Tail of the Moon, Volume 5

Tail of the Moon Volume Usagi is reunited with Hanzo but Usagi s bliss abruptly ends when Hanzo s sister Suzune pays a visit and starts throwing ninja stars at the happy couple Suzune won t accept Usagi as a potential siste

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  • Title: Tail of the Moon, Volume 5
  • Author: Rinko Ueda
  • ISBN: 9781421508177
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
  • Usagi is reunited with Hanzo, but Usagi s bliss abruptly ends when Hanzo s sister Suzune pays a visit and starts throwing ninja stars at the happy couple Suzune won t accept Usagi as a potential sister in law if she can t evade her deadly attacks Can Usagi survive Suzune s ninja offensive

    One thought on “Tail of the Moon, Volume 5”

    1. Starts off with Hanzo's sister giving Usagi a hard time. Usagi seems pretty useless as potential wife of the head of the Hattori family. But she gets a chance to show she is growing up and that she can stand up for herself! That scene was very exciting. Poor Usagi! There is still the plot line of her supposedly needing to lose weight so she can be a qualified ninja. But Hanzou's got some advice for Hanzo. Some funny moments, and even some sweet romantic ones. Cliffhanger ending.Notes on content: [...]

    2. This is the volume I started with in the beginning. Just to see if I would like the series.It's a very funny volume, Usa needs to lose weight! hahaha.I started reading this series because there where no more translations of Hadashi de bara wo Fume, it's/I'm currently waiting for ch. 50. The seemed very good to me, so I gave it a try ^^)! I am sure going to read more amazing manga that I'm going to like!

    3. Series gets better and better. Near the ending however, made me think, are you kidding me? Quite the cliffhanger though.

    4. Ah!! I can't wait to read the next one!! Such a horrible, but exciting cliffhanger! That's not meant in a bad way, but, oh! Excellent, though.

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