The Name of the Game

The Name of the Game He thinks she s a flake She thinks he s a stick in the mud But each time Kyle and Mac are together they feel an undeniable spark After a long day on her feet all flight attendant Kyle McKinney wants

  • Title: The Name of the Game
  • Author: Lisa Weseman
  • ISBN: 7814405522
  • Page: 245
  • Format: ebook
  • He thinks she s a flake She thinks he s a stick in the mud But each time Kyle and Mac are together, they feel an undeniable spark After a long day on her feet, all flight attendant Kyle McKinney wants is a cool glass of wine, a warm bath, and a hot man in her bed Instead, she ends up in a tug of war over misdelivered mail with her sexy but nerdy neighbor, Kyle Mac McHe thinks she s a flake She thinks he s a stick in the mud But each time Kyle and Mac are together, they feel an undeniable spark After a long day on her feet, all flight attendant Kyle McKinney wants is a cool glass of wine, a warm bath, and a hot man in her bed Instead, she ends up in a tug of war over misdelivered mail with her sexy but nerdy neighbor, Kyle Mac McKinney.Thrown together by a shared name and address, Kyle and Mac butt heads as their very different lives begin to overlap He wears sweater vests and teaches college accounting She dresses like Carmen Miranda and practices scream therapy But together, they must deal with a nosy elderly neighbor, a misguided stripper, and an overzealous IRS agent without killing each other When opposites attract, it s like playing with fire But will Kyle and Mac figure out that love is the name of the game before it s too late

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    1. 3.5 stars. Disclaimer #1 - I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. Disclaimer #2 - Because I am an idiot, I received said ARC over a year ago, and managed to misplace it until recently.Kyle McKinney, flight attendant, in apartment 301, does not realize her new neighbor, Mac, in apartment 310, is ALSO named Kyle McKinney, and not even the faux police officer/stripper sent to her door gives her a clue. Eventually, the two catch on, and Kyle (Mac) is even kind of sexy in [...]

    2. Kyle McKinney was her own woman and she'd given up a lot to make sure of it. She'd left behind a huge trust fund, an ivy league education, and a willing but boring fiancee' to have the opportunity to claim her own life. The life she'd chosen as a flight attendant.Mac, also named Kyle McKinney, had worked hard to protect himself and his little brother from further pain and instability after the loss of their parents. As an accountant, he was dependable and organized. And he didn't leave anything [...]

    3. Mixed up mail, a stripper-gram sent to her apartment instead of his, accusations of tax evasion! These are just a few of the things that happen to two people who share the same name in the same apartment complex.Kyle McKinney is a fun-loving woman who has worked hard not to be pushed into a life all laid out for her. Kyle 'Mac' McKinney, is an accounting professor complete with sweater vests. He is cautious and she believes in scream therapy. But opposites do attract in this novel and even thoug [...]

    4. Kyle McKinnley is a flight attendant flying around the world. Then some mix up with a stripper looking for Kyle leads to her meeting Mac, a geeky, but cute, neighbor. It also leads to a fight in the mailroom with someone trying to steal her mail. But it’s just Mac… but actually his name is Kyle McKinnley. Kyle and Mac may share the same name but they are two very different people. She’s a bit crazy and he’s very rigid. “I’m not as uptight as you think I am. I’m just careful. ““ [...]

    5. A few pages in to Chapter One, I thought, "This is going to be a fun read!" I was right!I'm a sucker for people falling in love, but I need at least a few laughs along the way. Lisa Weseman delivers the goods with this romantic comedy. I got plenty of laughs (out loud!), and lotsa the "Will they or won't they?" moments that make my stomach do little flips. The characters are so well-drawn in this fun story. Kyle McKinney, a flight attendant who practices a little primal screaming after a bad day [...]

    6. This book might just be the most charming story I've ever read. Filled with warmth and wit, it was an absolute joy to read. I'm a staunch paranormal romance fan (don't believe me, check out my book shelf) and this couldn't have been further from what I normally flock to, but I loved every minute of it. The hero is a sexy nerd (w/ secret muscles he hides under sweater vests) and the heroine is strong and sassy w/ a huge heart and each teaches the other not to judge a book by its cover. I found my [...]

    7. A delightful contemporary romance full of sparkling dialogue and sweet/sexy scenes. The premise is a case of mistaken identity (kind of) as the hero and the heroine share the same name - Kyle McKinney - but don't worry, there is no confusion over who is who. The author handles that issue skilfully and gracefully and we soon come to know (and love) our hero as 'Mac'. I don't want to include any spoilers so I'll just touch on some of the highlights in this book for me. The dart-in-the-groin inside [...]

    8. A fun, romantic comedy about two people who happen to share the same name, live in the same building and drive the same car. It could happen, right?The author has a penchant for sharp, witty dialogue and the banter between the two main characters is definitely the highlight of the book. There are also some hidden gems in a few of the phrases used in the book - my favorite being the reference to a jilted thesaurus.Overall it was quick, fast-paced read with a little something for everyone. Looking [...]

    9. Two words- funny and heartwarming. Kyle McKinney. Kyle McKinney. Yes, one misplaced letter leads to a lot of laughter in Lisa Weseman’s The Name of the Game. Kyle McKinney is a flight attendant who has a big heart, but is restless. She wants more in life. When she meets her neighbor, Kyle “Mac” McKinney after a tug-of-war over their mail confusion, the fun and laughter begins. But can straight-laced, non-risk-taker, Mac, win over Kyle’s adventuresome heart?I found both characters fun and [...]

    10. The Name of the Game is a fun, flirty story. Kyle McKinney, a flight attendant makes the surprising discovery that there’s someone else in her apartment building who shares her name. He’s a college professor, though, and she translates that to boring. She’s tried to live that kind of life before - and it wasn’t for her. No matter how polite or how cute he is, he’s not the kind of guy she has in mind as a possible date.Until a few moments in a non-functional elevator changes her point o [...]

    11. This book read like a movie – a great romantic comedy, in fact. I spent most of my time reading it trying to picture various movie stars in the lead roles. I love that both the main characters are named Kyle McKinney – a coincidence that leads to one hilarious moment after another – mixed up mail, mixed up deliveries, and a ‘Who’s on First’ moment when the two Kyles meet for the first time.This isn’t just a laugh-a-minute read, though. Lisa Weseman gives her Kyles some real issues [...]

    12. The Name of the Game by Lisa Weseman is a charming novel reminiscent of the romantic comedies of Doris Day and Rock Hudson. (casting note—Ann Hathaway and Steve Carrell?) Carefree flight attendant Kyle McKinney meets a new neighbor in her apartment building who shares her name. Luckily for the readers, uptight accountant Kyle goes by the nickname Mac. The sexual attraction between the pair is undeniable but they both realize how unsuited they are for each other. Circumstances (misdirected mail [...]

    13. Kyle McKinney is a flight attendant. She is tired after a trip and the last thing she wants is to fight over her mail.Her neighbor believes she has been stealing his mail. To her surprise he has her name too. Kyle "Mac" McKinney can't believe the woman in front of him. She is strong, stubborn and sexy. He is an accountant professor and looks more like a sexy nerd. But the sparks are flying.After they realize that they share more than a building, they start a friendship.This is a case of mistaken [...]

    14. DNF. I enjoy light, humorous romance but the situations were so silly, unrealistic, absurd (take your pick) that I lost all patience. In the description, the hero is said to view the heroine as a flake. That is much too kind an adjective. Who would look at correspondence from the IRS as junk mail and throw it out because if it was important they would call or email? That much stupidity so consistently, even in half of a short novel is way too much. I am sorry I gave it almost half the book to im [...]

    15. The Name of The Game a sweet novella about 2 people who on the outside appear to be opposites with the same name. In my opinion it isn't that they are so opposite but the each of their responses to events in their lives have caused them go react the way they do.Overall I enjoyed the story. The continual angus between Mac & Kyle go a little much without out more emphasis on the times they were good together. It was hard for me to totally connect with either of them totally. Others may not hav [...]

    16. Actual: 3.5/4 stars.Good pacing, character development, and progression. Felt realistic, loved the dialogue - it was the best part. Weseman has a talent for creating such realistic character interactions. I just didn't feel the connection between Mac and Jeff, and there were a couple of other aspects that I have to call shenanigans on. Full review to come

    17. The Name of the Game is a funny, sweet, well-written romance. I love the unique concept of the hero and heroine sharing the same name. Very cleverly written with fantastic characters that are so different from one another, yet you can’t help adore them both. I laughed out loud in places, and I don’t often read books that make me react that way. Looking forward to more by Lisa Weseman.

    18. This was a GREAT read! A clever storyline, unforgettable characters, laugh-out-loud moments and plenty of romance. This is what romantic-comedy is all about!

    19. Very cuteminded me of a couple who met on Facebook because they had the same name, and eventually got married

    20. There was a little too much back and forth (like/cant' be with you) and then suddenly they were in love. I did like that Mac didn't get let off easy in his apology at the end.

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