Good News about Injustice

Good News about Injustice In four sessions this study guide helps you to wrestle with the challenges of injustice in the world today

  • Title: Good News about Injustice
  • Author: Gary A. Haugen
  • ISBN: 9780830822355
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • In four sessions, this study guide helps you to wrestle with the challenges of injustice in the world today.

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    1. This book is in three parts. 1) Taking up the Challenge 2) Hope & Despair: God's Four Affirmations of Justice 3) Real-World Tools for Rescuing the Oppressed.I found the first two parts to be especially powerful and moving and healing. In the first part, he tells his own story, how he was sent by the UN to assess the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide and the grief that grew and overwhelmed him out of that experience, essentially changing the course of his life. In the second part he delves in [...]

    2. I listened to this book in preparation for participating in Dressember, a fund-raising campaign for International Justice Mission and A21. It was incredibly inspiring, sobering, and motivational. It was really interesting to hear about the beginnings of IJM. I appreciated Mr. Haugen's use of Scripture and reflections on God's character. I ordered my own copy so I could highlight and make notes - that's one thing I don't like about audio reads!

    3. An eye opening book about the God of justice and the injustices around the world. We live in a hurting, vile and oppressive world that so many western evangelicals have been ignorant of. This book calls us into the battle for justice that is God's passion. I highly encourage the reading of this book.

    4. This book is fantastic! Gary Haugen is a lawyer who worked for the United States Department of Justice. At one point, he was sent to Rwanda to lead a team gathering evidence against the perpetrators of the genocide there in 1994. It was experiences like this one that led Haugen to create International Justice Mission, whose goal is to provide legal aid and advocacy to oppressed persons throughout the world. The first few chapters of the book set the stage. Haugen tells a bit of his own story and [...]

    5. Important text. Glad to have read it. The use of the Bible to argue the case for the poor and victims of injustice is really compelling for persons of faith. In general, Haugen's experience in pursuing justice for victims in especially dark places is undeniable. The book teaches a lot about what the work of public justice system reform involves.

    6. Good News is a typical social justice book written in 1999. Breaking very little ground of its own, it seems as if it simply jumped on the social justice bandwagon making its way around the world a decade ago. It can be summarized by the main themes contained in all its brother and sister books: Bad things happen; God doesn't like it; We should do something about it.If I were to nitpick, I could take issue with the notion that God wants to punish those who cause injustice. Though there are Bible [...]

    7. Abuse and grinding poverty, which dehumanize human beings, are also an insult to the God who made them. Christians have not, despite being repeatedly called to the task by His word, rescued the oppressed. We have forgotten how to be such a witness of Christ’s love, power, and justice in the world. We sit in the same paralysis of despair as those who don’t even claim to know a Savior-and in some cases, we manifest even less hope. Isaiah 1:17. God spends his days weeping beside children in bro [...]

    8. Feeding of the Five Thousand:The disciples brought complaints about the hungry multitude to Jesus, and he responded compassionately by blessing the bits of food from a boy's lunch- five loaves of bread and two fishes. “Then he gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the people. They ate and all were satisfied” (Matthew 14:19).Imagine a scenario in which the disciples just kept thanking Jesus for all the bread and fish- without passing them along to the people. Imagine the [...]

    9. I think this is one of the best "Christian" books that I've ever read. Gary doesn't rely on sensationalism or the ups and downs of our frail and vacillating emotions like some other writers do. Instead, he relies on the brute force of undiluted truth. There's a lot of repetition in the book, but not for lack of creativity. Instead, Gary uses this repetitive factor to really drill in certain facts and skills and how to apply them to different situation. I personally like this because he instills [...]

    10. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m passionate about the International Justice Mission and their work to fight injustice in this world. I went to their 2010 prayer gathering back in April, and was blown away by the passion and commitment of the people in the organization. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed and discouraged about the plight of human trafficking, this book is for you. Not only does Haugen explain the reasons behind the problem and the oppression, he offers tangible ways for the eve [...]

    11. Definitely feels like light reading in a certain sense - that is, it isn't a great philosophical work. But it is a strong Biblically grounded book on the practical work to right injustices in the world - it is intended for Christians seeking to understand our part in a suffering world, and in that I think it is a good start. I still think I'd recommend John Stott's Human Rights & Human Wrongs: Major Issues for a New Century over this one (he even gives a very generous nod to the work of Haug [...]

    12. This books is, admittedly, a little bit of a commercial for International Justice Mission (which is a great organization btw). Other than that, a great book. Chapter 7 "Hope in the God of Rescue" was one of the best chapters I've read in any book this year. Haugen lays out a strong biblical case for the necessity for Christian involvement in justice. He includes a LOT of biblical quotes. Justice is not a side issue in the Bible. It is front and center. It is a relatively clear-eyed look at the i [...]

    13. A good introductory book on some of the injustices going on around the world and what Haugen's group, the International Justice Mission, is doing about it. For the last three years of college, I was vice president of our International Justice Mission campus chapter, and we successfully raised money for Somalian wet nurses and so forth, and I met Gary once at an IJM conference for about two seconds. Anyway, this book is a really basic intro into international injustices, mostly focusing on child [...]

    14. This book is an amazing tool in the hands of any Christian. Gary Haugen's personal experience with injustice (as an investigator for the UN after the Rwandan Genocide) and his approach in educating other Christians through God's Word has brought hope to my heart that God can use Christians in His fight against injustice. This book attempts (and succeeds in my opinion) to answer complex questions such as, "Why do bad things happen if God is loving?" and "How does God feel about injustice?" and "W [...]

    15. I'm almost done with this and it is unbelievable. The guy who wrote it is the President of the International Justice Mission and used to be some sort of international lawyer and worked for the Dept. of Justice and the UN. He led the investigation on a couple of different massacres (Rwanda, South Africac.) and war crimes all over the world. He went to Harvard and is a Spirit-filled believer. What makes this book so great is that he combines his incredible experience all over the world, his intell [...]

    16. Been slogging through this one since late October, finally sat down and finished it. I was compelled to get this book after hearing Haugen speak at my church on multiple occasions and listening to some of his Ted Talks. He is a much more compelling public speaker than an author. This reads like a high schoolers persuasive essay/research paper. It hits the same points again and again and again. I don't disagree with anything he's saying, but this medium was just not as effective to me. The most c [...]

    17. Good news about injustice was such a compelling book. It took me out of my comfort zone and made me really think about what is going on in the world. Gary Haugen helps you realize that there is a lot more we can do even if it's by praying if were not able to act. He really helps you understand how a lot of people can ignore what's going on in the world and just go on with our day as if life is great everywhere. Well truth is there is Injustice everywhere and Gary Haugen really helps the reader s [...]

    18. An extremely well written, well organized discussion of a very challenging subject. The author's generous selection of scriptures throughout the book is very affirming to people of faith about God's views on injustice and our role in the solution to the problem. Gary Haugen's step by step accounts of IJM's successes makes the devastating and overwhelming problem of human trafficking and oppression look like something we can actually fight. It reminds me of a statement my church uses in its campa [...]

    19. There were some good aspects of this book. However, I felt that he didn't really address the kinds of injustice that we still experience in the United States - he was more focused upon extremely violent kinds of injustice or things that were foreign. Toward the end of the book I really felt like his point was to either recruit people to his organization or collection donations from others. It seemed like he was telling me that I couldn't fight against injustice because I wasn't qualified, but I [...]

    20. Haugen is the founder of International Justice Mission, a human rights organization that seeks to rescue countless people around the world from violence, slavery, forced prostitution and other situations of oppression, as well as prosecute those in power who are responsible. This book is a great overview of the conditions that people all over the world (including far too many children) are forced into and cannot escape from on their own. Haugen argues that as Christians, we have a responsibility [...]

    21. This is an excellent book to help people become aware of slavery, sex trafficking and other injustices across the world. It specifically shows how Gary Haugen's christian organization, International Justice Mission, works to use the laws of different countries to free people with the injustices they are facing. I would have liked more stories to help people become more aware of all of these atrocities but this is definitely a good book to start learning.

    22. This book is fantastic. It's informative, inspiring, and has loads of scripture. I already wanted to take action against injustice but this book, through scripture, real stories, and practical information has moved me all the more to allow God to employ me to fight injustice in the world in whatever way he sees fit. Every time I picked up this book and read, I found myself praying, "Lord please send me. I'll go!"

    23. This book had some interesting information and good ideas, but it was more than clear throughout that it was written by a lawyer. I am very thankful for and impressed by IJM and all they do to fight injustice around the world. I think this book could be more powerful than it is if Gary Haugen had focused more on the stories and less on presenting facts and lists of steps to be followed. Still very interesting and convicting, though.

    24. I've been in love with the work of IJM since a freshman in college but in recent times had struggled with social justice as the new fad/trend. Haugen does a great job displaying the intent and motivation behind IJM in understanding God and his call/desire for justice. Additionally, Haugen describes the operations of IJM - what information needs to be collected, how to delve into the root issue, and allowing the readers to understand the immense details that is involved with the ministry.

    25. My husband works for this organization, and after reading it I am even more proud of the work IJM does. There is no one else like it. Gary Haugen is wicked smart yet writes in a way that anyone can relate to and seems to find the balance between dependence on the Lord and how to wisely and proactively live out our role.

    26. What a beautiful inspiration of God this book is. So many scriptures to back up defending oppression, so many examples of stories and experiences that Mr. Haugen encounter, and man is this very encouraging for those who have a heart for helping others out of oppression! Very well done! I enjoyed reading it!!!!

    27. Gary Haugen is the president of International Justice Mission. Good News about Injustice is an entry-level book for anyone who vaguely senses that the world is not just and God might have something to say about it. He covers a great deal of Scripture to explain what injustice is, how it plays out in our world currently, how God addresses injustice, and what we can do about it.

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