Bear and Bee

Bear and Bee After a nice long hibernation Bear wakes up and craves some honey When he spots a beehive in the distance he heads right for it Sitting on top of the beehive is Bee who graciously offers Bear some h

  • Title: Bear and Bee
  • Author: Sergio Ruzzier
  • ISBN: 9781423159575
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After a nice long hibernation, Bear wakes up and craves some honey When he spots a beehive in the distance, he heads right for it Sitting on top of the beehive is Bee who graciously offers Bear some honey, but Bear is worried He believes that bees are big, scary creatures who do not share their honey But Bear s new friend just happens to be a bee And Bee is small and moAfter a nice long hibernation, Bear wakes up and craves some honey When he spots a beehive in the distance, he heads right for it Sitting on top of the beehive is Bee who graciously offers Bear some honey, but Bear is worried He believes that bees are big, scary creatures who do not share their honey But Bear s new friend just happens to be a bee And Bee is small and most certainly is not scary But do bees share honey Turns out they do

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    1. Sergio Ruzzier’s Bear and Bee completely charmed me! A warm, simple tale of friendship and communication that you can read again and again. Perfect for read aloud fun! Big, bright, warm illustrations and colors pulled me right in. I found a smile on my face as soon as Bear woke up, stretched, and pulled on his sandals. This adorable tale shows readers of all ages how important it is to talk through a misunderstanding. “I AM A BEE.” Haha…Oh, Bear! You are so cute. With huge heart, shar [...]

    2. A solid picture book that works well for a wide range of readers.The text is short and simple and the pictures are big and expressive.The simplicity of the story paired with the large illustrations works well for your youngest listeners making it a good selection for a toddler storytime. The humor of the illustrations paired with the comedic timing of the storyline help widen the books appeal ensuring that older kids will get a kick out of it as well. The short repetitive text makes it a good ch [...]

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    4. Story: 2 starsIllustrations: 4 starsWhile I really enjoyed the illustrations - they were so cute! - the story left a lot to be desired. I felt there were holes in it that could have easily been filled in: (view spoiler)[After Bear says that Bee is not big with sharp teeth and long claws, he asks if Bee shares his honey. Even just one set of pages could have said "Why, you're not so scary after all!" and this would have made the story better in my opinion. Next, Bee asks Bear if he'd like some ho [...]

    5. This is a cute story about a bear who's hungry and happens upon a bee offering him some honey. However, Bear has heard terrible things about bees and is afraid of them even though he's never seen one. He describes them as being big with large teeth and sharp claws. Bee gently points out that HE is big with large teeth and sharp claws. After a funny scene with Bear thinking he is actually a bee, Bee reassures him and introduces himself. A friendship results. There's a sweet silhouette at the end [...]

    6. Bear never wants to meet a bee! After all, bees are terrible monsters with large teeth and sharp claws, and they never share their honey. When bear wakes up hungry after a long winter's sleep, he meets a new black and yellow friend who loves to share. Will Bear's new friend change his mind about bees?My daughter loved this book and immediately asked for a second reading. Ruzzier's simple illustrations are cute, and the story shows that even if you've heard something that you don't like about som [...]

    7. What a beautiful message!I picked this book out randomly at the library and read it to my 6 month old son. I was at once thrilled at how he responded to the big, colorful images. The story is adorable. A bear describing bees and how horribly scary they are to a fellow animal. The bear has never seen a bee before in his life which makes it all the more hilarious when the animal he is talking toturns out to be a bee! A fun story and a good life lesson: Breaking down stereotypes by encouraging open [...]

    8. I bought this book at a book fair to benefit the Princeton, NJ library today. I thought it was so cute. The illustrations were extremely well done. It's bright and colorful. A great book for early readers. I liked the moral of the story as well. I was lucky that I was able to get the book autographed by the author as well. I will be purchasing more from this author in the future. I would recommend this for any children in your life!

    9. When I closed the cover of this book on my first reading, I actually hugged it. Bear's unfounded fears and Bee's kindness are a perfect match.My full review is here: bit/10KvmthI support independent bookstores. To find one located near you follow this link. indiebound/

    10. Made me laugh out loud, literally. Great for story time. Really spot on for a 3-4 year old audience: humor is just sophisticated enough for them to get it and enjoy being in on the joke before Bear figures it out. Text and pictures are engaging enough to keep younger siblings engaged even if they don't quite get the joke.Also, I love Bear's sandals!

    11. I thought this story was really funny!Bear doesn't want to run into a Bee, but when he does, he doesn't realize it IS a bee!The illustrations are very sweet too.A fun story about finding friends in unlikely places.

    12. "Have you ever seen a bee?" says Bee. "No!" says Bear. "I hope I never see a bee!" Hysterical! Short and funny, this book would make for a great read aloud for a preschool aged group.

    13. This was a really cute and simple book. Great for a pre-k read aloud.You can discuss things that you thought were scary but turned out not to be.

    14. This will be great fun to share in storytime - short, silly, and sweet.The length is just right for toddlers, but preschool age kids will love it too.

    15. Staff PickHeatherBear wakes up in the Spring hungry for honey, but what about the bee? Bear's hilarious description of the fearsome bee will leave you laughing.

    16. Funny. Charlotte loved it - we read it three times in a row. If you like Elephant and Piggie books, you'll enjoy this one.

    17. A misunderstanding right at a very young child's level. Nice to see both the Bear not hold onto misperceptions and the Bee not take offense.

    18. "Bear and Bee" is a cute story about a Bear and a Bee. It is a wonderful book to read aloud to your child or a classroom. The story is about Bear trying to have fun with Bee, and with every task he tries to suggest to the Bee he always tells the bear that he is to busy. In the end it shows two friends come together no matter what the task is they want to do, just as long as they are with each other.

    19. Bear and Bee Bear and Bee is a cute story. I thought it would have made a better early reader book/board book than a picture book. I like my picture books to have a little more substance. 

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    21. Plot Summary:This book is about a bear who is offered some honey from a bee. However, the bear doesn’t know that he is talking to a bee because he has never seen a bee before. The bear thinks that bees are really scary with large teeth and sharp claws. The bee informs the bear that he too is big, has large teeth, and sharp claws. Then, the bear thinks he is a bee! The bee calms him down and reminds him that he is a bear, not a bee. The bear asks the bee, “Then what are you?” When the bee t [...]

    22. This is a great story for younger children and beginning readers. When bear wakes up from a long slumber he is very hungry and spots a beehive. When he approaches the beehive, Bee pops up from behind and offers honey. Bear did not know that Bee was a bee because he had never seen a bee before and thought they were terrible monsters with big teeth and sharp claws that most certainly did not share their honey. At the end of the story bear learns that Bee is a bee and indeed shares his honey. The i [...]

    23. Bear is really hungry, and can’t find anything to eat. Bear runs across a bee, which offers bear some honey to eat. Bear is unaware that bee is actually a bee, and tells bee how the bees wouldn’t let him eat the honey. The bee wonders why the bear thinks that. The bear explains that bees a monstrous and scary, although he has never seen one before. Bee begins to tell bear that bear has all the qualities of the monstrous scary bee that he just described. The bear then begins to think he is a [...]

    24. This book was about a Bear who is very hungry but when offered honey from Bee, he hesitates because he is afraid of a bee. Not realizing that Bee is actually a bee, Bear tells Bee about all of the ugly traits that he thought bees had. After Bear finds out that Bee is a bee, they become friends and Bear says that he is glad that Bee is a bee. It is also ironic that a big bear is scared of a little bee. The moral to this story is that even though you hear things about something or someone, it does [...]

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