Without Mercy

Without Mercy Providing an account of her battle with an abusive man and with bureaucracy this is the story of a woman s fight against a violent and tyrannical relationship and her struggle to reclaim her two dau

  • Title: Without Mercy
  • Author: Miriam Ali Jana Wain
  • ISBN: 9780751516357
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • Providing an account of her battle with an abusive man and with bureaucracy, this is the story of a woman s fight against a violent and tyrannical relationship, and her struggle to reclaim her two daughters, sold into marriage in the Yemen.

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    1. I read SOLD, and A PROMISE TO NADIA both written by Zana Muhsen (Miriam Ali's other daughter sold into marriage) several years ago, so I was really excited to finally get my hands on this book. For all these years this story has stuck with me, and so did my many questions, like how could a mother stay with a man who abducted two of her young children to only end up having him abduct two more in their teens? Of the seven children Miriam Ali had four ended up in Yemen!I tried to keep an open mind [...]

    2. The book is a description of a British mother's struggle to free her daughters from modern slavery, who were sold by their own Yemeni father to husbands they had never seen and sent to live in some remote village of Yemen. The girls were fooled into the idea that they're going to spend a holiday with relatives in a paradise away from their hometown Birmingham. After the girls didn't return for almost a year and the father refused to share with the mother why the girls aren't returning, submissiv [...]

    3. This book is about Miriam Ali (as the subtitle says, A Mother's Struggle Against Modern Slavery) and as long as the reader doesn't forget that it should be an OK read. I knew enough about Miriam after the first hundred pages and then, thankfully, she finally tries to do something about getting her daughters back. But it is, essentially, a book about Miriam - her thoughts, experiences, feelings, etc.I had one major issue with this book.On page 29, Miriam writes, "It was not my idea [being with Mu [...]

    4. I read this book and sold as well. It is not bad in term of the way it written. However, it does not tell you the real story of what happened. That is because there was always one side of the story !!!

    5. This book tells the story of a British mothers struggle to free her daughters from child marriages in the Yemen. One daughter Zana managed to free herself and wrote a book on her experiences (with Andrew Crofts) called SOLD. I felt something was missing from that account. I found what was missing on the pages of this book. In my opinion you can't read one without the other. This book gives a more complete picture of the Ali-Muhsen family life. We find out how Miriam got together with Muthana (wh [...]

    6. Well written true account, I felt for the mother and girls so much.However I had to keep asking myself what kind of mother lets her husband take their daughters to the Yemen after he had already left two of their other children there!?? How could she possibly fall for this a second time?? Either way it is a lovely true life account, f the cruel life women lead when in Yemmen, more so these girls who are 14, are forced to marry old men, forced to have children and lead a life where they are viwee [...]

    7. The story of the Muhsens, told by Miriam Ali; a mother whose two daughters Zana and Nadia were sold (by their father) to Yemen. A story of modern day slavery and above all, a struggle of a mother who would do anything for her children.A story I would recommend for everyone.

    8. A good book of love of family. As a book its a bit too low tempo for me, and maybe bit too many people. Anyway, its not a mere book but a true story. Interesting, but not a must-read book.

    9. Very well written, giving an insight into the lives of Arab women kidnapped from the UK and married to men in Yemen. A remarkable true story that I highly recommend

    10. Μπορεί το βιβλιο να ειναι μια συγκινητική, αληθινή ιστορία ειναι ομως κακογραμμένο με πολλά κενά και πολλές ασάφειες.

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