Last Letters from Hav

Last Letters from Hav Hav is like no place on earth Rud to be the site of Troy captured during the crusades and recaptured by Saladin visited by Tolstoy Hitler Grace Kelly and Princess Diana this Mediterranean city s

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  • Title: Last Letters from Hav
  • Author: Jan Morris
  • ISBN: 9780394532622
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hav is like no place on earth Rud to be the site of Troy, captured during the crusades and recaptured by Saladin, visited by Tolstoy, Hitler, Grace Kelly, and Princess Diana, this Mediterranean city state is home to several architectural marvels and an annual rooftop race that is a feat of athleticism and insanity As Jan Morris guides us through the corridors and quaHav is like no place on earth Rud to be the site of Troy, captured during the crusades and recaptured by Saladin, visited by Tolstoy, Hitler, Grace Kelly, and Princess Diana, this Mediterranean city state is home to several architectural marvels and an annual rooftop race that is a feat of athleticism and insanity As Jan Morris guides us through the corridors and quarters of Hav, we hear the mingling of Italian, Russian, and Arabic in its markets, delight in its famous snow raspberries, and meet the denizens of its casinos and caf s Reviews After reading Last Letters from Hav, what travel writer would ever want to report from an actual place a vigorous literary hybrid elegant fiction in its own right but also a respectfully witty homage to indomitable English travel writers like Lawrence, Burton and Blanch Elaine Kendall, Los Angeles Times A touching love letter, not to an Invisible City but to life itself Morris has penned a fable about an imaginary abroad to teach us about the here and now Peter J Conradi, The Independent Jan Morris has marshaled reportorial insight and literary flair to describe nearly every interesting place on the planet Unique among them is Hav, which she revisits in her latest, perhaps most insightful book yet Donald Morrison, Time Taken for the real thing on its first publication in 1985, this faux travel memoir prompted fruitless calls to confused travel agents It s no wonder Morris s imagination is a marvel, her spectral country fully realized and fascinating Hav, an eastern Mediterranean peninsula, rises believably in the mind, with its city skyline of onion domes, minarets, and one incongruous pagoda along with its glorious and complex history Hav s past is ingeniously, believably intertwined with real events its present is realistically faded and isolated, adding to the eerie feeling one gets of spying on a lost world Publishers Weekly

    One thought on “Last Letters from Hav”

    1. This may be not only the most boring, but also the most pointless book that I have ever read. I don’t read travelogues so I don’t know if this is good or bad by those standards, though Jan Morris, in the eighties, was one of the most respected travel writers.The unfortunate, weird, and amazing thing about this one is that the city of Hav does not exist. This is a travel novel of Ms. Morris spending four months in a city that she made up. She mentions famous people that have visited this city [...]

    2. My god, I've read some horribly boring, pointless books in my time, but this is excruciating. Got about 20% in before it hit the nearest wall, hard, and is now in the to-be-donated pile. Not recommended for anyone anywhere.

    3. I've wrestled with what to say about this ever since I first read it. I knew I liked it. A lot. If you have ever wished you could go to your favorite author's imaginary city or planet, then this book is for you. If you ever memorized all the bits of trivia that that the author let fall about your favorite imaginary society, then you should give this a try. Likewise if you want to be transported out of your chair or seat on the bus and into a beautifully realized imaginary place. If, however, you [...]

    4. I adore this book which I first read when I was a teenager not sure of my geography and whether Hav was a real place or not. Those who have described it as lacking plot are correct - not much appears to happen for most of the book. But those who complain of lack of characterisation are wrong because the character is the city itself to which all the vignettes Morris describes add layer upon layer of meaning. The resulting atmosphere is so compelling it's no wonder many people allegedly thought Ha [...]

    5. Lacking detailed characterization and plot line, travelogues work because the reader is interested in the location. If the location doesn't exist, "travel writing" needs an outstanding style and some sort of unifying message. To be honest, I found the tone pretentious and suspect I wouldn't enjoy Morris's writing on real places. What's more, I completely failed to reassemble hundreds of references to real civilizations and personalities into any coherent theme.

    6. Jan Morris is renowned for her travel books, or, rather, her books about places to which she has travelled. (She seldom describes her journeys, viewing them simply as a means to an end). This is one of her finest, with the catch being that it is, in fact, a novel, and the slightly old fashioned, cosmopolitan city state of Hav is an entirely imaginary destination. Morris gives us some clues as to its supposed location, and I have tended to think of it as being on a peninsula extending into the Me [...]

    7. I love this book, it is a kind of condensation of Jan Morris' travel experiences, and longing for other places. Some people call it dull, because Morris firmly keeps her narrative within the realm of the possible, although Hav doesn't exist, it totally feels like it could, and the experiences of the writer there are the universal experiences of travel writers. And just when you come to love this strange little town as a reader, you are forced to leave.

    8. This is essentially geographical fanfiction, and Hav is a Mary Sue: visited by every important person in history, written about by every contemporary literary light, peopled by Russians and French and Chinese and Armenians and Turks and a strange cave-culture; it's got the most luminous sunsets, the most exquisite sea-urchins, the rarest berries, the strangest customs. I thought it was great fun, but I can see why some readers rate it as pointless and boring.

    9. This library copy of the book was charmingly anachronistic, with the thicker paper that library books used to have, and a yellowed envelope in the inner page and a bunch of old due date stamps.The book too started out very meta, knowing that it is memoir of a place that never was, but at the end I was wrapped up in the dream.

    10. Jan's first novel. And it suffers from being the first. You can tell that the author hasn't quite worked up the courage to write a novel so instead you get a generally dull travel book for a non-existant place. There are moments of delight, but in general in is remarkable for how it manages to be such a long slow read while being physically quite small.

    11. Morris, a distinguished travel writer, here shifts from fact to fiction, but creates an imagined country to which she voyages just as she did many real ones. I remembered this book as being vivid, lyrical, and rather sad, and it's all of those things still; it also holds up to postcolonial scrutiny better than I'd feared.

    12. 5*. morris creates an enchanting and whimsical 5 month visit to an imaginary place. so real i went looking for it on the map and so did my sister-in-law jamie! terrific reading.

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