A Deal to Die For

A Deal to Die For Letting no good deal go undone the Good Buy Girls are ready to pounce on the St Stanley flea market where wealthy Vera Madison is selling off her vintage clothing The widow s wardrobe is just what M

  • Title: A Deal to Die For
  • Author: Josie Belle Jenn McKinlay
  • ISBN: 9780425251850
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Letting no good deal go undone, the Good Buy Girls are ready to pounce on the St Stanley flea market, where wealthy Vera Madison is selling off her vintage clothing The widow s wardrobe is just what Maggie Gerber needs to give her second hand shop, My Sister s Closet, the edge over vindictive rival Summer Phillips, who s opened her own second hand shop across the street.Letting no good deal go undone, the Good Buy Girls are ready to pounce on the St Stanley flea market, where wealthy Vera Madison is selling off her vintage clothing The widow s wardrobe is just what Maggie Gerber needs to give her second hand shop, My Sister s Closet, the edge over vindictive rival Summer Phillips, who s opened her own second hand shop across the street.But when Vera is found dead, it turns out that she collected enemies like Dior gowns and had than a few skeletons in her walk in closet Now it s up to Maggie and the Good Buy Girls to sort through the racks of suspects for the killer and get back to the business of bargains

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    1. I really love these books. Does it make me a terrible person, though, if I hope that Summer is the murder victim in the next book? I just really can't stand that bitch and want her to go away. Ugh.

    2. The 2nd book in the Good Bye Girl series is just as entertaining as the 1st one. A very interesting mystery that kept me guessing until the end. The arguments and interactions between Summer and Maggie are entertaining but a bit over the top.

    3. Josie Bell is a pseudonym for Jenn McKinley, currently one of the best cozy mystery writers out there. I love her two other series and it really bothers me that I can't love this one as well.What I absolutely can't stand about this book (and series):Maggie acts about as immature as is possible around Sam her high school sweetheart. It's screamingly obvious that he's crazy about her and she insists on acting like a stupid shrew during just about every encounter with him. It's annoying, not entert [...]

    4. Maggie and the Good Buy Girls are back and ready to solve another mystery. This time they are headed to the St Stanley Flea Market hoping to pick up a few good deals, especially as Maggie needs to stock her newly bought business, My Sister’s Closet. They are intending on buying some of the wealthy Vera Madison’s vintage clothing, however when Vera turns up dead Maggie and the girls turn their heads to investigation.I really enjoyed the first book in this series, 50% Off Murder, and I was rea [...]

    5. There are several keys to writing a good cozy. One has to be including a character one respects and enjoys. Another one is setting. The final one is plot.This one misses on two of the three. While the setting and set up work, the character and plot miss by quite a bit. I liked the premise of the story, that being starting up a vintage clothing shop. What didn't work for me was that Maggie, the main character, acts more like a teenager than an adult. In fact none of the characters appealed to me. [...]

    6. The Good Buy girls are ready to help Maggie Gerber stock her new vintage clothing store when they have to turn their attention to helping Maggie solve a local murder.Wealthy widow, Vera Madison is found dead and that puts a stop in the St. Stanley flea market. When Maggie finds Doc a suspect in the case, she speeds up her personal investigation. I have to say that the rivalry between two forty+ year olds has grown tiring to me. I loved the first book but this book didn't have any vintage sales, [...]

    7. This one was worse than the first one. I feel like I'm reading about grown people reenacting their past high school lives in a daily basis. The plot was good but the characters just got on my nerves! Maggie seems a bit naive, especially when she thinks that her employer and his wife can do no wrong and have no issues.riously! I wanted to like this series but not sure I'll be reading another one

    8. Yet another dud! Jenn McKinlay, which is who Josie Belle really is, is far too good a writer to write such childish characters! Maggie & Summer just got on my last nerve. I know there really are grown people who act like they do, I just thank God that I don't know any as I'd have to be slapping them all the time! A pity that the characters are so bad since the mystery was actually a pretty good one. I really don't think I'll bother with another one of these!

    9. This series is very enjoyable. It moves quickly but I don't feel rushed in reading it and read it in almost one sitting. The romantic tension between Maggie and Sam continues to develop naturally and doesn't overpower the mystery of the book. Several other storylines of characters who seemed secondary play a key role in this installment.I definitely would recommend this series. Although it could be read as a "stand-a-lone, " I recommend reading 50% off Murder, the first book.

    10. If you enjoy Jenn McKinlay's Library Lovers and Hat Shop "mysteries" with Lindsey and Scarlett's BFF posses, and their weird denials of serious attraction to the men they won't allow in their lives (despite endless chest-tightening, lip tingling, breathless, smoldering glances), then suspend disbelief and any knowledge you might have of ethical police procedure or estate law, wait for a rainy afternoon, and dive into this one. It's the same thing.

    11. A good deal of funI really enjoyed reading this book by Josie Belle. This was the first time I tried this author's books. And of what a pleasant surprise. The mystery was well thought out and the writing was enjoyable. It was easy too follow along and get to know the many characters. And she had me guessing the whole time who done it. Great series! I am definately reading all of this series.

    12. Somewhat predictable but writing was solid and plot held together. But can an adult woman (Maggie) really be so clueless? Guess so or there would not be a story.

    13. This book has such a fun premise that it should be wonderful. A group of friends share the love of shopping and finding great deals. Added to that, the main character Maggie Gerber is about to fulfill her dream job by opening a second hand clothing shop. Maggie and her friends attend a flea market and are hoping to get their hands on some vintage clothing being sold by the wealthy Vera Madison. Unfortunately, a cat fight between Maggie and her longtime rival Summer Phillips and Vera’s murder c [...]

    14. Maggie Gerber needs just the right merchandise to give her secondhand shop, My Sister’s Closet, the edge over her vindictive rival Summer Phillips’ new store that has opened right across the street. The Good Buy Girls have heard that Vera Madison will be selling off her vintage clothing at the St. Stanley flea market and they plan to be first in line.And that’s right where there are when all hell breaks loose. Vera has left her daughter in charge of her booth while she runs a quick errand. [...]

    15. Brought to you by OBS reviewer Valerie*Beware of possible Spoilers*You know, considering I’m not the biggest mystery fan, I was really surprised. I loved A Deal to Die For. I’m not kidding! It was actually really intriguing and interesting; I actually stayed up late trying to finish it! Moral of the story before I finish my review: Read this book because it’s unlike any other mystery I’ve read so far, even though I’m probably not the most reliable source…Before I start gushing pathet [...]

    16. Deal To Die For is the second book in the A Good Buy Girls Mystery series by Josie Belle. An exciting and fun read, it is.The Good Buy Girls are all excited, well Maggie isn't really, that Maggie has taken the plunge and is getting ready to open a second hand shop. Unfortunately, Summer Phillips. Maggie's long time nemesis, has also opened a resale shop across the street.The St. Stanley annual flea market is starting and the GBG know that Vera Madison will have a booth and that will be a good so [...]

    17. Jenn McKinlay (AKA Josie Belle) is one of the few authors who compels me to read about things that don't interest me. She writes a series about hats. I could care less about hats, but I read and enjoyed Cloche and Dagger. I don't enjoy shopping and/or bargain hunting, but I really enjoy this Good Buy Girl series. The main reasons for this are McKinlay's writing style, her sense of humor, and the characters she creates.In this series-- and this book-- two characters are standouts: Maggie Gerber a [...]

    18. This is the second book in the Good Buy Girls series. These books center around a group of four friends who are all about finding bargains while the main character, Maggie Gerber, ends up solving murder mysteries along the way. Maggie has lived in her town her entire life, and was married to a police officer who was killed early in their marriage, when her daughter was just two. She raised her daughter, who is now away at Penn State, by herself. She also had a brief high school summer fling with [...]

    19. Love Maggie and the ladies. I have sought out good buys my entire adult life and it is good to read about others that strive to do the same and loving the end result. While I dislike Summer thoroughly, I know she is the obnoxious foil that keeps our protagonist from being nauseatingly perfect, so I look forward to looking over Maggie's should and privately egging her on as she loses her cool with the woman (yes, I would like to use a more forceful description. However, since this is a cozy, it d [...]

    20. #2 in the Good Buy Girls mystery series. Maggie has mortgaged her house to buy a consignment store. The Good Buy Girls, a foursome who's motto seem to be "Never Pay Retail - and if possible use double coupons on the wholesale price, are working to ready the shop for opening. Of course a body is discovered, the death is found to be murder, and they feel obligated to solve the crime - this is a cozy mystery. The premise of a group of coupon clipping friends is interesting and the characters are li [...]

    21. A Deal to Die For was a fun, light cozy mystery. Maggie has just purchased a consignment shop and along with her friends, The Good Buy Girls, is getting ready to open when she finds out that her arch rival, Summer Phillips, has opened her own second hand shop right across the street. The two hit the local flea market to try and get ahead of each other by purchasing some wonderful fashion from the wealthy local widow, Vera Madison. At the flea market, Vera's daughter informs the ladies that her m [...]

    22. A fun, cozy mystery! This is the 2nd of a series and Maggie has bought the secondhand shop and is trying to spruce it up and stock it for opening day. Of course, her nemesis, Summer, is doing everything she can to ruin it for Maggie. And then there's the little problem of murder and mayhem that Maggie gets caught up in as she tries to protect and defend her friends. But the Good Buy Girls are loyal and help her through it all. And don't forget the two men pursuing her affections . . . Maggie wil [...]

    23. Second book in the Good Buy Girls series did not disappoint. When Maggie Gerber finds her boss Doc Franklin kneeling over the dead body of rich widow Vera Madison with a suspicious syringe in his hand the mystery begins and the reader is taken on another enjoyable ride through the life and times of the people of St. Stanley. Maggie, while dealing with the mystery also deals with feelings for Sheriff Sam, new businessman Pete, and old Rival Summer, while keeping a twenty-year-old secret from her [...]

    24. Widowed bookkeeper and bargain hunter supreme Maggie is starting her own resale shop. She would like to buy some clothes from Vera Madison, the wealthiest woman in town, but when she goes to find Vera, she finds her dead body instead, in the waiting room of beloved Doctor Franklin, Maggie's long-time friend and employer. Vera's fragile daughter is not handling the tragedy well, but more shocks await. Maggie is trying not to rekindle a long-ago relationship with the sheriff, her high school flame [...]

    25. Good continuation in the Good Buy Girls series. Maggie and Summer are still at it - although I think Maggie could care less, it is Summer that eggs it on and of course Maggie can't let Summer's comments go by without some sort of comment. There are lots of sub-plots going on that all tie this story together. Definitely some twists that I picked up on, some not as much until it is revealed at the end.It will be interesting to see if Maggie goes for Kevin or Sam. I think in book 3 we'll find that [...]

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