Ayurveda : Science de l'auto-guérison

Ayurveda Science de l auto gu rison For the first time a book is available which clearly explains the principles and practical applications of Ayurveda the oldest healing system in the world This beautifully illustrated text thoroughly

Ayurveda Ayurveda j r v i d , v e is a system of medicine with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent Globalized and modernized practices derived from Ayurveda traditions are a type of alternative medicine In countries beyond India, Ayurveda therapies and practices have been integrated in general wellness applications and in some cases in medical use. Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science And Research Hospital Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science Research Hospital SSCASRH is an initiative of Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir SSRVM Trust, a charitable, spiritual and educational public institution involved in imparting quality education, research and vocational guidance in various fields of ayurveda. What is Ayurveda The Science, Doshas, Diet, Lifestyle A question often asked, What is Ayurveda The easy answer is that Ayurveda is the year old traditional science that was designed to bring the body back into balance in order to heal itself from ailment that in itself is amazing but underneath that, Ayurveda is so much Ayurveda The Science of Self Healing A Practical Guide Ayurveda The Science of Self Healing A Practical Guide Vasant Lad on FREE shipping on qualifying offers For the first time a book is available which clearly explains the principles and practical applications of Ayurveda Does Science Support Ayurveda Scientific American Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives. The largest school of Ayurveda in the West CA College of About Ayurveda Ayurveda, which literally means The Science of Life, is the traditional healing science of India More than , years old, the time honored traditional knowledge of Ayurveda is just as relevant to modern society today and has helped millions of individuals to return to optimal health.What is Ayurveda About Ayurveda Ayurvedic Healing Ayurveda is a , year old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India Although suppressed during years of foreign occupation, Ayurveda has been enjoying a major resurgence in both its native land and throughout the world. Textbook of Ayurveda, Vol Fundamental Principles of Dr Vasant Lad is a true Vaidya, a knower of reality His latest work, The Textbook of Ayurveda, attests to his indisputable role as the foremost expert in this ancient healing science. What Is Ayurveda The Chopra Center Thousands of years before modern medicine provided scientific evidence for the mind body connection, the sages of India developed Ayurveda, which continues to be one of the world s most sophisticated and powerful mind body health systems.More than a mere system of treating illness, Ayurveda is a science of life Ayur life, Veda science or knowledge. Ayurvedic Medicine In Depth NCCIH A few studies suggest that Ayurvedic preparations may reduce pain and increase function in people with osteoarthritis and help manage symptoms in people with type diabetes, but most of these trials are small or not well designed There is little scientific evidence on Ayurveda s value for other

  • Title: Ayurveda : Science de l'auto-guérison
  • Author: Vasant Dattatray Lad
  • ISBN: 9782857078500
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback
  • For the first time a book is available which clearly explains the principles and practical applications of Ayurveda, the oldest healing system in the world This beautifully illustrated text thoroughly explains history philosophy, basic principles, diagnostic techniques, treatment, diet, medicinal usage of kitchen herbs spices, first aid, food aid, food antidotFor the first time a book is available which clearly explains the principles and practical applications of Ayurveda, the oldest healing system in the world This beautifully illustrated text thoroughly explains history philosophy, basic principles, diagnostic techniques, treatment, diet, medicinal usage of kitchen herbs spices, first aid, food aid, food antidotes and much .

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    1. I would recommend this text only after gaining some introductory knowledge or experience with Ayurveda. A few months back, after consulting with an Ayurvedic doctor in my city for dietary advice to combat seasonal affective disorder, I read Eat-Taste-Heal: An Ayurvedic Cookbook for Modern Living by Thomas Yarema, Daniel Rhoda, and Johnny Brannigan. That book, combined with information provided by the doctor, helped set the stage for getting the most out of this text and moving my understanding o [...]

    2. Ayurveda illuminates the basic laws governing life on earth. To understand it is to understand the forces that engender our well-being. It is an ancient system of wisdom that encompasses the vast horizon where human consciousness merges into Cosmic Consciousness. This brief introductory book attempts to introduce readers to the life science in an understandable manner. However, with many raised questions still unanswered I hope for a more comprehensive book. (Any recommendations would be appreci [...]

    3. This was such a quick and enaging book that gives an overview of ayurveda and practical tips for improving health and consciousness. It has wonderful charts and clear explanations of ayurvedic health techniques, like nasal massage, diet recommendations, finding your own constitution, and simple yoga postures. All of this with a basic explanation of the philosophy behind ayurveda ("The Science of Daily Life").If you are at all curious to BEGIN learning about ayurveda I found this to be so enrichi [...]

    4. I thought this was a good overview of the science of Ayurveda. I've been practicing yoga for about a year, so I was curious to learn about Ayurveda and how it relates. I also think that a lot of modern Western medicine tends to treat symptoms without really curing what causes you to be sick in the first place. Some aspects of Ayurveda have a lot of merit in my opinion. Certain foods, herbs and oils affect different people in different ways, and I think that they can have healing properties. And [...]

    5. This is a great introduction in case you want to learn about ayurveda without prior experience. It is a concise read that outlines the major concepts and principles of vedic science. When i get sick, have some kind of health issue or am looking for advice on lifestyle more generally i like to search the index and table of contents and start from there. I always find this book very insightful and have it at hand.

    6. This is the first I've read on Ayurveda and the topic/field is very interesting. However, I felt like this book 'dumped' a bunch of terms and I was left floundering trying to put all the information together in a logical way. If you're just getting started in this area, I would try to find another book that takes the time to go into some of the history and details.

    7. Excellent, goes well beyond the simple lists of balancing foods for each dosha, but explains the theory behind them. Branches out into appropriate asanas, waking practices, eating patterns and delves somewhat into more advanced learning. (gunas, etc.)

    8. For me it was a quick read. i gobbled up all the information and I'm looking forward to knowing more. i think the author did a great job outlining the major parts of Ayurveda medicine. His methods of delivery was very clear. i think this is a great beginner book.

    9. Good text, but I like Lad's other book (Complete Home Remedies) more. Still, one can never have too many Ayruvedic texts :)

    10. Informative intro to the subject. Esp liked the section that addresses understanding from a western perspective. Gave me lots of ideas of practical stuff to incorporate into my daily life.

    11. A very simple Ayurvedic book- too simple in my opinion, but it gives a very good understanding about the meridians and diagnostics such as urine, tongue and pulse diagnosis.

    12. I definitely recommend it to someone that's looking for an introduction of Ayurveda. It was really interesting to me. Very complete.

    13. This book conveys what I see as a very classical version of the Ayurvedic science. While I am sure that the practices outlined in the book have been helpful to people over the centuries, I think some of them would be hard to transfer to the lives of most Americans. There is definitely some wisdom to the Ayurvedic system, but our fast paced American life and the practices of our culture would make it hard to faithfully adhere to the Ayurvedic practices. It would mean a complete shift in lifestyle [...]

    14. Very informative. Touched on a little bit of everything that Ayurveda has to offer, much like a beginner's course. Definitely opened the door for me to delve deeper into this ancient science. I'm intrigued.

    15. povijest+filozofijaAyurveda drži da je čitav životni put posvećen.Za ayurvedu istina je bitak, čisto postojanje, izvor svog života.Temelji se na literaturi samkhye, sat-istina, khya-znatiRishiji su u uskoj vezi čovjeka i svemira opazili da se kozmička energija očituje u svemu živom i neživom,da je izvor čitave egzistencije kozmička svijest, pojavljena kao m i ž energija Siva/SaktiRši Kapila je otkrio 94 principa/elementa svemira,a osnovna je prakrti ili stvaranje.Posebnih 24 princ [...]

    16. It is remarkable how the author has managed to capture Ayurvedas essence in such a simple reading. Chalk full of medicinal home made recipes for daily common ailments. Very insightful and useful.

    17. I've been practicing yoga's sister ayurveda for a few months now and am absolutely loving it! Finding out that I'm kapha dominant has made a massive difference to my energy levels, digestion, yoga. It's been great to know that many of the things I've learned to do intuitively has already been laid out in ayurveda, and it's as if someone's already understood and done the rest of my homework for me! I've been learning through sharing articles and guidance by friends. Read this book this week, it w [...]

    18. This is a very good introduction to Ayurveda and was recommended to me by an Ayurveda practictioner that game to the yoga studio I practice at. I've got a few more books to read on the subject and I'm hoping to answer some of the questions I still have about Ayurveda. This is a very fascinating subject though.

    19. Dr. Lad is one of my favorite authors. I've read almost all of his writings and am amazed by his ability to dig deeper with each one. This book is great for anyone wanting a 'one-booker' on the subject of Ayurveda. It's concise, well-written, and comprehensive without getting lost in details. However, if this book leaves you wanting more look for his textbooks Vol. 1-4.

    20. A great resource for Ayurveda principles. I got it from the library and quickly realized that this isn't one you just read through and put back. I'll be buying a copy to reference for years. Only criticism is that it seems a little outdated, however that's kind of the point, and some of the recommendations seemed more like superstition than based on solid foundation.

    21. Reading it was interesting, since it was a subject completely unfamiliar to me. I found myself taking detailed notes, actually - which is something I never do. I think the descriptions of the three individual constitution types were most interesting, as I identified very closely with one of them. Overall, I formed a favorable opinion of the practice.

    22. A lot of infoThis was so good I read it all in one sitting and took notes. Easy to understand for such an esoteric subject! Great for someone who is just starting to learn about Ayurveda! Love it! Thank you!

    23. A foreign subject to me previously. Felt the book was a little hard to understand at times and a little ridiculous at others. However it was a quick read and I feel that I gained a lot of knowledge from it.

    24. Informatief boek over Ayurveda: de principes, constitutie-types, verstoringen in de constitutie; welke voeding is geschikt voor welke constitutie en welke verstoring, yoga-oefeningen, richtlijnen voor een Ayurvedische leven. Interessant om eens kennis van te nemen.

    25. Excellent, short introduction to Ayurveda. Full of useful information. Since it is by the very well respected Ayurvedic doctor Vasant Lad, I think the information is accurate and can be trusted. My one qualm with this book is that I find it lacking in its ability to make me feel inspired.

    26. Great overview of ayurveda and easy to use and understand but doesnt touch on the complexity that is contained in ayurvedic traditions or the fact that a real diagnosis should be done by someone who has studied for many years.

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