Velvet Is the Night

Velvet Is the Night To save her family from the guillotine proud Claire Deveraux would do anything even stike a devil s bargain with the ruthless new commissioner Phillipe Dehet Though an innocent the breathtaking bea

  • Title: Velvet Is the Night
  • Author: Elizabeth Thornton
  • ISBN: 9780821773888
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • To save her family from the guillotine, proud Claire Deveraux would do anything even stike a devil s bargain with the ruthless new commissioner, Phillipe Dehet Though an innocent, the breathtaking beauty has no illusions about what she has just promised surrender herself, body and soul, and become sensual prisoner to Duhet s every whim of pleasure.

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    1. SPOILERS-May not appeal to readers who are rabidly against rapes in bodice ripper romance. This book also has a hero who sleeps with another woman (once) in his attempt to forget the heroine. I couldn't decide, if it was "cheating", since in his mind, their relationship was over for good. The scene wasn't overly offensive as it is hard for him to get aroused and you're aware that he is still very much in love with the heroine. He was clearly not making love to the woman in his bed, but to the he [...]

    2. Nearly a year later I still think about this book from time to time- Thornton created a truly unforgettable couple and despite the flaws I happily put this book on my all-time-favs shelve.5 stars it is :)------Uff- I just finished the book some minutes ago and oh my good there were so many emotions- sochin soch.drama.! I have to write a review to get this out of my head and move on Right, so there are a lot of aspects that I really liked about this book and some things that I didn't; I am not en [...]

    3. One of the best books I've read so far!! It has a great beginning, a great middle part and a great ending. With great leads. Simply loved Adam and Claire!! This writer is amazing!!

    4. Set in France in 1794, during the French Revolution, this is the story of beautiful Claire Deveraux, the bastard child of a prominent American who fell in love with her mother on a trip to France, though he already had a wife and children. Raised by her uncle Claire loves his family as her own. When they are threatened with the guillotine, she agrees to a bargain with the diabolical new commissioner in Rouen, Phillipe Dehet, the protégé of Robespierre: she will become Phillipe’s mistress in [...]

    5. The writing style was too detached for me and there was too much telling rather than showing. Even the emotions of the characters were hard to grasp. I did feel sorry for Claire eventually but Adam was a frustrating character to get behind.

    6. This follow-up to Tender the Storm got me hooked from page one with the glimpse into the Adam's and Philippe's childhood and the genesis of their rivalry. As the story begins with the meeting of Claire and Philippe, and takes the reader through the switching of identities and budding love between Claire and Adam, i became absorbed by the angst and trust issues the protagonists had to deal with, all while trying to survive in Revolutionary France.The heartaches, betrayals, big-Misunderstanding, a [...]

    7. As always, Elizabeth Thornton has written a delightful book. I've read the other ones in the series. I think I read them out of order, but that really didn't matter. I was a little frustrated at the amount of miscommunication between the main characters though. Although, what great story doesn't have miscommunication. All in all it had some really low moments and some really great ones. It's not my favorite in the series, but it was a lot of fun anyway.

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