The Death Notebooks

The Death Notebooks Anne Sexton s work is continually full of surprises As her poems mature they show new insights new visions sometimes frightening new views into modern existence She is among our most brilliant and

  • Title: The Death Notebooks
  • Author: Anne Sexton
  • ISBN: 9780395182819
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
  • Anne Sexton s work is continually full of surprises As her poems mature, they show new insights, new visions, sometimes frightening new views into modern existence She is among our most brilliant and original of modern American poets This is a collection of her poetry.

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    1. Time grows dim. Time that was so longgrows short, time, all goggle-eyed,wiggling her skirts, singing her torch song,giving the boys a buzz and a ride,that Nazi Mama with her beer and sauerkraut.Time, old gal of mine, will soon dim out.May I say how young she was back then,playing piggley-witch and hoola-hoop,dancing the jango with six awful men,letting the chickens out of the coop,promising to marry Jack ad Jerome,and never bothering, never, never,to come back home.Time was when time had time en [...]

    2. This was my gateway drug to the work of Anne Sexton, the book that led me to read all her poems, her chatty letters, her second-rate children's stories (co-authored by Maxine Kumin), her daughter's troubled memoir, Diane Middlebrook's great biography Going back to this collection now, I'm fascinated anew by what amounts to an extended, irreverent, searching, heartfelt, jaded conversation with God. Sexton's Psalms alone could serve as the basis for a post-apocalyptic religion. I'm in her church. [...]

    3. "I have ink but no pen, stillI dream that I can piss in God's eye.I dream I'm a boy with a zipper.It's so practical, la de dahe trouble with being a woman, Skeezix,is being a little girl in the first place.Not all the books of the world will change that.I have swallowed an orange, being woman.You have swallowed a ruler, being a man.Yet waiting to die we are the same thing."from "Hurry Up It's Time"Holy fuck, this book slays.

    4. "it makes me laughto see woman in this conditionit makes me laugh for america and new york citywhen you'r hands are cut offand no one answers the phone" death is to ann sexton, in this thin poetry volume, much larger and vaster and more frequent then the mere process of decaying and ceasing to be, to ann, a clinically depressed poet, a women deprived of her rights, the function of everyday living, the very stale motions and actions taken, are death it's self."once upon a time we were all born,po [...]

    5. Anne Sexton a brilliant controversial poet who took her own life at age 46, in 1974 even though she had religion is puzzling. Anyway suffering from bouts of mental breakdowns, and guilt from having committed adultery (with other women and therapists) she was in an enormous amount of pain.The Death Notebooks, are beautifully written, however she already had a plan to commit suicide, as she was writing them and was preparing for the Day. Most of the poems in this book embody difficulty since she m [...]

    6. There were some great ones here, but like most anthologies, it was hit and miss. I do wish I could take a class and just read all of her works in order and discuss them with other appreciators of poetry.

    7. Difficult to grasp but easy to read. Vivid pictures that sometimes have discernible purpose. Often very sloppy, but usually still worth reading. Religion plays a huge part, but what part?Sexton has a reputation for starting strong in her early work but not finishing well. There's an argument to be made for that, but even these weaknesses are impressive.

    8. 4.5Perhaps this collection contains the Anne Sexton that is most famous, most adored. Especially good is her signature juxtaposition of the exquisitely tortuous emotional with the soothingly familiar mundane. My favourite was The Furies series.

    9. I may need to re-read this one at a later date. I love so many of Sexton's poems and appreciate the frenzy here, but something was off. Maybe it bordered a little too much on absurdist, and the images were sometimes hard to visualize. There were some tired metaphors too.

    10. A powerful book. I'm not sure I would say I like it so much as I would say it revealed a dark and delirious way of seeing the world.

    11. Harrowing, but much less depressing than I expected."Rejoice with the potato which is a sweet lover and made of angel mattresses."

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