Trial By Battle

Trial By Battle Second World War memoir

  • Title: Trial By Battle
  • Author: David Piper
  • ISBN: 9780586085943
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
  • Second World War memoir.

    One thought on “Trial By Battle”

    1. Well written, painfully told tale of a British Sub-Lieutenant posted first to India then, when the Japanese advance on Singapore, to Malaya. Another "fall of the Raj/End of Empire" metaphor that's halfway between Robert Henriquez's "The Commander" (though that out-of-print book takes place entirely in home waters) and "The Singapore Grip". The emphasis here, however, is on first person terror, along with humor. No idea why it's out of print. My copy was discarded by the library of Curry College, [...]

    2. Tells the story of a young man, not very warrior-like, who is pressurised by a bombastic, macho drunk (albeit with some redeeming qualities) who is overseeing his military training in India to believe that manhood is achieved by opting to become a 'fighting soldier' rather than becoming a backroom boy and avoiding danger. The interaction between the characters is fascinating and the eventual experience of battle, which occurs after many months of faffing about in training, is visceral and ultima [...]

    3. I discovered this book by chance, while writing a book on war literature. It was endorsed by no less critic than Frank Kermode, and this compelled me to buy it and read it. First surprise: it was out of print. I had to purchase a used copy. Second surprise (smaller): it's a real masterpiece of war literature. How comes, though, that it isn't one of the acknowledged classics of the genre? Maybe because it talks about how the British were quickly defeated by the Japanese Army in Malaya? Maybe beca [...]

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