Pug: And Other Animal Poems

Pug And Other Animal Poems In the follow up to the well received Animal Poems Pug And Other Animal Poems examines a wide range of animal behavior from the fleetingness of a fly sipping spilled milk to the constant steely pres

  • Title: Pug: And Other Animal Poems
  • Author: Valerie Worth Steve Jenkins
  • ISBN: 9780374350246
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the follow up to the well received Animal Poems, Pug And Other Animal Poems examines a wide range of animal behavior, from the fleetingness of a fly sipping spilled milk to the constant steely presence of a powerful bull the greedy meal of a street rat to a cat s quiet gift of a dead mouse on the doorstep Steve Jenkins s bright collage art brings these small momentsIn the follow up to the well received Animal Poems, Pug And Other Animal Poems examines a wide range of animal behavior, from the fleetingness of a fly sipping spilled milk to the constant steely presence of a powerful bull the greedy meal of a street rat to a cat s quiet gift of a dead mouse on the doorstep Steve Jenkins s bright collage art brings these small moments to life.A Margaret Ferguson Book.

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    1. PUG AND OTHER ANIMAL POEMS by Valerie Worth and Steve Jenkins, ill Farrar Straus & Giroux, March 2013, 40p ISBN: 978-0-374-35024-8"PUGWith their gogglingEyes and stumpyNoses, wrinkledBrows and hairyMoles, they're whatSome peopleMight call plug-ugly;Perhaps because, forDogs, they lookA lot like people."As I've written on previous occasions, I have an index card file box filled with canary-colored index cards upon each of which I've copied a favorite children's poem and the bibliographic infor [...]

    2. Move over Jack Prelutsky! In her lifetime, Valerie Worth wrote just about the finest poems for young readers in contemporary American Lit. And they didn't have to be rhyme-y, whimsical things. Worth's collected works, All the Small Poems and Fourteen More, is a classic. An inspired teacher could use Worth's poems to teach kids a genuine appreciation of poetry, even to reluctant readers and those with LDs. Hers are precise, simple poems that find in ordinary things Blake's universe in a grain of [...]

    3. Short poems on appx. twenty animals are illustrated by paper collages. The animals range from the prosaic to the exotic and the tone and perspective of the poems vary but always contain close observation and a spirit of inquiry.

    4. I'm not usually a huge fan of poetry, but I loved this book! Granted, the poetry was definitely outshadowed by the amazing illustrations, but they were still enjoyable.

    5. Title: Pug and Other Animal PoemsAuthor: Valerie WorthIllustrator: Steve JenkinsGenre: picture book of poemsTheme(s): pugs, animals, poetry, natureOpening line/sentence: “Nearly a myth, his shady mask”Brief Book Summary: This book has a collection of 18 free verse poems with illustrations to accompany them. Every poem is about a different animal that the author analyzes and then brings certain aspects of that animal into perspective. The connection between nature and animals is brought to li [...]

    6. This book is an interesting compilation of multiple poems about pugs and various animals. I would give this book 3 out of five stars because of its interesting nature and multiple poems about children's favorite animals.

    7. Title: Pug: And Other Animal PoemsAuthor: Valerie WorthIllustrator: Steve JenkinsGenre: Poetry Theme(s): AnimalsOpening line/sentence: Nearly a myth, his shady mask, his flickering feet, his fiery tail; streaking the dark like a fabulous comet - famous, but seldom seen. Brief Book Summary: This is a book full of poems. With every page turn, there is a new poem about an animal - such as a fox, cat bunny, and a bull.Professional Recommendation/Review #1: Carlee Hallman (Children's Literature) Shor [...]

    8. Poetry Text: (Grades 3-5)This was a humorous collection of poems about many different animals. Although it featured several dogs, it also ranged from tigers to birds and discussed animals of all shapes and sizes. It took a comical, realistic look at these creatures from a human perspective. For example, the author points out how the fleeting fox is seldom seen, rabbits keep their distance appearing in deep thought, and even how pugs resemble ugly humans. I appreciated the way that it made these [...]

    9. Pug: And Other Animal PoemsWorth, V & Jenkins, S. (2013). Pug: and other animal poems. New York: Farrar Straus Giroux.School Library Journal Starred ReviewCategory: PoetryI love pugs, so the cover of this book captured me instantly. In fact, the illustrations are delightful. Steve Jenkins employs collage in a way that makes the animal images appear three-dimensional and textural. Valerie Worth's poems, a different animal for each two-page spread, range from the "Awww! Cute!" dachshund who fi [...]

    10. Pug: And Other Animal Poems is a darling book of short poems, each about a different animal. It ranges from household pets, to insects, to animals most of us will only ever see in a zoo! Each poem describes the animal and uses beautiful language to describe the life it leads. The pictures area also very well done and have a construction-paper texture look to them, so they really pop off the page! I think children would love this book, because it has short poems they can focus on, the pictures ar [...]

    11. Steve Jenkins's, the author of this book, uses collage art with bright colors to bring moments of animal behavior to life. As the review of the book states, “[there is] a wide range of animal behavior, from the fleetingness of a fly sipping spilled milk to the constant steely presence of a powerful bull; the greedy meal of a street rat to a cat's quiet gift of a dead mouse on the doorstep.” I honestly couldn't say it any better myself. This book really shows the beauty in the small things. I [...]

    12. I’m so envious of Steve Jenkin’s collage talents. The illustrations amaze. When examining the details, I always want to see his studio, with the unimaginable patterned and textured papers he must have. This book of 18 of Valerie Worth’s poems both informs and entertains. From learning of the MIA life of a fox to the interesting “home” of a toad Steve Jenkins, each of the poems show that Worth certainly knew what she was writing about. Having numerous rabbits in my new garden, a favorit [...]

    13. Pug and Other Poems by Valerie Worth, illustrated by Steve JenkinsMargaret Ferguson Books, 201340 pagesPoetry Recommended for all ages!Valerie Worth is a master or words. We know her for taking the simple and putting the most perfect words with it. Be it a chair or a cow, Valerie can help us see it and appreciate it in an entirely new way. So of course, we expect nothing less of her here! Each short animal poem in this little collection is as darling and as true as we could ever hope to find. An [...]

    14. Primary (K-3)School Library Journal starred 03/01/2013 (retrieved from titlewave)This poetry book looks at animals in a slightly different way. Valerie Worth depicts animals by the experiences she has with them in addition to the way she sees them.Pug and Other Animal Poems is a great book to use with AASL standard 1.3.2(Seek divergent perspectives during information gathering and assessment). It would not only provide a different perspective to thier own, but would also spawn an inquiry to vari [...]

    15. Despite the fact that there's a pug on the cover, I have to admit, I liked Animal Poems better than Pug and Other Animal Poems, but not by much. Not only is the poetry in this book dripping with gorgeous language, but Steve Jenkins's paper cut-out illustrations feel so three-dimensional that they almost jump off the page. Other than the pug, the bengal tiger is my favorite illustration in the book. It is so complex and full of texture.

    16. Simple, yet highly descriptive poems about animals, combine with simple, yet detailed collage art to form the perfect poetry book for young readers. Recommended for kindergarten through 3rd grade. Children could use these poems as a jumping off point for an animal research project. After I read "Wood Thrush," I immediately went on the internet to hear its call, which was so beautifully described in the poem. Five out of five stars.

    17. Poems about animals both wild and domestic. There's a little bit of everything in this collection of poetry: warmth, humor, even a touch of sadness. Favorites include "Fly" about a common house fly and "Bengal Tiger" about a regal beast caged in a zoo. Cut paper collage illustrations are incredibly detailed and bring beauty to each animal while the variety of materials used adds delicious texture and depth.

    18. The illustrations are gorgeous, no doubt about that, but I wasn't very inspired by the poems themselves. Based on the strength of the poetry, this would have been a 2 star book for me, but the illustrations bumped it up to 3. (I'm really wondering what's wrong with me, as everyone else seems to love this book--maybe I'll try it again a little later and see if my opinion changes.)

    19. Well-known, prolific and talented paper artist Steve Jenkins brings to life a follow-up collection to Animal Poems by the late Valerie Worth. Jenkins' work is expressive and accurate, bringing depth and texture to his cut-paper illustrations. A great choice to share with children of all ages.

    20. These poems, with their style of close observation and clever comparison, are both immediately accessible to most children and worth a closer look in terms of use of language and the way they help us to see our world in new ways. For me, the art was too static for the power of the poems, but then that is not what I am most interested in for picture books.

    21. This is a poetry book with different short poems about animals. Some of the poems are very cute, one about a mouse, I don't feel would be the best to talk about in a class setting. These poems do not rhyme but they all show different types of poems. This would be a good book to show kids that not all poems have to rhyme.

    22. My favorite poems in this book were Fox and Bull. The s and f sounds used give a good sound quality to Fox. He is compared to a mythical character, and words like fiery, streaking, and famous present him in an epic manner.I enjoyed the metaphor that compares the rough hewn bull to hard rock cut from the Earth.

    23. Topics : animalsCharacters : cute animalsClassroom relevance : poetry book with nice illustrationsGrade level(s) : kindergarten+This short book of poetry describes the antics of different animals, accompanied by collage art illustrations.

    24. I just love Steve Jenkins's paper collage illustrations. My favorite in this poetry collection about animals is the tiger. Valerie Worth's observations of the beauty of the animal kingdom are at times amusing, brutal, simple, and beautiful. Kids will enjoy this one a lot!

    25. These are some of the best animal poems! The poems capture the intrinsic elements of each animal some with humor, some with beauty. Jenkins' illustrations are absolutely captivating. Savor each detail of the paper cut illustrations before and after reading the poem.

    26. Some of the poems worked better for me than others, loved the illustrations on a plain bright background. Jenkins always does a great job - the opossum and the fly are realistic enough to gross me out!

    27. This is a series of poems about different animals and the traits and characteristics they have…the pictures are interestingly done, but I did not enjoy the book very much. I imagine it would be great for people who really like animals!

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