...]

    4. Send help. This bookworm is dying of suspenseJust when I thought there couldn’t be any more plot twists. This book threw more at me. What. On. Earth. (view spoiler)[So, yeah, I kinda figured Leo inherited Glen's soul, but Jack is EVIL? WHAT?!? *gasp* It makes sense now! (hide spoiler)]My main concern is that my local library doesn’t carry volume 17, but it has the rest?! What? Come on! Don’t they understand that I have to know what happens next? Is everybody going to die? If this issue doe [...]

    5. You’re wrong [], you don’t want to destroy you just want tobedestroyed.Actual rating: 4.5 ★My heart is broken.

    6. I had to step back from this series for a little bit because the twists in this one and the next one left me a complete mess :/ In other words FANTASTIC VOLUME!

    7. Why?! Why Jack?! You're being a selfish jerk, the only good thing coming from this was that his true colors bled through. He threatened young Gil, tricked present Gil (as well as everyone else in Pandora and the world), and stabbed Leo. HE FLIPPING STABBED LEO, HE HAD NO RIGHT! I utterly detest him. I'd like very much to give him a piece of my mind until he's soaked in crimson, crying tears of red. Until he repents and starts anew. Glen was good, Jack was bad. Two boys, both loving the same girl [...]

    8. Pandora Hearts owns my soul. I literally count down the days to each new volume, wondering if Mochizuki can maintain the story, and with each volume she continues to create something amazing.In this volume, we start with a little bit of a breather, transitioning from the turmoil and grief from the previous volume to acceptance and a feeling of moving forward. Of course, this interlude can't last. The Baskervilles are back in action, there are two seals to still destroy, and maybe a betrayal or t [...]

    9. MY. GOD. I think my eyes are going to fall out after reading this. My heart was twisted and thrust into my abdomen so many times I'm just GodPandora Hearts 16 is probably one of those mangas that you'll speed through because you just can't put it down. The manga started off with a happy, forgiving atmosphere which is actually relieving after the heavy, tense atmospheres of the previous volumes. However, this quickly collapses with BASKERVILLE TIME. And I promise you that this volume is not event [...]

    10. After what happened at Yura's residence and the death of Elliot Nightray, Oz and his friends get a one day "vacation" from Pandora at the capital.Sharon tells Break how difficult he is. ehehehe so fun~ He's just so full of himself and thinks he can do it all. haha! You go Sharon!After so long (so many volumes), Oz finally tells Alice what he saw at Chesire Cat's dimension.Leo comes to take Oz away but is rejected! Leo what have you become and you have a freakin Jabberwock (or is it Jabberwocky?) [...]

    11. Man, our protagonists can't even get a chill day without getting targeted! But that's one thing I do love about this series: the action never stops. I was glad that we got a few quiet moments, though, before everything picks back up, and I really enjoyed those first pages of Retrace LXII (the scenes between Break and Sharon and the ones with Oz, Gil, and Alice). I liked seeing this new side to Leo, and especially how Oz can see through him; I know he's supposed to be a "villain" at this point, b [...]

    12. What the heck! One thing to learn from this manga: Never trust anyone. Like none. And sometimes black is good and white is bad.(view spoiler)[ Jack? Jaaack! You destroyed all my understanding of the story which was confusing enough! And you just STABBED LEO! (hide spoiler)]LeoYou poor guyYou bookwormYou unfortune babe! That was one of the best plot twistes in the history of books!

    13. Et comme à chaque fois, je suis perdue à la fin de la lecture Non mais à chaque fois que je pense avoir compris l'histoire quelque chose de nouveau apparait et toute mon hypothèse tombe à l'eau Et c'est encore le cas ici ! Du coup, je suis très curieuse, et surtout impatiente d'être au prochain tome pour voir ce qu'il en est vraiment de toute cette histoire !

    14. WTH????????? I love it but there are so many twists thats all I can say I did look ahead on so i kinda knew some of what was comeing but the scene where Gil remembers who his master really was caught me off guard. Poor Gil I am exicted to start 17 cause Jun says the past arc starts so cant wait to see how she plays everything out!!

    15. Leooooooooo. I love Leo. It's unfortunate that I have such a hard time remembering everything from previous mangas, because I feel like that is the only reason that I've rated it low *sad* But I'm too lazy to go back and look and just neerrr. So much effort.

    16. Wait, what? WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?OH MAH GOD!!!!This changes everything! Or, I think it does. I really have no idea what just happened!

    17. ¡Al fin se supo! ¡Chan! Jack, Glen, Leo, Oz Vincent me da pena, está enfermo, sí, pero eso no evita que me de pena. Este tomo es super importante porque da vuelta todo lo que sabíamos hasta ahora. Me encanta.

    18. What the hell! This book was amazing! The depth of feeling was absolutely delicious! Everything you thought you once knew was wrong. I can't believe it. So much had gone wrong and now this Seriously - where will the next book lead us?

    19. Leo is one of my favorite characters in PH. He's in my top five which consists of1. Alice2. Glen/Jack/Lacie3. Break4. Elliot5. LeoHe used to be the servant of Elliot and it turns out he's much more than that. He's actually -?! Okay I won't spoil for those who haven't read.

    20. It took my breath away! Even if things are twisted but at the same time they fall in their place giving strong sense to the story. Amazing drawings by Jun Mochizuki. I love her work.

    21. What more can I say about this series, that hasn't already been said. The art, juste art. And that ending. Its more weird than ever isn't it? Another good volume in this series.


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