Dreams That Money Can Buy: The Tragic Life of Libby Holman

Dreams That Money Can Buy The Tragic Life of Libby Holman Libby Holman a young star of Broadway revues in the late s married tobacco heir Smith Reynolds age and a few months later he was dead most certainly a suicide The accident haunted the rest

  • Title: Dreams That Money Can Buy: The Tragic Life of Libby Holman
  • Author: Jon Bradshaw
  • ISBN: 9780688011581
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Libby Holman, a young star of Broadway revues in the late 1920s, married tobacco heir Smith Reynolds, age 20, and a few months later he was dead most certainly a suicide The accident haunted the rest of her life as key men around her kept dying off her 2d husband, her son and then Monty Clift She was like no one else we survivors ever knew, says Gore Vidal.

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    1. Recommended to me by Sketchbook following a discussion about Jane and Paul Bowles. I had a Bowles (both of them) fixation in the past and thought I knew quite a bit about their lives, however, when Sketch mentioned Libby Holman as being a very important friend and benefactor of the Bowles, I really could not recall Libby being mentioned in their respective biographies. Sketch then recommended 'Dreams that Money can Buy' by Jon Bradshaw and I am really glad he did. After first being lukewarm abou [...]

    2. Broadway singer Libby Holman was in a perfect state. She'd just married the much younger tobacco heir Smith Reynolds, 20, and now, after a party, he was dying - in their bedroom - from a gunshot (1932). She couldnt rememberanythingbut she did remember that grande dame actress Blanche Yurka was in the house. Libby's pal Tallulah cracked, "Of course she did it. It was the only way to get Blanche Yurkaoutof the house." A sexy, modestly talented blues chanteuse, Holman costarred in 3 hit Bwy revues [...]

    3. I have a penchant for books about women in history. I shelf them under Notorious Women, and boy, is Libby Holman notorious!!! Death follows in her wake. Drunkenness, blues, sex all in the 20s and 30s. THIS is what I want in a biography! Great job, Bradshaw

    4. How must you live your life?It sometimes depends on what you have and what you decide to do with it. Libby Holman had beauty and could enchant so she married rich and had the fortune (or misfortune, depending how you look at it) of having her rich spouse die before they could have a second child and leaving a substantial part of his wealth to her (or, more precisely, to their only child—who likewise died young, while mountain climbing).She had fame, money, the best houses, food, lovers but the [...]

    5. Libby Holman was an original - the first girl to smoke on campus and her fly away unruly hair and bright red lip-stickedlips made her noticed wherever she went. Although she didn'tcome from a theatrical family (but still one with majorskeletons in the cupboard) she was possessed of a throaty,distinctive singing voice and gravitated toward the theatrewhere after college she went almost directly into Rogers andHart's "The Garrick Gaieties" and from then on she was neverbetween jobs for very long. [...]

    6. A wonderful biography of Libby Holman, a Broadway star and jazz baby of the 1920/30s, who is basically unknown today. She was an singer with a gut-bucket voice whose singing style was one that was more reflective of the female black singers of the time. She was seductive and sexy though not a conventional beauty and men were mesmerized by her. She took advantage of that and married the heir to the RJ Reynolds tobacco fortune. Shortly after their marriage, he committed suicide.or did he? The ques [...]

    7. A few months ago, I read a biography of Montgomery Clift for the second time, the first being in the mid-1980s. In that book, his close relationship with Libby Holman was spoken of. I wondered just who this Libby Holman was, apart from her connection to Clift. And then I remembered that when I had read the Clift bio the first time, I’d also purchased Jon Bradshaw’s Dreams That Money Can Buy, The Tragic Life of Libby Holman. I’d actually read it those many years ago, but I’d forgotten mos [...]

    8. The author was wonderful in providing facts about the life of this heiress . The story just became sadder and sadder . A tale of the greed of those who learned to prey on her need for companionship . With all the money she lived for over 15 years in a single ordinary hospital room .

    9. I loved the first two-thirds of this book: all Jazz Age Flaming Youth stuff and glamorous Broadway Showbiz stuff and real-life Country House Murder Mystery stuff. Libby Holman was quite the insecure diva, someone who (I think) felt that she fluked her way to fame and fortune at a very young age and spent the rest of her life trying to become more than just a very rich and notorious woman. She gathered a great cast of characters around her, including Clifton Webb and Tallulah Bankhead and (most i [...]

    10. One of my favorite true crime books - the saga of torch singer Libby Holman and the death of her drunkard husband, Zachary Smith Reynolds, heir to the R.J. Reynolds fortune. If this all sounds a bit familiar, it's because Hollywood poached bits and pieces for Reckless with Wm. Powell and Jean Harlow (who of course had her own dead husband scandal to contend with) and Written on the Wind with Lauren Bacall and Robert Stack. We'll never know what happened in that bedroom in North Carolina in 1932, [...]

    11. I found this book in a bargain bin while traveling in Ohio. The story is a true and fascinating one. It is about the life of Libby Holman, a torch singer born in Ohio who marries into the R.J. Reynolds fortune. The twists and turns of her life and personality make for great storytelling. This is a book begging to be made into a movie today because it offers so many interesting aspects including glamor, scandal, mystery, and tragedy.

    12. Read this during my "Biography/1920's Hollywood obsession." I think I should read it again. Libby Holman was one of those actresses who use to practically RULE the world, and then they were just forgotten about. I don't knowat fascinates me. Yes, I love Sunset Boulevard.

    13. Decent and well researched biography of Libby Holman, probably most famous today for her affair with Montgomery Clift and her role in the shooting of RJ Reynolds tobacco heir Zachary Smith Reynolds. Holman had an interesting life and a bigger career than I realized. Worth the time

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