Rise How far will you go when you have nothing left to lose When she lost her soul mate Caleb Eve felt like her world had ended Trapped in the palace forced to play the part of the happy patriotic prin

  • Title: Rise
  • Author: Anna Carey
  • ISBN: 9780062048578
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Hardcover
  • How far will you go when you have nothing left to lose When she lost her soul mate, Caleb, Eve felt like her world had ended Trapped in the palace, forced to play the part of the happy, patriotic princess of The New America and the blushing bride of her father s top adviser Eve s whole life is a lie The only thing that keeps her going is Caleb s memory, and the revolutioHow far will you go when you have nothing left to lose When she lost her soul mate, Caleb, Eve felt like her world had ended Trapped in the palace, forced to play the part of the happy, patriotic princess of The New America and the blushing bride of her father s top adviser Eve s whole life is a lie The only thing that keeps her going is Caleb s memory, and the revolution he started.Now, Eve is taking over where Caleb left off With the help of Moss, an undercover subversive in the King s court, she plots to take down The New America, beginning with the capital, the City of Sand Will Eve be able to bring about a new, free world when she s called upon to perform the ultimate act of rebellion killing her father In Rise, Eve must choose who to leave behind, who to save, and who to fight as Anna Carey s epic tale of romance and sacrifice in the chilling dystopia of The New America comes to a stunning conclusion.

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    1. This review is spoiler-free for both Rise and the entire Eve trilogyEDIT: I was originally kind and gave this book two stars, but it's August and I realize I am still angry when I discuss this book with people, so I think approximately six months of withstanding anger warrants a one-star rating from me.Not including this final and ever so disappointing installment, I do love this trilogy, and will not forget the emotional impact Eve had on me when I read it months ago. The Eve trilogy was one I' [...]

    2. SPOILERS AHEAD. SPOILERS AHEAD.I must say, I devoured this series. Luckily, because I started Eve only a few days ago, I didn't have to wait for the next books in the series.Rise picks up after Eve marries Charles and Caleb is killed. Needless to say, the book was significantly less enjoyable without Caleb in it, which warrants the three star rating. The memories of his times with Eve mentioned throughout the book were not enough to make me feel he had a presence in it. However, (view spoiler)[I [...]

    3. I cannot even believe this book was written by the same author who wrote Eve and Once. This book adds next to nothing to the series. Eve is married to Charles. She's miserable in the palace. She's haunted by memories of Caleb. So when a chance to escape comes along, she gladly takes it, bringing with her many children from one of the boarding schools. Together they set off to find Califa, where the girls will be safe and Eve can forget her past. The main problem with this book was how irrelevant [...]

    4. Eve is determined to end what Caleb has begun and end the reign of his father with Moss helping her and thats the way this book started Many emotions in my chest right now This book has touched every part of my heart and has not disillusioned me at all.I'm excited, it's a beautiful ending that I did not expect. but left me wanting more , ie easily could get out a book more . and I would love to ! LOL . I almost gave up with my thoughts toward Caleb andPUM! I'm just very very happy :)I let runnin [...]

    5. Can I ask " What Happened with the ending Carey???????? Seriously????? Are you kidding me??????"And I think now I will sing :I can't get no Satisfactionyoutube/watch?v=3a7cHPI mean Eve is a great story . But Caleb and Eve had a deep and invincible love. Why would the ending be so abrupt, lame and incomplete? Why could we not see how the two of them collapsed into each other in the end of this war? Very disappointing that you put such thought in everything but the most important part of the book [...]

    6. For how much I loved the other two in the series, the finale of the Eve trilogy was a major disappointment. Don't get me wrong, the writing was still fantastic and the story so enthralling that once I started in on the ARC (advanced readers copy) I could not put it down and finished in one sitting. However, the ending, the final conclusion and farewell to the trilogy left so much to be desired. It concluded, yes, but it did not leave you feeling like it did. I actually want to cry at how awful t [...]

    7. Holy cheese and crackers this book Before I get into everything let me just say one thingWHAT?!? This book is completely unnecessary. I feel like if ONCE just had a twenty page epilogue we would all be happy. RISE ends on a horrible cliff hanger that honestly makes you want to curl up and cry. So here's a basic synopsis. Eve is the kings daughter and the king is obsessing over every single thing she does so he goes and kills the one person she truly loves. So Caleb is just gone-- bye bye-- and E [...]

    8. I'm very conflicted about this book. I read it in just a few hours and had to know what happened, but now that I'm finished, I just don't know how I feel about it.What I liked (no spoilers): Eve's determination and strength, new growth in characters, lots of action and surprises.What I didn't like (no spoilers): I know the book is long, but everything seemed rushed and not fully explained. I would have liked more information about some of the new characters or explanation of how some of the surp [...]

    9. SPOILERS,,,,,, SPOILERS,,,,, SPOILER,,,, BASICALLY EVERYTHING IS A SPOILER SO DON'T CONTINUE READING UNLESS YOU'VE READ THE BOOK :)SORRY, I SUCK AT WRITING REVIEWSSummary: “In the stunning conclusion to Anna Carey’s thrilling dystopian trilogy, Eve has the fate of The New America in her hands”(view spoiler)[Rise starts with Eve and Charles being married for two months now, he likes her and she still thinks about Caleb who was shot and killed :( she goes to the Hospital where they're keepin [...]

    10. This review can also be found at fortheloveofbooksreviewssIn the third and final book of the Eve trilogy, Eve has married Charles, her father's advisor, in the wake of Caleb's death. Working with Moss, an undercover rebel against the King, she is asked to kill her own father for the sake of the city's future. But when things go wrong, she faces a life-threatening danger and must flee. Will she ever be able to defeat her father?I loved the first two books of the Eve trilogy, and this conclusion d [...]

    11. Let me first start by saying that I am sad to see this series end. I have loved both books but when I got this one I was afraid because when a series ends it is always with a heavy heart that I read it. Sometimes it is a hit and sometimes it is not but I have to say that I enjoyed the ending but I really needed more. I still have some questions but that is okay because I plan on re-reading the books all in a row so I can see if I answer my own questions.In Rise we see that Eve has finally grown [...]

    12. Me he llevado la decepción más grande con este libro. Me tuve que tomar unos pocos días de descanso de lectura porque temía terminar asesinando a algún inocente. ¿QUÉ DEMONIOS? Esas son las palabras que permanecen en mi mente al terminar de con la lectura de este libro. ¿Qué demonios pasó? ¿Por qué demonios tuvo que terminar así? Esperé siglos, SIGLOS por este libro. No estoy siendo dramática. La espera fue infinita. Hace bastante tiempo que había sido publicado, pero ningún for [...]

    13. Rise es la tercera y última parte de la trilogía de Eve. Cuya primera y segunda parte tenéis reseñadas aquí Eve y aquí Once. La primera parte me gustó muchísimo y la segunda aún más. Tenía altas expectativas con esta tercera parte, sin embargo, confieso que me ha decepcionado y no ha estado a la altura de sus dos primeras partes.El ambiente de la trilogía es muy original, es de las distopías más originales que he leído en mucho tiempo. La humanidad se ha diezmado por una enfermeda [...]

    14. SPOILER ALERTAlso, beware of strong opinions. I understand that some people are not going to agree with me and I'm not here to battle you. If you disagree with the way that I feel, I'm not against you, and I feel as though you shouldn't be against me either.Okay. So this book actually pissed me off. I was HUGELY disappointed at the end. I feel as though the one, big redeeming thing about this series is the fact that Caleb dies. Eve needs to prove herself as a character and show that she is actua [...]

    15. Another book that I finally got a chance to finish and t I don't want it to end.I'm going to start off with the ending. The last line of the book is solid and awesome yet there has to be more. Please tell me there will be another book cause it CAN NOT end that way. It just can't. Not after finally finding the answer that I had been searching for and then BAM over? I think not. With that said, the plot is awesome. Totally captivating and riveting, after finishing this book you are utterly hooked. [...]

    16. i'm so sad that i'm done reading about eve and her world! i really loved the trilogy and it was great from start to finish. hopefully anna carey will release more books soon!i did enjoy reading rise very much, it was fast paced and had a lot of plot twists that you don't expect to happen! i still loved reading from eve's pov. what i almost love most about these books (apart from the plot) is that it's so real. everything isn't lovey-dovey or happily ever after, bad things happen and that makes t [...]

    17. Hey, hey, hey you, yeah, you, do you wanna read the same story twice in one series? All you have to do is read Eve and this book. There you go, enjoy.Eve travels to safety Again, with a new set of people, with different problems. The girls who are with her are stupid.It's OK, because I enjoyed the rest of the series.Hey, pssst, did you think your boyfriend was dead, nah, he came back to life and instantly became your husband. Ridiculous.I liked the fact she did all this cool stuff while pregnant [...]

    18. (view spoiler)[ I knew he's alive but I wanted one scene more, like Caleb seeing her and they hug and cry and stuff! (hide spoiler)]

    19. Yup that ending I could see it coming! It was a long and harrowing journey. A good dystopian even if there were plot holes.

    20. Okay, this is sad :( I’ve actually found an ending I hated more than REQUIEM – especially the last few pages! Really, the whole book had this detached, unemotional feel to it. Even the deaths and dramatic moments didn’t have an impact on me. I’m not sure what was wrong here!! Seemed like there was no depth to anything in the book--I really didn’t feel an emotional connection to any of it. And many parts of it seemed even more unrealistic and contrived than some of the events that bothe [...]

    21. I am not an excessively critical reader. I can generally overlook holes in a story when the overall book is good, but this story had more holes in it than swiss cheese. Eve and Once had a few issues that I could easily put aside, but this was just ridiculous. It didn’t even feel like the same author. I expected fireworks. I craved the intense emotional connection that I felt throughout the first 2 books of the series, but felt nothing. There were several moments that I reread paragraphs becaus [...]

    22. WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!!! OK, REALLY??????? That ending literally made me scream. I really really really wish she would have given us more. I kind of had that "everything is going to turn out for the good" feeling, so when she learned Caleb was alive I was excited to see what the reunion was going to be like. Especially when she learned he was unable to use his legs and i REALLY wanted to see his reaction when he found out that Eve was pregnant. I also would have loved to know a little bit about [...]

    23. I am very annoyed that this is the final book of a "trilogy". If this doesn't become a quartet I will not stick with my rating.e it ends horribly. The book was a fast read, and although some of it felt like a 'same place different day' scenario, the plot did progress and it did have just the right mix of suspense and feel good fiction. But ending it the way that she did was not only cruel but the perfect set-up for another novel. It opened doors instead of closed them. I don't need all ends tied [...]

    24. I should not have read the synopsis of this book because I haven't read Once yet! I guess I kind of know what happens in the second book now, but I'm still going to read it because I absolutely LOVED Eve! I may wait for a while, though, so after I finish Once I won't have to wait another 9 months to read Rise!

    25. 2,5*Such a bittersweet endingI quite enjoyed the other two volumes but this one was quite boring.There was a lot of stuff that didn't worked for me but the worst was(view spoiler)[ keeping Caleb "dead" the entire novel. (hide spoiler)].He'd left so much space in my life. The expansive, hollow feeling seemed impossible to fill with anything else. In the past weeks I felt it in everything I did. It was in the shifting current of my thoughts, the nights now spent alone, the sheets beside me cold. T [...]

    26. Rise by Anna CareyARC received from Harper TeenRelease Date: 4-2-2013Reviewed by: Middle Sis JennThe Sisters Say: Sadly, a great story with a very disappointing endingOkay… I’m not even sure where to start with this one. I loved Eve and Once and read them both in one sitting (and back to back). After that horrible cliffhanger in Once, I ran straight to my copy of Rise hoping that all would be revealed and explained. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed in the revelations that awaited [...]

    27. For this review and more, go to my blog Lizzie the Sarcastic Blonde This book just made me so sad. Not because I loved this series or anything, but because this series had so much potential. Girls raised in boarding schools only to be sent to hospitals to live their lives like cows by constantly being impregnated to make the population larger. However, instead of becoming an action-packed, thrilling adventure, this trilogy was all about one little girl (well, not that little since she's 16 or so [...]

    28. *Genre* Dystopian*Rating* 2.5-3*My Thoughts*My I please apologize in advance for this review and hope that it doesn't offend anyone to the point of flagging me because you believe I am being mean spirited towards the author. I am saddened by the fact that a TRILOGY has once again been written in such a way that it has left a bitter taste in my mouth, and NO people, there WILL not be any more books in the TRILOGY after this one so please move on with your lives, and breathe!In my humble opinion, [...]

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