One thought on “Julie”

  1. This book was special to me when I read it years ago because it is about the settling of Twin Falls, Idaho, where I grew up. I love how Julie sets the table with the cups upside down because of the wind, and it makes me wonder if that's why my family always set the table that way. It was fun to read about places like the falls that are known and beloved to me.

  2. One of my yearly favorites This is an old YA read, but filled with history of Idaho's early towns being settled near Twin Falls. I really enjoy how it gives the perspective from the point of view of someone living through the trials of it. It is simply written, but very realistic

  3. I found this in the Idaho historical section of the library. It is similar to Little house on the Prairie only the story takes place in twin falls Idaho. It was fun to see some of the history of the state.

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