Kun kyyhkyset katosivat

Kun kyyhkyset katosivat Kirja kertoo ihmisten valinnoista uskollisuudesta ja uskottomuudesta sopeutumisesta tai sopeutumattomuudesta maassa jonka kohtalona on joutua miehitt jien armoille Romaanissa liikutaan luvulta

  • Title: Kun kyyhkyset katosivat
  • Author: Sofi Oksanen
  • ISBN: 9789520107819
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Kirja kertoo ihmisten valinnoista, uskollisuudesta ja uskottomuudesta, sopeutumisesta tai sopeutumattomuudesta maassa, jonka kohtalona on joutua miehitt jien armoille Romaanissa liikutaan 1930 luvulta 1960 luvulle, terrorin ja rauhan vuosina Kun kyyhkyset katosivat on Viron l hihistoriaa ja Euroopan kahtiajakoa k sittelev n Kvartetti sarjan kolmas osa Edelliset osat ovKirja kertoo ihmisten valinnoista, uskollisuudesta ja uskottomuudesta, sopeutumisesta tai sopeutumattomuudesta maassa, jonka kohtalona on joutua miehitt jien armoille Romaanissa liikutaan 1930 luvulta 1960 luvulle, terrorin ja rauhan vuosina Kun kyyhkyset katosivat on Viron l hihistoriaa ja Euroopan kahtiajakoa k sittelev n Kvartetti sarjan kolmas osa Edelliset osat ovat Stalinin lehm t ja Puhdistus.

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    1. "The clatter of dishes from the kitchene sounds of people who have someone with them as they do their evening chores.All that had been taken from me."*Disclaimer-Any kind of political comments will be deleted at once.*You live in a country that suffers, passing from the hands of one oppressor to the other.Armies come as liberators only to turn into tyrants.Then,the other tyrants arrive and remain in power for decades.In the midst of this nightmare,you are imprisoned within yourself, suffocated b [...]

    2. Onvan : When the Doves Disappeared - Nevisande : Sofi Oksanen - ISBN : 385350171 - ISBN13 : 9780385350174 - Dar 320 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2012

    3. Estonia was a country invaded three times in 4 years. First in 1940 by the Soviets, then in 1941 by the Nazis, and again in 1944 by the Soviets, who would sink their teeth in it until 1991. This novel is a look of three people caught in this whirlwind. Roland, the partisan, Edgar, the collaborator, and Juudit, caught in a relationship with a German officer. All three are caught on the desperate edge of survival. They have to survive each invasion, each occupying force. They change their names, t [...]

    4. Sofi Oksanen is without a doubt one of the best Finnish contemporary authors, perhaps one of the greatest overall, too. Her prose is beautiful: the language is alive, it is never static or boring but always manages to describe the situation perfectly. It is a pleasure to read her books, every page is like an artwork but without being too complicated to understand. I loved this book even more than I loved Puhdistus and cannot understand why it has received so much criticism. I think the character [...]

    5. Dark, unsettling, and captures the bleakness and paranoia of soviet times quite well, as well as the brief German occupation. Not altogether successful for me in terms of character believability, and at times the pacing lagged. I loved the historical content and the significance of Tallin’s and Estonia’s changing name. Uneven overall, but enjoyable.

    6. A book about trust and betrayal. Estonia is a small country at the head of the Baltic Sea, its inhabitants speak a language related to no other in Europe save Finnish. Ruled successively by the Danes, Swedes and Russians, it enjoyed 20 years of independence after WW1 before being crushed between Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. It is independent once again having broken away from the USSR in 1991.This book is set during the Second World War and continues into the sixties, picking up the wars a [...]

    7. Poland, France, Germany, North Africa, Japan - so much of WWII is familiar territory. But Estonia? I knew generally where in the world it exists, so could find it on a map, though I wouldn't have been able to point to it immediately. I can now. First occupied by the Bolsheviks, Estonians were generally relieved when Germany arrived and occupied their country. There was, however, a small contingent of freedom fighters who immediately recognized one tyranny is not better than another.This is the s [...]

    8. Not as good as Purge. This one was a bit uneven and the characters hard to get into.Roland is the partisan, Edgar is a collaborator, forger, chameleon and general bad guy and Juudit, Edgar's wife is tossed between what side of Estonia she should be supporting.The interest in this book is the way Estonians had to handle the Russians, then the Germans, then the Russians again. Collaborators one day, traitors the next. Friends become enemies. The stress on the people must have been immense and this [...]

    9. "In 1940, Estonia was occupied and illegally annexed by the Soviet Union as a result of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact. During the war Estonia was occupied by Nazi Germany in 1941, then reoccupied by the Soviet Union in 1944. Estonia regained independence in 1991 after the collapse of the USSR." that is taken directly from Wiki. What was it like living in the country then? That is what this book is about. You follow two different time periods - the 40s and the 60s - but the same people. You flip [...]

    10. Estonia torn by second world war, through the eyes of three characters, representing three different ways of life. Enjoyed historical aspect the most, seeing a country collaborating with Hitler while here in Poland that was basically always out of question, also due to Nazi Germany politics, was deeply engaging. Oksanen has very smooth almost melodic way of writing, yet it's quite sentimental and the latter bothered a bit. She writes female characters well, those feel real and complex, while mal [...]

    11. This is definitely not escapist literature. It's bleak and cold and there's no justice. Honourable people finish last and collaborators and turncoats bask in the sunlight of Party recognition and are able to pack off enemies or unwanted wives to lunatic asylums, force people into hiding or ensure an arrest by a mere few words exchanged with the right person. Paranoia is a survival mechanism. To be casual in your acquaintances is to be reckless. Family means little. Everyone will misunderstand ev [...]

    12. Keeping ourselves informed about the state of the world behind the headlines, reading accounts of brutal situations, stupefied by facts, we may prefer fiction, where a sympathetic hero can lead us through the carnage to some kind of moral high ground where hope flutters and we can carry on uplifted.Not so when we are called to witness the erosion of character and the desperate measures people resorted to under the pressures of war. So while I am forced to give 5 stars to this harsh book, for the [...]

    13. When The Doves Disappeared continues the themes from (the rather magnificent) Purge; wartime and post-war Estonia, a small country caught between Nazi Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union. And like Purge, it does so in two parallel timelines, with the story set first in the early 40s as nationalist Estonians welcome the German forces who "liberate" the newly incorporated Estonian SSR, and picking up again in the early 60s as an entire generation has grown up under Soviet rule.And yet the focus char [...]

    14. When the Doves Disappeared is the second novel by Finnish-Estonian author Sofi Oksanen to be translated into English. Already a bestseller in Sweden and Finland, the novel was first published in 2012, and has recently been released by Atlantic Books. Publication in twenty-eight further countries worldwide will follow. Le Monde heralds When the Doves Disappeared ‘an explosive book with a dark heart’. The book’s blurb, which calls it ‘a story of surveillance, deception, passion, and betray [...]

    15. Thank you to Knopf Doubleday for providing me with an egalley copy of the book for review.           I was in Tallinn, Estonia a couple months ago for the first time and fell in love with the country. It’s so rich in culture and history, yet it’s sad to see that much of the world doesn’t pay too much attention to such an intriguing nature. The trip sparked an interest in further learning about their language, culture, and history, so when I saw Sofi Oksanen’s “When the Doves [...]

    16. ისეთივე გაფაციცებით ვკითხულობდი, როგორც ლარსონის ტრილოგიას, თუმცა ეს ნაწარმოები გაცილებით რთული და ჩახლართული იყო. ერთი სული მქონდა გამეგო როლანდისა და იუუდითის ამბავი. ედგარის ტრანსფო [...]

    17. Beautiful historical fiction. Sofi Oksanen is one of the very few Finnish authors whom I'm always ready to read, she doesn't let me down.

    18. Es neesmu nekāds lielais vēsturisko romānu mīļotājs, bet šad tad sanāk izlasīt kaut ko no šī žanra vai vismaz ne mūsu laikos balstītu. Šis ir mans pirmais Sofi Oksanenas romāns, un jāsaka, ka man kopumā patika. Autore mums divos laika periodos, tos attēlojot pamīšus, atrāda notikumus 1940-tajos un 1960-tajos gados Igaunijā, un viņa to dara no 3 galveno varoņu skatu punkta - Rolanda, Judītes un Edgara. Rolands pēc savas būtības ir nacionālists, Edgars (Rolanda brāl [...]

    19. Tangled LoyaltiesThis is a difficult book to get into, for two reasons: names and history. The author, Finnish-Estonian Sofi Oksanen, introduces her characters by a single identifier—first name, last name, or simply a relationship (brother, cousin, husband, etc.)—and takes a long time to connect these up. But the worst problem is that the history of Estonia in the Second World War is just so darned complicated. It would be hard to learn the facts from this book (although that of course is no [...]

    20. Oksanen's words are delicate, fragile and powerful. The story is mesmerising, with a stunning ending. Once you've started to read it, you become addicted.

    21. [3.5] I'd been waiting for this book for years, ever since I read Purge, so it was always going to have a lot to live up to. The first few chapters were flat, and I was baffled that Oksanen, a writer who seems passionate and angry about so much, was phoning it in. The narratives of two of the three focal characters - Edgar and Juudit, both narrated in third-person - soon improved though, and became outright gripping, as the book transmuted from potboiler to pageturner. But the other, Roland, nev [...]

    22. Novel set in Estonia (“a fascinating history of lives in turbulent times”)Set in Tallinn and the countryside of Estonia, this novel takes place during the turbulent years of 1941 to 1944 and 1963 to 1965. Before WWII Estonia was an independent country, which then became occupied by the Soviets and the story starts in the thick of a (1941) battle with Estonians fighting the Red Army, just before liberation (as they thought) by the Germans.We follow the, very different, lives of Juudit and her [...]

    23. A travers son troisième opus, la finlandaise Sofi Oksanen nous fait revivre l'une des périodes sombres de ce petit Etat balte qu'est l'Estonie. Si l'Estonie jouit désormais de son indépendance depuis le 20 août 1991 et est devenue membre de l'Union Européenne le 1er mai 2004, il fut une époque où les régimes russes et allemands se sont rapidement succédés forçant les citoyens à émigrer, à être déportés en Sibérie ou à devoir s'adapter au régime en place comme dans de nombreu [...]

    24. Cuando las Palomas Cayeran Del Cielo muestra el lado más oscuro de la naturaleza humana. En el marco de una Estonia ocupada por el ejército alemán y luego sometida por la unión soviética Sofi Oksanen narra la historia de Edgard, Juudit y Roland y su lucha por la supervivencia. A la vez que relata como el pasado puede ser contado a medias y tergiversado por los vencedores para bien de los intereses ya sea del Estado o los propios. Ninguno de los personajes es capaz de despertar mucha empatí [...]

    25. A number of years ago I decided to read some award winning books from other countries that had been translated to English. I quickly found out how important the translator was to the success of the book in English. I chose this book because of the problems going on in the world in the regions of Estonia, Ukraine, Poland and Finland. Sofi Oksanen is an award winning author and playwright in Finland. Her mother was born in Estonia and her father in Finland. She lives in Finland. She won the 2010 N [...]

    26. Войната, предателите и историята, която се пише от победителитеЦялото ревю тук: knijenpetar/2015/ Много хора вече се запознаха с „Чистка“ на Софи Оксанен, но аз така и не я прочетох. Един ден ще я прочета, защото ме привлича окраската, с която авторката щрихова тържните мигове в ист [...]

    27. The plot "twists" left me quite disappointed. The story kept me hoping until the end, and I like Oksanen's writing, but one could see the ending coming already on page 150 and nothing truly revealing happened for most of the book. So when I turned the last page there was only a dull feeling of time lost.I also thought that the portrayal of Edgar was a bit too harsh. Total lack of empathy for someone who is labelled "sick" and "incapable man", and whose actions are very much triggered by the hate [...]

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