Whisky Charlie Foxtrot

Whisky Charlie Foxtrot It is less than twenty four hours since Charlie received the phone call from his mother and in those hours his only thought has been that Whisky must not die He must not die because he Charlie needs

  • Title: Whisky Charlie Foxtrot
  • Author: Annabel Smith
  • ISBN: 9781922089144
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is less than twenty four hours since Charlie received the phone call from his mother and in those hours his only thought has been that Whisky must not die He must not die because he, Charlie, needs time He and Whisky have not been friends, have not talked or laughed together for months, years But he has never thought it will end like this He has always thoughtIt is less than twenty four hours since Charlie received the phone call from his mother and in those hours his only thought has been that Whisky must not die He must not die because he, Charlie, needs time He and Whisky have not been friends, have not talked or laughed together for months, years But he has never thought it will end like this He has always thought there will be time Whisky and Charlie are identical twins But everything about them is poles apart It s got so bad that Charlie can t even bear to talk to his brother any until a freak accident steals Whisky from his family, and Charlie has to face the fact he may never speak to his brother again.

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    1. This is a story about twin brothers who were close as young boys and then gradually grew apart as they became teenagers and then became estranged as adults . However , it's about more than sibling rivalry . It about jealousy, mistaken perceptions and how these things can come to shape you as an adult .The story opens with Whiskey in a coma after an accident and Charlie pondering the fact that if his brother dies , he wouldn't have any idea about what songs his brother might have liked played at [...]

    2. “Mum used to say we were the same soul split in two and walking around on four legs. It seems unnatural being born together and then dying apart.”----Melodie RamoneAnnabel Smith, an English writer, has penned a terrific novel, Whiskey and Charlie , that traces the life story of two identical twin brothers who were initially close and were thick as thieves, but gradually as they grew up, their strong bond of brotherhood tore apart until the day came when they couldn't stand each other. Initia [...]

    3. First published in Australia as 'Whisky, Charlie, Foxtrot' in 2012, Whiskey and Charlie is a moving and poignant novel, the story of identical twin brothers, Charlie and William (aka Whiskey) Ferns. Inseparable as children, rivals as teenagers and estranged as adults, their relationship is unresolved when William is badly injured in a freak accident. As Whiskey lies comatose, Charlie struggles to deal with all the things that remain unsaid between them."He must not die.He must not die because he [...]

    4. I’m not sure about the choice of cover art for Annabel Smith’s superb new novel: it doesn’t seem quite apt to me. Whisky Charlie Foxtrot is a wise and compassionate exploration of sibling rivalry and the damage it can do, and while there are comic elements in the novel, it takes the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride that brought me to the brink of tears at times.Charlie and ‘Whisky’ are identical twins, but we never learn Whisky’s point-of-view because he’s in a coma after [...]

    5. 3.5 stars: “Whiskey & Charlie” is an interesting story about identical twins and sibling rivalry. Whiskey was born first, which matters to those twins! Being two minutes older establishes birth order. Whiskey has always been more social, while Charlie is reticent and careful. This is a story of the brothers’ lives as perceived by Charlie. Author Annabel Smith uses an interesting technique in heading her chapters based upon the radio alphabet: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo etc. It [...]

    6. Whisky Charlie Foxtrot, by Annabel Smith is a novel about identical twins Charlie and William Ferns. Significantly, the unfolding tale is built around a chapter structure that follows the phonetic alphabet- alpha bravo Charlie delta echo etc - a code the boys used with their walkie talkies when they were 9 years old and the origin of William’s nickname, “Whisky”. The chapters are essentially vignettes from Charlie’s point of view, from childhood to adulthood, from the UK to Australia. In [...]

    7. Whisky Charlie Foxtrot is a love story, beautifully written and elegantly crafted. It made me cry. Charlie is a wonderful, vulnerable, flawed character. He is a hero on a journey, travelling both forward and backward as his brother lies in a coma.Comas seem such a cliched soap opera device, but Annabel Smith uses the dramatic halt of Whisky's coma as an effective balance to Charlie's emotional journey. The turmoil has a still point.The characters are well developed, each with their own motivatio [...]

    8. I love it when an author pulls off a trick that really shouldn't work. Who would think of writing a novel that is structured around the phonetic alphabet? And, more importantly, who would think that it could work? In this book, it does. What's more, the structure adds to the story - it allows the author to provide us with small moments or vignettes that stand in for larger pieces of the story, or for significant revelations about the characters' motivations. The brothers' relationship is delicat [...]

    9. What a fantastic book! There are many from this genre (realism) that I've not enjoyed at all but this was brilliant! I love its sincerity and poignancy, it's depth of emotion and well-rounded plot. Well done Annabel, a great read! A book I couldn't get my nose out of!

    10. Charlie and Whisky are twins. Inseparable as young children, they grow further apart as they get older. Their relationship has its natural ebbs and flows, but eventually they find themselves estranged. It is at this point that Whisky is hit by a car. Charlie is forced to work through his feelings as his brother lies in a coma, and it is this journey that forms the heart of the novel.I loved this book. I have imposed a rule on myself that I am only allowed to have 12 books on my Favorites shelf a [...]

    11. I recently finished Annabel Smith‘s second novel, Whisky Charlie Foxtrot (Fremantle Press 2012). It is the story of two boys, identical twins, Charlie and Whisky, who have become estranged over the years. When Charlie gets the call that Whisky has had an accident and is in a coma, he realises he doesn’t want his brother to die.The reader is led by Charlie through the tales of their childhood in England, and their adolescence and adulthood in Australia. It is told as flashbacks during Whisky [...]

    12. I found this book very involving and difficult to put down. The story is about twins who are forced to explore their relationship when one of them is comatose after an accident. The emotions in their own relationship are intertwined with others within their family. The book is cleverly written with 26 chapters, each with a theme of the corresponding letter of the phonetic alphabet; a pattern that reveals the principal of the plot. Another great Aussie book!

    13. You really ache for the characters in this book, which centres on a 30+ man, Charlie, and opens with his twin brother, Whisky, in a coma. Their vexed relationship lies at the core of the story, which involves just a handful of key characters. You feel for them all, flawed as they are, especially when conflicts assail them. Is there redemption, and for whom? Read it and see. The novel is beautifully written in a plain, almost conversational style. This is a story that will linger with you.

    14. This was a terrific read. I found it hard to put down. I really enjoyed the descriptions of the Whisky and Charlie's school life, especially the dancing lessons. It was just like when I was at school!

    15. This review and interview come to you courtesy of Wild Colonial Girl blog:wildcolonialgirl.wordpressNovelist Annabel Smith is a writer who kind of slipped by me. I’m not sure how this happened (but she has blogged extensively on it).I read her first novel A New Map of the Universe earlier this year as if I was in a fever. The language is at times extraordinary. The opening scene where the lovers trace maps of stars on each other’s bodies is *sigh* so erotic, in the best shape of the word, th [...]

    16. This is another of those books that I'd give more than five stars to if I could. And another book that I almost stopped readingd then it grabbed me and I couldn't put it down until I was finished!!

    17. This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaWhisky Charlie Foxtrot drew me in right from the very beginning. I read this book in two sittings and loved every second of it. Family feuds are a topic that I’m very familiar with, unfortunately, and this book really hit home with me. Annabel Smith managed to tackle this subject realistically and emotionally, creating characters that I both loved and disliked all at the same time.I spent the first half of this book feeling very sorry for Cha [...]

    18. When I picked Whiskey & Charlie to read and review I didn’t realize that it was a book that was originally released in Australia. The synopsis alone made me pause and take a second look before snatching it up. If I had known it was an Australian book I wouldn’t have even had to pause. I don’t know what it is about authors from Australia… or what it is about me, I should say, that I fell so in love with the writing style.There are some things in life we never feel ready for, that it [...]

    19. 4.5 stars.Whiskey and Charlie by Annabel Smith is a bittersweet novel of redemption that is sure to resonate with anyone who has experienced strained family relationships. It is an introspective and sometimes heartbreaking story of twin brothers, Whiskey and Charlie, who have drifted apart over the years. When Whiskey is severely injured in an accident, Charlie faces some very hard truths as he waits for Whiskey to emerge from his coma. Grief stricken at the thought that he might never reconcile [...]

    20. This is between 3 to 4 stars. So let's just meet in the middle: 3.5. This was a touching book. Good writing, good character development. There were times I felt irritated, bored, angry and disappointed. Then the moments of happiness, charm, and love leapt off the pages and my image of the story was redeemed. But some things remain unanswered. So I'm left a little lost. Without those satisfying parts and no stone unturned, I'm compelled to rate it lower than I imagined I would.Charlie at first se [...]

    21. Well, I'm going to be recommending this one to anyone who is looking for a book to discuss at their book club this month. Charlie Ferns and his twin brother Whisky (William) have been through a lot together. They've grown up as two sides of the same coin- but in Charlie's eyes Whisky has always been the twin who has been better off. Older, taller, cooler, Whisky is both the object of Charlie's admiration and his scorn. And as Whisky spends the better part of the novel in a coma, Charlie's world [...]

    22. Annabel Smith explores sibling rivalry and jealousy and other family dynamics in Whiskey and Charlie. I was concerned that her choice to frame the novel around the phonetic alphabet (alpha, bravo, charlie, delta, etc) as chapter titles might become contrived. But, on the contrary, I found myself looking forward to how she would incorporate the next word into the developing story and felt the technique underscored the closeness of the two twin brothers when they were young and inseparable and use [...]

    23. I loved this book. Seriously. It was well written and face paced without being confusing and/or all over the place as with some non linear books. I enjoyed reading this book and couldn't stop turning the pages to see what came next. Annabel Smith manages to tackle difficult subjects and situations realistically and emotionally, creating characters that I both loved and hated all at the same time.Charlie, Whisky, Foxtrot made me feel every emotion from Alpha to Zulu. It made me angry, sad, frustr [...]

    24. I did this book a disservice. I kept misplacing it, setting it aside for something else, putting it off until I read something on a "deadline." But, as I do, I finally committed myself to read the darn thing. I was well into it--well!--when I realized what I was reading: an emotional tale of communication, or the heart-gripping lack of it. Then I couldn't let go. I try to act like I have it together but too often I recognized myself in these characters, especially Charlie. Charlie, who won't go [...]

    25. No! I so did not want this book to end. It was so good. Whiskey & Charlie takes you on the emotional and soul searching rollercoaster that is called Family. You start slowly up the hill of brotherly love that quickly takes you downhill into sibling rivalery, and turns you into a 360 loop of jealously followed by a second loop of anger. You quickly rush up the hill of misconception and then plunge full speed into regret and remorse. Before you know it you're into a series of turns that focus [...]

    26. The story itself had potential, but the writing was amateurish and the dialogue was awful. Most of the characters were downright boring or downright unlikable. I didn't like Charlie or Whiskey one bit and found their "difficult" relationship boring. By the end, I was so glad the book was over that I let out an audible sigh of relief. I was so bored towards the end and only finished because I'd already read two-thirds of it. I figured I should finish what I'd started! I see this book has gotten r [...]

    27. 4.5 is my actual rating.This was such a wonderful story. It's definitely character driven, as it's less about something happening and more about realizing what has happened and making amends. It was a beautiful family story and a heartbreaking window into what it is like to be the family of a coma patient. I had such a rollercoaster of emotions for each of the characters. This book has definitely affected me.

    28. I'm writing this review because my sister said I had to :-)I read this book at her recommendation. And I'm glad I did. This book resonated on several levels for me, as a twin, as a health care provider, etc. It's beautifully written. The format using the phonetic alphabet as a tool to tell the story was clever. The main character wasn't always likable, which made him more realistic. I cried throughout the last 1/4 of the book. Good choice, sister.

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