Vampire, Vampire

Vampire Vampire With her latest sizzling release Vampire Vampire New York Times and USA Today bestselling paranormal romance author Heather Killough Walden shares two scorchingly hot sweet and savage stand alone

  • Title: Vampire, Vampire
  • Author: Heather Killough-Walden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • With her latest sizzling release, Vampire, Vampire, New York Times and USA Today bestselling paranormal romance author Heather Killough Walden shares two scorchingly hot, sweet and savage stand alone vampire romance novellas Total word count approx 70,000 words In the completely reconstructed Thorn and Grace, an old tale of historical romance is given a very dark make ovWith her latest sizzling release, Vampire, Vampire, New York Times and USA Today bestselling paranormal romance author Heather Killough Walden shares two scorchingly hot, sweet and savage stand alone vampire romance novellas Total word count approx 70,000 words In the completely reconstructed Thorn and Grace, an old tale of historical romance is given a very dark make over The story of knight meets maiden becomes twisted and shadowed, be fanged and fallen A prince turned predator hunts for the one who has betrayed him, in turn becoming a king corrupted by the bitterness within Will the one he is hunting escape him And if she doesn t, will she be able to reach the man inside the monster before it s too late In Relentless The Patrick Sinclaire Story, readers are treated to the re visioned and border line erotic telling of the tale of a handsome, world weary vampire sovereign and the woman he would literally do anything to claim as his queen Intensely arousing, stimulating, and both emotionally and physically provoking this is not a story for the shy This is a get hot under the sheets story Don t read it if you re expecting the development of an extremely deep and meaningful relationship in less than 80 pages Do read it, however, if you love vampires, dominant men, and sex that leaves you breathlessly re reading these pages.

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    1. Ok, first off, Vampire, Vampire is a compilation of 2 short stories. Thorn & Grace is the first story and it is a work of brilliance. At it's core, it's a fairy tale of the best kind. The Princess (Queen) is dealt a pretty crappy hande bad guy is, well horrible would actually be too kind a word to describe him, completely unredeemablespicableeding to die a slow painful death - those words would fit the bad guy betterI don't want to tell you his name bc I don't want to give anything at all aw [...]

    2. Vampire, Vampire by Heather Killough-WaldenVampire, Vampire is a book split into two novellas. One is a rewritten version of Thorn and Grace (I have not read the original), and the other is called Relentless, a short story written by Ms. Walden a long time ago. Both are engrossing and will keep you reading until the last page.Summary: The first novella is set in a medieval time. Christopher, a prince, and Darianna, a princess, are the best of friends, as well as vampires. Darianna agrees to marr [...]

    3. Vampire, Vampire, contains two short stories.The first one is called Thorn and Grace. Christopher Thorn is an Empyrean King. Darianna Grace is the Princess of Lundarien in a kingdom next to his. They had grown up together, trained together, fell in love and were to be married. Due to extenuating circumstances, Anna fails to arrive for the wedding. Heartbroken, Christopher sets out to find his queen and bring her home no matter what it takes. This story is about their journey. It contains love, b [...]

    4. A Big Thanks to heather Killough Walden for this… Generous gift… it was truly a delight! ***Signs***Vampire Vampire is a dark and sensuous read. It isn’t for the faint of heart, so be warned. Two short stories that will leave you breathless… and read faster than you’ve never read before… enthralling at the very glimmer!This Adult romance is fantasy at its height! It’s about love and romance that it’s so passionate that you feel everything the characters are feeling. With Heather [...]

    5. What’s not to love about an H K-W story?? And Vampire, Vampire is a double feature. Heather Killough-Walden gives readers a heads up that these are novellas and that there is no major build-up of romance to go with the overdose of lust. First up is a reinvented version of Thorn and Grace where they have with fangs. Not having read the original story, I cannot draw comparisons. However, this one had plenty of thrills and enough backstory to leave the reader feeling satisfied that they got a com [...]

    6. This was a great book. It is actually two separate stories. The main one is called "Thorn and Grace." It is a love story that spans across time and is of course about vampires. The second story is "Relentless" and it is also about a vampire. It's darker than the first one and shorter, but takes place in modern times.Both stories are well written with just enough detail to know what is going on, but not too much to distract from the actual story line. I liked that they weren't the typical vampire [...]

    7. Review also posted on Book Lovin' MamasI received a copy of "Vampire, Vampire" from Heather Killough-Walden as a gift. I just wanted to say thank you to her much for "Vampire, Vampire". I enjoyed reading these two vampire romance novellas. It has been awhile since I read a vampire romance book and these two were definitely a delight to read. =) The first story is "Thorn and Grace"I was mesmerized by the historical and vampire romance that was created. This was a book about two friends who became [...]

    8. Vampire, Vampire is composed of 2 short stories. The first one Thorn and Grace is a beautiful fairytale about a prince, Christopher Thorn, and a princess, Darianna Grace, who grow up together and fall in love and promise themselves to each other. Christopher and Darianna are from a world where at their maturity they become vampires and live for several hundred years. On the eve of their wedding, Darianna disappears and Christopher goes after her. After traveling through various worlds in search [...]

    9. Vampire, Vampire is a book that contains two totally different vampire stories by Heather Killough-Walden. They aren’t connected in any way, including the eras that they take place. The mythology and characters that are involved in these stories give readers an idea of the scope and imagination of the author.Thorn and Grace is the first story featured in Vampire, Vampire. It is the ‘sweeter’ of the two stories, but it doesn’t lack in romance or danger. This historical PNR is an emotional [...]

    10. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is actually two novellas in one. The first one, the author describes as paranormal fantasy romance and is titled, “Thorn and Grace”. It is about a race of beings which are most similar to vampires in that they drink blood and are extremely long lived. Christopher Thorn is the prince of one kingdom and is betrothed to Darianna Grace who is the beloved princess of another, but on the night of their wedding, Darianna is missing. Her carriage arrives, but sans [...]

    11. As most reviewers have said, Vampire, Vampire is a compilation of 2 short stories. So this will be a 2 part review. Thorn & Grace. What a great story. I didn’t want to put it down.The Empyrean King, King Christopher Thorn and Princess of Lundarien, Darianna Grace were soul mates, having grown up together becoming best friends, lovers and on their way to getting married. But on her way to the ceremony, Anna disappears from not only Christopher, but from her home land. Devastated, King Thorn [...]

    12. This book was comprised of two stories.The first was about Thorn and Grace.The story wasok.The villian, Rafe, it was hard for me to see or understand his 200 year-old vendetta.It just seemed a bit far fetched.He wanted revenge on someone who did not do anything to him.His father was a spy, something that he volunteered for and died for and Rafe wanted to exact revengebut he took it out on Grace, an innocent unsuspecting victum.It just seemed rather pointless and over blown.Then, when Grace and T [...]

    13. Vampire Vampire consists of two short stories that HKW wrote awhile ago, before her excellent Big Bad Wolf series and within the two stories you can see where her ideas for the series came from.Thorne and Grace is a love story of two vampires who are soul mates and tragically become separated for a long two hundred years and with determination and faith, there is hope that they will find each other again and right all the wrongs that happened during their time apart.Relentless: The Patrick Sincl [...]

    14. There are 2 stories in this book: Thorn and Grace & Relentless: The Patrick Sinclaire StoryThe first book is about Princess Drianna Grace and Prince Christopher Thorn. This is a good fairytale story with a vampire twist. Thorn is handsome, strong, wise and ever loyal (hey the guy did search for her for 2 centuries!). Anna is beautiful, wise, elusive and with a big heart. They're perfect for each other. I love happily ever after endings. However, I felt that the story was rushed. I wanted a f [...]

    15. This is another one of Heather Killough-Walden's wonderful creations! In the beginning of the book she warns to get used to the edge of your seat, and I was totally there the whole time I read these stories!!! I absolutely loved Darianna and Christopher's story a love once lost now found! It was great and not even a dull second in the story. The Patrick Sinclair story was just as awesome a king finally finding his queen after centuries of searching. I love vampires and she made these stories a w [...]

    16. This book was hard to put down, and yet there was so much going on in my life that I had to. Even so, it continued to perform till the end. The storyline of both of the two stories in the book were excellent for me. Book one was not as edited as I would have liked, which did manage to distract me from the story, and I found that a little annoying, for that reason, and that alone I gave book one, 4.5 stars.Book two was exceptional, and I truly enjoyed myself when reading it. I was swept away by t [...]

    17. 5 Stars for Thorn & Grace - the 1st story. I loved it! It was well written, very well paced, the characters were vivid. I was very pleasantly surprised.1 Star for the 2nd. Not my cup of tea. The author stated that this story was one of her 1st books, and you can definitely tell the difference in the quality of writing between the 1st story and the 2nd. Something about Patrick Sinclair really irritated me. I actually didn't like any of the characters in this one at all, and some of the situat [...]

    18. Not long enough!Such a spellbinding story. This author truly has a wonderful sense of imagination and creativity. So far everything I have read, written by her has grabbed my attention and carried me right into her story. Enjoy!

    19. Two very different but equally exciting stories. They both draw you in right away. Heather gives you a complete picture of each character even with limited pages. I want to read the continued stories of both Christopher and Darianna and Patrick and his queen.

    20. I saw a lot of great reviews for this book. I actually didn't get through the whole book. The first story was boring and predictable. I just couldn't continue to read. Makes me sad to say since 99% of the time i finish books despite how horrible they are.

    21. Found the first story a bit confusing to start with because of the characters names: title, first name and surname - and depending who was speaking they would refer to the same character with different names. Overall liked the stories and they were quite griping.

    22. Two stories in this book. Both of them very good. Have not read a book by HKW yet that I did not like just love her books.

    23. This is a great book! I knew it would be because Heather wrote it! I got into the characters and liked the plot. Make sure to read all the way through the epilogue and following story.

    24. These short stories left me wanting more. I enjoyed reading them and I am also an avid vampire enthusiast. I look forward to reading more of Ms.Killough-Walden books.

    25. Wish I could do half stars because I'd give this 3.5. It didn't blow me away but I'd read the author again.

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