Our Word is Our Weapon: Selected Writings

Our Word is Our Weapon Selected Writings This is a powerful collection of literary philosophical and political writings of the masked Zapatista spokesperson Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos

  • Title: Our Word is Our Weapon: Selected Writings
  • Author: Subcomandante Marcos Juana Ponce De Leon José Saramago
  • ISBN: 9781583224724
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is a powerful collection of literary, philosophical, and political writings of the masked Zapatista spokesperson, Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.

    One thought on “Our Word is Our Weapon: Selected Writings”

    1. Tons of Marcos's strange communiques from the Lacandon Jungle, from 1994 through 2000. The first half of the book are the (for Marcos) more or less standard reports about Zapatistas actions and invitations to encuentros etc. The second half as the Don Durito the Beatle stories and the truly excellent Viejo Antonio stuff, a mix of Popul Vuh and post-everything rebellion. I wish the editors had just left everything in chronological order because reading one kind of missive for while gets a bit tir [...]

    2. On New Year's Day 1995, the day the NAFTA Agreement came into force, a group of indigenous Mexicans, manly armed with wooden guns, occupied five towns in the southern state of Chiapas: they were fighting to be seen, yet their leader wore a ski mask and his face was never seen. The politics of the Zapatista rebellion (named for the national liberation leader in the early 20th century) are quite brilliant and paradoxical – a fight to be left alone, a fight to be seen, a fight to demand that Mexi [...]

    3. Terminado de leer hace mucho, me faltaba tiempo para la reseña. Le doy 3 1/2.El Subcomandante Marcos es el vocero y estratega de los zapatistas, un movimiento insurgente indígena basado en México, Chiapas específicamente. En los diecisiete años que han pasado desde esa rebelión, Marcos ha alterado el curso de la política mexicana y ha surgido como un símbolo internacional de la construcción de los movimientos de base, rebelión y democracia. "Nuestra Arma es Nuestra Palabra", está divi [...]

    4. Subcomandante Marcos has a way with words. He relays his political ideology through a series of whimsical and humorous short stories and essays. He brings the real-world tragedy of a people to light, in a way that is not preaching nor heavy handed, but lyrical and beautiful. An enlightening read, and one that will change the way you look at society, and the plight of the Zapitista movement.

    5. This book and the author really touched me. So if you want to read one of the most thought inducing books of the century, read this one.The sub-commandante puts his very soul on display for all to see and even if you don´t agree with his politics you´ll agree with his humanism.

    6. "dignity cannot be studied. you live it or it dies. it aches inside you and teaches you how to walk.""everything for everyone. nothing for ourselves."

    7. Over 400 pages of Zapatista writings are collected here, from communiniques to media and UN outreach, to rich works of picaresque fiction and indigenous mythology. All in all it gives a multidimensional scope to the Zapatista uprisings in Chiapas from 1994-1999.

    8. Read for the third time in October 2015. Original review below.- - - - - - - - - I first heard about Subcomandante Marcos in a writing class three years ago but never got around to reading any of his publications until more recently. But once I cracked open Our Word is Our Weapon, I was hooked. Marcos writes about the history of the Zapatista National Liberation Army and the physical fights they've had to go through to get the slightest bit of attention. He writes of them being blown off or bein [...]

    9. "We are the end, the continuation, and the beginning. We are the mirror that is a crystal that is a mirror that is a crystal. We are rebelliousness." Wearing masks so they might have a face, going nameless so they might be known, dying in order to live . . . Upon consulting with the dead in the mountains, the Zapatistas demand everything for everyone and walk in a world with many worlds. Marcos is a master of the communique, but I probably enjoyed the stories of Old Don Antonio the most, where t [...]

    10. En este libro el revolucionario Subcomandante Marcos cuenta la historia de la revolución. Es un colección muy grande de obras de poesía, ensayos de política, y cuentos. Enfoqué en la tercera parte en que Marcos cuenta las historias graciosas de Don Durito de Laconda que es una parodia de Don Quijote. As veces la narrativa me hace reír. Otras veces lo me hace rasguñar la cabeza y me pregunto, "Qué?" Las acciones y plática de Don Durito no hacen mucho sentido as veces pero vale la pena le [...]

    11. zapatista, globalisasi dunia, negara-bangsa, dan cerutu kubabuah buku dengan berbagai kisah tentang mereka yang terpinggirkan, tertekan karena pilihan, yang setia menjaga nilai-nilai warisan dari tanah kelahiranrjuangan tak melulu soal peluru dan senjata, selalu ada 'ruang untuk kata'.karena bagi marcos, kata adalah sebuah senjatale!

    12. Durito'yla Söyleşiler kadar etkili bir edebiyat üslubu ve derinliği yok. Ancak yine de EZLN ve Marcos hakkında okuma yapanların ilgisini çekebilir.

    13. This collection of writings by the head of the Zapatista movement in Mexico tracks the growth of this important grassroots rebellion against neoliberalism. Don't expect a dry read; Subcomandante Marcos is an clear and poetic writer with an enlightening message.

    14. An interesting look into the man behind the Zapatista rebels in Chiapas. I read the first edition of this book, long before the Zapatista's changed their ideology to outright Marxism.

    15. it's big. real big. thus it can be a little repetitive. and i can't help it if i find subcommandante really hot.

    16. The best kind of nonsense. Of course my East Bay leftist heart was completely won over by the politics, but really, the combination of gravity-plus-whimsy in the tales made it irresistible.

    17. It is a great read. His communiques are moving and passionate, and the short stories are funny, yet there is a seriousness to them. I read it in one day because I could not put it down.

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