Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpse To serial slayer Andrew Compton murder is an art the most intimate art After feigning his own death to escape from prison Compton makes his way to the United States with the sole ambition of bringi

  • Title: Exquisite Corpse
  • Author: Poppy Z. Brite
  • ISBN: 9780684836270
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
  • To serial slayer Andrew Compton, murder is an art, the most intimate art After feigning his own death to escape from prison, Compton makes his way to the United States with the sole ambition of bringing his art to new heights Tortured by his own perverse desires, and drawn to possess and destroy young boys, Compton inadvertently joins forces with Jay Byrne, a dissoluteTo serial slayer Andrew Compton, murder is an art, the most intimate art After feigning his own death to escape from prison, Compton makes his way to the United States with the sole ambition of bringing his art to new heights Tortured by his own perverse desires, and drawn to possess and destroy young boys, Compton inadvertently joins forces with Jay Byrne, a dissolute playboy who has pushed his art to limits even Compton hadn t previously imagined Together, Compton and Byrne set their sights on an exquisite young Vietnamese American runaway, Tran, whom they deem to be the perfect victim.Swiftly moving from the grimy streets of London s Piccadilly Circus to the decadence of the New Orleans French Quarter, and punctuated by rants from radio talk show host Lush Rimbaud, a.k.a Luke Ransom, Tran s ex lover, who is dying of AIDS and who intends to wreak ultimate havoc before leaving this world, Exquisite Corpse unfolds into a labyrinth of murder and love Ultimately all four characters converge on a singular bloody night after which their lives will be irrevocably changed or terminated.Poppy Z Brite dissects the landscape of torture and invites us into the mind of a killer Exquisite Corpse confirms Brite as a writer who defies categorization It is a novel for those who dare trespass where the sacred and profane become one.

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    1. Why didn't I review this one before? Probably because I'm a leetle bit embarrassed - okay, more than a leetle bit embarrassed - to have read it at all. I remember reading this on a jolly family holiday in Dorset, a short walk away from Thomas Hardy's cottage. Georgia was making sandcastles and bouncing on trampolines and there was I reading about gay serial killers who eat their victims and then each other. It was inappropriate. No other word. As stupid books go this was insanely gruesome but it [...]

    2. It appears that 2008 is going to be the year I plunge blindly into the ever-growing morass of uninspired and weak drivel that is gay literature. Every other book I pick up concerns one recurring element; completely unbridled homosexual revelry. And I’ll be honest; I’m disappointed. One would think that in all that time that the homosexual minority is busy being shunned, alienated, and whatever else they gripe about in their heart-wrenchingly ‘honest and unbiased’ tales of ostracism (gene [...]

    3. Favorite book of all time. Lucky to have read it because I stumbled on to it by accident. I was looking for a book at a book store in Nashville. I read the jacket and was intrigued by the serial killer meets serial killer plot. I was even more interested when I saw that it was written by a women. But when I opened it and saw that the author dedicated the gruesome book to her mom I had to get it. I wasn’t disappointed. Some of the most shocking things I have ever read. Shocking in a gross, murd [...]

    4. I set out to read a horror for the season, knowing nothing about the author, but having his name and some books dropped on several groups. What I got was a gay grotesque, horrible I suppose if one were a victim, difficult to identify with the needs of the victimizers (thank the gods). This is a psychosexual horror without any occult elements. It is quite straight forward, requiring little work on the reader's part. Others have summarized the plot (see below). His style is effective, the characte [...]

    5. I very, very rarely quit on a book halfway through. I always feel guilty and have to slog through it just so I can feel like I gave it a fair chance. This was one of the few books I couldn't stand to finish. Now, I'm not squeamish, so the gore and sociopathy described in the book didn't bother me at all. What did was the lack of dimension in the characters (Brite seems to think that writing characters who are evil and disturbed will automatically give them some sort of depth - it doesn't) and th [...]

    6. i read the ultra-dark gothic erotic thriller exquisite corpse for the first time in a mad 24-hour fever dream, while hopped up on vicodin and cold medicine; and maybe this is the best way to get through the book, in fact, in that this atmospheric yet disturbingly violent tale takes some getting used to. don't get me wrong; i love this book! be aware, by the way, that author poppy z. brite has gone through a big change in her career since then; she's now much more known for a series of funny rela [...]

    7. Grossest book I've ever read. After not finishing Asylum, I wanted something scary. Brothers and sisters, that's what I got with Poppy Z. Brite's Exquisite Corpse. I have an exceptionally weak stomach, which is why I usually avoid gore. I've never seen the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. I've never seen the Freddy Kruger films. Gore's just not my thing; I'm more of a psychological terror guy. Horrors left offscreen are more effective on me. This book is quite scary psychologically, but it also r [...]

    8. Well this was different.Four characters, each with their own POV, make up this little book of gore and death. It begins with Andrew's story, a necrophiliac serial killer from London. We follow him as he shrewdly escapes prison and makes his way to New Orleans to start over. Next, it's Tran and Luke, an estranged gay couple dealing with the aftermath of an HIV diagnosis and renouncement from a very traditional Vietnamese family. Last is Jay, an attractive and very sophisticated cannibal who preys [...]

    9. This book is demented. It's the most obscene and grotesque thing I have ever read. Like looking at crime scene photos and being unable to look away. And yet I enjoyed it so much it made my teeth ache. But I very much feel the need to wash out the inside of my skull now. It is definitely not for the squeamish.

    10. Casi todo el libro he estado pensando que le daría sus buenas 4 estrellas porque estaba muy bien desarrollado y me gusta mucho la forma de escribir que tiene Brite, pero, que coj*n*s!! se lleva las 5 estrellazas!Intento no ser demasiado benevolente con las estrellitas, pero es que se lo ha merecido.Los últimos capítulo, pese a que se sabe lo que va a pasar, te dejan sin aliento, sin poder dejar de leer.Han habido veces que hasta me he encogido de dolor (como cuando ves que alguien se parte al [...]

    11. wow I honestly don't know what to think with this book or where to start.I spent most of the book wondering how many stars to even give it because in all honesty I am not even sure I liked it. The best way to describe this book its to liken it to a pile up on the M1, you don't want to keep reading/watching but you have to you hope its not to gory but you keep reading when it it.Sometimes I was likeen I was.However the story line/plot was fantastic and the way poppy tells the story really takes y [...]

    12. I am trying to think how to write this review. I don't like using profanity in my book reviews, but I am about to tell you that this is the most FUCKED UP book I have ever laid eyes on. I don't consider myself to be sheltered in any way. I am not shocked by much. But damn. I cannot believe this book was ever published anywhere. Yay for freedom of expression. But HOLY SHIT. This book kept me reading an entire day when I was home due to Hurricane Isaac. I would like to say that I was so offended b [...]

    13. I first read this book aout ten years ago. I had read two other books by Poppy Z. Brite, and was a big fan of them (Lost Souls and Drawng Blood). Exquisite Corpse took me into a place that was darker than I had ever been, and disturbed me like no book I had read up to that point. The writing, as always with PZB, is first-rate. She is extremely talented, and a master of her craft. The book manages to be both violent and sexy; the super-graphic blood and gore may prove to be turn-off for some read [...]

    14. Poppy Z. Brite's EXQUISITE CORPSE is darker and infinitely more disturbing than any of her previous works. This is an unflinching, unapologetic love story between two cannibalistic serial killers.Brite's writing is done so well you can almost smell the scents of the decadent French Quarter. Her dialogue is clear, cutting and painfully honest, her imagery so vivid when that first slice is made into the delicate human abdomen you feel your own guts begin to churn. The story is made all the more ch [...]

    15. This was a brutal read. I give the author props for certainly putting me into a murderer's POV, to the point where it was uncomfortable at times. I didn't feel much for the characters, except for one whowell, things didn't go well for him. If you're into extreme reading, go for it, just know you've been warned. I gave it three stars because it was one hell of an experience and I am glad I read it. I may even read it again someday, but I'm in no damn hurry. ENJOY!

    16. When I was 13 I attempted to read this book, and now, I distinctly remember throwing it away in disgust after the first chapter. WARNING, WARNING, WARNINGThis novel truly is *disgusting*, vile, extremely disturbing, putrid. Feel brave? Come on in. This would be equivalent to a scratch and sniff garbage pail kid sticker, labeled bloody fart. ButRIOUSLY this retched story sucks you right in, twists and turns you all around, has you writhing in gore, wincing through DETAILED rough gay sex, and squi [...]

    17. Poppy Z. Brite's hardcore horror opus is not for everyone. This story, while very compelling and dark, also features some rather gruesome imagery and is not for th faint of heart. That said, we end up with a really strong character study of four men, in two relationships. One is the soon to be victim and his ex, the other, two serial killers. If that sounds like a good hook, it is. However, this is not really a thriller, so if your looking for a smash bang ening, look elsewhere. Still, for those [...]

    18. I made it through the entire book. I feel dirty. I guess thats a good thing. While this book is not for everyone,(possibly me) the writing is solid, with the exception of some pov problems at the end, and the characters are well drawn. Exquisite Corpse is definitely of its time (mid 80's) I'd forgotten how horrified people were about AIDS and serial killers. Both subjects seem thoroughly explored even overdone today. But I do see why its become a classic of its genre. It captures a moment in tim [...]

    19. This is my first--maybe last--Brite book, especially if they're as uninteresting as this one. A co-worker explained the book like this: It's like a book written by a high schooler who knows how to write pretty well. Sums it up for me. The writing, while trying to be daring and disgusting, just came off as juvenile.

    20. Una historia de amor muy bestia, no apta para estómagos sensibles. Me han gustado el estilo y las descripciones, consigue meterte en situaciones muy extremas, a la vez que los personajes transmiten que lo que ocurre es de lo más normal para ellos.Si te interesan las mentes trastornadas y no te echan para atrás las descripciones gráficas de sexo y violencia, es una novela recomendable.

    21. This is nightmarish horror, lurid and grisly. As the author sayswho amongst us doesn’t crane to look at an accident on the side of the rode, to see how bad the damage is? And so it is possible to get sucked into the morass. In ‘Exquisite Corpse’ bodily fluids flow freely and the time setting, the early days of the AIDS epidemic, is integral to the general feel of hopelessness.As with Kyle Sullivan’s How to Rape a Straight Guy we are invited into the world of the psychopath, people as con [...]

    22. Gay cannibals in love! So okay, this is some warped stuff, but if you can get over the serial killing, cannibalism, and necrophilia, all rendered in loving detail, it's a compelling little read.I don't know that it's aged especially well since it was published in 1996. A lot of Poppy Brite's stories from that period explore themes of homosexuality and gay sexuality, and subsequently there's a certain "OH MY GOD LOOK HOW WE'RE HAVING TEH UBER GAY SEXSSS!!!" exuberance that seems kind of quaint in [...]

    23. "Your life collided with mined you simply failed to survive the wreckage."I don't even know what to say about this book. This is probably the grossest book I've read (maybe), and it was disturbing on all the levels, but oddly enjoyable. It's like if Jeffrey Dahmer fell in love. If that doesn't sound interesting to you, definitely don't read this book 😂. It's graphic, and gruesome as hell, but it was definitely interesting. It's even kind of campy (yet so so disgusting). This was my first Popp [...]

    24. The author writes on her website that both her U.S. and British publisher turned down this, her third novel, due to its shocking and controversial subject matter. I can't help but think both firms also considered it something of a mess.Brite wrote her vampire novel, Lost Souls when she was nineteen. It's gloriously overwritten and steeped in perverse atmospherics. Then came Drawing Blood, a gay romance with supernatural elements, considerable amounts of blood, and a happy ending. Here are the ba [...]

    25. I love Poppy Z. I love that she's weird, and punk, and that she was true to her word and stopped writing goth when she got older. This isn't her best work. I actually think her short fiction is her best work. This one, I picked up because of all the hype about it being based on Dahmer, and Dahmer was one sick bat nut. Maybe it was that comparison though, that made the book less effective. That it was loosely based on Dahmer is clear. And no matter how visceral the prose tried to be, it couldn't [...]

    26. It's extremely gruesome and truly morbid, but inexplicably charming. The relationship of the two serial killers is fascinating. Where this felt just a little bit unbelievable was the portrayal of their ultimate victim (view spoiler)[and how he kinda loved it even while they were stabbing him (hide spoiler)], but even so I have to give it five stars just for being so off-kilter and unforgettable.

    27. The descriptive nature of this book is quite spell bounding and I did love the play with wordsNow with the story line I loved the opening chapter and getting to know Andrew Crompton and his characteristics to me were much like Hannibal Lecter I wish the book was more revolved around him than getting intertwined with other meek characters such as Jay, Luke and TranAlso a little far fetched how all these characters seem to come together in the one place as well!In saying that I did enjoy the book [...]

    28. this book is kinda: euuuu3333 WTF!! whaaaaaaat? Sh**! WTH! No way! He did what? I need a break!!The last part though!! My God!!

    29. J’ai lu il y a longtemps Les contes de la fée verte, me promettant de retrouver Poppy Z.Brite un jour ou l’autre. Vingt ans plus tard nous y voilà. Si vous n’avez pas encore lu Brite, sachez tout de même ce qui vous attend. La 4e de couverture, bien que brève, ne saurait être plus juste.Andrew Compton, gay, tueur en série nécrophile, et accessoirement emprisonné pour vingt-trois meurtres, réussit une invraisemblable évasion et se réfugie aux États-Unis, où il rencontre au hasa [...]

    30. When I read this book, I can only say that it went far and beyond my expectations. Now, I myself love horror/serial killer themed books, and with that being said it is pretty clear that I have a morbid and disturbed mind. . . only just a tad. 'Exquisite Corpse' is not a light read in the least bit, nor is is a book to fully be enjoyed. Poppy writes (as her title implies) in the most disturbingly exquisite way. Now most readers, and reviewers of her book on here complain that is was dirty, disgus [...]

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