Sanctuary From the Author of The Dark Garden comes another scorching BDSM romance When her best friend takes her to a BDSM club in San Francisco Devin Delaney meets the beautiful mysterious and commanding Shay

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  • Title: Sanctuary
  • Author: Eden Bradley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 302
  • Format: ebook
  • From the Author of The Dark Garden comes another scorching BDSM romance.When her best friend takes her to a BDSM club in San Francisco Devin Delaney meets the beautiful, mysterious and commanding Shaye Vincent The wealthy, enigmatic man takes her on a journey into the darker side of sex, and it s addictive He s addictive.At Sanctuary Devin s kinkiest fantasies and her emFrom the Author of The Dark Garden comes another scorching BDSM romance.When her best friend takes her to a BDSM club in San Francisco Devin Delaney meets the beautiful, mysterious and commanding Shaye Vincent The wealthy, enigmatic man takes her on a journey into the darker side of sex, and it s addictive He s addictive.At Sanctuary Devin s kinkiest fantasies and her emotions shift into overdrive But she ll have to face old demons in order to give up control, and Shaye will have to walk through his own darkness Can pain and desire bring them together Or will it tear them apart Sensual, seductive and deeply moving If you liked the Fifty Shades trilogy, you ll fall in love with Sanctuary.

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    1. This review was posted onMy Secret RomanceOh my.what a sensual and titillating story this is! Sanctuary is dark and seductive; it left me breathless and eager for more. I loved it!Devin is having a night out with her friend, Kimmie. They arrive at a club where Devin’s attention is drawn to a ring where one man and two women were helplessly tied and bound to a giant 'x' on the floor. As their bodies lay at the mercy of two strong and powerful men, a part of Devin seemed to come alive. Watching [...]

    2. This edition of Sanctuary is a reprisal a similar work written by Bradley a few years ago. I have read many books by many different authors in the genre and have enjoyed a great many and others less so. Sanctuary falls square in the middle for me. For some reason, I just didn't connect with the story or the characters. The BDSM element was neither light nor heavy too fell somewhere in between. The erotic and sexy elements of the story were present and accounted for, it's just the story I missed. [...]

    3. The writing was okay, but I guess there was a reason why I never read more Eden Bradley after reading Breaking Skye. There wasn't much there, beyond the play scenes. Not that the book was just sex, but the characters was empty paper dolls, with some angst added. No story.

    4. Alyn's review posted on Guilty Pleasures4.5 StarsI had not had the pleasure of reading any of Eden Bradley’s/Eve Berlin’s books until I was asked to review Temptation’s Edge a few months ago. The moment I began that story I was hooked and have been ever since. It sent me on a mission to find Eden’s other books and I found myself staring at a simple but enticing cover for Sanctuary; a story of a woman named Devin who is lured to fulfill her desires by a beautifully wicked man named Shaye [...]

    5. I had actually started to read the first edition of this book, but then decided to wait until the revised one came out after I had already made it about 60% of the way through. Unfortunately, I hate to say that the revisions didn't improve this one for me, and I found it to be a struggle for me to even finish. I put this book down so many times that I feared I would never finish it. Because of that, I wanted to take the time for me to digest the book before I formulated my review. It was really [...]

    6. A girls night out changes into something much more when Devin meets Shaye in the Ring at Club X. Devin is hypnotized by what is going on inside the ring and when Shaye spots her he is just as enthralled. The two go on a whirlwind of a relationship so full of emotions and sexual needs but will Shaye’s fears bring an end to it all just as it has begun?This is an intense and intriguing read. Shaye and Devin go through a lot emotionally in a very short time and I enjoyed reading their story. Shaye [...]

    7. Devin's friend brings her out for a girls night. When she walks in and is faced with a Dominant/submissive scene which sparks something inside of her. She longs for a man to be that for her. Shaye is all that and a bag of chips. He is a delicious bossy man looking for a woman to bring home and collar. From the moment he sets eyes on her, Devin rocks his world. Especially when she says no to playing with him. She is too afraid to let go of control. Both are the same in that they are afraid to let [...]

    8. I was recommended this as part of a challenge and I'm grateful to have been given the chance to read it.The opening is intriguing and draws you in, making you want to know what's going to happen next. The rules Shaye has set up for himself works very well to create the tension between him and Devin, at least at first.When Shaye eventually lets himself go things start to go down hill, in my point of view.(view spoiler)[I don't know how many orgasms she has when he finally gets around to have full [...]

    9. Devin finds herself at a club that awakens all her inner desires, and the man on stage ticks all her boxes. But does she have the guts to accept his invitation or will she keep to reading about it?Shaye is showing newbies what it´s like to subject to him, when one doe-eyed innocent woman sparks his interest. Will she let him show what it means to submit, and will he take the gift of her submission? Quick read, smutty fluff and BDSM in a great combo. Great start, but the insta-love and understan [...]

    10. I don't know how I feel about this book. It was certainly hot and sexy but I feel absolutely no emotion for the characters. Besides the brief descriptions of their childhoods, you get nothing other than their insta-love. So while it was an ok quick read, I wont be searching out more books from this author.

    11. *I will try to avoid spoilersIS BOOK IS FOR ADULTS ONLY.Sanctuary by Eden BradleyDevin Delaney let her friend Kimmie talk her into going to Club X on fetish night. Every Friday the wicked and kinky would enter the Ring if they wanted to be shown the S&M treatment.Devin a graphic designer, who always felt she had to be in control was surprised how seeing the two women being flogged awakened desires in her she never knew she had.Not only did the act itself excite her but the thought of being f [...]

    12. From the Author of The Dark Garden comes another scorching BDSM romance.When her best friend takes her to a BDSM club in San Francisco Devin Delaney meets the beautiful, mysterious and commanding Shaye Vincent. The wealthy, enigmatic man takes her on a journey into the darker side of sex, and it’s addictive. He’s addictive.At Sanctuary Devin’s kinkiest fantasies—and her emotions—shift into overdrive. But she’ll have to face old demons in order to give up control, and Shaye will have [...]

    13. As the book begins, Devin is a total bdsm newbie control freak, who is afraid to submit; while Shaye is a professional dominant with no interest whatsoever in a relationship. Upon first meeting, the couple have an instant physical connection, that while being a tad abrupt, still feels believable. This connection quickly spirals into intense lust which—for both characters—reads a little like obsession. My main issue with this book is that it feels somewhat as though the sex got in the way of [...]

    14. As posted on The Smutty Kitty (reviewed by Michelle B)5 out of 5 LicksIn this story Eden Bradley weaves such a beautifully written and intriguing story that I couldn’t help but be enthralled. She had me falling in love with Shaye and wanting to be Devin within the first few pages of the book. I can honestly say I don’t pick up a book, whether it is a full length or novella, just because it has BDSM elements. Usually it’s just the opposite. Eden Bradley has just taught me the error of my wa [...]

    15. 4 1/2 stars."Sanctuary" by Eden Bradley is the delightfully spicy novella about Devin, a newbie to the erotic world of BDSM, and her wiling guide, Shaye Vincent.This is a sizzling read from an author who is an expert at penning sensual and moving scenes. You get an intriguing glimpse of a world that has its own rigid rules and protocols combined with an arousing description of one woman's journey. Devin is a little passive for my tastes and very quick to forgive while Shaye fights his own demons [...]

    16. Control!!! That's what this book is all about. It's about having the power to give up control. When I read books like this I look for complete trust in the characters to take care of each other in the role of dominant and submissive. I just love how Shaye likes to watch a woman in subspace. He realizes the beauty of the responsibility that comes with it when he takes care of the woman like a prized treasure in her most fragile state. I liked how Shaye didn't want to take advantage of Devon in he [...]

    17. Yes I liked this book. Like too many other stories, there's way too much telling in "Sanctuary." Rather than having the Devin and Shaye's words and actions show their thoughts and emotions, there's tons of narrative telling us that instead. It makes the bookrather flat. And having your characters fall in lust right away doesn't leave much to build up to later on, so the story's really too short. Bradley's a little sparse with the background details that would give her characters more depth. You [...]

    18. First of all please read thoroughly so you can understand. Now I'll say that I didn't like the first chapter. It was rushed and everything happened very fast. I understand the book is a short story and things have to happen fast but I think it was more like the author was writing everything down in a rush to not forget but forgot to go back and edit. After that I can't really complain. It was a really good story and it was moving. There were some things that left me stupefied, like the fact that [...]

    19. Typical intro to BDSM kink read. Pro Dom meets innocent and new to the lifestyle sub. He teaches her the ways of the lifestyle and she bows to his will. A good, light BDSM read.✳✳ Reviewed on I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews___________________________________________________If you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups. Check us out!Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie's Erotic Lending Group

    20. Thanks netgalley for a free book in exchange for a review. This book started out good but somewhere in the middle I just completely got bored. Most people practice BDSM without all thosefeelings. What happened to just general interest? Why does it make you look weak to want to submit to someone? I never understand why these stories sometimes take that twist. Not to mention the absolutely hot ass sex scenes. Overall entertainment is two and a half stars.

    21. This was a nice introduction to me of Eden Bradley's writing. However, I was slightly disappointed that the author spent so little time actually at Sanctuary. It seemed that the club was a very big part of Shaye's life and that it was significant that he took Devin there. However, there was little time actually spent there. Perhaps because it was only a novella? However, I would be interested in reading more of this series.

    22. Wow one of the best BDSM stories I have read. Great characters, great showing of BDSM/Spanking, and great chemistry!I really liked how Shaye didn't just have sex with her right off the bat but did "other" things to make sure this was what she wanted. Loved both characters and despite the misunderstanding (ok while I understand it was needed a little cliché) at the end the story was only about the characters and great story telling.

    23. Sanctuary is a fast paced dom meets sub love story. Ms Bradley is able to write white hot sex and wraps it in pure animal lust. The characters are likable and interesting to read. On a scale of 1 to 5 the sex was a solid 4 plus. If you like kink this is a must read. Very well written and worth the read.

    24. Sorry folks, just not for meIf you are just starting to read then yes, it's probably for you. But for me, I've been reading for years and this was so predictable and disappointing. I just couldn't finish itI tried.

    25. Are you ready to give up control? Devin is a woman use to taking care of herself, but when her best friend takes her to a BDSM club, Devin sees Master Shaye, and the chemistry between them ignites. Recommend this one!

    26. This was a great surprise. I got this book for free from amazon around Christmas time and did except to enjoy a free read so much. This author is able to how true chemistry between the characters and you want them to work out.I will be looking for more books from this author.

    27. Great storyIf you do not like BDSM this book is not for you. A great story with twists and turns. I enjoyed this book. .

    28. I've read a few books by Eden Bradley and this one just didn't capture me like some of her other stories. I still liked it though.

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